The Melanin Theory: Melanin Ripens the Sweet Berries

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Melanin is a special pigment that gives the skin and hair its natural color. It also gives color to the iris of the eye, feathers and scales. It makes the skin tanned, but also produces unwanted freckles, birthmarks and other colored marks on the body.

Mysterious melanin is an amorphous suspension of polymeric compounds that colors tissues of animals, plants, mushrooms and even microorganisms. Melanin can be black, yellow and brown in color. These melanin types determine the dark color of beans and grape pits, make banana peels brown, color insect wings in different shades; give their special colors to shelf fungus and black truffle.

In addition to melanin the skin color is also determined by reduced hemoglobin that gives the skin blue and even cyanotic color; by oxygenated hemoglobin that gives the skin reddish color and by carotinoids that make the skin colored peach.

With humans and other vertebrates melanin forms in special sea-star shaped cells called melanocytes in the basal layer of epidermis and then transforms into granules where pigments are combined with protein. Melanocytes inject melanin grains into the cells of the upper skin layer (cortical layer of the hair and the iris of the eye) and determine their color.

Melanin is formed as part of the process of metabolizing an amino acid called tyrosine under the influence of special ferment tyrosinase. However, some researchers are sure that melanin can be formed independently of ferments. As a result of the metabolizing process the amino acid dioxyphenylalanine is first formed, then dioxyphenylalanine molecules also oxidize and the transformations produce melanin. The entire of the process is regulated with special hypophysis hormones.

Melanin forms in the skin basically when it is exposed to the sun; and its basic function is to protect tissues from dangerous UV rays. So, tan on the skin is in fact a natural screen against hard radiation. And it is quite natural that people living in countries when the sun is particularly active have darker skin types. Europeans with light skin types have just sporadic melanin granules in epidermis while natives in Africa or Australia have their epidermis absolutely filled up with melanin granules. Black-skinned people have even lips colored dark as they have melanin in the mucous membrane while light-skinned people have no pigment in the mucous membrane at all.

The color of hair is determined by the amount of melanin in the cortical layer. Dark hair has a lot of pigment while fair hair has fewer granules that are of smaller size. Diffusive or non-granulated melanin makes the hair red.

The color of the iris of the eye also depends upon the amount of melanin and the depth of its location. It makes the eyes blue or light-blue when located in the 4-5th layers. The eyes are colored brown or yellow if the front layers of the iris contain melanin. When melanin spreads irregularly in the front layers of the iris then the eyes are colored yellow-brown-blue, gray or green.

Certain medical conditions, such as albinism, are associated with the lack of melanin. Albinism is a condition marked by the absence of a normal amount of pigment in the body. Animals, humans, and even plants can have albinism. Majority of people having albinism are very susceptible to the sun, have eyesight or hearing problems and weaker immunity.

It is known that black beetles can survive even in a nuclear reactor thanks to the dark pigment that can filter the sun rays and protect organisms from deep radiation.

Doctors from time to time state that tea, coffee, chocolate and cacao are harmful for our health. However, it is no good to give up these products once and for all as they contain melanin that is essential for the human organism. Also prunes, bilberry or dark grapes are good protection against cancer, sunburns and influence of radiation.

Researchers state that melanin can rejuvenate, make salts of heavy metals and toxins out of the organism which means it can cure various types of poisoning, helps cure alcoholism and drug addiction and stops increasing of cancerous growths. At that, melanin has no contra-indications.

Modern scientists know how to synthesize melanin and produce it from animal and vegetable stuff, from mushrooms. Russian and Belarus researchers know how to produce melanin from horse mane and cauda equine, from vegetable agricultural waste products and microbiological mushrooms.

Melanin spreads irregularly over the human body which explains why we have external sides of arms and legs colored darker than the inside ones, at that the back is colored more intensive than the chest and belly. Melanin sometimes forms dark clots or spots that may make us look either attractive or terrible.

People with red or fair hair usually inherit freckles from parents; freckles generally get settled on the noses, cheeks, forearms and hands. They first appear at the age of 3-5 and behave particularly aggressively during pubescence.

Lentigo or senile spots are usually numerous round or oblong, flat or slightly prominent spots of different size and color. They appear on open areas of body with old people. If lentigo appears with young people this may mean these people have their inner organs diseased.

Tanorexia is considered to be a really dangerous mania that reveals with people who make their skin tanned too much all year round. It is known that basically female teenagers living in countries with cool climate are subject to this mania. To fight tanorexia the British authorities insist that teenagers under sixteen must not attend solaria, and in America children must present a written permission of their parents for attending solaria.

Chloasmas are symmetrical stains colored from dark yellow to brown with distinct borders that appear on the forehead, the dorsum of nose, temples, upper lip, chin, sometimes around nipples and on the belly in the first months of pregnancy. They disappear after childbirth or may stay for a longer period. Chloasmas may also appear during taking hormonal contraceptives or may also indicate some genital diseases of women having them.

Vitiligo is an exclusive instance of depigmentated areas of skin that indicate a disease appearing in areas of skins where melanocytes have no tyrosinase. It is not known for what reasons exactly vitiligo may appear. They may appear against the background of psychic traumas, dysfunctions in the adrenal gland, thyroid gland and sexual glands. Vitiligo is typical of women and cures badly.

Moles or nevus are the most widespread hyper pigmentation type. They are dark spots that may appear on any part of the body; they may be prominent and even have thin hairs on the surface. Some moles appear after the birth and others may appear during the life.

Experts say that hyper pigmentation helps diagnose diseases that people have or have had earlier; it also protects weaker organs. Moles, freckles and other spots are located on projection points of especially sickly organs and give them necessary protection. So, doctors recommend not to disturb such spots.

Veronica Gommerstadt

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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17 thoughts on “The Melanin Theory: Melanin Ripens the Sweet Berries”

  1. Orthodox history is a lie and must be placed back into its proper perspective. The veil of White supremacy has thrown us off track about world history truths and who we are as Black people in relationship to everyone else on the planet. Whites have many believing they are not only the progenitors of civilization but also the progenitors of humanity. Our ancient heroes and saviors have been whitewashed. The world believes that everyone on Earth who’s not White is primitive and uncivilized.

    First, we must understand what White skin really means and who White people really are. In a nutshell Whites are mutated inbred albinos. Scientifically speaking biologists say that white skin is a result of adaptation to climate, but let’s pay close attention to that for a minute. When we think of an adaptation to something, we think of acquiring physical traits and characteristics that would make us successful in surviving the environment. Let us understand what White skin means biologically and genetically. White skin does not meet the criteria for being a result of climatic adaptations.

    Scientists write that White skin is an adaptation to northern cold climates. The lack of melanin has proven to be non-beneficial but actually detrimental to cold climates, technically. Melanin has thermal regulating properties in that it absorbs all forms of heat and energy and can actually allow a person to warm up quicker after coming out of the cold and keeps them warmer longer while in a cold environment. The claims are that White skin was an aid in the metabolization of vitamin D, however, it has been determined that melanin is needed for the efficient metabolization of vitamin D and calcium. Since White skin reflects sunshine, a primary source of vitamin D, compensation for not getting adequate amounts from the sun because of calcium depletion from bones, therefore decreasing bone density and making Caucasians more susceptible to Osteoporosis.

    Whites are also the most susceptible to kidney stones composed of calcium oxylate. It is a well known fact that the sun causes skin cancer in White people more than any other people on this Earth, but what a lot of people don’t realize is that the sun also sterilizes Whites. The lack of melanin or pigment leaves Whites vulnerable to photolysis. The decomposition of folate or folic acid in the blood levels is critical for cell replication and reproduction. This is the real reason behind the low Caucasian birthrates. The experienced problems with fertility are not behavioral but biological one that cannot seem to be controlled. The foliate levels plummet by up to 50% when exposed to solar radiation, and even in the radiation in tanning salons. The genetically deficient genes give ABSOLUTELY NO benefit in nature, in tropical, temperament climates OR northern cold climates.

    Everything we have been led to believe is a myth. It has become so dogmatic that many people subconsciously try to refute this instinctively because it does not coincide with the indoctrination that permeates thought processes so deeply. Since Caucasians cannot reproduce genetic material (melanin), they could not have spawned humanity. Because the sun sterilizes and is sending Whites on a course toward extinction, they will not survive independently for very long without people of color depositing their genetic material to make their cell replication and reproduction more feasible. Caucasians are becoming extinct in Europe just like everywhere else on the planet showing NON-ADAPTATION. White gene DNA cannot be traced back as far as their genetic parents, BLACK AFRICANS! The result is sufficient evidence for their not being the progenitors of humanity or civilization. The deficient genes simply will not last that long in the presence of a majority black/brown people. Their birthrates globally are below replacement levels, and even if they didn’t have to worry about being bred out of existence by black/brown genes, their numbers would still dwindle because of victimization by photolysis.

    White people like to think that they have invented everything that we take for granted in this epoch. The truth of the matter is, Caucasians have only REDISCOVERED the many inventions of OUR BLACK ancestors did deep in antiquity. It is quickly becoming common knowledge that the ancient Egyptians were Black Africans. Menes who is credited with being the founder of Pharonic Egypt and for unifying both lower (northern) and upper (southern) Egypt, is preceded by thousands of years of kings that are not taken into account in ancient history. If you will recall Egypt did not have a linear progressive history where they started off primitive and progressed to their advanced state. They started off ADVANCED. Ancient Egypt is the continuation or satellite colony of an even older and fabulous super civilization. There are many ruins and pieces of evidence from Atlantis. Not only Plato’s account but the megalithic ruins that the United States government is fully aware of off the coast of Bimini. These have to be the remains of an ancient BLACK civilization. Although the library at Alexandria was destroyed by fire as well as knowledge centers in other locations, the ancient Indian texts from the Ramayana empire still exists and gives credence to the fact that viminas (ancient Indian flying machines) are a reality and not a figment of anyone’s imagination. The inhabitants of the ancient Rama Empire are the ancestors of the black Dravidians or “untouchables” (Dalits) of India today. Written in the ancient language of Sanskrit, the text gives marvelous accounts of fantastic wars fought here on this planet as well in outer space by these ancient flying machines that utilized mercury vortex propulsion. It is also a carefully guarded secret that many of the UFO sightings of today are actually the ancient viminas of great antiquity being concealed by the United States and other world governments or reconstructions of those ancient aircraft. As I said earlier, these are inventions that White people have only REDISCOVERED and cannot take proper credit.

    A major lie that the United States wants to keep alive for ego purposes is that man walked on the moon with the Apollo moon landings of the late sixties and early seventies. This is one of the greatest deceptions in the history of the world. Man (White) has NEVER walked on the moon or has he even come close. There are many ways to prove to you that the moon landings were fraudulent. One of my favorite ways of discerning this is the picture of the footprints left in the lunar soil. If you stop and think about it, how can this be? For there to be footprints in the soil there must be moisture as a bonding agent and the moon is a vacuum with no atmosphere to hold moisture, therefore, there could NOT be any REAL footprints on the moon. Many people lack the scientific background to realize this and ignorantly accept whatever is spoon-fed them by NASA and the United States Government. Many people are coming to the realization that the whole thing was a fraud, but it is important for White people’s egos that EVERYBODY believes this passionately and defend this crap as a means of “national pride”. That’s not to say that there are not structures up there. Various reliable sources tell of obelisk shaped structures on the moon along with something that resembles an ancient aircraft runway. Someone has been there, but it wasn’t any White men of today. I don’t think they were little green men from Mars either. The structures that are up there resemble ancient Egyptian artifacts and being that, that was a Black civilization as well as Atlantis, it would make perfect sense that it was BLACK AFRICANS during the golden age that accomplished this feat. What is the golden age, you ask?

    When man has reached his Zenith! The ancient Egyptians have hieroglyphic text that speak of something called the “golden time” back in the days of Atlantis before it’s destruction. The Bible says that there have been many destructions of mankind, and therefore had to be many golden ages. Every time a major catastrophe occurs, we are knocked back into the stone ages to start over. We are still starting over from the destruction of Atlantis and have not yet regained that Zenith of technology that the Atlanteans, Lemurians and Lemanians enjoyed long ago. We still have to track toward the next golden age. One thing we can feel rest assured about though, by the time we get there, white people with their recessive genes won’t be there. Just like they did not exist in the context that we understand them today, in the last golden age.

    It has been said that there are megalithic ruins and remains on the surface of Mars. The Zulus of South Africa as well as many other African tribes have legends that speak of their origins being from Mars. Could it be that it was OUR Black African ancestors who were responsible for that civilization that once thrived on the now debunked red planet? Evidence points in that direction. It has been discussed within various circles of Astrophysicists that Mars was once a moon of another planet now destroyed. The asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter is widely believed to be the remains of Mars’ parent planet. Referred to as Planet X. Tom Van Flandern has a very convincing “exploded planet hypothesis” that cannot be easily refuted by many scientists of today. If this and many of the other points I have brought forward in this essay are disseminated widely, that could force history as we know it to be rewritten.

    There is information out there that could put world history into its proper perspective. However, the release of this information would be dangerous for White people. People have thrived on ignorance and fallacy and strive to keep the world in a deep sleep. Many are waking up from that deep sleep to understand what the United States Government and the Smithsonian Institute–the catalysts in maintaining widespread ignorance are trying to perpetuate. We must take it upon ourselves to learn what White people don’t want

    1. Hasn’t it always been that way? Revisionist history was invented by whites to cover shameful truths about themselves and paint themselves in the best light possible. They would deny anything that pokes holes in their their white supremacist propaganda they’ve been spouting for ever. Remember the movie Birth of a Nation? The classic definition of revisionist history.

      Whenever I google search the Melanin Theory the first results are always followed by “pseudoscience”. That was enough to get my attention if they are trying this hard to debunk it.

      Regarding the melanin theory…well…never heard of it before until recently. Not sure if it’s true or not but I have more than enough melanin to test the theory. Having served 20 years in the Air Force I still run track to keep in shape. All at the ripe old age of 40 : ) So I can at least attest to the energy levels rising whenever I am in the sunlight. That much seems to hold water.

      I was later acousted by a fellow who assumed I was a running back at the local college. He was probably my age or a few years older but he literally thought I was a college jock. I simply informed him I was a retired vet who served his country for 20 years and just try to keep in shape. Another win for the melanin theory and aging.

      I also noticed that even during my 20 year tenure in the military I always gravitated towards exercises that worked the fast twitch muscle fibers. Dad suggested I take up track when I was 21. But I didn’t actually run track until I was 31. As fitness enthusiasts will tell you the fast twitch muscle fibers are the key to the fountain of youth as they give the body that muscular appearance…not to mention they generate natural growth hormones. There is a reason sprinters look younger in their 40’s and 50’s and sometimes even 60’s. The melanin theory seems to support that as well…and as I said I never even heard of it prior to a few days ago. I just went with what got me in shape and felt natural.

      I think we have been conditioned to accept everything their scientists say as fact. One more reason we could use more black scientists at the forefront of this. They are out there I know, but most have a slight propensity to proselytize and throw religion into the mix. I am spiritual but I don’t practice any specific religion. My dog tags specify no religious preference. Anyways being an IT specialist I tend to look to science for explanation first. Sure there are things that simply can’t be explained that I can accept on faith but the melanin theory sounds too…I don’t know…provocative…to just dismiss as pseudoscience. And some of the results I have attained over the years certainly support it. I haven’t accepted as gospel just yet but I intend to further research this phenomenon.

  2. OMG… you have been smoking the required wacky weed, I see. Man never walked on the moon…it was all faked. Good god, man, that shit must be spiked!!

    1. Patriot

      Your half brain has been so completely fried by over-use of alcoholic beverage that you are incapable of some critical and independent thinking. Thatz why you are so dopey and so duped.

      So your Americans went to the moon? You must be a raving lunatic.

      Why don’t y’all just move back up there, so we all can see y’all living happily everafter on tha mooon!



  3. The original black scientists were the first to walk and inhabit the moon. As a matter of fact, the original black scientists used high explosives to separate the moon from the earth. Why would whites openly acknowledge their cultural, genetic, and astral inferiority? Then the dark people would systematically orchestrate their demise. Their 6000 year history on this planet has been steeped in blood. Get over it.

  4. This thread is fool of a bunch of delusional morons who think they know what they’re talking about.

    Melanin theory has as much scientific theory behind it as Hitler’s beleif in the pure Uberman or the colonists beleif that dark skinned people where a gorillia human hybrid.
    So lets list just some of the worst parts of the theory.

    (1) White people DO lets repeat that DO DO DO have melanin.

    Every non-albino has melanin. What white people do not have is pigmented melanin in the skin due to a defected calcium transporter in the membrane of epidermal cells.

    (2) White skin IS IS IS an advantage in cold climates especially in areas like Europe which have low UV indexes.

    When sunlight hits your skin the it produces Vitamin D which is vital for health. In Aftica where the sun is out for long periods of the day and UV is very intense Black skin protects from sun but enough sun gets through to allow adequate vitamin D production. As our hominid ancestors moved north the sun became less intense their black skin was less necessary for protection and preventing them from making vitamin D. Skin whitening was an advantage so it was selected for.
    Vitamin D defeciency (RICKETS) is extremley debilitating especially to a tribe trying to hunt for food. You can see this play out in African Americans who often are told by our doctors to take Vitamin D supplements (Like my Wife).

    (3) The whole Idea is based on a complete misunderstanding on what genetically superior means.

    Genetically superior is whatever genes are passed on the most or in other terms who ever has the most kids. Genetically superior is NOT a human notion of being better then another race, its like listening to kids taunt each other “my race is better then your race my race is better then your race na na naahhhh”. Racial superiority on both sides is Bullshit.

    If we go by who has had the most kids then the whites won last two centuries (the spanish created an entire race of people that populates half the globe (latinas)) + The Colonists. and the Latinas and Asians are winning this century. White and Black people suck at this war so lets stay out of it.

    (4) There is absolutley no way that whites where a abberaetion that was drove out of Africa. (Warning this will get a little Sciency)

    Any actual Geneticist can say what I said above with 100% confidence. – One of the fundamental rules is that mutations that impose a disadvantege do not stick around long enough to fix in a population. – For example say all of trees in the forest are white and the moths in this forest are white so they blend in with the trees hiding them from preying owls. Now lets say a White Moth happens to have a mutated baby that is black. That baby has no chance of surviving long enough to reporoduce and fix its mutated gene in the population.

    Ok thats it but this is only a small sampling of all the things wrong with this theory.

  5. Judging by the amount of responses, this really is definately a very engaging topic. Whenever I revisit this post there’s an interesting visitor post better than many of the earlier ones.

  6. All I’m getting from this is Africans have more melanin than Caucasians…We all have melanin, end of discussion. Who cares whom came first, does that really matter? Let’s just worry about bad people not skin color.

  7. Read the entire article, very interesting, however I did not see anything stating the genetic superiority of blacks over whites just that depending on which part of the world you live in affects how much melinin your going to produce. In other words it’s called adaptation.

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