Trayvon Martin Lives! Thousands of youths, blacks and whites unite to protest the corrupt racist judicial system in Florida – By Abdulkadir X

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George Zimmerman the killer of Trayvon Martins was in the wider gestapo police network that rules Florida. He was an auxiliary police. So he goes home scot-free today even though he killed an unarmed 17 year old youth Trayvon Martins by firing a gunshot at him without cause or justification.

Mr Zimmerman’s father was a retired judge in the state of Florida, an inner circle member of the corrupt, and heartless elitist club that rules Florida.

The so-called Blacks and so-called Whites are just tired of the same same old, same old. The true Muurs are outraged.

Police killers getting away with murdering, and torturing youths of all races, but especially black youths. This must stop NOW!

We the people are tired of the old fat boys club, corrupt-killers, who rob our civil rights and get away with it every day in this America.

We are tired of your ugly faces, your ugly thoughts and your ugly souls. Yous and Geroge Zimmerman’s too.

And the fight for justice will continue until truth reigns.

Trayvon Martin, pursue George Zimmerman, chase him and vent your outrage on him.

We are all Trayvon Martins today!

His blood will purge this nation of corruption, race mongering, and daily injustice.

His mighty soul will overthrow this evil shitstem.

We are all Trayvon Martins today, all black youths and white youths.

We will crush the balls of this wicked shitstem! We will take over, we will reconstruct a just and loving system.

Youths of the world, purify, congregate, arise! Take down this shitstem. You have nothing to lose but corrupt souls!

Fire burn Babylon!

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3 thoughts on “Trayvon Martin Lives! Thousands of youths, blacks and whites unite to protest the corrupt racist judicial system in Florida – By Abdulkadir X”

  1. For all the dumbass racists who said Zimmerman murdered Martin in self defense, how did Zimmerman get near Martin for Martin to be hitting him? Zimmerman was in a car, Martin was on foot, how did they end up in an altercation if Zimmerman did not leave the safety of his car? Obviously, Zimmerman, was harassing Martin, left his car to physically attack Martin first. If what the witnesses claim is true that Martin was onto of Zimmerman, Martin was winning the fight against Zimmerman and so in turn, Zimmerman, used deadly force because that was the only way he was going to win the fight against an energetic teenage boy, if the fight did occur. The witness never said who attacked first. Just because Zimmerman was screaming for help like the bitch he is and shot Martin, does not mean Zimmerman did not attack first. I personally believe that the white bystanders helped Zimmerman bang up his head and face in order to create a case of self defense before the police came.

  2. Here is a video of the black woman who proudly helped Zimmerman get away with murdering a black boy who could have been her baby brother or at the very least her child -Channa Lloyd is 34 years old.

    Accord to Ms. Lloyd, she asked Zimmerman’s defense attorney if Zimmerman was a racist and the lawyer said no. Now, where on earth have whites ever admitted to their own racist or that of their people? In the years I have been on this planet, it has only ever happened to be me three times. I will now discuss my second experience of a white admitting that his own kind was a racist.

    A white superintendent tried to scare me away from renting an apartment building by telling me for the small apartment, I will be paying $400 in hydro in addition to my rent which would have been $870. There are other apartments in the city that included hydro in the rent but I really liked the location. I knew nothing of the way hydro bills worked so I took her word for it. I was young, naïve and not accustomed to that type of evil. In any event, I told the owner of the building, a white Italian man that I am no longer interested in renting the apartment and he asked why? I told him why, “Joan said that I will be paying $400 in hydro, if I rent that apartment.” He then invited me over to have tea with he and his French wife. Classy people. Over tea, he told me I think the superintendent Joan is a racist and is trying to scare me away from renting the apartment. I was surprised at a white man admitting that another white person and an employee is racist. He told me that he use to live in that very same unit and his hydro bill was never more than $50 per month. I rented the apartment and the owner of the building was correct, my hydro bill was roughly $60 every two months. I lived in that building for 5 years and decided to move on. After I gave notice that I am leaving in 60 days, they tried to convince me to stay. By the way, Joan and the landlord got into a fight over the cost of the hydro. And Joan even claimed to have proof that the prior month her bill was $400. For some reason, she never produced the bill when the landlord asked to see it.

    The point of my story is, not all whites are racist but many are racists, if not most are race. It was the internet that opened my eyes to evil and viciousness of white racism. Thus, contrary to Lloyd’s belief, most whites hide their racism and those of other whites extremely well. Gone are the days when whites use to push you on the trains in Toronto or set their dogs on you (this one happened to my cousin) or the white media would proudly displaying white skinheads as if this something all whites should aspire to, or burn a black girl’s hair at school with no suspension for the burner and other evils that whites have visited on black persons. My brother’s lunch money was stolen by a white boy in elementary school. The white boy claimed the money belonged to him. After my brother complained to the principal automatically believed the white boy and allowed him to keep my brother’s money. Please whites, save the denial of black people being the only thieves. In grade 9l, I used to sit next to a white boy who would torment me about being black every day. I am of a Caribbean background where we are taught not to judge people by their race. I never complained, I just took the torture. What else was I going to do? I was outnumbered by whites. Besides, there was a seating plan that lasted for the year so I took the bullying. I remember in elementary school I use to see white children in the malls whom I thought were my friends at school and I would say hi to them, they never said hi back. I asked my dad about it. He said maybe they are not allowed to associate with black people.

    In any event, that was my experience of living in Toronto well up into the 1990s. Today, racism in Toronto is not so open – sort of, well, white teachers still find ways to lower the self esteem of black students and make sure the majority do not succeed or go on to higher institutions. I came to the realization that these types of tactics are successful on black students because many are not from strong families who look after their children. I remember there was a black boy in school was a mathematics genius. His high school math scores were high 90s and sometimes perfect. This kid use to correct the teachers. Sometimes you wonder how some of those teachers made it to university. One told me how he and he was a teacher but I will not discussed it. More than likely, I will not be believed. This kid in high school wanted to become a mathematician, well let’s just say the white teachers made sure this never happened. He lost hope and is now a manager of a fast food restaurant with a family to support. He was one of the many black students who did not have strong parents to take on these white bullies in the form of teachers. Maybe there is truly a fear of a black planet. I could talk about my experience in all level of schooling and those of family members and friends but I won’t. I will leave it to your denials. There is a belief that if someone is not calling you a nigger, they are not racist. I beg to differ. Maybe Ms. Lloyd does not think that Zimmerman is a racist because he didn’t refer to Martin as a nigger. Name calling is childish anyhow, so what difference does that make?

    Since whites are in denial about their racism and those of their fellow whites, whites, do me a favour and do not respond to my experiences with your kind. When I was a teenager, I was to be afraid to take the train to go downtown Toronto because I was afraid of being attacked by whites. That superintendent was the second white person who tried to scare me away from renting an apartment. The first one succeeded.

  3. Martin died defending himself against a “talc-chalk-maggot skin” bloodthirsty beast. Got the above name from an enlightened white person. Zimmerman called 911 because he thinks like most whites – black people do not have a right to be breathing and should be considered a threat if they are breathing. In my city, the police are constantly harassing black children whether are alone or in groups. What these whites defending Zimmerman failed to realize is, Zimmerman had two deadly weapons in his possession, a gun and a car. Martin had his fist when Zimmerman left his car to? confront him for being black.

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