The Bla-Maors – The Black Vikings And The Black Danes – Compiled by Invasion2012

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This illustration of Viking Varangian troops near Moscow is from the chronicle of Skylitzis, he was a Greek historian, dead c. 1100

A Description of the Black Vikings of Europe By Renowned European Writers – Compiled By- Invasion2012

“blá-maðr, m. A BLACK MAN, NEGRO, i.e. AN ETHIOPIAN, Al. 51, Orkn. 364 (referring to A.D. 1152), distinguished from the Saracens and Arabians; three ‘blámenn’ were sent as a present to the German emperor Frederic the Second, Fms. x. 3: in romances blámenn are mentioned as A KIND OF ‘BERSERKERS,’” q.v., Finnb. ch. 16, Kjalnes. S. ch. 15; cp. Scott’s Ivanhoe, note B. See AN ICELANDIC-ENGLISH DICTIONARY by Richard Cleasby and Gudbrand Vigfusson(1874)

3 Blau Mhors (Libyan Moors/Tuaregs)
3 Blau Mhors (Libyan Moors/Tuaregs)

“The Irish annalists were a lesson to all with their division of Norse invaders into White Foreigners, Norwegians(Finn-gaill), and Black Foreigners, Danes(Dubh-gaill), but it was a lesson no one heeded; nor do we know why they distinguished them by colour.” See A HISTORY OF THE VIKINGS by Gwyn Jones(1968)

“The Welsh chroniclers, for example, made no such clear distinction. The Danes coming in by way of England and the Norwegians by way of Ireland were pretty well all black: Black Gentiles(y Kenedloed Duon), Black Norsemen(y Normanyeit Duon), Black Host, Pagans, Devils and the like.”(CONT.) See A HISTORY OF THE VIKINGS by Gwyn Jones(1968)

“Prince of Maine Mor(moor) was accompanied by his father Eochaidh, and his two sons Breasal and Amlaff.” Eochaid mac Run, known in English simply as Eochaid, was king of the Picts from 878 to 889 He was a son of Run, King of Strathclyde, and his mother was the daughter of Kenneth MacAlpin (NIGER VAL DUBH)

“There are turning hither to our shore lithe keels, ring-stags [ships] with long sail-yards, many shields, shaven oars, A NOBLE SEA-LEVY, MERRY WARRIORS. Fifteen companies are coming ashore, but out in Sogn there lie seven thousand more. There lie here in the dock off Cliff-holt surf-deer [ships] SWART-BLACK and GOLD ADORNED. There is by far the most of their host.” Helge Lay, i. 197-206.” See SCANDINAVIAN BRITAIN by William Gershom Collingwood(1908)

“There was a man hight Thorvard; he married Freydis, a natural daughter of Erik the Red; he went [219] also with them, and Thorvald the son of Erik (100), and THORHALL who was called the hunter; he had long been with Erik, and served him as huntsman in summer and steward in winter; he was a large man, and strong, BLACK AND LIKE A GIANT, silent and foul-mouthed in his speech, and always egged on Erik to the worst” See SAGA OF THORFINN KARLSEFNI.

“According to Egils Saga, of the 2 famous sons of Kveldulf, Thorolf was tall and handsome like his mothers people, but Grim took after his father was black and ugly. Grim’s sons Thorolf and Egill, born out in Iceland, repeated the pattern- Thorolf was the image of his uncle, tall, handsome and sunny-natured, and many Egill was black, even uglier than his father, totuous and incalculable,…..etc. craggy head, broad nose, heavy jaw and swart visage.” See A HISTORY OF THE VIKINGS, GWYN JONES pg 86

“The evidence indicates that Blacks in ancient times came to Britian from Spain, Felix Arabia, Egypt, Ethiopia, West Africa, India, Persia and what is today named Denmark. These Negroes were builders, scientists, masters of ocean travel and inventors of letters, according to Higgins, they built Stonehende, Gerald Massey agrees pg 11 Book of The Beginnings.” See Ancient and Modern Britons- MacRitchie pg 2

“The Danes, then were like the ‘MOORs’ -black. Like them, too, they were Picts, as more than one eminent writer has proved. The title of’GROM’ (WOAD-STAINED) is not confined to Highland genealogies, it was the actual name of a grim old pagan Dane who ruled over Denmark,(it meant daub).” See page 121, -David MacRitchie- Ancient and Modern Britons: Volume One (Ancient & Modern Britons)


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133 thoughts on “The Bla-Maors – The Black Vikings And The Black Danes – Compiled by Invasion2012”

  1. Noo Finland you did not evolve. Neither are you a black man. No, you are a pink Albinus, so the folks who we are talking about in Europe is a diffnt nation. Your nation came in from the Russian steps bright red and defective like neanderthals and stole the entire land from the black Europeans Moors. Now your pink arse is yapping off shit about “evolution” and “version 2.0 microcephalin” when in reality it is your brain with its calcified pineal gland that is deranged and debased.

    Go do a search on the following topics: “Europe and the great migrations” and you will see how the franks, the finns the teutons, the gothics all came in from Russ and took the land from the black Celts and Formorians, and the Iberians and countless other black tribes.

    Search Google, search Rasta Livewire, and you will see the true story of your sorry pink arse.

    Search for the term “whites”, “Albinos”, “calcified pineal gland” and you will see studies that will educate your melanoma-prone Albinus arse on the roots of reality.

    Welcome to Rasta Livewire, where we revisit your reality!


  2. Um, Geneology as proven that Finns came up from Spain/German areas. So no not Russia. Either way, your insulting yourself now. Us “pink” dumb people took the land from blacks all over Europe. So are you dumber than us or weaker? Must be one of the two. Or were you just too nice? Search Google and Rasta Livewire for what? The truth? Truth is if your relatives weren’t involved in slave trade you wouldn’t even have a computer right now let alone the internet or keyboard your typing on currently. You’d be with your tough/smart brothern in huts right now banging on rocks and sticking things in your lips to make them bigger for some reason. Truth is your using the white mans invention right now, isnt that a shame? Staying in the white mans house, using the white mans Microwave and lightbulbs. White mans clothing and not a leaf on your private parts. Weird. Our pineal gland is a terrible thing. And where did all the supposed black people in Europe go? Or did we accidentally trip over them with our retarded white brains and kill all of them? Theres a reason this theory isn’t wide spread that your saying, and its not due to white people not wanting to here to oh so sad truth on how they run Europe now. Theres also Asians, Arabs, and others who still don’t publish any of this as truth. Are the out to get you blacks too? Or is no one as tough/smart as the blacks? How come they dont run the whole WORLD they’re genius’s.

    1. Finlandia

      I see you are deluded in that Pink-whie power supremacy theory of how you invented fire and the wheel. But you are wrong on this point again as history demonstrates over and over again that Albinos did not invent anything. They copied everything. Because the world was already millions of years old when your pink arse appeared from the caves 6000 years ago in the steepes of Russ.

      You “invented” fire just like you “discovered” Africa and America.

      Microwave, Electric wave, and the wire-transmitter and transistors are also the works of Black inventors. See this link:

      Again this demonstrates the limit of your information repertoire or more precisely your inability to properly process available information… a sign of calcified pineal gland. Have you been tested?

      As for slavery, your pink-white ancestors were the first and original slaves hence they are still called this noble name even today, the Slavs and the Serfs.. Czecho-Slavia, Yogu-Slavia, Serbs and Serfs, Scots, Irish, and the list goes on…

      In any event, all this is just side-show to the main message of this post which is that, eminent European authors have boldly stated in the past and the present, that Black people from Africa were the first in Europe. We were first in France, in Finland, in Moscow, in Britain (the Silures), in the lands on the banks of Danube, in Georgia. Archeology confirms this, osteology provides additional evidence, and the stories of how your ancestors migrated from the Russian Steepes across th Banks of Danube between 350 AD and 1550 AD is no more a hidden history. In truth, you are as much Asian as a Hun and you need to realize this hidden information and respect the original Black owner and aboriginal of Europe.

      Here see how your ancestors Finno-Ugric moved from the East into the North west Europe:

      Welcome to Rastalive Wire! We shock and burn!

  3. “Duff, a surname adopted from the Celtic, in which? language
    the word means black. Sibbald, in his History of Fife, says,
    ” that as Niger and Rufus were names of families amongst
    the Romans, from the colour and complexion of men, so it
    seems Duff was, from the swarthy and black colour of those
    of the tribe,” or clan of Macduff.”

    -The Scottish nation; or, The surnames, families, literature, honours, and biographical history of the people of Scotland (1877) by William Anderson

  4. “The adjectives Dubh black, and Fion or Fin white prefixed by the Irish, were indicative of the relative complexion of these tribes or rather of the colour of their hair. Fingal was probably a a settlement of the Fair-haired Strangers; Donegall or Dubh-Gail of those of darker hue”

    -Historical memoirs of the city of Armagh (1819) By James Stuart

  5. “This is one of the war vessels on Victoria
    Nyanza, whose archaic structure helped us to understand
    the very? beginnings of shipbuilding (Fig. 7).
    Chatterton {Sailing Ships and their History, p. 109)
    notices “the many points of resemblance of the
    Scandinavian ships” to certain types of Phoenician
    vessel. By 1000 B.C. the Phoenicians had begun to
    take over the Aegean traffic of the outer ocean, so
    that the Swedish boats may possibly be craft born
    of Punic inspiration.”

    -Ancient mariners : the? story of ships and sea routes (1928) by Cyril Daryll Forde

  6. “Brinton is inclined to derive the Aryan from this third source; the languages of the? Hamitic peoples of northern Africa. Keane,* following out this thought, is inclined to regard the Basque as another European relic of the same primitive stock. This theory of an Afro-European? origin of the Aryan speech has much to recommend it, especially in view of the undoubtedly negroid physical affinities of the most primitive substratum of European population.”

    -The Races of Europe by (1899) by William Zebina Ripley

  7. “Then began the discoveries of abundant prehistoric remains all over Europe, particularly in France. These with one accord tended to show that the European aborigines of the stone age were not Mongoloid like the Lapps after all, but the exact opposite. In every detail they resembled? rather the dolichocephalic negroes of Africa”

    -The Races of Europe by William Zebina Ripley(1899)

  8. “Dougal, a surname derived from ßhu-gal, the Gaelic for dark complexioned stranger,? this being the name given to the son of the famous Somerled, lord of the Isles, who flourished in the twelfth century, and the patronymic of his descendants, the clan M’DugaL”

    “Macdougall, or Macihigaia, a clan who derive their descent and their name from Dugall, the? son of Ranald, the son of the famous Somerled. The name Dhu Gall means the dark-complexioned stranger.”

    “Another form of the name is Macdowall, used especially by those of the race who possessed lands in Galloway, to which district the Dhu Galls, or black Gaels, are said to have given its name.”

    -The Scottish nation? : or, The surnames, families, literature, honours, and biographical history of the people of Scotland (1859) by William Anderson

  9. “Even then, the Celtic story affirms, there wandered through the pine forests of lerne an aboriginal people ;
    and its shores were the resort of Vikings, not from Scandinavia, but Africa.”

    And what of the African Vikings?

    “They are known in the recollection of those early times under the name of Fomorians. In the glossary of King Cormac of Cashel,? compiled not long after the age of Alfred, this word is said to signify ” under sea,”in the sense of their ships? being descried on the horizon, rising, as it were, from beneath the rim of ocean, and indicating their approach from the Atlantic rather than the narrow seas.”

    -The story? of the Irish before the conquest. From the mythical period to the invasion under Strongbow (1868) by Mary Catharine Ferguson

  10. Finland – – FYI. Dr. Mark Dean

    “The dean of Black Inventors referred to as America’s high-tech Invisible Man”

    In the book, Invisible Man, the main character is a Black man referred to as socially invisible and Dr. Mark Dean has been referred to as America’s high-tech invisible man; and he too is a Black man. It appears that though the world has advanced in technology–a high-tech world–Dr. Dean’s accomplishments have remained largely unattached from him, as the inventor, by mainstream society even as some of his inventions are as commonplace as the television, refrigerator and telephone. He has over 30 patents; is the architect of the modern-day personal computer; and holds three of the original nine patents on the computer that all personal computers (PC)s are based upon.

  11. From the book: Scandinavian Britain – William Gershom Collingwood (1908)

    p. 59 “The writings of the Irish call a Lochlannaigh by the name Goill: they also call some of them Dubhlochlaannaigh, i.e. black Gentiles, which was applied to the Danes of Dania, i.e. Denmark: Finn-Lochlannaigh, i.e. fair Gentiles, i.e. the people of Ioruaighe, i.e. the people of Norwegia:” and Keating explained Lochlonnaigh (sic) as “powerful on lackes or on the sea,” from lonn, strong; and gave the name to the Danes (quoted in O’Donnovan’s Four Masters, p. 616).

  12. The African (Black) presence in Western Europe, in fact the earliest presence of any people, goes back beyond 40,000 B.C. with the Gatherer-Hunters represented in ‘Celtic (Irish) mythology as the Formorians. The pastoral groups – the Tehenu (Libyans), Nubians and Keftiu (of Minoan Crete – from whence the name Keltic [Keltoi] derives) – were known by several names including De Danaan, Dane, Danu, Daire Maid (as in dairy maid). The farming/agricultural groups – of Kemetic – were called Graine (from whence we get ‘grain’)

    There were groups from West Africa present as well, as indicated by the names Ollav Fola (the ‘Great King’), Banba, Fohla, Eriu (from whence the name Ireland is derived), Kimbay, etc.

    Kemetic-Nubian-Libyan (Tehenu) neteru (gods) mentioned in Irish/British/Keltic myth and history include Anu, Danu, Net (Neith) Set, Tara (a cognate of Ta-Meri and Auset), Ausar (called Oisin),

    The ‘Sid’ burial sites that permeate Irish mythology and landscape correspond to the Nubian burial centers that can be traced along the Nubian migration routes from Nubia across the Mediterranean to Crete, to mainland Europe, west along the Danube River (named after the Danu – i.e. the Tehenu), to Britain and Ireland.

    One need only familiarize yourself with Kemet history and mythology, which will enable you to then unravel the origins of the so-called Irish/Celtic/British mythology. That said, read the following books:
    Celtic Myths and Legends – T.W. Rolleston; Celtic Mythology – J.A. MacCulloch; Celtic Gods and Heroes – Marie Louise Sjoestedt. These will provide sufficient evidence for the African origins, and a very good beginning to advance into other related areas that have been ‘White-washed’.

  13. Pretty soon someone would be promoting the idea of a green Moor , like those Yorkshire Moors. How does one get Moor from Moreno? That’s bass-akwards; Moreno is derived from Moor because he would be someone slightly less darker than a Moor or a Yorkshire Moor at night: Pitch Black. An original Moor is a Malian, he becomes a Maur when the ‘L’ is rendered ‘R’ by European or Francophone speakers of an African language. Italians still say Muli for African and Multino for Latino when they want to insult Blacks or Puerto Ricans. Its long been established that the first inhabitants of Malta were the Khoi Khoi or Khoisan as evidenced by their worship of a Hottentot fertility goddess, probably long before Egypt existed.

  14. Good people

    I have a read a book which hints at people looking like fins,swedes coming to earth in spaceships. Breeding with Earthlings. This is linked to African myths about Albinos. See Writer Prophet Credo Mutwa (South Africa).

    Recently a Russian Scientist found a piece of some metal with unknown writting on it.
    The “metal” is made of substance which is not on the ” Periodic table”. Scientist says it belonged to a space ship which crashed years ago. So me thinks …there is the link!

  15. I have never read so much nonsense. Vikings i.e. Danes, Sweeds, Norwegions where not Negroes. Neither where the Celtic inhabitants of Scotland, Ireland, Spain, wales Britain, France. Austria ect. They where very caucasion. When they are referred to as dark or black it’s describing their bearing. Their moods. Additudes.

  16. As I Am about to read this article; I came upon the November 24th, 2010c.e. reply. Sadly the writer show[s] the ability to place pen to ink ? But [!]; most typically [?] ignorance by way of racism [?] surface it most ugly head ! you did not prove your point by cross referencing your documentation ? Remember [?] this is the internet; freedom to exercise your Divine and/or Human Right[s] (even to lie). What is the problem Brendan G. King ? Simply share this with you. your style of thought shared is what was written about J. A. Rogers ! those against him have been made to look mighty stupid with regards to what they said [?] !!!
    A little food for those who truly think !

  17. Islam (With A Clear Understanding that A Meaning of Islam is Peace !)

    Santiago ! May I say to thee; thank you for your comment[s].
    Think you miss a point; this article is not to take away the heritage of one nation but rather to include the action of AnOther Nation. custom does not alter the Nature of Truth.
    Truth of the matter is that if you were not there [?] why would you want to do all that you wrote to write against this work[s] ? From many a source of different writer[s] (by Nationality) there is much written about The Truth as well as against The Truth ! Might I suggest that you invest more time in helping to resolve[s] the lies continued about santa claus/saint nick/christopher columbus/the description of jesus christ (opposed to the standard lies continuously told by your people) first [?]; then you will find your racist remark[s] not identifiable as racist; as you have of your own remark[s] ! (other wise why would you not try to beet someone else to the punch of identifying the meaning for what you wrote as such ?)

    Not too sure why you think that what is done in the present; was something of ancient time[s]? (you reference to someone being identified with a prefix based on the colour of their hair [?]). Could not the same be Very Very True of this same practice being done of One[‘s] Hue ? sure it can; as you to cover a possible racist conclusion to your remark[s] account for the Hue of your wife and/or Daughter ? Mmmmmm ? typical ! It is all right when you do it; but not when someone else write[s] to share a point ? work on that; it might be in your best interest (in the event you seek passage into The Third World Country of Chicago/Harlem/New Ark/philadelphia/Watts et al).

    In conclusion; Praise ALLAH for you wife; as she choose you ! Praise ALLAH that you Daughter is Productive and/or Strong all of her day[s].

    I appreciate the writing[s] of Duncan and/or Dana M; as they are kind enough to include the cross reference source. I would add the name[s] of J. A. Rogers as a Trusted source that I will also cross reference to. You might want to cross reference to : the work[s] of Thor Heyerdahl. Barry Fells book[s] should also assist thee.

    The Article is very interesting. Trusting to extend what I have read here; by way of looking more into the topic more deeply for MySelf to see what I can find !

  18. I thought this blog was quite interesting as well as the comments that were made. I knew of the Vikings and Danes having African ancestry about 19 years ago. I knew that the headpieces the Vikings wore were in honor of the Egyptian goddess Het-Heru (Medu-Netcher) terminology. The horns on the headpieces represented the woman–the cow, the calf were associated with the woman in ancient Egypt.

    Egmond Codfried you mentioned that Queen Alexandra, King Edward VII’s wife ‘whited’ her skin using zinc. I thought that was quite interesting, because she could not pass for white to me. I mean she was lightskinned, but her hair was far too “nappy” for her to be white. She must have used alot of zinc. Her mother and daughter could not be white if they wanted to. As for King Edward VII he was also Black. Being Queen Victoria’s son he would have to be. Now I see why Queen Victoria was so unpopular. Queen Victoria was the granddaughter of Queen Sofie Charlotte the German Black princess who married King George III of Great Britain who lost the American colonies. He was another British monarch who was unpopular to have played a pivotal role in American history…hmm…I wonder why?

  19. JBB my response to your statement that the Irish, Danes, etc. are the palest people on the Earth. Well you are wrong, albinos born to two Black people are the palest people on the Earth.


  21. Notice that the nay-sayers (Whites) provide no documentation to support their blind denials of the Black presence in Europe, Western in particular. The fact is they, Whites, do not begin to penetrate Western Europe until after 1400 BC, before then THEY WERE NOT PRESENT! As they invaded from cold regions of Northern Asia, they moved in a westward direction – including southwest and west invading the African populations throughout Europe. There were no areas in Europe where you did not have a African (Black) presence. After invading the area now known as Greece, White tribes continued their invasions along the routes of Black societies, especially along the Danube River Valley area – from the Mediterranean west to the North Sea (west). The White presence in Western Europe (including England and Ireland) is very recent – including the acts of genocide and pogroms against the African (Black) populations by the White invaders. To get an idea of the impact on the African (Black) populations just think of what the Whites did to the Native ‘Americans’; their genocidal practices were fundamentally the same. A very good reference regarding the African (Black) presence and White invasions in Western Europe see the 2-volume set: Ancient and Modern Briton – by David MacRitchie (1884, since reprinted).

  22. What we all must realize weather we believe it or not,we are one people with many variation.There is no question of that.The reason for this this life begain in Africa this is why white women have what is call the african strain.Not the white male,but the white female retain this gene.
    If you ever seen any photos of Albinos in some of the tribes of Africa,they were consider outcast in certain areas,as their population grew they banded togeather,and formed groups, one of these groups were called Berbers.
    The Albinos child in the tribe were thought of as having disease,and in many cases were
    seperated from the other members. Since like attract like the motion began.

    Mankind began in Africa and we all talk about the African despersal but fail to realize that
    not all the Africa despersal were about just black people.

  23. Peace Fam,
    Thanks for going strong with the truth and the facts. David MacRithie and the other scholars lay it out for you. Google Rembrandt’s “Two Moors” done in 1661, maybe he’s an afrocentric too. While you’re at it you may want to google “non-african dna neaderthal”. You will learn non-africans have neanderthal dna to this day and they are different from homo-sapiens. I’m sorry you’ve been mis-educated and lied to.(They did it to me too) We were the original inhabitants of the entire planet. The places known as India, China, europe the americas were inhabitated and cultivated by the people with whose last lawful name was Moor. And No not dumber or weaker maybe kinder or more humane. You have been and continue to be hands down the most violent and inhumane group of people on the planet. The neighborhood in NYC I grew up in was until the 70s all caucasian the 80s and 90s copper-hued people(so called blacks) now east indians. Why is it so hard to understand those people there now are not the people from an earlier time? Or like Harlem NYC a known “black” neighborhood where folks are now being force out or priced out and the “red man” (that’s what you used to call yourself before the whigs party) is moving in by the busloads. Years from now someone will say Duke Ellington played in Harlem and it will seem just as unbelievable. My people were and are way more than just slaves, entertainers and sportsmen we are truly the mothers and fathers of civilization. Even with the ignorance, deception and book burnings there’s enough evidence of the facts and the truth. The Age of Aquarius is the Age of Information and the sleepers are beginning to awaken. There’s a cosmic debt that will have to be extracted for the many years of abuses against humanity. Weren’t the albinos the lepers of the bible?
    Peace to all

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