Mystical World: Ecclesiatics Chapter 1

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Mystikal World: Ecclesiatics Cap 1

The words of the poet
son of the lion
prince in zion chanting:

“Eternities of eternities,”
chanted the poet;
mystikalities of eternities,
all is eternity chanted the poet:

One generation goes
then again one generation returns
and life trods on earth everliving:

The sun also arise and
the sun goes down and hastens
to his rising point;

The wind goes towards the south
and turns about unto the north;
round and round itinually
the wind returns to its original circuits;

All the rivers run into the sea
yet the sea is not full;
unto the place from where the rivers come,
there also they shall return again;

The thing that has been
is that which shall be;
and that which shall be done,
was done already in the past.

There is nothing new under the sun
every thing is mysteries,
mysticality of mytikalities,
all things are eternal cycles.

Jide Uwechia
05 August 2002

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