The Ashfords: The Ancient Black Families of Old Europe


The proud ashford family originated in Cornwall, a rugged coastal region in southwestern England. In early times, people were known by only a single name. However, as the population grew and people travelled further afield, it became increasingly necessary to assume an additional name to differentiate between bearers of the same personal name. read more

An Accursed Race

An Accursed Race – By – Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell

We have our prejudices in England. Or, if that assertion offends any of my readers, I will modify it: we have had our prejudices in England. We have tortured Jews; we have burnt Catholics and Protestants, to say nothing of a few witches and wizards. We have satirized Puritans, and we have dressed-up Guys. But, after all, I do not think we have been so bad as our Continental friends. To be sure, our insular position has kept us free, to a certain degree, from the inroads of alien races; who, driven from one land of refuge, steal into another equally unwilling to receive them; and where, for long centuries, their presence is barely endured, and no pains is taken to conceal the repugnance which the natives of “pure blood” experience towards them. read more

The Pariahs of France: The first “whites” in Europe

‘Cagots’ of Béarn: The Pariahs of France

Parts of Europe had their own pariahs for several centuries, a practice that persisted until the end of the 17th Century. These European ‘untouchables’ were called ‘agots’ in Spain (especially in Navarre), ‘Cacoux’ in Britanny, and ‘Cagots’ in the South East of France, particularly in the region of Béarn. Gérard da Silva writes on how this heinous social excommunication was tackled in France a few centuries ago. read more

Arab Press Says Most of Iraq’s Oppressed Blacks are Ka’ab and Qays Arabs…


In 2008 the Arab Press released an article (see below) claiming that of the 300,000 “blacks” facing color discrimination in southern Iraq 200,000 or 2/3rd of Iraq were Arabs of Muntafiq or Uqayl bin Ka’ab tribes whose ancestors left Central Arabia after the 9th century. And that some of the blacks of both of the more populous Arabian tribes and East African descended (Zanj) population like the current vice president ancestors have been intermarrying with fairer-skinned Iraqis over the last few generations in order to avoid discrimination. The article provides an example of how the last remnants of the early Arabs submerged and subjected throughout the Middle East have lost their original appearance and how and why they are still integrating into the fairer-skinned populations around them. read more