When Italians were “Blacks”: The dark-skinned Sicilians

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Here are some interesting things:

Southern Italians were considered “black” in the South and were subjected to the Jim Crow laws of segregation. They weren’t allowed to marry “whites.” It was difficult, damn near impossible.

They were designated as “black” on census forms if they lived in the South and that is because the majority of them were dark-skinned Sicilians.

Mass lynchings happened to them often.

One of the biggest mass lynchings happened to Italians in New Orleans when they thought that a Italian immigrant had killed a “white” police officer.

The very few Northern Italians that immigrated here perpetuated the myth that Southern Italians and Greeks were of a different race than them in order to save their own asses. This wasn’t true, and there are actually dark-skinned Italians all over Italy, not just in the South, as well as light-skinned Italians all over Italy.

The reason I say very few is because over 80% of Italian immigrants were from Southern Italy (Sicily, Abruzzo, Calabria, Campania, Sardinia, Naples, etc.)

It was highly unlikely (damn near impossible) for a Southern Italian to own a slave because they were seen as the same as blacks, and at the time, they were the second (right behind blacks) most discriminated against group.

The mass immigration for Italians didn’t start until 1880 and even then, they were discriminated against. However, this mass immigration leads into Italian-Americans today:

Italian is the fourth largest ethnic group reported among white Americans.

The great majority of Italians are now middle class to upper middle class and wealthy. They also mostly work white collar jobs.

Their intermarriage rate is around 90%. It was at 80% in the 70’s. So most Italian-Americans also have a white parent of some other descent, especially if they were born after 1980. Exactly like my friend who has a Sicilian father (and he is very dark-skinned) and white Southerner for a mother. We spoke to my friend’s Sicilian grandfather, and he said that one of his brothers was dating a white girl from the South back in the day and that her family considered him “black.” They thought that was weird because by that time, they were living in New York.

They are now considered white



I thought it was interesting looking at back then and looking at them now. I knew they weren’t considered white back then, but I had no idea they actually wrote them down as black on census forms. That shocked me, and when I found that my friend’s ancestor was listed as black on that census form, I thought the ancestor was just a biracial who had a Sicilian father, and so did she. We were just as surprised to find that he was just a teenage Sicilian immigrant. My friend has tanned skin, dark hair, blue eyes, and freckles to boot. So you can see both ethnicities in her. My Greek professor is way darker than her, and he also has a white, WASPY mother.

Italians are still discriminated against. I remember hearing a group of white women referring to them as “Ghetto Whites”. Many whites who feel they have a “true bloodline” dont like them. Anglo Saxonism is a bitch. Pretty much anyone not from England, Gemany (not Jews), Netherlands and so on is not “truly white”. From my experience and when I look at history, this is how white supremacists feel. Spaniards are technically considered Euopean/”white”, but many dont accept them as that. Discrimination among the white race is very prevalent.

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302 thoughts on “When Italians were “Blacks”: The dark-skinned Sicilians”

  1. **Correction**
    As a Sicilian I want to put in my two cents.
    Although Sicily is the most conquered land in the world, it is a common misconception to classify Sicilians as being predominantly dark skinned. We have all kinds of different shades in Sicily, but we have a large amount of whites, my family for example, I have olive skinned to Lilly white relatives and from spending time in Sicily I have seen different shades also, the white part comes from the French, Norman (Originating from Scandinavia) and Lombard (Germanic).
    But having said that, I celebrate our diversity, btw I have olive skin, but who cares, but to call all Southerners black comes out of ignorance and convenience, as stated before Northern Italian took advantage of that to make themselves seem superior, many have even changed their lastname when they reached the U.S.
    As far as Northern Italians being racist towards Southern Italians, goes way back
    The Northern Kingdom of Savoy in order to unify the whole peninsula created the myth by way of propaganda when the invaded the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies in 1860. Since the Duo Sicilian state was more advanced than the northern states and by far richer, they created a system that totally destroyed the way of life of the Southern Kingdom.
    The first thing they did after the invasion was complete, they raided all the banks, taking 443.3 milion Lira to Turin (capital of the Kind of Savoy). At the time the kingdom of Sovoy’s was in debt up to its neck. That was only the beginning, because the few Duo-Sicilians that rebelled were classified as “Bandits” and hunted down till they were all gone and forgotten. They even had concentration camps all over the North for those that refused to submit or taken prisoners during the rebellion, one of which is now a museums where a so called scientist studied their sculls to prove that southerners were and inferior race, remind of something?
    Btw, those sculls are still there, during they invasion and subsequent repression many towns were bombed and some town no longer exist, many thousands of innocent people were murdered. Why do you think that millions of southern Italians left to emigrate mostly to the U.S? There is much more but I can’t feel my fingers anymore. Things are not always as they seem.

    1. Can I ask if by the way some of these southern italians ever migrated to Mexico ?I’m trying to find out some information on my last name ,which is Lomeli ,for years I have been told that it was italian.I’m just wondering,thank you so much.

      1. Maybe . But southern italian for the most migrated in Usa or Canada . A part in Brasil and Argentina but for the most northern italian migrated in south america long before they started to migrate the Italians from the South.


      2. Lomeli! I know several in Northern California who are from Mexico. Most had grandfathers who migrated from Italy because the weather was similar to where they were from in Italy.

      3. Yes many Hispanics from Latin America have Italian DNA, and Italian names because Spain, Italy and Portugal are all part of the Holy Roman empire, which means many poor Italians especially from the south like Calabria,Sicily.Were free to travel and settle anywhere in Latin America,and many did just that.Im Puerto Rican and I recently took a DNA test and I was shocked to find high Italian DNA markers

          1. No such thing as pure. I’m of Sicilian with egytian and middle eastern blood. Do a DNA test and let me know how pure you are.

        1. Well, my Puerto Rican friend, regarding Puerto Rican genealogy, it was a time during the early 1800’s (Royal decree of Craces, 1851) when Spain’s Crown wanted to bring Europeans experienced developing and growing crops ( specifically coffee) in small islands to migrate to Puerto Rico. Since Corsiga climate is very similar to Puerto Rico.’s island climate, Corsigans joined the list of migrants. The result was the migration of people from Corsiga (in large numbers), but Mayorca and Minorca (Catalans) and even Spaniards from continental Spain and even Canary islanders made the trip too. There were even Germans and French people from Europe that made the trip to Puerto Rico due to this Royal decree. Land were given for free (land ownership for several decades) if land was cultivated. The Corsos (Corsiga) that are of Italian ancestry, were the most abundant migrant of all groups, so there is your Italian ancestry.

          Surnames in PR such as Franceschi, Negroni, Paoli, Adriani, Agostini, Antonini, Bartoli, Casanova, Damiani, Romani, Rafaelli, Silvestrini, Silvagnoli, Veccini, Bracetti, Santoni, Vivaldi, Giovanetti, Giraldi, and thousand more…. are not Italian surnames but Corsigans and immigrated to Adjuntas, Yauco, Guayanilla, Guanica at that time to develop the coffee industry of the island in the 19th century via the Spanish Crown Royal Decree of Craces in 1815.

      4. There was an Italian Community in Mexico, and it’s pretty significant. In fact, there was a Mexican price Fighter by the name of Arturo lomeli, exactly the same as yours. He lived in a community that was predominantly Italians, from Southern Italy

      5. Yes they did. Italians did also emigrate to Mexico and other parts of Latin America, just not in historical numbers as they did in the U.S. The last name Lomeli is not as prevalent as Ramirez, Sanchez, Gomez, Ramirez, Rodriguez, etc., but it is more common than you may think. In fact all those last names typical to Mexicans are not Mexican last names, they are last names from Spanish ancestry. I only recently I discovered that my grandmother’s maiden name is Lomeli. She died several decades ago, she was the last grandparent that left this earth. For example the largest migration of Southern Italians was to Argentina, Uruguay, and other parts of South American right after WWII. Sadly, many of the Argentinians of Italian ancestry are quick at claiming white race and therefore superior to other Latin American people. Their reputation as racist to their fellow Latin American people from other countries is very well known around the world. They blatantly call other Latin Americans “indios” & “negros.” Many of those “white” Argentinians of Italian ancestry tend to be very racist towards Mexicans. Any one see the news video of the Argentinian flipping over the food cart from the Mexican immigrant here in Los Angeles? A good friend of mines is Argentino. We have gotten into problems due to his blatant racism, which bothers me. I’ve only recently started talking to him again after almost a year from distancing myself from him, after some racist sentiments he expressed to me. I’m aware of the history of Northern Italians being racist toward Southern Italians. I know the history of the racism that Italian immigrant and Italian-Americans suffered. I point it out to him when he’s racist towards other groups, never to their face of course. But what can I expect from my friend when his own father refers to Hispanics as “indios” & blacks as “negros.” If you’re Latino you know when the word “negro” is used as a racial description or in racist form. Just to clarify, I’m not saying that all “white” Argentinos from Italian ancestry are racist. It is my experience that far too many are. There are also video on youtube in which they speak well of the Mexican people and visa-versa.

    2. Settle down Tom Filingeri! You appear to be in denial to the point of not seeing the forest for the trees. The hostilities you yourself described and actions of those from the north against those to the south where people are known to be of darker complection is how racist white react to black people. You might consider your complection olive but to man white you are “black”! Most of those Italians who fled to the U.S. intermarried with whites and other light skinned non-whites and their childrens are very comfortable with being identified as white. It was not the writers intent to convince you that you are black but to inform you of what was vs what is. I think they’ve done a surperb job because I too remember when Italians were not white back in the 50’s in my native city of New Orleans. Allen

      1. When I was a kid here in good old Mississippi I was always told to check other on the census square. lol. Now I’m white.

        1. Same thing for Hispanics, we are supposed to check the race box for White/Caucasian not only on the U.S. Census but on the university application. I left the race question blank. The next census is supposed to be more diverse in the questions about race, ethnicity, and nationality. Was it nationality also? Oh well I don’t quite remember. I’m assuming many “minorities” left these questions blank or check marked the box for other. In reality we are not who we think we are. All those rumors passed on from generation to generation about our family ancestry may all just be a ferry tale. I recommend watching Finding Your Roots on PBS with Henry Louis Gates Jr. All his guests are shocked on their DNA results for their family blood line. If we all had our ancestry DNA tested also, we would be just as shocked to find out how diverse each one of our race is. Which makes racism all that more stupid.

      2. Who really cares. I’m dark really dark and as far as the census goes I’m white. Why are people so much infatuated with skin color ?

        1. Because people , especially dark skinned people, always remind everybody theyre different while claiming they just want to be treated equally…so how are white people suppose to act like color doesn’t matter when they keep being reminded about their white privilege?

        1. And Persia dominated Sicily, too ( as did Vikings and Spaniards and French and German and tribes). Sicilians would be surprised at how much Arab blood flows through their veins.

          1. I am Sicilian, have tan skin. Live in the South, and identify as Latino. Really much because people are always asking me where I am from. In Europe people assume I’m Northern African/Arab or Italian. Here they assume I am some sort of Latino Brazilian or Cuban. I cannot relate to the Southern White Anglo Saxon way of living. I just do not identify with that. I have done the DNA testing and my Sicilian ancestry has about 15% Northern African in my veins. My family is from a major fishing port right across from Tunis. It’s obvious. My last name is significant for the fact my family must originate also in Spain. I was deemed to have 2% spanish dna

          2. Very true. I took two DNA test. My great grandma was full Sicilian and her parents cam to America from Palermo Sicily in the early 1900s. Well my test for some odd reason did not show Italy in it. Like nothing…but my aunt took it and she had a huge percentage of Italy. I did have a huge percent of Balkan, Iberian Peninsula and a small percentage of Arab. .even though the Balkan was conquered by the Ottoman and Byzantine Empire at one time. Armenia is also in the Balkan area as well. But yes a lot of South Italians have North African and Arab blood. I had both in one test and Arab in another. Also North Africa were more Arab looking… look at the Berber (Amazigh) people, they arent fair, yet arent black. My great great grandparents looked very Berber and Arab, though I traced them to 1600s still in Sicily. I am hoping to finally solve where they came from in the beginning.

          3. Not they wouldn’t be surprised, they are actually quite aware of their history. That they admit it is a whole other story.

          4. You are correct. I recently had my DNA checked to find out I have a lot of Egyptian and middle eastern blood. I’m pretty dark and was always told it was the sicilian blood.

    3. In my experience ‘white’ Sicilians are concentrated in the far north-west of Sicily, around Palermo and Trapani. The rest of Sicily is olive/brown skinned.

      1. That’s not correct. My grandfather was milky white with blue eyes and he was from southern Sicily There is a mixture all over Sicily and Calabria.

      2. Not true. My great great grandparents were from Palermo and they look very olive skinned. Even me who has a good chunk of Irish DNA as well as Sicilian, look very Mediterranean. The “white” Italians were more up in Rome and Vince. The dark skinned and Arab were in Sicily. That whole island is very Mediterranean looking. I knew a girl with a huge percentage of North Italian and she looked very white. I am south Italian and look Mediterranean. Because north Italy was near the Germanic and celts while south Italy was near Muslim ruling countries of North Africa. In fact Sicily was under Muslim rule at one time.

    4. And also the reason why the black blood is so prevalent amongst Italians is because an African invasion of Africans on elepant that at the same time rape the women of certain regions for revenge. And all whites have some black blood due to migration from Africa. All life begin in Africa. Europeans got their education from black scholar in Africa. Because before there were whites there were blacks. We all are created equal according to the red blood of God, which he so kindly spoke the word: “BE”! And so it is.

      1. Exactly, the Moors. The Moors were the complexion of Ethopians s very dark Olive Complexion, Tgat is why in the movie Robin Hood with Kevin Cisneros tgey choose Morgan Freeman to play tge moor. Tgey called him tge painted man but he still did not pullf tgat deep olive compkexion. He comes close but the Olive complexion on those days were much darker. The Greeks and the Egyptians were this complexion at one time. History tells you pretty much at one time race mixing was thing to do. The Moors conquered Europe tge Romans conquered parts of Africa. Look at tge Ethopians most of them are mixed with Italian and are much lighter then the ancients. If every one had a DNA test all of tge racism would stop. During the tune of the Moor in Europe you had to be of tge black race to be royalty. The Jews and Christians ran most of Moors out and tried to erase them from history. Knowing your history is so important if you know your history and open open your eyes and heat to it you will know the truth and Cynthia I see that you know history

        1. Exactly, the Moors. The Moors were the complexion of Ethopians s very dark Olive Complexion, Tgat is why in the movie Robin Hood with Kevin Cisneros tgey choose Morgan Freeman to play tge moor. Tgey called him tge painted man but he still did not pullf tgat deep olive compkexion. He comes close but the Olive complexion on those days were much darker. The Greeks and the Egyptians were this complexion at one time. History tells you pretty much at one time race mixing was thing to do. The Moors conquered Europe tge Romans conquered parts of Africa. Look at tge Ethopians most of them are mixed with Italian and are much lighter then the ancients. If every one had a DNA test all of tge racism would stop. During the tune of the Moor in Europe you had to be of tge black race to be royalty. The Jews and Christians ran most of Moors out and tried to erase them from history. Knowing your history is so important if you know your history and open open your eyes and heat to it you will know the truth and Cynthia I see that you know history

      2. I had my DNA tested. Interestingly enough I had no African blood, except <1% from the Benin/Togo area on the middle eastern coast of Africa. My father was Sicilian, and my mother was mainly from the British Isles. They married in 1954.
        Heredity is so interesting..

      3. How can an elephant climb the hills of Italy. Hanobul conquered northern Italy in th Alps. Not Sicily or Calabria

    5. Tom Fillingeri

      You wrote, “We have all kinds of different shades in Sicily, but we have a large amount of whites, my family for example, I have olive skinned to Lilly white relatives and from spending time in Sicily I have seen different shades also, the white part comes from the French, Norman (Originating from Scandinavia) and Lombard (Germanic).”

      What exactly do you mean by OLIVE SKIN?

      The color of an olive is an indication of its ripeness. Green olives ripen and become black olives. Or rather, they transform from green to light-brown, to a vibrant red and purple, to the deepest, darkest black. In general, the darker the olive, the riper it was when it was plucked from the tree.

      From the foregoing, you can say that olives generally go from GREEN to BLACK. There is no such thing as a red-colored, green-colored or purple-colored human being. The so-called “red” Indians are not red at all. Or, are they? Heck, I live in the USA and have never seen a red Indian. So if you’re olive-colored, you can either be green or black. And, since we don’t have green-colored humans, you’re, therefore, a black man.

      Embrace your blackness, brother.

      OLIVES IN COLOR: http://www.superfoods-for-superhealth.com/health-benefits-of-olives.html

      Also, remember that Italy was once the domain of the black man. Black people were the first to live in ALL of modern day Italy, not just the southern parts. For instance, the father of Italian renaissance, Ludovico Sforza, was a black man. He was also the Duke of Milan in northern Italy.

      LUDOVICO SFORZA and his wife, MARIA TESTONE: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10154031863882436&set=pb.519477435.-2207520000.1476135915.&type=3&theater


      1. COSIMO III MEDICI: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10153449833557436&set=pb.519477435.-2207520000.1476136908.&type=3&theater

      2. ALLESANDRO DE MEDICI: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10153434924322436&set=pb.519477435.-2207520000.1476136931.&type=3&theater

      3. COSIMO I DE MEDICI: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10153434886197436&set=p.10153434886197436&type=3&theater

      COLUCCIO SALUTATI, FATHER OF ITALIAN HUMANISM WAS A BLACK MAN: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10153945582867436&set=pb.519477435.-2207520000.1476136113.&type=3&theater

    6. I like to take sun!!! I have olive skin I love going to the beach with my bikini we are in 2016 BROS!! I live in Venice beach California. We are not living 300 years ago now dark is sexy, rich, amazing!!!!! I AM FABULOUS I feel so sad for the people who stay inside of the house just to don’t get dark:( I LOVE MIAMI GREECE JAMAICA THE AMAZON De PERU TURKEY PHILIPPINES etc anywhere that is HOT!!!

      1. I’m was born south central Italy I live in North America now I can easily pass for a Latino many times people thought I was from South America

    7. Whoever wrote this article they do not know their history. Sicilians are dark-skinned because of Hannibal from Africa and his army took over Italy and had sex with Italian women that’s why they’re dark-skinned

    8. What the fuck? Southern Italian go from being considered Black to white?? Now, I know our southerners are not the best intellectuals among us, Southern Italians on average tend to be darker than Northerners! But these shit-kicking, red-neck, Hillbillies can’t tell the difference, say, from a guy who looks like me and a Black man? I think those incestuous morons in the South!! – are proof that you can be a blond blue eyed idiotic Neanderthal!!

    9. What colour are olives? They are either green or black!??
      And i have never known of any green pigmented people.

      1. Or brown. Olives become Brown before it does black.

        What stumps me in this world is everybody wants to be so politically correct on their so-called color(race) but if you look in a crayon box you will never match up to what Society classify you as. Even the Caucasians that classifies them selfs as so-called White’s.

        So let’s do some real history the most high said there’s one race in that is the human race who he has created, in terms of color you either have very low to no melanin or very high an abundance of melanin what that in terms to color. The very low to no melanin is considered so-called Whites and a very high abundance of melanin is considered so-called blacks, and you have every shade in and between (brown).

        Ps: until we all come together as one race , as it should be and lay ignorance aside an adopt wisdom, knowledge and Truth then and only then, We would not be our own down fall.


      2. I am Sicilian American, olive skinned, brunette, brown eyes. I am not that dark as many in my family nor as light as others. I moved from NY to NC. I lost count of how many times I have been asked about my race, by Southerners, Native Americans, and Latinos. They say they are perplexed. I think it’s hilarious. One old man actually told me that I spoke English well. LOL. I was born in the US. I don’t have an accent. It’s crazy how much people concern themselves with race. –my husband is from Sicily. I have a daughter with milk white raspberry skin. And my son looks like he is from Pakistan or the Middle Eastern. In fact, people we don’t know in the south have screamed at him for being a Muslim terrorist. It’s gotten pretty scary at times.

        1. Everybody has an accent including you, and I say it in a polite way so please don’t be offended. Various things determine ones accent, not just race, which I won’t get into. I get a smile when someone describes to me that they don’t have an accent. Or they say that this other person doesn’t have an accent. Remember Donald Trump telling a Latino border patrol officer that he speaks perfect English? It left many people wondering what did he mean. Did he mean the officer had no accent? Did the officer speak eloquently? I’m also an American with a formal education but some different background than yours. I speak well but since we come from different backgrounds, I’m sure we both speak somewhat differently. It’s called an accent. Which is determined by various factors other than race; even within the many caucasian groups here in the U.S.

    10. You are correct in every way I am of sicilian-italian and german descent my mother is sicilian and my father is italian and german …I have done so much research in the last year of the history

    11. Italians were called Moors and they were Black upon the arrival of Whites who stole their History. The Moors are the ones who gave White Albinos the map of the World, then conquered the entire Planet Earth with the use of Guns ! You see Whites are Cowards with Guns and Diseases that one one else had ! Thieves.

    12. The Whole World consisted of the Black Race thousands of Years before Whites. The First Civilizations on Planet Earth Were Built By Peoples of Color, that’s a Fact !

    13. Thank you for clarifying this for us Sicilians African Americans think they had it bad but so did we and sometimes still do. I’m from New Jersey and as a child was discriminated by my elementary school teachers and classmates because I was a second generation Italian. Sicilian and Calabrese. My high school friend whose mother was German / English was very racial and would not allow in their swimming pool.

      1. African Americans don’t believe they are the only one who had it bad. African Americans had it worse and that treatment continues today. When you have Italian Americans who once were discriminated against themselves. Travel to New York and you will witness same individuals are racist and prejudiced towards people of color.

    14. Y’all hate to be associated with being black, when Jesus come back black please please don’t try to claim black then…. Look at you trying to justify Lol
      All of us ain’t niggas… lol??? Know your history… go to the library do some research and get ready for even a ruder awakening… Ya’ll asses was black as me back in the day; it wasn’t until y’all start intermarrying with the whites and your true color got whited out like the Brazilians, Australians, Mexicans, Egyptians all over this planet… this has been your agenda to wipe us out. God just made us fruitful and multipled us the more you try to commit genocide.. Your 2 cents don’t change your ancestry
      I know you don’t want to be associated with black, I sure hate it for you but you are… EMBRACE YOUR HISTORY !!!

    15. Now that we know that you can read wikipedia, please tell me what that rant of history has to do with hue. You proudly state that you are olive skinned like three times. Fact: most sicilians are dark with coarse and curly hair . A throwback from moorish times. Black is beautiful honey. I am living proof.

    1. The moors were of black and a you European mixture just like the Arabs and Egyptians. The original Moors were the color of the Ethopians and do to race mixing that deep dark Olive turned to a lighter olive. The race mixing is mentioned thru the history book. Back then Moors Conquered Europe and then the Roman’s conquered different parts of Africa a lot of race mixing happened a DNA test will prove it. We are all mixed. There is only the human race

  2. Even Brazil didn’t want to let southern Italians immigrate because too dark and difficult to integrate (they invited lots of northern Italians to come over).

    1. A lot of southern italian migrated to Brasil too . Black southern italian are only a stereotype . Most of southern italian look like Sophia Loren (Naples),Dean Martin (Naples) , Frank Sinatra (Sicily) , Elvis Presley (Sicily) , Nicolas Chage (Basilicata)

  3. They obviously know nothing about Hannibal and his army. Probably don’t want to know. Ignorance is bliss. I simply laugh at them. Every specie on this planet has African blood. How do they think they become melanated???

    1. Hannibal and this arm conquared italy for years not centuries . Only a 2% of sicilian have Arabs blood for Arabs domination not for Hannibal .
      Even swedish people have african dna but italian become tanned on the sun even during the roman empire and a lot before Hannibal .

      1. I did a dna test and it showed northern African with a small amount of west African the North African was higher but I also had balkan-Iberian and of course italian …italian being the highest my mother is sicilian and my father is german/italian

  4. I cant stand you American wannnabe’s acting like your Italian and trying to write on the history an honorable country you’ve never even been to. You disgraceful people have no sense of national pride. And by the way, Naples is part of Campania. Don’t list Naples and Campania as two different things. Tu oviamente sei un Americano disgraziato che si crede di essere Italiano. I bet you cant understand this without google translate.

    1. Hating Americans, no matter what their ethnicity, doesn’t make you superior, it makes you a hateful bigot. Maybe you are jealous because your family didn’t emigrate to the US, I don’t know. Mine did, from Sicily and from Poland, in 1918. I was born in the US, speak English, and have never been to Sicily or Poland. Does that make you better than me? Does it make me better than you?

    2. LOL Italitan is NOT far off from English, or Spanish. It is EASY To understand what you said in Italian LMFAO, your language is NOT difficult, a CHILD can master your language. You basically said the SAME thing you JUST said in English….

    3. Such anger. Some of you still angry you lost the war? You’re lucky we got Hitler off your backs. You guys were allies but there’s no doubt you guys would be bending over for Hitler. You guys seriously thought you were equal in military power and smarts as Nazi Germany? Equal to the Japanese Empire? You Italians thought you could take on the mighty American military power? Musolini got you Italians a little too hyped up with stories of the ancient Roman Empire glory days. The reason Italy and El Duce Musolini, or should I say El Dousche-bag Musolini is rarely mentioned in World War II history is because Italians were so weak that we kicked your asses right away eventhough there were German soldiers all over Italy protecting you weak goons. Sure the war throughout Italy was brutal but that was the Germans we fought there in Italy; Italians quickly ran away or surrendered early in the war as soon as we landed in Italian shores (some of our allies included). From the weak dictatorship of Italy to another…Spain. At least Spain wasn’t stupid enough to be part of the Axis power. Italy and Spain were equal in military strength. Or should I say equally weak. But at least Spain kept away from the war and wasn’t stupid like Italy otherwise we would have kicked their asses too; then again they were busy fighting off a revolution. How does it feel to be the dictatorship country that was the weakest and most easily to get their ass kicked by the Americans?

  5. Wow! I’m half Sicilian and half Italian and always wondered why my Italian grandma told me that I was black because of my Sicilian side. When I was in Mississippi for 5 weeks, I got a lot of stares by older white people and when I was in first grade in a predominantly white area in southern jersey (the pine barrens), we had a cross burned on our lawn. It was the scariest thing that ever happened to me and my family. I know that Sicily was a Islamic nation for about 200 years, so we aren’t exactly Caucasian. When I moved to Portland Oregon, I got a lot of comments like, “what are you?” Or “You are dark, what are you?” From strangers.

      1. Because Sicily was once its own country… it just takes common sense or Google to figure out instead of trolling other people’s comments questioning their intelligence about their own ethnicity.

        1. According to Google Sicily became part of Italy in 1860, so why after 156 years is it still considered separate or different? I don’t think she meant to offend you by questioning your ethnicity. Just a question

          1. Some Sicilians still won’t call themselves Italians as a petty “revenge”. Something like this also happens in the north of the nation.

          2. About eight years ago my mother, 64 at the time and disabled, was with my sister in Venice. My mother was born in Alcamo Sicily in 1943. My mother, who speaks & understands ALL the Romance languages had to deal with BLATANT & ignorant racism. People looked & treated her & my sister with distaste simply bc they detected the Sicilian accent. My mother came to America in 1955 (WWII refugee status since my Grabdfather was a forced laborer for Mussolini…my family were partisans), she was visiting her native country & faced a level of racism she NEVER faced in the U.S.

            When people ask me my ethnicity I tell them I am Sicilian, if they don’t know where that is I explain “it’s an autonomous region in Italy. A large island in the Mediterranean, southern Europe/North Africa”. I want them to know our story & if they are willing, our long history of being conquered. The bravery of my ancestors…stories passed on & the historical journeys back & forth across the Atlantic, paving a better way for their progeny.

            That is why we don’t consider ourselves Italian. And if you’ve been there or still have family there then you know the impact of living as a second rate citizen under Italy. My family is fortunate to be land & business owners.

            If you get your DNA analyzed you will see that Greece & Italy overlap in the Mediterranean, North Africa, Middle East & part of the Iberian peninsula (Spain & surrounding areas for those who don’t know) I had mine done by ancestry.com…have another kit from 23 & Me as well as National Geographics Human Genome Project to send in. I wanted to be thorough. I Also had my parents analyzed by ancestry.

            Ancestry pretty much matched my expectations, even the minute amounts. Can’t wait to see what the others return. I hope my response helped you understand the “Why” we don’t consider ourselves Italian…Our ancestors ensure a lot & our current relations still suffer prejudice.

      2. Because Sicilians are NOT Italians. If they were they wouldn’t say “I’m Sicilian”,now would they? Italians are Italians Sicilians are from Sicily. Sicily has its own Language Land and Flag. It’s an Island owned by Italy. Btw I’m Half Italian,but my godfather and some of my friends are Sicilian (some of them from Sicily). They never say that they are Italian,EVER.

    1. “Caucasian” is a pseudo-scientific term coin by a racist he thought the “most beautiful Whites” came from the Caucasus region and it goes back to the old racial classification scheme.

      1. They are Edomites (so called white people, who are actually different shades of red). Caucasian means ‘cave dweller’. White peoples orgins are as primitive (un-cooked meat eating, lice infested cave dwellers). Know your history.

  6. Hi i lived in Italy my first 20 y of my life , i was born in the town of Fabrizia pr. V.V. Calabria my family immigrated to the prov. of Asti in 62 i lived there for 5 y. and nobody said a word about that and i am dark i was in Canada for 50 y. nobody mentioned any thing. Most tell me i look middle eastern , i never seen any thing to read about it it`s a completa sorpresa , north Italians called us torroni and i didn`t think they where any better. thank and God bless.

  7. Most Italians are dark/olive skinned, with the exception of native people from Veneto, Trentino and Friuli, where white skinned people are predominant. You also find white skinned types in other areas of Italy, such as Lombardy and Piedmont, though not as much as in the north-east.

    1. That’s crazy. You won’t find many “olive skinned” people north of Rome unless they are offspring of immigrants from the south. I am from Tuscany, blue eyes, light brown hair, and light skin. Most Tuscans are like me. The same for Umbrians and people from the Marches. In fact, the people from the Marches have an unusually large number of people with red hair.

  8. There is NO black ancestry in Southern Europe among Mediterranean peoples from countries like Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Greece or even Turkey. These are classic Mediterranean strains of Europeans and they are white and can be darker in complexion, hair and skin color than Northern or Central Europeans. What you see is an admixture over the centuries of Arab and Moorish influences in these nationalities not Negro blood from sub-Saharan Africa, or what we call “black” here in the U.S. Even the peoples of North African countries like Tunisia, Libya and Morocco are mostly Berbers; a nomadic race of herdsmen that are brown and not black.

    1. Sicilians are multiracial and have many completions most Sicilians have a lot of black in them. That is where some of the olive colected skin comes from. Sicily is very close to the content o Africa. These parts of the world ate very rich in culture and History. I love history. Moores and Arabs arl mixed race of people. A mixture of European and African go back to the times of Cleopatra read your history and if a DNA test is done it will tell even the Japanese have done test and found that the first Japanese were black history and DNA don’t lie. Where do you think the olive complexion comes from. My family comes from a mixed background and all of my grand kids come from mixed back grounds, I can tell you where the olive complexion comes from

      1. Sicilian are a mix of Romans, Greeks, French, Normans. The Moors were not black, and their domination is the shortest in the history of Sicily. Sicilians are white.

        1. Your statement that the moors of Iberia were not black. Nothing you say can be trusted with such a great falsehood in historical fact. Especially if you live in Europe reminders of the “black” moors still remain. From castles,Coates of arms, hotels, beers, and football teams have show the moorish influence in Europe including Italy.

    2. There are only three races of humans. So obviously people OF COLOR and even some who aren’t are of mixed race. Wake up!

  9. Funny how times have changed. Today, Italian-Americans are perceived as nothing but white; live in the best and often most affluent neighborhoods, are well educated, highly successful and have moved into white, Anglo-Saxon society in America quite seamlessly.

    1. they are white, and always have been. Italy is the cradle of Western world, how can they not be white? just because they are tanned? white doesn’t mean blond, lol

      1. How can Italy and Greece be the cradle of western civilization if they learned all they knew from Egyptians and Hebrews. Even the alphabet of the Greeks directly stem from the paleo Hebrew and we know Latin came from the Greek. Also the pantheon of gods in Greece and Rome resemble gods of old Egypt and Babylon. Not to mention some of your founders of Greece were Afro asiatics either Phoenician, menoan , hebrew( tribe of dan-dardan) . Even Greek philosophy came out of the Egyptian mystery school system that several important Greek philosophers patroned. But when the know world was Hellenised by Alexander the Greek and his generals after his death the history of the world began to be skewed. His-Story the way we learned it today began.

        1. Here we go again about the Hebrew!!! Can we have a conversation about anything without someone throwing in the Hebrew, the judeand at the time of Augustus were little more than barbarians, the romans learned from Greek and Egyptians but had their own culture, they copied nothing from the Hebrew which they found repulsing from circumsition to other barbaric acts so please don’t infect my culture with your poison.

  10. It is so impirtant to know every little detail of history and live it, there are those that know and there a those that will deny black ancestory to the end they have Klan members that have fallen out with each other because DNA test have shown that the have just as much black in them as the average African American, one thing that is for certain is that DNA doesn’t lie and whites knew the history of Sicily for any one that questions it go he a DNA test done. Believe me you have Africans to thank for the olive complexion

    1. Tammie, you’re correct. These people will never subject themselves to a DNA test out of fear. This thing was interesting as part of history but to put a racial spin on a culture is unattractive. It gets progressively ugly.

  11. I can say this much, Sicilians DO have Black (sub Saharan African) DNA in a large amount (that varies by person). They may not want to admit it- as no “European” would want to- but that doesn’t change the facts of the matter.
    Skin color, culture, and race, however, are not exactly the same thing; there are people, particularly in Louisiana, whom have Blonde hair and Blue eyes and are “Creole”- that is, another culture that formed from racial admixture- just as there are people such as Sicilians who claim to be racially White, yet have curly Black hair, swarthy skin, even a different shape of the skull and jaw.
    Having one or two percent of DNA from anywhere does not, however, a culture or race make; most Whites, and Blacks, in the South have Native American DNA, to some degree, but their culture (and their race) could hardly qualify as Native American.
    Culture often is defined by what a person’s “race” is perceived to be; it is also defined by what is socially acceptable. Before the 1930 census, people were given the option to put mulatto, quatroon, etc, as their race on census forms. After 1930, if they had one Black ancestor, they were considered Black. This is why these “races”– and by extension, cultures- disappeared as distinct entities in the South. The one drop rule, and the educational emphasis on their being two races in the United States learning system, forced people to fall into these boxes.
    In modern times (since the 1980’s), with the acceptance and now promotion of the idea of “many races” and “diversity”, suddenly people consider it advantageous to be mixed race. Whereas 100 years ago, if a lighter skinned Black or Creole moved to another region, they would call themselves White, now the opposite is true: media has made it an honor to be anything BUT White, and so modern day Sicilians in the United States, etc, are claiming their African DNA as a foundation of their culture.
    Personally, I would qualify Sicilians, Creoles, and peoples such as the Berbers and modern Greeks, etc, as “mixed” races; they have come from different foundation groups, but since they have existed for a long time as a distinct group, they have in turn formed their own culture (and ethnicity). Just as 500 years ago their was no such thing as a Mexican- and 1000 years ago their was no such thing as a Englishman- over time, they have formed their own new identity.
    The purest races- the Finns, the Irish, the Japanese, and the Somalians- have remained pure not just because they have so little admixture, but because they have had almost no cultural change. The changing of social customs affects the survival of a culture more than DNA does; a person may carry a drop of West African blood, but that does not make them anymore African than Chinese.
    For those who would ask, I am neither Black nor Sicilian, and I would consider marrying /breeding with a Sicilian or Greek the same as I would consider marrying/breeding with an African bushwoman, a Mayan, or a Japanese; it would be an interracial relationship, not because of DNA differences, but because of the distinct differences in culture and social custom.
    I consider Sicilians not to be of the same race as myself, because of their culture, and even more glaring is the propagation of the so-called Sicilian American culture; it is defined by stereotypes, that whether they are true or not, are self reinforcing in this era of “diversity.” I personally would only mix with someone of the Anglo Saxon genetic pool that my ancestry- and my culture- is drawn from. Other people can do as they like- I don’t really care- but I prefer for myself to remain as my ancestors have always been.

    1. no man, Sicilians don’t have black blood in them it’s just false. Some of them are mixed in very small amount with levantine people, but they can’t be considered mixed. The Sicilian culture is 100% white and European… Sicily was the Magna Graecia, cruddle of Western civilization, what are you even writing?! It’s more likely that white Americans be mixed.

    2. Please don’t try to redefine race. A culture has absolutely nothing to do with race. Look at the so called melting pot in American Culture. There are only Three races. Negroid, Mongaloid, and Caucasian. Unfortunately racist in this world considers a individual pure if he has no negroid or mongaloid blood. What if the individual has no Caucasian or Mongaloid blood or no caucasian or Negroid blood? Would he be pure? They do exist in all races. WAKE UP FROM THE RACIST PROPAGANDA! Diversity is necessary for the existence of mankind from the irradification of deseases and illnesses to sending mankind to other planets in and beyond our solar system. This is God’s will not at all the imperfect human race.

  12. Good dialogue, good information here. The undisputed evidence that Italians have black dna, some more than others.

    I can say I am proud Italian of african descent.


  13. The whole mystery about Sicilians and race has been going on for years and will probably never end. Nobody has any idea what the Sicani, (original inhabitants of Sicily), looked like. We all know that the Moors or Saracens, or Arabs or Africans or whatever they’re calling them these days conquered Sicily in 827 turning it Muslim which was probably not fun but they did do some breeding which is probably what y’all are seeing. My grandfather, a Sicilian-American who immigrated to New York, appears neither white or black in the photos I’ve seen. His mother, also from Sicily, looked similar to an indigenous Mexican women regarding complexion. Neither one of them would have made much progress in the “Jim Crow South” 80 years ago. Add the broken English that they more than likely spoke, and there is no way that any White American in the 1930s would classify them as one of them. What happened in the large cities of the American “North” with Southern Italians and Sicilians explains the dilution of the complexion. First off, Sicilians began to adopt the Italian language (which is similar) instead of the Sicilian dialect. Once they were accepted by their neighborhood Italian folks as Italian, they then assimilated and became Italian-Americans. At this point, they stopped speaking italian all together to gain acceptance amongst the “Medigan” which is Italian slang for non-ethnic white Americans. Once WWII kicked off, America became romantically in love with their soldiers, and approximately 15% of the troops were Americans with Italian surnames (e.g John Basilone- medal of honor recipient). The American soldiers of Italian ancestry were then classified with the white soldiers because most of them were from large cities where neighborhoods were segregated by ethnicity. The New Yorkers, Boston Northsiders, Chicago Southsiders were extremely territorial, and those cities at that time had Italians, Irish, and blacks. The Italians couldn’t stand the Irish because they were progressing faster. If Italian-American troops and Black-American troops were put in the same squadbay it would have been mayhem. They simply would not have volunteered. That is why most Hispanics, mainly Mexican-Americans, were put in the white regiments as well in the military The only challenge left to battle was the organized crime stigma, which was glamorized through Hollywood, but still enough to keep us out of mainstream America. So then the intermarriage began with the “Medigan”. We kept our paternal surnames that all end in vowels, and anglicanized our first names. we kept our food because they love it. We kept our religion (some went Protestant). Some of us still have our traditional complexion, but it has lightened due to admixture.

  14. Europe is just 10 km from Africa. Why the mystery of Sicilian complexian? The entire Europe was inhabited by Africans, who are the indigenous Europeans, for thousands of years. White People immigrated into Europe from Central Asia and have finally dominated Europe. The monarchs of Europe were all Black, then mixed with Whites about 300-200 years ago, then became White just before the colonisation of Africa.

  15. The one disturbing and re-occuring thing i have found from my long (ongoing) study of the story of this world is:

    In every land of this earth were black skinned peoples(melanos) who are being displaced by white skin peoples. Every land. I do not say that lightly, do the research yourself and you will come to the same conclusion.

    From the time the genetic defective(lack of melanin in all of its forms) albinos started appearing (birthed by melanos) in ancient India/Pakistan(this was one land) and they started to mix with the melanos, the mulattos were produced.

    So we have melano, albino and mulatto.

    Albinos soon became rarer as they left the area for more suitable climates, encountering more melanos as they travelled.

    Mixing and killing took place and by the time they got to their new home in the cooler regions they were now white skinned with enough melanin to protect them somewhat from the sun. Along their trail one can find mulattos due to the mixing.

    The whites degenerated further and had a hard life in their new home, but later they were to emerge again and went on their quest to rule the world.

    I cannot tell you where the hatred started: some say they were mistreated in their origin, thats why they left (although the sun surely had a part to play in that). Others say that due to the degeneration and lack of melanin they became more savage and blood thirstier than the melanos.

    What ever the reason, they went on a rampage across the world, killing melanos every where they could and also completely wiping out melanos in countries they encountered. Of course, due to mixing, whether natural or forced, more mulatos were produced, and in every country today one can see a remnant of the original melanos.

    Africa is one of the only places left where many melanos exist, but the albinos(not pure albinos anymore due to mixing)are doing exactly what they did in the other places, albeit by more clever and insidious means today(aids, ebola, manipulated wars, the list goes on).

    So people take a look at Tasmania if you want to see what is threatening melanos across the world.

    This is not an attempt to cause pain to anyone, this is the research that i found during my long ongoing search. I love to find things out, and it is for my personal interest why i do this.

    Of course this will be a little tainted by my own experiences in life, this is how it works when one thinks for themselves.

    1. Lol, We know what you’re doing. Your “research”. I am about to receive my bachelor’s in history, working towards my masters, and have many amazing professor’s, of many different races and none would agree with 75 percent or more of the BS you’re spewing. These agendas people push all the time, all based on simply the amount of melanin in ones skin is incredibly perplexing to me, being a person of mostly Native American (but for full disclosure I do have some Italian and a little Northern African in my ancestry, as well as a little South East Asian, as well as some German and Irish) I really don’t have a dog in this fight. Race is something that is used to put a wedge between us and many of you buy right into it. We are all a member of the same tribe.

  16. My Great grandfather came to the Us from Sicily I’m trying to learn my family history his last name Do Tomaso could some please help if possible,Thank you!

  17. Italy is a fantastically diverse country. I am of northern Italian descent on both my Mum and Dad’s side, but my DNA Ancestry results show that I’m only 48% Italian. The other 52% is mainly western European (25%) and Scandinavian (18%), with a bit of British(6%) and eastern European (3%) thrown in. Always suspected I was a mutt!

  18. We have plenty of racism in Europe but you guys have turned it into a science. *golf clap* This is very noticeable during elections, where racial demographics are frequently used to describe blocks of voters. This kind of thing just doesn’t happen in Europe.

    The US gets described as ‘a melting pot’ but I just don’t believe that. Its a mass of tiny bubbles from coast to coast. More like a foam. Each bubble could be a few blocks big in a city, or a few miles big out in the suburbs, or a few thousand acres out in the country. Where I visit in upstate New York there are 7 Italian language radio stations and the Delis sell salami milano. Go down the road far enough and it will all be Swedish or Hungarian radio stations and meatballs or goulash in the delis. In these bubbles a person could live their entire life without meeting anyone from beyond their own sphere of existence. Europeans have strong historical relationships and ties with all of their neighbours, probably because of wars, so although we aren’t all killing each other, we still make it our business to know what’s going on in other places. You guys only have Mexico and Canada and most of you are thousands of miles from either.

    Oh, most of the comments here are so full of shit once the narrative strays outside of North America. Europe was African 300 years ago? Albinos emigrated en-masse to conquer Europe? Sicilians only spoke Italian once they emigrated (nearly all Italians speak both the national language and their local dialect. Italian language is just a nationalised version of the Tuscan dialect)? Muslims ruled Sicily with a rod of iron? Try some actual history. And remember we weren’t all ‘tired, poor, huddled masses’ in Europe, even those of us that weren’t Lords and Ladies. Believe it or not, some of us were doing OK thankyou and didn’t want to leave it all behind.

    I have dozens of family members in Sicily, dozens more in the US. I visit at least one of these every year. My experiences in the States make me feel that everyone is very tribal and this seems to be reinforced in lots of little ways. My father-in-law, a first-gen immigrant after WW2, had ‘Italian’ printed on his drivers license, ffs.

  19. Actually Italians have never been considered “blacks”, they always had the white status. They were dinscriminated against because they are not Wasp, that happened also against Irish. The “non-white” story is more a myth than a reality.

    It is false that Italians, Southern Italians and Sicilians are not white and behind the lynching by the KKK against Sicilians there were game of thrones involving a beef between Italians (there are books about it).


    The fact is that the Moors conquered Sicily but never perpetrated an ethnic cleansing, so the admixture is negligible. Most Sicilians are mediterranean white, a minority has a small admixture that doesn’t make them non-white, especially since “race” is merely a political concept: Italy, from North to South, gave birth to the Western culture so we are white by definition.

    1. Well, sort of. WASPS white angle saxon protestant have long since identified with being “white.” There was never anything called “white Mediterranean” except in Jim Crow America.

      Italians are Caucasian and not all have white skin and I think you mean they have always been considered Caucasian, but the fact is they have not always been considered “white,” because white is a skin color not a race.

      Now, America has invented a new race called “white,” but in doing so has cut out 50% or so of the entire Caucasian race.

      It’s absolutely imperative when discussing race to use the proper term for race and NOT skin color. Skin color is not race, except only in America, and come to think of it in England and Nazi Germany.

      In the rest of the world we use the correct term Caucasian.

      Caucasian defined: “The Caucasian race (also Caucasoid or Europid) is a grouping of human beings historically regarded as a biological taxon, which, depending on which of the historical race classifications used, have usually included some or all of the ancient and modern populations of Europe, the Caucasus, Asia Minor, North Africa, the …”

      Don’t refer to the new American NewSpeak definition as simply a “person from Europe,” that is absolutely incorrect and clearly shows the ignorance of Americans in this area. Okay, not all Americans but the uninformed and the ignorant which prevails in US media and in general in USA today. American educational system is plagued with political correctness and wishful thinking and basically FANTASY. The Americans even call other Americans “Asian” and even call Spaniards a different race.

  20. The Sicilians had a lot of “Jew” in their bloodline. Many of the mafia were actually Jews and not Italians. You people are deceivers and very stupid. Italians are not blacks.

    1. First off, let’s keep the discussion honest, “white” is not a race, it’s a slang term for skin color, made popular by JIM CROW USA of the past century and still being repeated in America today. It’s an antiquated term of the past century of the dark ages of America and should be dropped from any intelligent discussion on race. And it was a term for the early American Anglo Saxon peoples and didn’t include Spaniards, Italians, Mexicans, Middle Easterners, North Africans, Turks nor any olive skinned nor dark skinned Caucasians. They were distinctly NOT included in their “white” membership.

      They referred to themselves as “white,” a way to redefine race by skin color inn order to bar darker skinned Caucasians from their land.

      And sadly, Americans, continue to use this antiquated ignorant Jim Crow term.

      CAUCASIAN is a race, so if we are going to have an intelligent discussion about race, let’s stick to RACE not skin color. Skin color is not race. And not all Caucasians have white skin, refer to Italians, Sicilians, Turks, Syrians, Iraqui, North Africans, and many others in the Middle East and Mediterranean peoples in general. A good example is Luigi Di Maio our new deputy prime minister https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR0ZN4PAKPvSJ2CPRV_yrBRQ554kb7z25yUpatKkW_hQ5yvNb5N

      Di Maio is Caucasian and he is not white-skinned. He is also ITALIAN. Caucasian is also throughout Western Asia. Caucasian is not determined by skin color, it’s skull and other t

      It is also untrue that Sicilians have “Jew” in their bloodline. Both Sicilians and Mainland Italians in DNA testing, including my own and that of my Italian family, shows not just Italian but Mediterranean, including Western Asia aka Middle East and in many cases goes double for Sicily. If there are physical similarities between us it is because we are both Mediterranean peoples. Even though Jews and Italians and Sicilians get along rather well, we are not directly related any more so than the other Mediterranean peoples.

      1. p.s. “Mexicans” who are not Negro nor Indio are in fact Spanish and CAUCASIAN. Even though in America ignorant people have somehow managed to define Latin and Hispanic as a “race.”

        The word Hispania is the ancient name for SPAIN. And all Latin originated in Europe, specifically Italy and Spain.

        A lot of Mexicans are receiving a rude awakening with the onset of DNA testing and shocked when they discover they are Caucasian (European), although some do show Native American, about 40% do not.

        Again, Caucasians do not all have white skin and “white” is not a race.

  21. I’m italian, sicilian and I say we’re not totally white (at least the sicilians, sicilians). We are mixed. We have got different dominations, how can you think you are totally white?
    Moori, Normans, Lombards, Greeks, Byzantines… we’re mixed. I have curly black hair and green eyes, my mother’s family is darker than my father’s. my cousin is really dark skinned while his sister is light skinned. I don’t know if we should be considered poc but we surely aren’t only white

    1. There is no such thing as a “white race,” the race is Caucasian and most all Italians and Sicilians are in fact racially Caucasian whether they are mixed with West Asian, Middle Eastern, as most West Asia are Caucasian too. This is where you are confused. Not all Caucasians have white skin, refer to Italians, Spaniards, Mexicans (who are not Negro nor Indio), Iraqui, North Africans, Western Asia – Asia Minor, Turkey and many in Middle East.

      Race is not determined by skin color.

      You are correct about Italians, and I consider Sicilians Italian since they are part of Italy, can have one child very light skinned and another of the same family dark skinned. For example here: https://i.imgur.com/RiNzP79.jpg BTW DiMaio is not Sicilian. And I’ve seen lots of Sicilians with light skin and light colored eyes, they are not all dark skinned.

      But I also have one cousin who is dark like the boy on the right and yet her own sister is blond and very light skinned.

      It’s not just Sicilians that have darker skin, my father is from North Italy and is dark skinned. So he is not “white” but he is Caucasian. We did our DNA and it shows Western Asian what Americans consider the “Middle East” in addition to Italian and Mediterranean (both East and West Med). So yes there is a mix but mixed with South African? Not usually, and if so it is very small and around the same as Europeans in general.

      So if you want to say whether Italians are white or not, better to just say CAUCASIAN. Remember, skin color is not race and race can be determined by scientists solely on skull and other skeletal features, skin is not even necessary.

      Many darker peoples are Caucasian but don’t classify as “white” but only in America where due to ignorance call “white” a race.

      Personally, when I am in US (who is the ONLY country that lists skin color as a race and the ONLY country that asks what skin color a person is on their US Census and even an application for employment!) I just check “other” and write in “Caucasian.”

      In Italy we are NEVER asked what race a person is nor what their skin color, just where they hold their citizenship. The sick skin color obsession is an American thing and it is sickening.


  22. I really enjoyed all the comments, BUT!

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