Trayvon Martin Lives! Thousands of youths, blacks and whites unite to protest the corrupt racist judicial system in Florida – By Abdulkadir X

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George Zimmerman the killer of Trayvon Martins was in the wider gestapo police network that rules Florida. He was an auxiliary police. So he goes home scot-free today even though he killed an unarmed 17 year old youth Trayvon Martins by firing a gunshot at him without cause or justification.

Mr Zimmerman’s father was a retired judge in the state of Florida, an inner circle member of the corrupt, and heartless elitist club that rules Florida.

The so-called Blacks and so-called Whites are just tired of the same same old, same old. The true Muurs are outraged.

Police killers getting away with murdering, and torturing youths of all races, but especially black youths. This must stop NOW!

We the people are tired of the old fat boys club, corrupt-killers, who rob our civil rights and get away with it every day in this America.

We are tired of your ugly faces, your ugly thoughts and your ugly souls. Yous and Geroge Zimmerman’s too.

And the fight for justice will continue until truth reigns.

Trayvon Martin, pursue George Zimmerman, chase him and vent your outrage on him.

We are all Trayvon Martins today!

His blood will purge this nation of corruption, race mongering, and daily injustice.

His mighty soul will overthrow this evil shitstem.

We are all Trayvon Martins today, all black youths and white youths.

We will crush the balls of this wicked shitstem! We will take over, we will reconstruct a just and loving system.

Youths of the world, purify, congregate, arise! Take down this shitstem. You have nothing to lose but corrupt souls!

Fire burn Babylon!

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