Who Is Paying Orly Taitz: The Birther Coalition of Rightwing Jews and so-called “white” Supremacists – Abdulkhadir X

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Who Is Paying Orly Taitz: The Birther Madness Movement, A Strange Coalition of rightwing Jews and so-called “white” supremacists – Abdulkhadir X

Orly Taitz the birther nutcase claims that she is merely a “lawyer,” with a purely “legal” interest in the details of Obama’s birth.

But she is a political whore who has just been caught pants down performing the most heinous and corrupt act one could imagine. She is filled with shame but she has only contempt for the intelligence of those she duped.

She forged a fake document which she passed off to the authorities as some Kenyan birth certificate belonging to President Obama. The job was so poorly done that her cover was blown in hours and she fled from United States to Israel in panic.

Orly Taitz will soon face the force of the law. Deliberate fraud and forgery on a mass scale. Sedition, incitement to criminality based only on a deep set fear of the so-called black man. Those are serious crimes in this 21 st century and all such offenders must be brought to book.

Orly Taitz has sown the storm and surely she will reap the vengful whirlwind. For now, she has taken flight from United States and is hiding away somewhere around Tel-Aviv in Israel, hiding from the strike of Damacloes, lurking in the shadows.

The Russo-Israeli Vampire Queen

But then who is this Orly Taitz? Orly Taitz is a Russian born immigrant who holds dual Israeli and American passport. She is a low class, gutter-snipe, trailer park living half educated lier, who seeks to raise the specter of race baiting in a 21st century post modern America.

What did she do?

Orly Taitz, began a malicious and hateful rumour against the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama. She was the source of a groundless rumour about the president being born in Kenya, and not being a proper American citizen.

Then she began heckling the first Black President for his identity card, his drivers license, medical card, Social Security Number, even his Original Certificate of Live Birth, all to prove to her little Russian-born dumb-ass, that he President Barack Hussein Obama, beloved of the masses, is indeed an American citizen.

Ignoring the racist undertone of this incredulous and imprudent demand, the irony of this Russian-born low class operator to demand the birth certificate (and American identity) of a fourth generation American like Obama, whose mother descended from a long line of old Irish and British settlers is unnerving.

But then someone in the shadows began pushing the agenda of the uneducated ignorant girl from Russia. They say in America, all things are possible with money. So some foolish but monied hate-ridden cretins began funding the malicious and wicked insinuations of this Russian born racist piece of garbage.

And no sooner than you would have it, this sick fantasies of Orly Taitz became a national issue. Sooner than one would believe it, a mass of disgruntled, low income under-educated American-born human mutants began a movement around this baseless speculation.

Suddenly, closet racists (and so-called “white” supremacists) like Lou Dobbs of Cable News Network, grade-B movie hero Chuck Norris, and other “white” supremacy web-sites began questioning the first black president’s Americanness. That these decendants of European mass migrations of yesterday, of early and middle 20th century suddenly had the gall to query an American with a heritage of atleast 200 years in United States, is just mind bogling.

And when Orly Taitz and her racist merrymen were ignored as insignificant and petty as was their due, desperate Orly Taitz forged a false document which she circulated globally and passed off as President Obama’s birth certificate issued by some fictious Kenyan authorities.

The job was so poorly done that it was blown in hours. The dates on the certificate were wrong, the Republic that purportedly issued the birth certificate was one year away from being formed, the signing authority had a name that was similar to a popular cosmetic product. It was the work of some very dim-witted retards if one were to describe the forgery attempt in the best light.

Yet, with little-minded prominent men like washed-out and whited-out Lou Dobbs, and grade B hero Chuck Norris getting into the rat race, it was clear then that there was a bigger conspiracy behind this so-called made-up Obama birth conspiracy theory.

Who then is behind Orly Taitz then? Who has something to gain?

Orly Taitz’s Israeli Trainers:

Orly Taitz has been uncovered as an extermist fringe group Ashkenazi cult devotee. She supposedly has relatives amongst a milieu of Soviet-born Israelis who are renouned for their far-right, racist, anti-black, anti-Arab and anti-Muslim sentiments.

She comes of the same petty hate-ridden stock and network as Avigdor Lieberman, Soviet-born leader of the far-right racist Yisrael Beiteinu party, who is currently facing a corruption investigation.

Yisrael Beiteinu party is an Israeli political party cum cult-like fringe movement of racist disgruntled low income eastern European immigrants. Orly Taitz is a card carrying member of Beiteinu party/cult.

Binyamin Netanyahu the current prime minister of Israel unfortunately made a political deal with the devil, in order to gain power, which resulted in the prominence being currently enjoyed by the Beiteinu cult.

Taitz also “has a documented association with the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), a powerful pro-Israel lobby group with close ties to Binyamin Netanyahu’s right-wing Likud party”.
She is on record saying that Israel’s Arab enemies should be “exterminated” rather than merely defeated.

Are those monied men behind her? Are they trying to damage Obama?

Has it got to do with Obama’s principled stand against the racist politics of right wing Israeli politicians?

African and Carribean Hills

In the African and Carribean mountains, there live men and women who overlook the affairs of the world and determine the fate of mankind. They are part and parcel of the power which began the first seed of humanity on that continent.

They are called the gods by lesser mortals. Angels by the Christians and Muslims.

By the will of those guardians I write this incantations, being that by their power and brilliance a certain tall black man was sent to rule and guide America to the pathway of truth and right.

The prophets spoke of him, each African child dreamed of him, the slave refugee fleeing for his freedom from the antebellum south and guided by the northern star spoke about when he would come.

By no power can the will of the Almighty be overcome.

Like the bright and rising star, the dawn has come and ignorance must part.

In the African and the Carribean hills, they sent a message through the messenger, those who have ears shall be glad.

Those who lie shall be revealed to the derisive glare of the world and the cosmos. Their souls shall wither with shame.

The King is crowned. His reign shall be peaceful. Those who cause trouble will vanish like dew drops in the sun.


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9 thoughts on “Who Is Paying Orly Taitz: The Birther Coalition of Rightwing Jews and so-called “white” Supremacists – Abdulkhadir X”

  1. please take thine ass back to the islands, you ingrate. The American people have a right to know. Why does the (P)resident spend so much money HIDING his docs? Where there’s smoke, there’s usually fire.

    1. you the ingrate one. if the president didn’t spend the money the economy would be in a worst situation, and as far as his birth paper? if you really liked the president you would have seen the copies of it. i really hope you are not a black person talking like this. ingrate? hmmm

  2. Ass-like Patriot

    Take your unsightly red face and go hide it away in some cold Russian caves. Retards like you were brought to the United States following the fall of the Soviet union and now you want to claim that you are an American patriot?

    When did you arrive the shores of North America? Where are your ancestors from?? Tajikistan?? Where is your bleeding birth certificate you nutcase? Can you post it for me to see? Which hospital in Somlenski were you born in? Patrotic Ass!

    I say, take your ugly drunken junkie sun burnt red face and get back to your Soviet paradise.

    InI built this cabin called America. InI also planted the corn.

    You are one bleeding, frigging parasitic baldheaded vermin. Take your pink slav nose and get lost if you cannot take the rule of the Black President.

    It is dawn time now and sad cases like you cannot bring back the darkness.


  3. I think the Obama denialist movement, in the main, is trying to assert some kind of superiority over the black president by forcing him to do something (produce a document, answer a lawsuit in court). Surely much of it is racist, although some is ideological as well.

    However, I see Orly Taitz as credulous and inept rather than a forger. It’s more her style to be duped by the fake Kenyan birth certificate than to have created it herself.

    1. It is quite unusual for someone that doesn’t understand how computers work to own at least 3 separate PayPal accounts.

      It is quite unusual for someone that doesn’t understand how computers work to own at least 5 emails accounts.

      It is quite unusual for someone who’s husband owns a rack server rental business to need to have server space donated to her.

      It is quite unusual for someone who’s husband’s company owns the copyright design of scripting that always mysteriously ends up on her sites and not know how it got there.

      Just food for thought Dr. Conspiracy.

  4. Dr Conspiracy, you have to remember that she or an associate at her bidding doctored emails and headers by Berg and Liberi that she used in a legal filing as well. She seems to be an old pro at it.

  5. It don’t even matter where Obama was born; he has the knowledge, experience and skills to lead America regardless. It is ridiculous for any American citizen to assert that they are truly ‘American’. It is also ridiculous to see the childish racist comments from the two people above 🙁

  6. Knowledge, experience and skills to run America? The guy never “ran” anything! Help Wanted – POTUS – “No experience necessary” would fit well for Obama. Give me a Colin Powell anyday, but this guy? Get real.

    The MSM are always noting “how intelligent, how articulate” because they have nothing concrete to point to that he’s done.

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