Were the ancient Romans white? Not on your Life! – by – Oguejiofo Annu

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Marble Statue of a Muurish Roman

The no go area of popular fictionalized white bwoy history is that “the Aryans built Rome”. How true is this? No it is a damned lie!

Was Rome a white Empire? Were the Romans white?

The truth was that Rome was a multi-ethnic Empire. Any true scholar with the slightest mastery of classics will attest to this. Any one who has had to write a thesis on Rome in at the Doctoral level would not contest this truth.

Rome as well as the entire southern and central and western Europe was built by aboriginal black Europeans sometimes called the mysterious Celts, NIGRI-LATINIS, the IBERIANS or the Maurs.

This painting above depicts the forty Roman soldiers who were martyred for their Christian beliefs in the fourth century by being forced to stand barefoot in a freezing lake. Part of the Novgorod School of painting, Russia 15th century.

Sometimes authors attribute the origin of Rome to Etruscans, or to Greeks or to Canaanites. It is generally acknowledged that those three powers were themselves basically multi-ethnic, and also that the Canaanites were singularly black and African in origin.

Later we get an influx of barbarians nomads, who were assimilated and romanized.

Then slaves from the Slavic and Germanic tribes were captured from Northern Europe and used on Roman plantations in Central Europe.

And then one must not forget that the cultural founts of Rome was not anywhere on the European mainland but in North Africa, with Egypt and the province of Africa being the most sophisticated, and civilized in arts, science and culture. The cultural capital of the Roman Empire was Alexandria in Egypt.

All the inhabitants of the Roman provinces of Africa could easily attain to Roman citizenship and even aspire to become Emperors of Rome.

Moorish Dread
Moorish Dread

Not so for today’s so-called white people who were actually called barbarians and hated by the Roman state and Empire. They were the threats of the day, the potential carries of contagions mental and spiritual, eroders of morality. Besides the oracles of Delphi had forcasted that barbarians whites would eventually overun the emipre.

They eventually did. Bursting the barriers of imperial Rome which had contained them in Central Europe on the Northern side of the River Danube, the barbarians gothic and slavic hordes swamped Rome, southern and central Europe, western Europe as well, bursted into Africa, and then onwards to the Americas and Australia. Like demons released from hell.

Those Barbarians are the direct ancestors of todays so-called Italians, French, Germans, English, Belgia, Holland, Sweden, Russia, and the whole of the so-called white races of todays Europa.

And those gothic descendants have spent a thousand years, re-writing history, destroying monuments, burning books and libraries, in an attempt to hide the truth about themselves, and to usurp the majesty and excellence of the great black civilizations. They would trick the black children (the real owners of this world) into a life of complancency and surbodination, wherein they are unable to assert their legitimacy.

Which is why they have invested so much energy in re-writing and retelling the story of the Roman Empire and its fall, at the hands of the barbarians so-called whites.

See the Roman Dread Locks Legion of Lucius Quietus, the Overall Commander of the Roman Legions running the Dacian barbarians away then ask yourself, where is the fictionalized so-called white bwoy with “his classical Roman nose” in this picture of the Column of Trajan?

See also: http://www.egyptsearch.com/forums/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=8;t=007074

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145 thoughts on “Were the ancient Romans white? Not on your Life! – by – Oguejiofo Annu”

  1. it seems to us that hes saying the aryan race wasnt white but so called,an the word white has been misused greatly especia;lly in elementry school to 12th grade when this ios being taught ,,what came off balance wil have to leave that ay cause thats how lies come.except for emotion blood killing rape an the bleac lobying fopr white skin status from 1700s too 1863 where the whiggamore party finally got it.there is no white race ,an the lies is there was a superior one so short a time after aryans first came on earth ,race starts after mankind is raised to rebel,the people taught they were uncivilized by those they civilized hidden in latin ,catholic chuirch an european nobility,the moorish caavalry ddoes have dreaddlocks , albions had them to before christian started taking baths an shaving to be civilized , with freemasonry aryan race was raised into humanity so yeah people had dreads in those days that albions wore wigs with curls to copyy that picture up top ,the wigs worn by euiropeean ssons llike washington from washitaw first ,thats our seal on left side of dollar bill ,,this oi\s not liberal knowledge but moorish science,,,,,,,,,,,,,,power transfered on one dollar bill contract ,democrats dont teach what we are talking about to us muurs/moors , jesse or al sunday am,they can only teach black history and christianity like any good shriner aan never say moor/muur are right heirs too the lannd in one breath , cause they get thy tribute to tell us we african american stolen from malcom xoaau ORGANIZATION OF AFRICANN AMERICAN UNITY ,THEY TOOK IT AN MADE A CORPORATION OUT OF MALCOM X`S AFRICAN AMERIICAN , WONDER HOW MUCH STOCK BOULE HAS IN THAT WITH ALBION SON ,they promote the strawman game ,each one ddesignated to oversee a created by mankind race thats ends in o,superflous we dont agree
    that its enough an want muur.moor posts showing our children who they are before they get the color of law lie in aamerica AN BE DEFENDING A COLOR ALL THEY LIFE not knoeing they are free white sovereigns whop have abandone their claim to their land , based on skin color callin the dark the devil to their children so they grow up a n hate

  2. I am a israelite and I found out two months ago the romans were black and don’t really like to say black but man of high melain

    1. It took me some time to figure it out and do studies a decade or two but the real jews in Israel was black as well.

    2. Here is the mystery: If the Jews of today descended from Ethiopia and have African ancestor, then why do they invest so much money, time and energy into making movies that portray Greeks and Romans are white? Keep in mind approximately 80% of Hollywood in controlled by Jews.

  3. in early settlement of Kano city Nigeria, there was an account of the arrival of a Roman army led by Jan Darnisa. Rumawa are till nowadays preserve there identity. We can find these groups called Rumawa(people of Rome ) in Katsina state, in Arewa Niger Republic…

  4. Until the colour of our skin is no more significant than the colour of our eyes …….there will be war and rumours of war………….There is good and evil in all races…….

  5. Why are Moors from Africa being passed off as Romans from Italy?

    Because the decandent white imperialist Romans who occupied North Africa and burnt Carthage to the ground employed some Moors for one of their miltary campaigns all of the sudden the Romans themselves were dred lock rastas? Will the tomism never cease?

    1. EXACTLY! Guy litterally calls them moors in his article and implying they look the same as Romans, and puts one sculpture that happens to have black features. The other million with white features mean nothing. His logic.

      1. Moors means black tho so what’s ur point there literally moor (blacks) everywhere . Blacks is just to simple of a word to describe the tribehood we have

  6. I dont know if one should attack you or simply feel pitty. I dont know what can possibly cause a person to be able to switch off the brain and ignore any common sense or human reasoning but has to be a huge trauma behind it. As a portuguese, descendant from “iberians” as u call it, celts, moors (north african non black people), romans, etc, I can only laugh with ur story but thinking that u actually believe what u saying is not funny at all. I dont think there is any need to make further comments or show evidences or make claims, if defending that egyptians were never sub-saharan black people like they aint now, would require some talking, defending that romans are and were white is getting to the same level of ur insanity and paranoia.

    And by the way, the dreadlocks were mainly used by the Hindus or the indian holly man, almost nobody in Africa used dreadlocks before it became fashion in Jamaica, not even Ethiopia, actually in most countries and cultures a man with long hair is considered a fool and they mostly shave i been there many years ago and saw nobody using dreads.

    1. Andre

      You just responded like the total ignoramus you are. Do a little bit of research. You may also visit our collection of Erotic pictures from Rome to see who was dominating whom at that time. Go on, click:


      As for dreadlocks, perhaps you failed to appreciate that locks is naturally to the Muur. Visit the article on the Dreadlocks Muurs of Morocco to further help you:


      Welcome again to Rasta Livewire, where we pulverize ignorance and hubris!


    2. Andre, I don’t know if I should pity you or just laugh at the lies you are calling facts. Why on earth would you post those foolish lies? It is because you have that ever present Albino sense of entitlement that states that anything you speak is automatically fact. Albino lies and expect that their lies with magically become facts that is what I call a magic Albino. Come with better tricks, Albino. A simple Google search would have provided you with many websites claiming Egyptians were one of the first people to wear dreadlocks. That is the thing with you Albinos you have propensity to insert your feelings into your tales and call it facts. All that you have provided are purely conjectures designed to mislead. How on earth do you people sleep at night after spreading such lies?

      Even Wickedpedia have an article on the origins of dreadlocks. I am almost certain you read the Wickedpeda article but being the lying, degenerate Albino you are, you ignored the rest of the information and chose to lie that it is only the East Indians who wore dreadlocks.

      No one in Africa wore dreadlocks? The Mau Mau people of Kenya wore dreadlocks, Egyptians wore dreadlocks, (Egypt is still in Africa the last time I checked), and other tribes in northern and southern Africa wore dreadlocks. All you have to do is do a Google image search.

      And the Egyptians were just part of the wave of Southern Africans who left the South to populated the globe. Get this through your thick Albino scull, the Egyptians were black until waves of Albinos came in and either bred with them or murdered them for their high civilization. Claiming they were, “not sub-Saharan” doesn’t take away from the fact that they were black. That is the lie you Albinos are spreading that Black people were only found in “sub Saharan Africa” and your pink Albino skin was found everywhere.

      Go argue with the Albino scientists who have proven that it is the same sub Saharan Africans whom you are speaking so lowly of who actually populated the globe and were the first Europeans so it only make sense that they were also Greeks, Celts, Portuguese before you Albinos left Central Asia. I am pretty sure you are not of that mixed race nationality they call Portuguese. This is just another way you Albinos tend to lie online to bolster your claims. A while a go a Portuguese co worker told me at one time Portugal was 30% black. She even told me that in Portugal she is considered to be black. She had a high yellow skin tone and nothing like that pink Albino skin of most Western Europeans. Do you think they all died without interbreeding with anyone or are they existing today in the bloods of the current Portuguese?

      Use more common sense Albino Andre and less feelings when you comment. Also, do a little research before posting bullshit feelings as facts. At least verify the information or disprove it before posting bullshit as facts. And sure you have NEVER been to Ethiopia unless you went there on one of those child molestation binges you Albinos tend to do to the rest of the world – keep them poor and destitute so that you will have a place to fly to fuck children. This is all part of your fucking imaginative lies. I will not lie that I have been to Ethiopia but I can tell you this, they are black people because I have met many in Toronto. 🙂

      http://www.realhistoryww.com to fill in some of the gap in your brain. Albino history is based on Albino fantasies of wanting to be everyone, everywhere, all the time. Whilst you Albinos were living in Central Asia shitting, eating and sleeping in the same spot, you want the world to believe that you were in rest of the world heading up great civilizations that makes no sense. Why didn’t you do anything great in Central Asia where you came from?

    3. Andre, I am not equipped with your magic Albino abilities to make lies become fact. But by simply using common sense, I learned that people who tend to wear dreadlocks were never part of the mainstream. In India, Jamaica, Kenya and etc where dread heads are found, they tend to live apart from the rest of society. Additionally, I would say the cutting of hair is a recent phenomenon given the fact that ancient tribes would not have the tools required to cut their hair. Again, I am only exercising common sense and not feelings.

      In what countries are men with long hair considered to be fools? Please name those countries. Or is this another Albino attempt to dictate to the world how to think and feel? By countries and cultures, do you mean European? Because I know under their turbans Sikhs have long hair and so do the Bobos, another isolated tribe in Jamaica who happen to have dreadlocks but are not Rastafarians. There are East Asians of isolated tribes who sport dreadlocks. There are men in Africa, Asia, South and North America who wear long hair as part of their cultural norms but because in the Albino world, long hair is not well received, somehow, the rest of the world magically feels the same way. This is nothing but ore of your magic Albino bullshit.

      I both laugh at you and pity you Albino. It is not fashionable to wear skirt and long dresses but there are countries where men still wear those type of clothing but I wouldn’t say because it is not part of my belief, the world thinks they are fools. And since a good majority of men who are not of the western world do wear garments that look like long dresses, I would not say things like, “Most of the world think they are fool,” when I really mean most of the Albino world. Know this Albino, there are worlds of people who do not share Albinos’ way of life and they are not looked upon as fools. I am sick of the Albino narrow beliefs that state If you don’t’ do as we do, you are not civilize when it is Albinos have diverged from the way the rest of the world wants to live. .

      It quite insulting to state that dreadlocks are a fashion in Jamaica. Before dreadlocks became fashionable for some Jamaicans and the rest of the world, there existed Jamaicans who wore dreads a part of their religion. I can assure you that it was more than likely Jamaicans who caused dreadlocks to become more mainstream and fashionable.

      As for your sentiments about the racial make up of the ancient tribes of Europe and other parts of the world, who cares what you think? We know that you are an Albino who would rather to live the Albino fantasy of being everywhere and everyone all the time. Check the sources provided. Feelings are not of any evidentiary value.

  7. @Natural Mystic: Thanks for the link to realhistory-it is really informative. This fool Andre has never heard of the Maasai of Kenya/tanzani turkana of kenya, the hima of Namibia..dreadlocks are all over Africa from ever since.

  8. From north to south, from east to west;
    the world they brought into submission.
    And never once allowed to rest;
    was their marching division.

    The purple drank they gave to us;
    gangs and ganja, booties and blow.
    And the world did cloud itself,
    And the world bought all the snow.

    Their lyricists, unmatched they were;
    stayed true, did not smoke brix!
    And words of wisdom did they share:
    Bitches ain’t shit but hoes and tricks

  9. If you think the Romans were black you have a terrible problem. Go to a museum. Read a book. Look at more roman sculptures other then this and 5 pompeii paintings and I have been to Pompeii by the way and guess I missed those. Funny because I went into the brothels. Carthage wasn’t even full black at this time. Full “black” people were only as far north as southern Egypt and Numidia. Ok though.

  10. Are modern Italians white? Yes
    Are modern Greeks white? Yes
    It takes much longer then 2000 years for blacks to become white my friend. Black genes are dominant. Moors and Romans are not the same. Yes, there were blacks in Rome, there were probably some blacks in legions. But were Romans black? Absolutely not. I am a black professor and even I know this. We as blacks have more to be proud about then some white empire that crucified Jesus. Know your roots friend. Nothing wrong with being of African decent.

    1. A classically educated professor not reading first person reports, dna, and knowing what seems nothing about the ancients. How could you when you speak about the Romans crucifying a non-historical figure, as well as non-historical hogwash and balderdash about Christians being crucified?! Professor, I doubt. But if true it is sad.

    2. I don’t remember anyone inviting Boule to the conversation. The fact that you are her trying to push us as being African and that’s it tells all. Away from us liar, and take your lies with you. Come back when you can provide us a slave ship, the African fruit given to slaves on those slave ships to stave off scurvy and the records of the mass deforestation on the West African coast for those massive ship building construction to create those slave ships in the first place. Until then, back back with you! Take your behind back to lying Professor Gates and De Grasse Tyson. There is no room for Oreos or house negroes here.

      Your degree is a fallacy.

  11. yes romans are white and romans also with Pontius pilate killed the Christian lord.fake jews in Israel (german khazars)are illegally occupied Palestinian lands since the british aided the khazars in 1947 in stealing that land.khazars ashkenazis are not the true descendants of Abraham

  12. True. False. True. True. False.

    Eh. I’ll give you credit for the main point. Romans were in no way, shape, or form what you would refer to as “white”. Which personally, should make white people sigh with relief. The Romans, though militarily strong, were… for lack of a better phrase… total pieces of shit, and concerned with nothing more than power and conquest. Sure, they may have had a “republic”, but it was meant to serve only the rich, as it is today. Roman citizens were simply pacified as a means to an end. Regardless, other than that, my only point of contention with you is in reference to your comment about Celts. Ok.. take Egypt (KMT), take Memphis, and Kush. Take Rome. Unfortunately for you though, you can’t take the Celts. Now, do you want to say that they have African ancestry? Well then, “yes”, they most certainly do. They are from the Tuatha De Dana, or the feminized version of what many would know as the “Tribe of Dan”. Throughout the entirety of their history that they were known as Celts, they were white in all ways that white exists. They were white in 10,000 BC. They were white in 1AD and they are white today. HOWEVER, that hasn’t always been the case. Now, you have suggested that they were black, which was once true, but I’m sure you’re not actually making the proper reference for that as it would be nearly impossible for you to have knowledge of what you speak. If you did, I’d be impressed. The transitional phase between their “black” heritage, and their “white” heritage happened way before what any source knows of human history. For a considerable time, a tribe of Africans who processed a genetic variation were cut off from their peers. The details of why are debated. Some claim it was voluntary. Some claim they were led away, and others still claim they were driven out as if they were an abomination to their own people. These people would spend over 20,000 years in isolation from everything they had ever known. Their genetic development would then differ. Their culture would differ. And their lifestyle would differ. Not to mention, these outcasts, whom had been born into a bustling civilization, would find themselves growing up and learning to survive generation after generation in what amounted to an unforgiving wilderness struggling to survive in the harshest of conditions with no formal society to care for them. They took with them their knowledge, but left their civility, and their humanity. These people’s ways would eventually become as wild as the conditions that surrounded them. Barbaric? At times. Ignorant? Never. Black? No more. The silver lining? There are sects among their ancestors… lineages… who have remembered some rather crucial knowledge that the rest obviously did not. The children of those who fell the tree, shall taste not it’s fruit.

  13. I can imagine that after the original egyptians, called nubians from Khemet right a lot of inbreeding took place in these “high civilized” places and that they were multi-ethnic. Yes. they were multi elthic for sure. But when I read what the romans did, the carthageans and others baal worshipers i dont consider them as highly civilized but as more brutaly civilized then any so called barbarians from the norse. We had no religious mass human sacrifices of children, sacred whoring and other alien stuff. I just wanted to point out that the more people call themself highly civilized the more insitutional become their murderous rituals. Same for the white europeans of the “holy roman empire”. The inquisition was that ancient baal or moloch worship on steroids and that demon came from the south. From the desert!

  14. Genetic testing shows that ancient roman were much different genetically then the present day Italians. Actually while the citizens of Rome multi-ethnic, a ancient melting pot 2000 yrs old, the upper, well to-do, Romans were , mostly white for basic distinction. the Romans were horrible people in general, if their laws give any indication of their demeanor. How-ever they enslaved the Germans, and the Celts all more whiter than them. As well as everyone they could.

    Please dont blame white people for the worlds troubles. the troubles stem from the Devil. I have seen the Devil in the eyes of white, black, brown, red and yellow, as well as the Divine.

    God loves all. ONE LOVE

  15. Well if the Romans were black check this. the romans mastered the art sstripping ones from their homeland enslaving them changing their customs and Gods. they burned and changed history. The roman created the largest fakest Christian church. Catholicism. Rastan is more true than any Roman God. Jupiter or Jesus/Mary.

    Slavery and mind control were creatded before white men were evolved,. The egyptians were brown the Indians made way through egypt and arabia leaving tribes.



  16. One question: Why did the Romans speak an Indo-European language (Latin) if they allegedly were all black and came from Africa? Doesn’t make much sense.

    You will probably call me an albino now, as usual, lol.

    1. what indo european language there is no such thing as indo European nor is indias linguistics ever been shared towards europe. whites are nothing to do with Indians period.greeks stole some Sanskrit words and made up their own BS.indians would never share a thing with invaders who came to plunder Indias wealth,

      1. Uh… There was a indo European language, and if you don’t think that then all I have to say is good luck with your autism.

        The early European settlers came from northern India, this is a fact.

  17. The unlucky individual German may have been enslaved, but as a whole, they where hired as body guard’s and often served as legion auxiliaries(most slaves ended up coming from the Orient and Egypt)

  18. true aryans are not white they are North west Indians from India. the word arya comes in Sanskrit from India and mentions nothing of Europe it only mentions the Saraswathi river which is modern day Pakistan which Pakistan used to be India, same with Bangladesh before being partitioned in 1947. as for the Christian lord he was never white and whites worship a false deity of jesus as Cesares Borgias (1475-1507)son of pope Alexander the VI is not the true jesus christ.just to make it very clear North west indians are not white nor is any tribe in India white. white peopleare loaded with BS.

  19. This article is stupid. I’m definitely not a fan of white supremacy, I find that alone is barbaric. But I found the writer’s tone to be hateful towards white people. I’m not white, but that doesn’t mean I go around condemning people who are, that’s just racist. If you know your demographic history, than you would know that although the Ostrogoths did indeed take over Italy, it was purely politcal. Very few Ostrogoths actually settled in Italy, If modern Italians were direct descendants from the Germanic peoples than they’d be speeking a germanic language and not a Italian, a ROMANCE language. The same goes for Spain. France is an exception because their ancestors were the Gauls, who were still white but they were taken over by Rome and later the Franks, then the Normans; in other words, the French are descended from several different types of Europeans and you can see it in there language which has numerous loanwords from Frankish and Gaulish, but at its core it is still a Romance language. This writer obviously didn’t know a thing about Rome, let alone Europe. In conclusion, most (about 70-85%) of modern Italians are descended from the actual ancient Romans. Rome was a very multi-ethnic state, but most, especially in the northern-western provinces (modern Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Belgium) and some eastern provinces (modern Albania, Romania, Bulgaria,and Greece) were [and still are] of white-european descent.

    1. Justin says: “If modern Italians were direct descendants from the Germanic peoples than they’d be speeking a germanic language and not a Italian, a ROMANCE language.”

      Jahdey responds: I would ask you to go research about Lombardy in Italy? Those people are Germanic Goths but they speak Italian today. There are many more examples, like Normans, etc but we will ask you to go do proper research before you come here to argue.

      Anyway, welcome to Rasta Livewire.com. Here, we blaze out all ignorance and arrogance with historical facts and logical truth.

      1. Yes I am aware of Lombardy and Normany and the fact that there are Hispanic people who have Visigothic surnames, but I said ” “few” not “none at all”. Read me carefully. Some Germanic people did settle in the Mediterranean but because they were largely outnumbered by the natives they assimilated . Trust me I know much about the demographics of ancient Rome, it’s something that has always been interested in. One thing I did fail to mention however was the fact that some early Roman moseics did depict what did appear to be Africans or at the very least really tanned mediterranean people but this article said the “white” people didn’t take over southern Europe until Rome fell, which is what I was trying to disprove because the skeletons at ancient roman burial grounds and the remains at Pompeii had white features, there was however a skull at Pompeii that had African features, but that doesn’t mean that every Roman was black. Also you have to keep in mind the fact the the Mediterranean people are much darker than the Germanics, having almost hispanic features (because most hispanics trace their ancestry to the Mediterranean) thus the darker complexioned moseics were most likely emphasizing the complexion of the models due to the fact there were more limited pigments for paint during those times.

  20. This site shows the political correctness of nowadays. The current media and intellectuals think that saying: “insert name here” was black!, will fix the world.

    Augustus, the first Roman emperor, was “blond” (subflavum)
    Tiberius had gray eyes (caesii)
    Caligula had a blonde beard (aurea barba)
    Claudio had gray-white hair (canitieque)
    Nero was blond or redhead (subflavo)
    According with Suetonius (De Vita Caesarum: Divus Augustus). (De Vita Caesarum: Caligula, LII) and Pliny (Naturalis Historia, XI, CXLII).
    The romans have africans soldiers, also they had soldiers from several territories in their army, but it does not mean that the africans built rome, .
    You really hate white people, your post about that 40% of white people is mentally ill !!, you must be the african version of Hittler, you are an afronazi, the next thing that you will say is that John Lennon was a black men . There is a book called: Not Out of Africa: How Afrocentrism Became an Excuse to Teach Myth as History by Mary Lefkowitz.
    A little fun to end my comment:



  21. death is coming to you crackers you are not Aryans only North west indians are the REAL ARYANS you whites are 19th century BS!

  22. (Edited). Who cares what the Romans looked like. Their skin color had nothing to do with the society they built. Really, all of this bickering is counter-productive. Look at America and her diversity. Rome was similar in that aspect. We have neighborhoods that were once filled with European immigrants, and now they are Hispanic. Doesn’t matter if you think it is good/bad, right/wrong, that is the way it is. The reality is that the Roman Empire, and every other empire, fell because it was their time. All of these nations will meet their fate as well and open the door for new nations in 1000 years. I remember when Trump was a cool white dude that rappers talked about in their lyrics in a positive light. Now because he said we should build a wall people are calling him all kinds of names. Maybe if the Romans built a wall it would have bought them some time before the barbarians swooped in and conquered them. Stop bickering because life is harsh enough so wear a helmet.

    Semper Fidelis

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