Who is the Lion of Judah: Emperor Haile Selassie I and African Liberation – by Jide Uwechia Rasta Teachings on Rasta Livewire

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Who is the Lion of Judah: Emperor Haile Selassie I and African Liberation – by – Jide Uwechia

Every liberation movement needs inspiration, material and spiritual support, military skills, tools and logistics.

Before 1959, Ethiopia ruled by Haile Selassie was the only genuinely independent black state in the world. Why do Rasta people adore Haile Selassie? Why do they call him their King, their lord and their saviour?

Well because Black people had been made to submit before the rapaciousness of their European pale cousins all over the world, at least one hundred years before the birth of Haile Selassie. With the exception of Ethiopia!

In those days when the young lion of Judah, Ras Tafari, crowned as Emperor Haile Selassie, the King of Kings, there was no black nation that had its political independence. Africa was almost completely colonized. With the exception of Haile Selassie’s Ethiopia.

So who did you really think began formenting unrest through out Africa? Who fought for equality of man to man irrespective of colour? He began with his own backyard. Who freed the Habashis, the Tigreneans, the Eritreans from internal slavery since slavery was accepted in Ethiopia until the 1930s? Who abolished slavery in Ethiopia? Who built schools for the masses? Who gave them modern infrastructure and facilities? Who gave Ethiopia a modern economy? Who built Ethiopia? Who is this man they call the Lion of Judah?

Who inspired the entire Africa? Who electrified the world? Who became the hope of the masses? Whose independence was seen as a of beacon light, an example of true black political integrity? Who was it who defeated a fully equipped modern European army (and the Roman Catholic Church crusader alliance) on African soil with little more than words of righteousness? Who crushed the head of the facists? Who prevented Africa from becoming a European territory like South America? Who is the Lion of Judah?

Who was the inspiration for Kwame Nkrumah? Who was the inspiration for Mandela? Who provided advise and material support to Jomo Kenyatta? Who provided money for military training? You think it was the Russians who would quickly have colonized Africa just as they did over their cousins in eastern Europe? Think again.

You think it was the Americans and the British who freed Africa? The Americans and the British were busy subjugating Africans everywhere in the world, in Africa, in Asia, and in Americas. So who began the freedom movements? Who is the Lion of Judah?

Who was the symbol of black imperial regency in a world where niggers were considered less than cattle? Who was the symbol of noble black resistance? Who demonstrated to the world by his patrimony that Solomon whereeverso he may have lived was indeed a Black man? Who is the Lion of Judah?

The question you have to ask yourself is this? In a rabidly racist world of 19th century and early 20th century, why did the white bwoys consider Haile Selassie to be their superior? Recall they accepted his claim to Solomonic dynasty. Recall they acknowledged his imperial majesty, and treated HIM as more than their equal….

The question to discern is: who is this little black man, who without a modern army, without political clouth or wealth was able to keep the rapacious Europeans away from his country first and then ran them off the entire African continent? Can you walk with the Lions each morning? Who is the Lion of Judah?

Why did the pope bow to HIM? Why did the representative of the Royal House of England bow before HIM? Why of all the royalties of the world war II was Haile Selassie the only one to be provided exile in England by the royal house of England when he needed it?

Remember the Monrovia and the Casablanca alliances?Why did the 40 or so eminent African leaders who could not come to any unity amongst themselves suddenly unite and accepted Addis Ababa as their capital and Emperor Haile Selassie as their boss? Who is the Lion of Judah? Who is this King of Kings…

He is His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Haile Selassie I, true and faithful, mightful and dreadful itinually!

Jide Uwechia

March 30 2010

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19 thoughts on “Who is the Lion of Judah: Emperor Haile Selassie I and African Liberation – by Jide Uwechia Rasta Teachings on Rasta Livewire”

  1. Beautiful!

    Dread ’em Baddies Afrikan!

    This is what I and I youth must know: Our story from our BLACK PRISM.

    No eurocentric haze & maze that daze I Youth Mind.

  2. Blessings. Liberia situated in West Africa is considered Africa’s oldest independent nation. Liberia was founded by freed slaves from America in 1847. Liberia is an all Negro nation; the only other nation requiring that it’s citizens be Negro is Haiti.

    HIM is honored with the title of Knight Grand Band Of the Order of the Pioneers of Liberia.

    Hail HIM.

  3. Editorial “THE FAILURE OF HAILE SELASSIE AS EMPEROR” by Marcus Garvey

    Published May 27, 2003

    Editorial by Marcus Garvey in the Black Man – London, March/April 1937


    When the facts of history are written Haile Selassie of Abyssinia will go down as a great coward who ran away from his country to save his skin and left the millions of his countrymen to struggle through a terrible war that he brought upon them because of his political ignorance and his racial disloyalty.

    It is a pity that a man of the limited intellectual calibre and weak political character like Haile Selassie became Emperor of Abyssinia at so crucial a time in the political history of the world. Unfortunately, Abyssinia lost the controlling influence of a political personality of patriotic racial character like the late Menelik, whose loyalty to his race and devotion to his country excelled all his other qualities, to the extent that he was able to use that very strength to continuously safeguard the interests of the Ethiopian Empire. What he did so well to preserve, a cringing, white slave hero worshipper, visionless and disloyal to his country, threw away. This is the impression the serious minded political student forms of the conduct of the ex-Emperor of Abyssinia.


    Every Negro who is proud of his race must be ashamed of the way in which Haile Selassie surrendered himself to the white wolves of Europe. These statements may be considered very severe, and in fact, they are. We could have been otherwise apologetic and sympathetic, but that would have been only if we were dealing with a Coptic Priest or a Religious Monk and not a[n] Emperor who held and presided over the political trust of twelve million people of his own country, and the political destiny of the entire Negro race. This little misguided Emperor could not realise that he held in his hands the political trust of the hundreds of millions of Negroes of the world, men and women, who were looking up toward the firm establishment of political sovereignty, and that Ethiopia, like Liberia and Haiti were to them prizes of glory to be perpetuated and strengthened in the maintenance of the dignity of that black race that other men have claimed to be incompetent, inferior and unworthy, which every black man must disprove.


    When the war started in Abyssinia all Negro nationalists looked with hope to Haile Selassie. They spoke for him, they prayed for him, they sung for him, they did everything to hold up his hands, as Aaron did for Moses; but whilst the Negro peoples of the world were praying for the success of Abyssinia this little Emperor was undermining the fabric of his own kingdom by playing the fool with white men, having them advising him[,] having them telling him what to do, how to surrender, how to call off the successful thrusts of his Rases against the Italian invaders. Yes, they were telling him how to prepare his flight, and like an imbecilic child he followed every advice and then ultimately ran away from his country to England, leaving his people to be massacred by the Italians, and leaving the serious white world to laugh at every Negro and repeat the charge and snare – “he is incompetent,” “we told you so.” Indeed Haile Selassie has proved the incompetence of the Negro for political authority, but thank God there are Negroes who realise that Haile Selassie did not represent the truest qualities of the Negro race. How could he, when he wanted to play white? how could he, when he surrounded himself with white influence? how could he, when in a modem world, and in a progressive civilization, he preferred a slave State of black men than a free democratic country where the black citizens could rise to the same opportunities as white citizens in their democracies?


    So called Emperor Selassie was a joke and nobody in his right frame of mind should ever pray to another human dictator.He was a traitor that worked for the slave masters.
    He was a TRASH.

    1. My brother this is not a case of inquisition or observation it’s a case of telling and speaking the truth,see people needs to know about the truth. If you dont know you should ask not just pass judgement. And why would I listen to you when you are in the wrong,wrong about what you speak,wrong about the way you think,wrong about the way you act. My brother you should ask for forgiveness… be cause you don’t know what you are talking about and have the comments you made just don’t make much sense..Good luck

    2. you say Haile Selasie followed the advice of the whites? I honestly don’t know where you got those ideas from. what I will tell you is that Just like John the Baptist prophesied and announced the coming of a redeema, but when he faced trouble and expected the saviour to act, and the saviour failed to do that, he doubted the Saviour. this is exactly Marcus Garve’s situation. can you really tell me why the Messiah didn’t go to the rescue of John the Baptist? stop judging for nobody knows and understands the ways of the creator. YAH bless. RESPECT

  4. WDC

    His Majesty was one of the greatest men to walk on the earth of Africa. Can you tell me what he did wrong that you would disrespect him so on a Rasta website?

    Yes, Marcus Garvey did criticise his Majesty but when he understood the greatness of the man’s aspect, even he came to accept the pre-eminence of Haile Selassie I.

    But know this mystic, that Marcus Garvey is Haile Selassie just like Haile Selassie I is Marcus Garvey. It is the double face of InI saviour.

    Just like John the Baptise and Yehusua bin Yusufu (Jesus). Marcus Grvey may have misunderstood Haile Selassie at some point, and both did have had some disagreement in style and approach; yet, that did not detract from the unity and oneness of their final plan, which is:

    Black self determination, Black sovereignty; and Black independence of thoughts and action! That is all! That is the entire agenda which we are all working toward.

    Marcus Garvey, Haile Selassie, and InI Rastafari and Rastafari youths. Black love!

    Haile His Majesty, he brought your independence…he was a mighty soldier in the pan-Africanist struggle!


    1. Brother Jahdey,
      I do respect him as an African leader.But just as many African leaders,there is nothing concrete that he did for the ordinary folk in the street.Iam an African but until we face up to the truth about ourselves our situation will remain the same.All African Leaders past and present ones are corrupt bunch of FOOLS and COWARDS who sold to the ENEMY.They stole everything from the people and save in Europeans banks while thier FELLOW citizens are left to scavenge for crumps to survive.
      Brother it is no disrespect to anyone but just plain facts.Recently Nelson Mandela just sold out to the oppressors.What have changed in Monomotapa(so called South Africa)?

      Without African RESOURCES the world wont exist,yet look at our plight,look round the continent and the situation is the same,that means we have to ask ourselves some serious questions and our ways of thinking and doing things.
      Jahdey we are brothers.
      Peace and Love ,

      1. ignorance allow the rat to chase the cat,..Emperor Selassie under no circumstance should be painted as much as what has been written here,well ,you see you only lambasted him on the parts of his faults and weakness have you also considered his positive sides they far and overwhelmingly out weigh that of this negatives…Selassie will forever remain the KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS Without no apology

  5. WDC Say:

    All African Leaders past and present ones are corrupt bunch of FOOLS and COWARDS who sold to the ENEMY…

    Jahdey answers:

    Unthoughful statement. And how come you are the only wise and graciously endowed one to discern all the foolishness and cowardice of African leaders… What have you done with that special wisdom… How many of your relatives have you freed and uplifted today?

    WDC says:

    They stole everything from the people and save in Europeans banks while thier FELLOW citizens are left to scavenge for crumps to survive.

    Jahdey replies:

    The Euro-pink whites control the resources of Africa not African politicians. The Euro-whites have a strangle hold on Africa’s physical assets, Africa’s markets and Africa’s resources. They control the technology that exploits the gold and oil from the ground.

    The problem is African youths like yourself, who sit on their lazy butts and complain all day about how their ancestors and politicians and liberators betrayed them.

    Africa needs its youths to self develop their skills and talents. Africa needs brilliant entrepreneurs, brilliant doctors and engineers, brilliant administrators, brilliant builders, innovative inventors and path finders. We can make it work, if we will.

    Marcus Garvey did not wait for the “African governments” to come and free him. he took the first step, what have you done.

    Selassie I put his life on the line to fight physically for Africa’s freedom from Italian-Roman Catholic conquerors and yet your have the effrontry to insult the Lion of Judah. He did not sit there waiting for all the African leaders to come help him. He went out, found a path, and today you use your freedom which he earned for you to abuse him. Foolish boy!

    Tibikimi, you are a fool, confused by the pink-whites. They have turned you into a dis-affected mad dog ready to bite even the fingers that feed you. When they got you like that, they have you hook, line and sinker.


  6. Why do you worship this man, or King of this world, dont you know you should only worship the creater who created, this illusionary man in the first place, i say illusionary, because its only yeshua JESUS who is the real king of kings and mesiah, the king of a world much realer than this world, how can this man compare, and please dont tell us this king you worship is jesus, as jusus teached us in the future people will try to fool us, pretending there him, its written in the second testament, Jesus even sais prey to the farther the farther and creator of all life,
    salasii, wanted to make us black people equal to whites, i dont want to be equal to a western white person, this makes me forget my roots, forget who i really am and become, who they want me to be,
    why do you think your king worked with babylon, to turn blacks the western, way finding love for money and illusion.
    God bless you will see what god want you to see,
    and remember jesus teaching Wolves come in sheeps clothing,

    1. Sarah

      I do no understand what you mean by “worsship this man.” Rasta don’t worship anybody. If you want to know why I love this man, I will be happy to tell you, because Rastafari is love.

      But first lets deal with Jesus Krishna.

      I am sorry but Jesus is not real. He is a fairy tale, concooted for delusional minds. Can you prove the existence of this so-called man Jesus? Can you identify any body of teachings that make Jesus unique? What does the name Jesus mean and in what language?

      The only thing you know about Jesus Krishna is what you read in a book. Stories..fables… A man that died 2000 years, and yet you claim to serve him. A messiah that could not save himself, what use is he to you, or anyone else?

      After examining some of these issues closely, you will find that the “Jesus of Lubeck” was the first slave ship which raided and enslaved Africans. It was commissioned by Elizabeth 1 the lesbian-queen of England. Jesus = Slavery. Rasta bow to no man.

      Haile Selassie, I know is a living man. I know he is real. I know he is the first and last of the Kings of Kings of Ethiopia. I can prove he lived. I can point to his body of philosophy. I can identify his great deeds among which was my liberation in this world as a living blackman.

      If you fail to give respect to those who fought and died for you, that is your own problem not mine.

      But now, you know why I love Selassie I.

      1. I respect your opinion about Jesus Christ but it’s incompatible with the teachings of Rastafari: Haile Selassie was a Christian so Rastafarian are Christians too, Ethiopia was the first Christian country in the History and Ras Tafari Makonnen had controlled the Ethiopian Ortodox Church and the State. The imperial title of H.I.M. CONQUERING LION OF THE TRIBE OF JUDAH it’s Jesus Christ’s title written in the Apocalipse of San Yusuf (Giovanni) that begins to New Testament that Jah Rastafari always quoted in his speechs. For the Rastas Rastafari is Jesus Christ after his Resurrection and if you don’t trust me you can read his autobiografy
        (http://www.jah-rastafari.com/autobiography) or his constitution, the bible, the kebra nagast and a lot of His speechs and rasta internet sites.
        Bless! ..Some examples, these are Rastafari’s words:
        “This age above all ages is a period in history when it should be our prime duty to preach the Gospel of Grace to all our fellow men and women. The love shown in Christ by our God to mankind should constrain all of us who are followers and disciples of Christ to do all in our power to see to it that the Message of Salvation is carried to those of our fellows for whom Christ Our Saviour was sacrificed but who have not had the benefit of hearing the good news. Since nobody can interfere in the realm of God we should tolerate and live side by side with those of other faiths.”

        “ARTICLE 7
        In the event that, at the time of His succession to the Throne and Crown, the Emperor shall have attained the age of eighteen years, He shall, on the day determined by Him, but in any event not later than one year after His succession to the Crown, be anointed and crowned as Emperor, the provisions and details of the Coronation being determined in the Coronation Ceremonial of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church of 2nd November, 1930.”

        “A house built on granite and strong foundations, not even the onslaught of pouring rain, gushing torrents, and strong winds will be able to pull down. Some people have written the story of my life, representing as truth what in fact derives from ignorance, error, or envy; but they cannot shake the truth from its place, even if they attempt to make others believe it.

        At this hour, when I have found occasion and time to write the story of my life, I preface my writing by presenting the following prayer to my Creator and then continue this work.

        O Lord, almighty in whom there is no weakness, eternal in whom there is no transience; in admiring Your work as well as Your judgements, a created being, even after much searching, cannot fathom them—except to a limited extent.

        It is a subtle secret which a creature, even after much exploring, cannot know but which You alone do know: why in the immediate past as well as now You have made the Ethiopian people, from the ordinary man to the Emperor, sink in a sea of distress for a time, and why You have made the Italian people up to its King swim in a sea of joy for a time.

        Since no creature created in Your image and to Your pattern gives up hope that everything he begs of You will be done for him until the day You sever his soul from his body, we beseech You that Ethiopia should not remain with her freedom extinct and prostrate under an alien ruler, so that the mouth of her peoples be silenced for fear of a foreign governor, but rather that You will save them by Your deeds of kindness, lest they remain with their hearts oppressed through being deprived of their own Ethiopian ruler who was leading them towards civilization under a light yoke and with gladness.”

        1. HIM was never a Christian,and never did he accepted to be one. he never reffered himself as The supreme God because even as Yashua, He was is the first creation of God. Apostle Paul testifies to this. No Rastaman is a christian and will ever be. Ask yourself, in what language was the original scriptures written? can the word Christianity or the name Jesus Christ ever been found in the original scripts? if yes then I reserve my comment. I believe the real problem is the language that is ruling now. Haile Selassie, I believe spoke many languages but didn’t like speaking in english, not even when he was with the whites. All his speeches written were interpreted. Now if anyone has a problem with The King Selassie living among the whites, then they should also have a problem with “Jesus Christ” or if you want Yashua almost all the time sitting among sinners as the bible says. nobody can really say the reason why HIM did what He did. Haile Selassie accepted the “bible” because nobody will condemn a book that talks about for it would have been like discrediting HIMself. besides, the Ethiopian Version of the scriptures is the oldest word for word translation of the original and has more books than the one constantine and his fellow whites deceivers selected for you and i. there are a lot of scriptures to prove who the Rastas say the man is. all you have to do seek as Matthew 7:7 advices us. YAH bless. RESPECT

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