Michael Steele Chairman of Republican National Congress Denounces Obama-Birther Lunatic Fringe – Rasta Livewire Reports

To the small but growing number of racially motivated haters, intolerants and other crackpot fringe of the Republican Party who insist derisively that Mr. Barack Obama the first Black President of United States is not a US citizen, Brother Michael Steele the Chairman of the Republican Party and leader has this message. read more

The Chemical Additives in Your Food and Water Products – Healthwise

When next you walk into a store to buy any packaged product ranging from food to cleaning detergents, watch out for the names of the chemicals addressed in the following paragraphs. They are the silent killers in our midst, the reason for our sickness and pains. They suck the joy out of life, with their disruptive effects on the biological and chemical system of humans. They are the products of the multi-billion supra-national chemical companies of the industrialized west, which make nothing but garbage, plastics, and despair. These chemicals are everywhere, in your beers, your wines, your pizzas and your milk, your hair dye, creme and other body care products. [Editor’s comment] read more