The Khemits of Kcambodia and Vietnam – Afro-Asian Moors

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5 thoughts on “The Khemits of Kcambodia and Vietnam – Afro-Asian Moors”

  1. This is excellent eye-opening work indeed!

    Indeed we Black People Are NOT A PEOPLE OF YESTERDAY.

    I agree with the presenter on mythology being Afrikan Science.

    True knowledge is hidden in symbolism that only fools (like the arrogant pale”explorer/egyptologists/indialogists” etc ) describe as empty superstition/ unscientific.

    The idea that pyramid blocks (two tonne average) were shaped by copper tools (a soft metal) -a standard “egyptologist” tale goes to show how foolish it is to rely on whitey to tel you your BLACK MIGHTY TRUTH.

    They can not imagine that Afrikans of yore had POWER TOOLS much more efficient and powerful than any they have come up with thus far!

    They have no proof that pyramids were used as tombs. They were not!

    Indeed the more we study OUR BLAK STORY, the more we GET TO KNOW that there is nothing new under RA -THE SUN.

    If you want to know about Creation by BLACK GOD, about evolution, about astronomy….name it:

    All these latter day greats shoved down our Black faces are not all that.

    You get to realize that white (a 6000 yr old creature) is just an expert plagiarizer but soul-less interpreter of things: He is stuck in the material real. The real of Set.

    Whereas CIVILIZATION is Built on SPIRIT and in tension with matter!

    When will Black people stop being mesmerized by upstarts?



    We push on relentlessly till all ETHIOPIANS COME HOME

  2. when a pharaoh’s pyramid was erected,it wasn’t used as a tomb? was it just a monument or a sort of “connection” to the sun god? I would like to know of reputable fact/evidence,books preferably. I am very interested on this as my religion is connected to this and I would love for you or any one to elaborate on this.

  3. The fact is that the arrogant “egyptologist” tradition from the 18th C (meaning european adventurers/treasure hunters/chancers/pirates/charlatans/rent & fame seekers), with :

    SCARCE SCIENTIFIC KNOWLEDGE, ESPECIALLY ENGINEERING could only come up with conclusions about the hows & whys of the Mer (Afrikan for Pyramids) based on the following:

    a) their limited range & depth (at best they managed to decipher Mdw Ntr based on the “Rosetta” stones they stole)

    b) tall desert tales by their arab guides (egyptians) who in turn were of course as perplexed on the Mer as these european “authorities” on Afrikan Classical Heritage (imagine that)

    c) their own white supremacy ideologies had to supersede the reality of what was revealed to them BY THE OBVIOUS BLACK GENIUS they found in KEMET.

    You will recall that the fruits of the european “enlightenment” i.e science overcoming church dogma had just began its march towards their materialisms (underwritten by profits from BLACK BLOOD/MAAFA/AFRIKAN HOLOCAUST and plunder & land grabs in the “new world”).

    So Physics/Chemistry/Mathematics were just begining to roll out in the west and these adventurers comming down to Afrika were mostly ignorant of the HARD SCIENCES.

    This is why in their own superstitious prejudice, devilry and charlatanry they tell us that Kemet-CLASSICAL AFRIKA was only obsessed with death.

    This is why, they have written stinking tomes & volumes of rigmarole that for eg Kufu’s Mer (2 million Blocks weighing 2 tonnes average of limestone & some of hard granite) was shaped with RAZOR-SHARP precision by hand tools (copper!).

    Any engineer or stone mason can see NOT EVEN MODERN MACHINERY CAN ACHIEVE this!

    Kemet has to be studied by Afrikan Philosophers,linguists, Scientists-Engineers,Chemists AS ONE to be understood.

    That is how these ancestors of ours percieved reality: SPIRIT & MATTER.

    The “Mainstream” egyptologist tradition that is running around in most universities-even in Afrika (leave alone popular culture) is full of wild & white imaginations.

    This is true for alot of WORLD HISTORY which starts and will end in BLACK AFRIKA.


    Comming to your query on what book-I only remember the author’s name: Charles Dunn- he posits a theory that the Mers were actually POWER STATIONS sourcing the planets VIBRATIONS………

    Egyptologists are normally the art-types-how could they respond to this kind of theory?

    Again you check if ANY MUMMY has ever actually been found in a pyramid. Not one.

    The BLACK KEMETIANS (Charles Dunn is a european engineer who runs away from who these people were-but his book is still of much better value than 90% of egyptologistics) were far more advanced than we will ever realize if we just continue with the same old……..


  4. My apologies to Maria Patterman & all Idren out there.

    The author & book I was refered to regarding the technology & actual purpose of the pyramids (mer) are Christopher (not Charles) Dunn & his book is “The Giza Power Plant”

    It really does challenge each Afrikan to wonder how we fell so low as to believe that we are destined to be mere showy & wasteful consumers of technologies from europe & asia.

    Our BLACK ANCESTORS WERE SPIRITUALISTS & SCIENTISTS in one breath. No wonder Kemet’s actual period of existence before its fall stretches back further and further into antiquity the more one gathers the evidence systematically.

    They could not wipe it away (or whiten it) so easily. THIS CLASSIC BLACK ERA.

    And it will Be BLACK IN TIME…
    See link below…

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