Black And White Slaves: American Slave System

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Like the patriarchs of old our men live all in one house with their wives and their concubines, and the mulattoes one sees in every family exactly resemble the white children…–Mary Chesnut

They called them mullatoes, but they were as often poor whites pressed into slavery. The word mullato was a strategic word used to describe anyone, white or mixed blood, whom chance or circumstances had condemned into a life of bonded servitude… Abdulkadir X

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6 thoughts on “Black And White Slaves: American Slave System”

  1. At the end of the day, its all always about the powerful (pretenders ?) verses the rest of the majority through out in history.

    A culture or society is in harmony when those who usurp power (or are granted powers by the people) behave in a magnanimous manner that is wise and enhances HARMONY.

    This is the TRUE DEMOCRACY that was practiced in Afrika eons before any troglodyte could even concieve of settling down from their wild wanderings in the pale.

    So slaving greece lovers/admirers can de-programme right there.

    Due to the weaknesses of the degenerate CHAOS LOVERS (disharmony) and their vain power lust, they have tended to come up with all sorts of ideas & manipulations to justify their parasitic lifestyles.

    This is Set or satan if you like. Classical Afrika abhorred chaos personified in Set.The red one.

    Today it is the white supremacy loafers against the Blacks and anybody else (even white) who they deem unworthy. Slaving is a way of life for them from the begining.

    That is what feudalism (one lazy arrogant “lord’ owns acres while the poor peasants work on the land to feed and pay him rent)

    Today/modern times the lords have accumulated vast wealth which they can share a little with the serfs and pretend that anybody can “succeed”

    Therefore, when push comes to shove, the reality is the white serfs/peasants/lowly in history will NEVER come together WITH AFRIKANS to liberate us.

    It is thus never a simple black & white thing-this struggle of we Afrikans.

    So we must always be wary of the do-gooder white “liberals” who slither around crying for the environment, economy, sexual freedom (they want Afrikans to embrace homosexuality as a lifestyle!) etc..

    We should know but not believe in their RHETORICAL FLOSS.


    1. Actually I feel the black people are being exaulted over the falsehoods of this issue. White people are still slaves of the government. It would be in your best interest to know the kkk was a democratic organization. The democratic party inacted the jim crow laws and they are not your friends. Black people were not allowed to be democrats and were always allowed to be republicans because in my veiw the democrats still wish to enslave the people. The motive of the democratic party is to suck jobs out of the private sector at a rate of one government job taking away six private sector jobs and they just use people as pawns. If sudenly all black people became republicans they would turn against you immediatly. Their only loyalty is to government workers and they will use anyone to acheive that goal. What future can they offer any of us when we have no future and no careers?

  2. About this particular issue of white slaves classified as ni….s because of the one dropped rule see :

    “The Forgotten Cause of the Civil War: A New Look at the Slavery Issue ” by Lawrence R. Tenzer

  3. I would be very interested in knowing why we have and are being lied to about this issue and I would love to see a movie depicting the real facts about white slavery. I am sure it would be a block buster.

  4. My grandfather and ancestors for that matter where slaves. As a white Man, it was crazy to obtain this knowledge . My grandfather depicted a different world in that period of time, then i was ever taught in School. I wish this period of lies and racism would end.

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