Tribalism returns in the heart of European Union

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Brussels bike ride gets political

Thousands of Dutch-speaking Belgians have cycled around Brussels in a mass parade for Flemish nationalism.
Some 75,000 cyclists joined Sunday’s “Gordel”, (Dutch for “Belt”), according to the AFP news agency.

The Gordel is an annual event, but this year’s came as Belgium is without a new government amid a split between Dutch- and French-speaking politicians.

Many wore yellow jerseys with the black lion of Dutch-speaking Flanders, where there is pressure for more autonomy.

Some acts of “sabotage” were reported – tacks and pins scattered on some cycle paths and street signs turned round to confuse riders.


Language rights are a hot political issue in the Brussels region.

The Belgian capital is predominantly Francophone but its outskirts belong to Dutch-speaking Flanders.


Story from BBC NEWS:

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7 thoughts on “Tribalism returns in the heart of European Union”

  1. What you sneeringly describe as “tribalism” and “nationalism” is nothing of the sort. Its good old fashioned national loyalty. And we need more of it.

  2. while i agree this isnt quite tribalism, i didnt see anything sneering at tribalism. maybe its your own anymosity towards tribal government that made you think that.

  3. On the plus side, the Dutch-Speakers aren’t massacring the French-Speakers (see:Rwandan Genocide).

  4. Jahddey:

    Hail up Fire Angel:

    I recall specifically reading in HIM’s autobiography (probably volume I) that the term genocide was originally coined and formulated by his majesty to refer to the unfair aggression that the Italians were perpetrating against the Ethiopians-his people. There was a note to that effect by a scholar that you have here on livewire. (He wrote the piece on the Negus plane…). Anyway, I believe that this was so simply because the Youropeans (Europeans) would not have even judged any situation as that at all. Otherwise that behavior would have stopped long time don’t di I think so?
    Anyway, I believe strongly that HIM coined this term.It may have been spoken outloud to the rest of the world on 6/30/30? when HIM gave the now well known speech in front of what is now called the United Nations ( I believe it was in Europe (Brussels?) then. Check it out. I don’t have my copy of the books anymore. (They got seized in storage).

  5. So:
    If native African persons are allowed to massacre each other, and it’s not “genocide”, does this mean that the “Holocaust” was not, in fact, a “genocide” as such?

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