Only Rastafari Shall Save Them Kenyans – By – Jah Rateng Skabeli

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Rastafari Shall Lead Them In Kenya!

Yawa, yawa,Woi,woi!! Poverty is indeed the destruction of the poor! At a socio-cultural level, Kenya’s wanton aspirations for the western lifestyle combined with abject poverty is the root of the indignities the youth are facing.

A few examples may suffice:

The ruling class in Kenya are an anglophile lot. Judges still wear those silly white wigs that the British system left, reminding one of colonial if not slavery times! There are many more such colonial symbols of power and wealth like the private clubs and wealthy suburbs that have heavy western (read white british) influences. Many of the “classy” suburbs have names lifted straight out of Babylon, Inglan 40 odd years after independence!

The Kenyan media; both public & private, heavily promote western idyllic lifestyles. Just watch Kenyan TV and you will see what I mean. I doubt if there is any nation in Majestic Africa that just dishes out jobs to already rich foreigners at the expense of impoverished actors and others along the chain of a media production. This is achieved by purchasing stupid banalities like “the bold & the beautiful” for local broadcast!

There is so much near-porn on Kenyan TV-it is no longer safe to sit down and watch the “idiot box” with the whole family without some nervous embarrassment comming your way. During prime time mind you!

In short, wanton irresponsible sex has been normalized in the media-but Kenyans never really want to discuss this issue squarely!

Kenyans follow the English football league more keenly than the Brits I reckon! Sad.

The dodgy sources of the fabulous wealth of the many of the so-called leaders in the country is well known. And their impunity has been noted by the youth.

Moral Crisis!!

So I guess you cant blame the youth if they believe in short avenues to wealth. Including selling their bodies and souls for money.You cant blame the youth if they are confused about true wholesome values!

However, two wrongs dont make a right so I and I should not promote hopelessness!

Kenya is a schizophrenic society that speaks and practices Christian love but also lives  tribal suspicion and hatred. It is a proud African nation but it still looks to the west for etiquette!

The youth do not know:

a) the western world is one sad,flacid, insipid and dead place to be in spiritually.

b) They do not know that Wisdom is better than silver and gold

 Rastafari is the True Identifier of their enemy who strives daily to mess I and I.

Kenyan youth should look beyond the fashion of Rasta-the reggae and marijuana and delve deeper into living it: WISDOM, KNOWLEDGE & UNDERSTANDING to guide and shield I and I from the devil babylon.

So I urge I and I Rasta out there to tell the children the truth of I and I.

We are not going to agree to be a stock on the shelf to the whores of Babylon! Or its wolves.

Woe unto them who continue to downpress and decieve the children of Jah and may guiltiness rest on their concience!

A Dreadful Name that they fear…


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3 thoughts on “Only Rastafari Shall Save Them Kenyans – By – Jah Rateng Skabeli”

  1. Ini agree with ini rasta man. The babylon system in kenya is leading to the destruction of the youth and the future. Consider lately they tried to mislead our adolescent queens into wearing short skirts-> straight from babylon. So ini advice all dem youth to be wise,follow His Imperial Majesty’s words and remember vanity doesn’t last, as much as we want to conquer the system and lift the chains of poverty. Peace and love to all rastas and youth in Africa and worldwide. Roar!

  2. Jah Rateng Skabeli,
    What a great article, I hope energetic Kenyans read this and act on it quickly. The national and mainstream TV stations of all countries are controlled by powers and principalities, served by a very small group of global and local traitors. The spiritual growth of the people, especially the young, is not in their interest, and social justice would destroy this groups power, (as would daily prayer), they are a secret organization, and are ” The blind leading the blind”. They have very nearly destroyed European and American society, and are surely working full time on African and Asian youth. Having subjugated British and European peoples, they have used them to rob and injure their brothers and sisters, this promotes war and misunderstanding and huge profits for the controllers of war economies. This weakens sovereign peoples, and make their national wealth accessible to corporate theft. The intention of this group at the present time is to foment violence between different religious groups, most especially between Islam and Christianity, because this will breakdown all good order around the globe, and allow them to establish themselves as the guardians of moral order, and to establish a Universal Bogus religion based on “Reason”, thus taking total control of global society. This global elite have shown their hand, their secret methods are gradually being exposed, they cannot go back and hide until the time suits them better, they must attack now. By God’s grace, by the prayers of good people, this elite are forced to attack now, before they are fully ready, their rapid exposure and their utter destruction are imminent, within a decade, the end for these traitors will be too horrible to describe.
    The traitor elite have been working quietly in the background for many centuries, they have worked hard to see this day, their power is great, they hope to win, but they will be completely defeated within a short time.

    On a lighter note, TV is enterainment, it cannot deliver meaningful programmes twelve hours per day, seven days per week.
    I wish Kenya great success in establishing nationwide freedom, and in preserving its great traditions.


  3. Also,
    The decent British people, should never be blamed for the criminal behaviour of their crowned ruling class, domiciled in England. This invader Norman-Germanic ruling class, had no hesitation at all in robbing the British people of everything they had, and forcing their victims to go about the world robbing other races. Snobbery, posturing, and greed are the obvious traits of people loyal to such rulers.
    Britain was invaded fifteen hundred years ago by Anglo-Saxons, (Germans), and Jutes, who are also Germans, these invaders called themselves English, and “British” The Scottish, Welsh, Cornish, and Manx peoples are of a different race to the English and are the original true British, they still do not consider the English to be “British”, and are not at peace with the English because of the behaviour of the English crown.


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