Moorish Kings of Europe: King Charles Stuart II – The Black Boy King of England 1630 – 1685 – by – Oguejiofo Annu

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Charles Stuart II the black boy
Merry King Charles Stuart II: The Black King of England – Oguejiofo Annu

The word Stuart comes from the old nordish root Svart which means black. Stuart is the same word as Swarthy, which means black in old English. [Others claim its root origin is Steward]. However that might be, this is not the crux of the story here. Our story is about the suppressed history of the Black and Brown Europeans including several kings that had once called Europe their original home.

There was once a Stuart line of Kings in England. The name of the founding ancestor was Stuart.

In this post, we feature the original painting of one of the Stuart Kings of England and Scotland, King Charles II, also lovingly known as the “black boy” of England by his subjects.

He is commemorated in the celebrated name of the Black Boy Inn, found all over the British Isle.

Like his ancestors before him, King Charles II was a black man. Many of his surviving paintings falsely depict him as a so-called white man in clear contradiction to the famous description of the jolly King.

However, in the picture posted immediately below, one can see one of the contemporary paintings of King Charles Stuart II, Merry Black Boy of England. This picture invites all to decide why King Charles Stuart II, would have been called the black boy.

Charles Stuart II the black boy

King Charles Stuart II 1630 – 1685

The eldest surviving son of Charles I and Henrietta Maria of France, daughter of Henry IV of France, the future Charles II was born on 29th May, 1630, at St. James Palace, London, the second child of the marriage, he replaced an elder brother, Charles James, who had died shortly after birth.

It was said that when Charles was born in 1630 he was nicknamed the Black Boy by his mother, Queen Henrietta Maria, because of his dark and swarthy appearance

In 1646, following political crisis, his father Charles I was overthrown by Oliver Cromwell and beheaded. Charles II had to flee for his life through Scotland and on to France after making a weak and symbolic attempt at regaining the Stuart title. Fate and reality had soon dawned on him. He settled into a life of penury in France.

Upon the death of Oliver Cromwell, Charles was recalled back to England by Cromwell’s legatee and son who had no interest in ruling England. Charles was restored back to the throne and his coronation took place at the traditional venue of Westminster Abbey on 23rd April, 1661.

The Merry Monarch as he was later to become known, is famous for his many mistresses. Although he had numerous children by his mistresses, the Queen, to her great sadness, remained barren.

Charles popularity with the people was solid. Despite the ravages of last great outbreak of the Bubonic Plague struck London in 1665, which claimed thousands of lives; and the great fire of London 1666 which completely destroyed the city, he was highly favoured by the people.

He died without an official heir on 6 February, 1685 after a brief illness and was succeeded by his brother, King James II. He was the most beloved of all the Kings in the line of the Stuarts.

Black King of England

According to the annals of the english monarch:

Charles’ appearance was anything but English, with his sensuous curling mouth, dark complexion, black hair and dark brown eyes, he much resembled his Italian maternal grandmother, Marie de Medici’s side of the family. During his escape after the Battle of Worcester, he was referred to as ‘a tall, black man’ in parliamentary wanted posters.

One of the nick-names he acquired was the black boy His height, at six feet two inches, probably inherited from his Danish paternal grandmother, Anne of Denmark, also set him apart from his contemporaries in a time when the average Englishman was far smaller than today.

English Pubs

All English pubs named the Black boy are named after Charles II due to the swarthy and dark colour of his complexion.

Modern European painters try to hide the racial identity of this jolly King by depicting such fantasy as is posted below:

Whitened King Charles
Whitened King Charles

July 28, 2009
Black Boy Inn


annal of englishmonarchs

Egmond Codfried

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266 thoughts on “Moorish Kings of Europe: King Charles Stuart II – The Black Boy King of England 1630 – 1685 – by – Oguejiofo Annu”

  1. Hello just felt i should put in some facts! First this blog took a turn for the worst when people atarted putting out facts and it got interpreted as RACIST. secondly lets clear somethings up: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS RACISM. This whole race things was a weapon used to make one group of aborigiinals seem somehow superior then the other. Another thing alot of information that has been put on her about kng james is pnly half of what should be put on here. The other information is hidden by the powers that be. For those who question the information put on here you should be prepares as everything that you have bwwn taught was not the truth. For instance, it wasnt until about A month ago that i found out that CAUCASIANS are actually CANAANITES by tribal descent. I have 4 books and three more that im ordering to verify this: MAKE SURE OF ALL THINGS, HOLD ON TO WHAT IS FINE, THE TEACHERS BIBLE COMMENTARY, NASB ZONDERVAN STUDY BIBLE, and KING JAMES STUDY BIBLE. Also according to ANCIENR AND MODERN BRITIANS by DAVID MACRITCHIE. there were darkskin peoples in SCOTIA( IRELAND Scotland, England( Angelterre) and France. Those Canaanities/ Phoenicians dont have a home and they know this. This is why they foght so hard to be American or european but as history has always been shown THEY COLONIZED THOSE LANDS AS WELL. This information is not to show RACISM, this is to show that the history being out out is not what it seems. Now the question is are they trying to hod the fact that they are vagabonds or are they trying to hold on to what they have by keep the ABORIGINALS in the dark. One things for sure, i am an ISRAELITE. my ancestors ruled EUROPE AND AFRICA AND ASIA. They negroes or HEBREWS are a product of the aboriginals and also a by product THE JEWs( or caucasian cult clans) who wished to enslave us and take iur history for their own gain. No WE ARE NOT RACIST. We are going by the information that the CANAANITES/CAUCASIANS put out. Im am not a RACIST i am LOGICIST with history and references. I wont speak on things i cant back up with facts but i have my facts and i can self approve with the reference and LOGIC THAT I HAVE. goodbye CANAANITES, helloe ABORIGINALS

    1. caucasians arent canaanites…canaan is a son of Ham who is also the brother of Kush (ethiopians), Mizram (egypt) and Phut or Put (libians)…all of Ham sons settled what we call Africa…understand that the white man said Noah’s son Ham, Japheth and Shem were supposed to be the progenitors of the 3 specific races…black, white and asian…the white man said Ham was black, Shem was asian and Japheth was white…then he says Jesus was white and at the same time says Jesus is out of the line of Shem who are supposed to be asian…dumb ass…the Canannites were black people son as well as all of them, the white man hand not gone through genetic evolution at this time…

          1. Revalations stupid, hair of wool,eyes of fire, an skin of heated bronze. Show a Caucasian with them characteristics. Or did they lie about him being black back then like mostly all caucasians do today about it. Think they lived just a little mor holy a honest in them times, just my opinion, im saying

          1. The bible describe jesus skin bronze not olive. Get ya facts right and last time I checked that a black color

          2. This is ridiculous the description of christ in revelations clearly is describing an ashkanazi racial type jew …Hair white as wool !! Who has jewfro curley hair jews do !!! Eyes like flame of fire ? What colour is a flame when fist ignited before turning yellow ? a flame is light blue not black !! White hair means white not black !!! Now what colour is burnished brass? just google images of burnished brass and it is a golden colour very far away from black and same much lighter golden tone of skin as jews have.

          3. Why isn’t there any white Jews named Jesus. They would have kept that shit. How you explain he was more likely to be Mexican.

          4. The Bible clearly said skin the color of “burnished copper”!
            Stop trying to white wash Jesus w that “olive” bullshit!

          5. All Blacks aren’t African, just as all Caucasians aren’t Irish, Polish, German, Russian or British. You have to do your research and please take advantage of the opportunity you have here to search the internet. In the first century there were Black Hebrew Israelites and they have 13th century paintings in Russia to prove it and if anyone really wants to know they need to search out the Vatican, for they have a huge library of black history in Israel. Though Black Hebrew Israelites look African, they aren’t. Just ask the black Egyptian pharaohs of 5 BC and 4 BC, but again you have to research and stop listening to American history books

      1. The canaanites WERE black people bit they was cursed with leprosy that made them look Caucasian, Esau is the start of Caucasians and was having sec wit the canaanites that’s why u can trace them back to Caucasians. If u don’t know who esau is, read the Bible Genesis 25:21-34

      2. Cannan is son of ham and we are the sons of Shem the israelites came we are dark skinned as well paul and moses were mistaken for egyptians because of thier skin colour. Even Joseph Christ father fled to egypt to hide christ among the egyptians. It would have been very difficult to hide a caucasian in egypt from herod. Whites come from eassau the father of the edomites whose origins are from mount sier or the mountains of georgia russia or caucus mountains caucasian means cave dweller.

    2. Peace unto Raphael, thumbs up, to your statement. The Israelite-Moors, ruled as the rulers of the Mooring empire. They were known by other nations as Moors. Moors was used as an adjective to describe all people that were of a brown to a dark brown complexion. No different from today when Caucasians see a group of people from the islands (one from Barbados, one from Trinidad, and another from Jamaica) Caucasians calls them Caribbean. The Caribbeana does not entail the define ones nationality of what or who one stems from.
      I identify myself as an Israelite if the Mooring Empire that is seeking to live off the Hebrew faith and am willing to work with Moors and Hebrews that are seeking the same thing. If any serious men of The Most High are about doing the same one can contact me at andrewbenisrael@Gmail. Com

    3. but the canaanites was the youngest son of ham,’ curse be canaan’ and maybe after couple thousands of years of mixing some left went to Europe but the rest are still in Palestine/isreal and they are dark brown to light brown until the German Jews came back in to the region after Hitler same thing with Phoenician they are even color on they writing.

    4. The Bible says that canaanites came from the Caucasus Mountains and Caucasian people are white people in this earth they are not black people and they never have been in fact that people never created from the beginning in the first place go and research that black people were the only people that existed on this earth from the beginning white people came a lot longer down the line and the only introduction of white people is when Esau and Jacob were born and Esau came out red because his blood shows through his skin that’s your white man right there but the DNA of the white man is not pure because it’s sliced and diced with animal going to search that because esau’s grandson and Esau why mountains living and his grandson slept with an Horite who is not human disturbing her but truth as it is so the interbreeding of human with non-human or half human is why the white race is not completely pure in it’s entirety you have different fractions of the Esau seed because if I wasn’t exactly straight into a pic to sleep with either mixing as he went along

    1. I know the post is old but really? Your question does not use correct grammar and you did not even spell grammar correctly. If you want to hurl criticism at someone for using poor grammar and incorrect spelling then you should check your own use of the English language. Funny.

  2. we,take,ur,comment,seriously,an,can,still,hear,the,words,,the,spell,is,perfect,english,is,slavery,an,confounded,slavery.tongue,,as,long,as,he,is,stating,fact,..he,is,,taken,,,,seriously,,homany,peeople,havecometthisblog,with,perfect,grammer/spelling,saying,,nohing,but


  3. Lol @ this article! What a load of baloney, Don Jaide! KING JAMES WAS NOT A BLACK MAN; SO, STOP THE TOM FOOLERY. I notice in this article it left out one big wrench that spoils your whole agenda to paint everybody in history black. In your haste and revisionist pseudo scholarship you forgot to mention that the Stuart family owned slaves:

    “The Royal African Company was a mercantile company set up by the Stuart family and London merchants to trade along the west coast of Africa. It was setup once Charles II gained the English throne in the English Restoration of 1660 and engaged in the slave trade as well as with other commodities. In the prize court the King received half of the proceeds and the company half”. [Wikipedia. “Royal African Company”. Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia, 2004]

    Whoever is the moderator of Rasta Livewire shouldn’t allow any nut case to post obvious incorrect misinformation. Don Jaide, the author of this article, would like for us to believe that the Stuart family must’ve been of African descent; yet, how could this be when the Stuart Family was the main financial backers of the West African Slave Trade between 1672-1689 and it transported around 90,000-100,000 black African slaves? Its profits made a major contribution to the increase in the financial power of those who controlled London! Again I ask the question to Don Jaide if the Stuart Family is of black African descent; then are you suggesting that blacks sold blacks into slavery? That doesn’t make coherent sense!

    1. Stranger than fiction but that was the case. Slavery was a money making business, not a racial war. The same Royal families that began the trans-atlantic slave trade, had for several centuries earlier reduced the entire so-called white race to a nation of slavs, serfs and cagots. It appears you don’t realize your true history. 99% of Europeans were owned chattel kept in plantations (country estates) and exploited and worked to death. Does that mean the Royals were not Europeans?

      In Europe, white skin was not worth shyte. Did you know the Royals also used you guys to make exotic skin leather products? Many Royal Bibles were bounded with skin of dead white people. Does that mean that you 99% white trash are not same tribe as your oppressors? No, it does not.

      It just goes to show you that exploitation is not about skin colour. It is about power.

      I am not the one who named King Charles Stuart the Black Boy. His own Mother did.

      1. “Slavery was a money making business and white people even sold white people. 99% of white Europeans were owned chattel kept in plantations (i.e. country estates) and exploited and worked to death by their fellow white country men”. [End Quote]

        Well, if this is the line of reasoning you choose to defend because it plugs the hole (i.e. albeit a leaky hole, e.t.c.) in your King James black ancestry lie; then, so be it. However, I don’t know if you’re sincere in making this stand because you’d have to publicly admit based on your theory of King James ancestry being black owned and transported black slaves through a business empire known as Royal African Company. Is this the theory that you want to stick with?

        “I am not the one who named King Charles Stuart the Black Boy. His own Mother did!”. [End Quote]

        To begin with, Mr. Jah, the surname Stuart does not refer to skin color and his mother definitely wasn’t referring to skin color either:

        “The modern Germanic words for black are schwarz, svart, swart, zwart, sort and the old english word is sweart…..which all refer to the color black. A black person is called a niger, negro, negra, etc. If your surname is Swart (i.e. like in south Africa) then your descendent could have been a blacksmith. So, Stuart is not black and no German word for black has this T. Furthermore the Norman nobility spoke French and old-english was not used in this time. There is no possibility that this Norman king of england could have been a congoloid. That is the error in this article!”. [Khalsa. “RSS Feed For Comments”. Rasta Livewire, 2012]

          1. The fact is that his mother didn’t call him black boy because the word Stuart has nothing to do with black. Does anyone have an original source citation from King James mother calling him Black Boy or are we reading this line of Black Boy from later writers who lived AFTER the fact? Where is the original source citation?

        1. From Wikipedia: “The name “Stewart” derives from the political position of office similar to a governor, known as a steward. It was originally adopted as the family surname by Walter Stewart, 3rd High Steward of Scotland, who was the third member of the family to hold the position. Prior to this, family names were not used, but instead they had patronyms defined through the father; for example the first two High Stewards were known as FitzAlan and FitzWalter respectively. The gallicised spelling was first borne by John Stewart of Darnley after his time in the French wars. During the 16th century, the French spelling Stuart was adopted by Mary, Queen of Scots, when she was living in France. She sanctioned the change to ensure the correct pronunciation of the Scots version of the name Stewart, because retaining the letter ‘w’ would have made it difficult for French speakers, who followed the Germans in usually rendering “w” as /v/. The spelling Stuart was also used by her second husband, Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley; he was the father of James VI and I, so the official spelling Stuart for the British royal family derives from him.”

      2. Slavery wasn’t created for a money making business. We were cursed by the most High, and scattered amongst the earth. We were told we will be in the hands of our enemy until things come to pass.

    2. Terrence, you have made an intellectual fool of yourself on this forum. There were Free Black men in the United States during the era of slavery that themselves owned black slaves. Quite a few. Go figure! But before you provide so called proof, which is really just an assumption, you should test your facts!

    3. Yes it does make sense and it’s been widely known that our own people sold us into slavery, so get your facts in order before you start harping on somebody else’s lack of factual information.

      1. Our own people did not have us in slavery! The africans did! Hebrews are not africans! You guys are speaking from not having knowledge of history.

    4. You are among the intellectually bankrupt. King James was Black, so was his wife and 9 children. Sites will say that he was gay but he was not. This was a story started 25 years after his death by a guy named Anthony Weldon, who was a racist and slanderer. All because he was Black. Jesuits tried to kill him, because he was a ruler and the Catholic Church, another racist organization knew he was about to authorize the translation of the Bible which they were attempting also. The powers that be from the Middle Ages forward, have revised history to make whites appear superior. You need to pick up scholarly readings and you might realize where you came from. Not pretty. King James’ mother was Mary Queen of Scots and his great grandmother was Mary of Nice. Every picture YOU will see portrays her a white. He was king of Scotland and England. There were Black Brits, Irish, Danes, Welsh, Belgiums, Germans, Scots, Russians, The Crusaders, The Knights Templar, many of the Visogoths, etc. There is also King Charles Stuart another Black.((1630) His paternal grandmother was Anne of Denmark.( Sources: Ancient and Modern Britons by David Macritchie; Old Norse relations With Wales by B.G. Charles. Stuart, if you understood etomology, you’d know that Stuart comes from the Old Nordish root “Svart” which means “black”. Stuart is the same word as swarthy, which means “black” in Old English: of a dark color, complexion, or cast. He was literally called Black Boy. After the Battle of Worchester, which I am certain you know NOTHING of, he was referred to as “a tall black man” in parliament. Portraits you have observed are frauds and you as most of the world has been hoodwinked. Education is a wonderful thing to own especially when dwelling among ignoramuses. Ignorance is blissful and pathetic. Try enrolling in a course at the nearest university. Just might enlighten the mind.

    5. ESAU IS THE WHITE EUROPEAN This is a point but you should know the history of roman empire and england.William of orange a dutchman tookover england sponsored by the Jesuits illuminati to sack the last e.glish king James 11.The Jewish bankers set up bank of england and formed the Vatican Crown to takeover the world by running all world central banks .The Jesuits under the Roman Popes started the slave trade colonialsm etc.King James ruled before this takeover by Jesuits Oliver Cromwell Guy fawkes attempted blowuo of English paliarment and William of Orange.The Vaticam Crown knight templars ruled English and most of Europe Holy roman empire.Today Rome rules this world.Black israelites were in the Old Roman Empire which collapsed when the germanic tribes invaded the empire anglo saxons franks visigoths goths vandals allemanis varangins burgundians heruli etc.These are the people we call english french germans belgians swiss etc.The black kings of europe were israelites who ruled during this period.King James was an israelite not israeli fake jew.He authorised the translation of bible.White people are not canaaantes but Esau the first white man married two canaanites sons of ham black and these are the people rulinv today white edomites serpent seed.The queen of england today is not english but desxend from Roman Caesars.The European Royals are of khazar extraction jewish edomites and have taken over the world.They intermarry to kerp the bloodline if fallen angels which started in babylon egypt persia greece roman empire and holy riman empire today.Christianity has nothing to do witj the bible but is babylonian and Antuchrist.They worship jesus as the SUNGOD as they did with horus jupiter nimrod odin etc.Thje real messiah was black revelation 14:1.The Jesuits and black nobility created race hate based on skin colour but they are satan seed and the rest of white people are NOT but descend from Esau other adamic wives.The New world order is headed by same families check burke peerage.The Edomites from king herod caesars charlamagne childeric hapsburgs platagenets the windsors etcand all american presidents same bloodline.The rothschilds rockefellers warburgs etc .The Saturlanian brotherhood 13 illuminati roman papal bloodlines house of este queen elizabeth house of braganza house of orange house of hannover house of platageners etc

      1. Slavery was present even among the hebrews. There are listings about this in the old testament. I’m sure it was used to enable people to pay off debts, but eventually became a money making business.

      2. Easu never was white. He was a hebrew, twin brother was Jacob. If he had been white, I’m sure it would have been listed that way in the bible. He was from the line of Shem, not Japath. You cannot add your own opinions regarding bible facts. Please read the bible objectively. The same description of his personage is also made of King David. I’m using a bible KJV. Look it up for yourself.

    6. Hi Terrance – All.

      My Name is Teon Blake-Stewart writer/ realestate.

      I am a direct decendant of the Stewart Dynasty -I am of caribean decent though parents and I were born in England – Point; King James past Royal land to my family worth a fortune – because they made love to us therefore and we became lighter – saw us in themselves and they naturally adored us and at times feared us like the majority do to this day , those who appear less African and bold so speak , as it is far from what we are still taught to regard as beautiful or becoming – Now, in reference to Terence misleading you by saying Black people would nt enslave black people because they are black – What do you think is happening now ; You think it’s white people shoving black boys in mud for Diamonda no . Fool – business is business. Us fortunately was left 6 acres on the platinum coast ( in st james wherw the Dynasty retired a lot of them ) worth over 500, 000 million with property next to Rothchilds one acre and my Dark skinned grandma Marie STEWART refused to sell hence we have it bless her golden heart in God (King james was imprisoned for giving land to natives like us – possibly for feeling guilty or simply falling in love with the fact thethat brought great wealth – some of these africansns were royal darling but dressed and speaking their tongue did them no favour ( wink ) – and yes I’ll have a few workers both black and white ; now , not calling them slaves but am I wrong to drive these people to work because I share DNA with them. Smile.

      So fact is their were a few black nobles back then – and the Stuart started to have illegitimate kids outside of wedlock who they took in – shrugs , I have no care no clue outside 500 million worth of land and me being treated like royalty, like those enslaved kids should have been- I just can’t believe you said black ppl or white ppl wouldn’t enslave eachother; sex trade – drug trade – minimum wage all slaves – No not as bad but to me I would nt to either so it slavery dude . Sorry for calling you a fool bit of won’t have a bunch of brats throwing around the Black word – Its mixed raced – get your Lupita tones to Chris Brown tones in order and you will paint more accurate pictures in debates.

      TEON BLAKE- Stewart . Im also doing a series for any of you who want to explore our stewart dynasty and the fact why some had to be depicted lighter because they were nt Black They were mixed race – you can’t place red in blue and fail to see its purple – they were muxed lighter than Beyonce( mary Queen of scots possibly also mixed who changed the Stewart spelling to Stuart in France #Elder Aunty ) who is a bronze like me . As when segregation crept In it allowed all the mixed raced to be forced into the black communitys so all the Slave masters wouldnt have to claim the kids they planted behind those wife s back ; here, now free they only had eachother to love and produce so began to darken, bar the few who blended Into white society . If you have any queries or new insight, as im now interested in my heritage and how it is received; – The Harry potter team also wants to produce my concepts and Twisted Glitter feat my heritage .

      1. Preach bro, my name is George Edward Gaston. My father James, and his father William. It really don’t be a coincidence that family names are sent down through ages. They want us not to know where we come from.

    7. You racist fool, you really think, so wat if king James was black, the white man lies is catching up with him & his lying history – the truth is coming out all over the earth – the key to it was the race war which happened with wat you all call slavery bull shit – Egyptians & Nubian where black civilization which they starting to tell people cause people do have some sense to see the lies this roman influence racist idea that Jesus was white blue eyes with long blonde hair – where the deception started – y’all white people are afraid of us Black knowing our true story before your barbarians devilish idea behind slavery bull shit – y’all still amazed by our pyramids all around the world – black science is different to Europe science lol lol

    1. Don’t freak out boy. You have just arrived at the realization that perhaps those who schooled and raised you, lied to you all your life. There was a half they never told you about, and this you caan find out on Rasta Take your time, surf this site and see information and images and songs that will expand your information horizon.

      Welcome to Rasta, where lies are sent on exile!

      We are live and we are electric. We shock and we burn out all ignorance.


        1. Should you not understand the basics of a subject first before proceeding any further? You sound green and fresh in this area so better read up more before you come across like a cantankerous fool…

    2. Tantrums are for babies. We are talking about King Charles II and not “EVERYBODY” but it seems as though the truth hurts. Especially when lies (whites are superior) are all that were heard and believed.

      1. Superior, do tell where you find your facts from. I can give you an example how your wrong. 2 black people can make a white person, call an albino. 2 white people can’t make a black person, without going to a lab. Let that sit in.

  4. u-want-source-citations-put-ur-email-in-this-box-an-i=will-give-it-to-u-,this-site-is-a-source-citation/infornation/for-us-the-muurs/mmors-how-pathetic-of=-u-not-to-know-this,an-not-be-able-to-use-your-search-engine-past-a-high-school-level-look-up-middle-english-bleac-people-in1600s-an-know-king-lames-was-notbleac-an-thats-the-language-they-spoke-until-1700-not-your1828-confounded-toungue/english-from,america-black-replaced-bleac-an-the-bleac-people-now-claim-to=-be-white-but-they-wee-carrions/cagots/slavs/-called-indentured-servents-when-shipped-west-queen-phillipa-had-14-childen-including-prince-edward-king-edward–before1500-queen-charlotte-had-15-children–150-grandchildren,,these-wombs-are-fromdark-womn-caled-white-cause-thy-was-nobles-an-owned-the-land-look-up,BLACKS–LAW-DICTIONARY-4TH-EDITION–FREE-WHITE-SOVEREIGN,,ARE,MOOR,AN-DOES,NOT-MEAN-CAUCASION-RACE-ARYAN-RACE-NO-DAMN-RACE,CAUCASIONS-WAS-CALLED-THE-BLEAC-PEOPLE-=BEFORE-BLACK-A-MOOR-K-REPLACING-C-IN-AMERICAN-CHRISTIAN-ENGLISH,SO,CALLED-WHITE-PEOPLE-IN-AMERRICA-ARE-COMMERCE-COLR-OF–LAW-SLAVES-WHICH-IS-DONE-BY-MAKING-ADJECTIVES-COLORS-INTO-NOUNS-AN-KILLING-PEOPLE-TO-MAKE-THEM-AGREE-AN-GIVE-UP-THEIR-LAND-

  5. none-of-us-come-from-any-albion-scientifically-but-u-woulld-not-be-here-without-us-without-carbon-melanin–u-call-black,,whats,inside,is-what-u-are,dr,needs-light-to-see-in–all-peoples-black-holes,where,in,lies,ones,soul,,what,color,-is-your-soul-

  6. Having majored in European History in college I am always interested in these types of so called mysteries. And what I have discovered from my own findings is that the truth is actually often staring you in the face. There are historical facts about various Africans that played major roles in the development of “European History” For instance The Princess Louise Marie Therese or (“Mauresse de Moret”) was the daughter of Queen of France, Maria Theresa of Spain and King Louis XIV. However by Frances own history shows that King Louis XlV was black his body was described as some of” these bodies were well preserved, especially the one of Louis XIII; but Louis XIV skin was black like ink.”

    The bodies of King Charles Stuart ll was a black man. On my last trip to London I visited National Portrait Gallery in which they have a portrait of him and he is CLEARLY a black man. Someone asked for a documented citation well when the English parliament describes his as “as a tall Black man” that is a direct citation. It is a historical FACT that Queen Ann of Demark was black if you take the time to trace his family line it goes back to Maria de Medici. The term “Blue Blood” traces back to Africa.

  7. Hi! I thought that shem was the oldest son of noah and his nations were of the hebrews,chaldeans,assyrians,persians,and arameans.and japheth is noah’s middle son and his nations were greek,thracians,and scythians,and i guess ham is the youngest of noah’s sons and ham’s nations were canaanites,philistines,hittes,amorites and egyptians.

  8. Strong conversations!
    Personally I think Jesus was a brown man just like the Palestine people of today.
    King Charles II was dark skinned from his mothers side, probably a unusual appearence at the time in England before immigration.

  9. Am enchanted to have found this interesting forum! Personally I do not embrace the statement that King Charles ll Stuart would have been a so called black man. His complexion was darker than of the average englishman, due to some of his relatives, that is supposedly the whole truth. I shall, with great pleasure, behold and study the other given comments. Thank You!

  10. also swarthy , one can get from being sun tanned, or from being mixed blood, but also a leathery appearence as well, not just dark, or brown or black compexion.some of the dictionarys that define swarthy , leave out this aspect, due to just plain ignornace on how the word was used in older times, vs. modern,

  11. I would like to share this with you all; finding it is what led me to this site after a quick Google search.

    It is from the Memoirs of John Macky, Esq., found on the site

    On page 36, John Lenos, Duke of Richmond, is described as having a “black complexion.” This newfound info really intrigues me…

    Has anyone done more research on this individual?

  12. Hi – Stumbled on this while looking into a supposed historical connection between my family and the Stuart kings. Just thought it would be pertinent to point out that for centuries in Britain the term ‘black’ was used to describe someone with black hair and dark eyes. It had nothing to do with skin colour. Sheesh, what a fuss over nothing! We all came out of Africa originally – it’s just that some of us lost our tans because of the chilly northern weather.

    1. The garden of Eden is in Africa… so if white people aren’t from Africa ,then were are they from…
      Moreover, we are all from Africa.
      And remember this in bible Ham created the black race…
      And also remember Isaac better know as isreal created the Brown race. The king james bible states: and the children were brown as you dig in the ground..
      Now as u dig deep the dirt goes from lite brown to very dark brown..
      also remember the hebrews used the word negro highly ..also mosses was married to an Ethiopian who is descendants of “ham..
      also i ssd real is north east Africa. ..
      Caucasian never could servive in africa because of there (type Y DNA)which means non melon which is the s as me DNA as A LBINOS (TYPE Y DNA). ALBINOS ARE MUTATIONS. So why would God create a SPECIES that could not servive under heat conditions causing skin cancer. .
      Also ever living species on this earth has melanin except ALBINOS & WHITES…UMMM MAYBE JUST MAYBE THERE THE SAME…
      I HAVE NOT YET SEEN NOR HEARED OF TWO TYPE Ys Producing a African. ..

      ESA Gave birth to children who complexion turn white do to a disease ….THE FIRST KING JAMES BIBLE. …ANY NEW T ESTAMENTS ARE FOOLED WITH …

      1. Before judging others based on skin color, realize that if you look at all of the peoples in the world, very few do not have the DNA of other races. Rome was one of the first civilizations that was made up of mixed peoples (blacks, whites, & browns). Looking at the bible in perspective, I feel that one of the reasons that whites weren’t mentioned is because most were not living in the areas at the time. But, if we all came from one of Noah’s sons, then we’re related. And DNA testing shows that the white people originally came from Africa.

      2. No your wrong. Go back and carefully read it again.

        Deuteronomy ch.28
        Ham the youngest son of Noah, born probably about 96 years before the flood; and one of eight persons to live through the flood… HE BECAME THE PROGENITOR OF THE DARK RACES BUT (NOT) THE NEGROES, but the Egyptians, Eithopians, Libyans and Canaanites.

        They are Africans. Egypt and Libya in north, Ethiopia in the east and Canaanites in the south. Negroes are dark skinned melinated people similar to Africans but are NOT Africans. Negroes are the Hebrew Isrealites the bible is their historical and spiritual document. Yahawah’s laws and commandments.

        Which has nothing to do with religion or Christianity. A Holy Roman Catholic Church White Supremacist doctrine. When the Bible is a Black Man’s (Hebrew Israelites’) book. Nearly all the characters are black. Noah, Moses, Yahawah, Yahawahshi, 12 disciples, Solomon etc.

    2. You dont have a tan though thats why you feckless peasants are so pale and frail and age after 19. Sucks to be a pail frail honkey.

    3. No we did not. And as a so called white person (your actually an Edomite from the seed of Esau) and are different shades of Red! ‘White’ is just a modern day political term propagated by white supremacy to give the white race false inherent values of good, fair, just and all things positive. While giving (so called Black people) term Black and false inherent values of all things negative. We are not Black but different shades of brown from light to dark.

      And it’s not a tan its skin pigmentation called Melanin. Edomites (whites) are gentically recessive and have no pigmentation but are Albinos. The same is true of blond hair and blue eyes. Promoted in white supremacy as beautiful yet is recessive and an infiriority in the human species.

      Skin pigmentation or melanin is not lost by climatic conditions. Living in a colder climate. That is a phallacy. White Europeans living in South Africa for generations have not become black or dark skinned. Eskimos (Innuit) living for generations in Alaska have not become white? They are still melinated people the same colour as their ancestors.

      The only way a peoples skin colour changes is through interbreeding with lighter or darker coloured people. Miscegenation. Not climatic conditions.

  13. Im black and my father white Scottish. ..I am his seed and i am dark brown. …so a white man can have a dark seed ….but my mom is native and hebrew

    1. No. You are of the seed of your father. So you are Scottish and an Edomite (so called white but actually different shades of red). Though you are melinated and brown. And your mother is Hebrew Isrealite? Hebrew is just the language. Isrealite our nationality, lineage.

      If fitting the description of the 12 Tribes of Isreal (Jacob).

  14. The canaanites were cursed with leprosy. Leprosy is a skin pigment that turns a person with melanin in their skin,, light! So if you want to know what it looks like, just imagine a “black” person with “white” splashes all over them. And esau, the start of Caucasians, started mating with the cursed Canaanites

    1. First off the canaanites were not cursed with leprosy. Canaan was cursed by Noah, not GOD. The type of leprosy that you are describing is in your term “clean leprosy”. Kind of sad, that in this day & age, you can’t read a book or view tapes on Leprosy to see the differences in the types. There are some types of leprosy that are not able to be treated. It can occur to people of all skin colors. It doesn’t cause dark skin to turn white, either. The hebrews that were checked for “leprosy” were grateful if their skin just turned white. But, if their rash didn’t go away, or they continued with other symptoms, they were isolated & made to live outside of the camp. I believe when Yeshua cured the lepers that he was treating actual leprosy, & not a clean leprosy. If you re-read where he was treating a leper, the man couldn’t walk due to his illness.

  15. If anyone wnats to see a better quality version of the Charles II engraving above go to the royal collection dot org uk and type this


    Thats Latin and German and are the words in the round border around the picture. It’s Charles II
    and the artist is Friedlein,Johann.
    Use the close up and check out the wavy hair.
    But rastalivewire likes the bad quality version with no source listed better
    In Europe in medieval times before Charles II there were some but not many black people in Europe. So it’s not like today where somebody says somebody is black and then you think of Michael Jordan. Back then people of African descent were mostly off their radar of Europeans.
    So back in the day they would call a white Europeon who was looking like a Spanish Hispanic, who was slightly brown “black”. I’m talking people half as light as a paper bag and it doesn matter what they features was. They called these light carmel Europeans “black”
    You can go on google images. type in Charles II of England and see a whole lot of official paintings of Charles II and some of them even look swarthy like this little ass print from a book these niccas got hype about, fantasizing they was kings You can decide if Spanish looking hispanics that is half light mocha qualify as your homeboy.
    You can decide if Charles II, of the Stuart family that started the The Royal African Company that imported thousands of Africans to the Americans, maybe some of your ancestors, so they could lash backs until they bled and left scars, put us in chains like animals and sell us like products
    You can decide if that is your homeboy
    Niccas see these old paintings and drawings of these old Europeons and want to be them, swinging on royal nut sacks
    Meanwhile a Spanish dude walking down the street looking exactly the same in real life and they not getting excited about it
    And this site is Rastas ??? They African Resourses ??
    They got a biography up on the man and dont mention a damn thing about his role in the Black African Holocaust ???

    Next time rep truth you frauds

  16. I’m so sorry to inform the people who though they were first or better or chosen as the Creators remnant people. That your forefathers lied grossly and hide by all means the plain truth. The whole town including daughters and son would go out to see a dark skinned Hebrew man or woman get hung. And the have pictures showing how they enjoyed it. It’s sad because it clearly showed they were hiding something and it showed that they heard the truth which they knew themselves. Humans do not do that! Unless it’s a plan of power control and demonic deception behind a great cause.

  17. Lol man all the racist ppl here foolish yet entertaining. King James was black thats a fact jack! The King James bible version1611 has his pic front page u can find it at Oxford university. And not all black ppl descend from the tru Isrealites. Blacks had blacknwhite slaves. Whites had white slaves. Our ancestors done mixed bloodlines thousands ayrs anyway. I been praying for GOD to show me truth lately and stumbled on these things after studying conspiracies. But this is more personal than a color thing Its spiritual! I am part white and moms raised me Christian so this shook me to the core I started to doubt god. But I cannot discredit god or even jesus. Just the name and color. Im jus now wakin up but I hear theres a mass awakening godbless us all may the most high give us love understanding and bring truth to light

  18. I can truly say i find this article and the comments very entertaining. True as the article be. I was surprise that King James was a black man. Then there was an entire black family held the throne. i really had to laugh at some of the comments. Not every one is going to take it as truth but I being Hebrew and black for over twenty five years after i found my true identity that i attend a synagogue now.
    Yes it was the blacks that started the slave trade from tribal wars and there prisoners until it took another turn for the worse to the black tribes and the Hebrews did suffered a lot in this slave trade business. The Moors I know was in Ireland and Spain and they did a lot of building in those countries. So I can see where the Moors held the Royal Thrones as a people of color it makes a lot of sense. I am just happy to know and that after them there were also two more Black Queens that the new baby princess was named after one. Charlotte. Happy to see that the Truth is now coming to light and we are more knowledgeable now.

  19. Hi, all You should all check this documentary, long and very instructive and based on the Bible, an eye opener in summary the black people that were deported in enslavement to the Americas & West Indies were Hebrews, the real Jewish people those who are descendant of the House of David. It is important to all because we’ve been indoctrinated & taught in a certain way and most of it is false. All of us will have to re-write our world and through that process become our own masters. Enjoy!

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