President Obama orders Justice Department to review Zimmerman’s case: It ain’t over yet for the corrupt elites of Florida! – IronLion!

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It ain’t over till the fat lady sings! Either Zimmerman goes under or there will be a revolution in the United States! Lawyers and Judges will be toast! Police too!

Did you see the youths of America unite yesterday night outraged at this travesty of justice that happened in the courts of Florida? The freeing of Zimmerman the killer of 17 year old unarmed youth Trayvon who was busy minding his own business.

The world is shocked at America, at its corrupt and gutless elites, who rape ordinary Americans and use race-mongering to insulate themselves from justice.

The youths are angry! Blacks and whites! Revolution!

But President Obama, “the brother”, he knows this as well. He listens to the grapevine. He is an intelligent guy working for the corrupt American elites. He is going to save them from themselves yet again. He is going to have Zimmerman retried and jailed! And he has no choice about it, otherwise America will face an uprising!

Take hearts youths… Zimmerman is gonna go down in the shitstem!

President Obama has now set up George Zimmerman for the ultimate fall. The Head of Justice Department is Eric Holder. Eric is one baaad ass lawyer!

Here is news from Justice Department:

The U.S. Department of Justice said Sunday it would review the Travyon Martin-George Zimmerman case to determine if it should consider prosecuting Zimmerman, who was acquitted in a Florida court in the shooting death of the unarmed black teenager.

“Experienced federal prosecutors will determine whether the evidence reveals a prosecutable violation of any of the limited federal criminal civil rights statutes within our jurisdiction, and whether federal prosecution is appropriate in accordance with the Department’s policy governing successive federal prosecution following a state trial,” said a statement released by the department.

The announcement came just barely an hour after U.S. President Barack Obama urged for “calm reflection.”

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It ain’t over yet…for Zimmerman

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18 thoughts on “President Obama orders Justice Department to review Zimmerman’s case: It ain’t over yet for the corrupt elites of Florida! – IronLion!”

  1. Black people stop going to these people for justice. When it comes to black people, there is no ethics and justice because you are not considered to be human. Take care of your enemies the very same way your ancestors would have done. Find a practitioner of the dark arts who will make sure Zimmerman will never wake up to harm another black person. Stop praying to that pink penis god because he didn’t help you during slavery and he is not going to start now. Every “race” takes care of their own. Start praying to the God of your ancestors. He is family. He will help you. The god of your ancestor is no more demonic than the bloodthirsty god of the Christian bible who was not only a murderer he was a racist.

    1. Playing VIGILANTE like, Zimmerman will not solve anything, but cause more trouble. Blacks and whites are standing together over this senseless killing of an innocent teenager. Appealing this action by taking the case to a higher level of the judical system is a much wiser move, and a step in the right direction.. Stuping to the level of the killer will serve no purpose.

      1. Vigilantism would imply that I am asking for black people to physically harm Zimmerman. On the contrary, I believe in dealing with your enemies nonviolently and ZERO protest. My ancestors didn’t free themselves from the pink monkeys who were riding their backs during the slavery by begging the pink apes for mercy or praying to their god for help. David Walker (See David Walker’s Appeal), begged pinkskins to have some mercy upon him and his people. Walker and countless other delusional black Christians begged the pink penis god for some kind of intervention and it got them murdered. It was through the understanding of the metaphysics and failing to make slavery profitable for white terrorists that freed my people. The god of the Christian bible, the god of the whites is a bloodthirsty racist, if anyone says differently, s/he/it is either willfully ignorant or has never read the bible. Now, seeing the type of god that they pray to, why would anyone think whites have mercy or have a heart? The whites who are out there protesting alongside the black people are probably not Christians.

        In any event, I think you misunderstood my post and/or you automatically assuming because I am black, I want people to physically attack Zimmerman. Your name is not fooling me. There is more than one way to get a bloodthirsty dog who murdered an unarmed teenager. If Martin was my relative, I would be visiting the nearest Obeahman/woman, Bokor, Black arts man, madda woman or whatever you want to call them to ask the god of my ancestors, his angels and my ancestors for guidance. Rest assured, Zimmerman probably would not be walking free for too long after. call my god demonic? Look at the rapes, murdered, theft of resources, acts of terrorism ordered against my people by the Christian god of the bible. The god of the Christian bible is so great yet he had to murder others for their land and resources with his greedy materialistic, racist, selfish self just like his people, the whites. If one was to view the treatment of non whites around the world by whites, you would think the bible was a blueprint for whites. The same bible said my people are inferior and were born to serve whites. And whites are still conducting pseudo science experiments and using statistics to bolster their claim that my people are sub-Saharan Africans (white code word for subhuman).

        Please read careful, I never asked for anyone to commit vigilantism against Zimmerman. If only black people would turn to the god of their ancestors when they are need instead of this pink penis god who only ignores them maybe they would not be in this kind of predicament. They read some folly in the Christian bible about them being a chosen people of god who is being punished for not obeying god, that is correct but it is not the pink penis god they think. They are disobeying the god of their ancestors. I asked for my people to turn to the god of their ancestors to exact punishment on Zimmernan.

    2. I ask that you PLEASE refrain from Race Hustling and Race Baiting and deviceiveness.. Please consider the following…

      THIS A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another. John 13:34

      Race Hustler (They follow the $$$$$ and don’t care about society)…
      A term coined to describe those individuals of a particular race who project themselves into the media spotlight as spokespersons whenever there is an alledged racial incident which involves their race. The use of the word “Hustler”, included as a part of the term, also implies that these individuals expliot a racial situation to serve their own interests.

      I had a long-remembered meeting with Mr. Shimon Peres of Israel. He was a former prime minister. He had seen much of conflict and trouble in his time.

      I asked him whether there was any solution to the great problems that constantly seem to divide the people of Israel and the Palestinians. He replied, “Of course there is.”

      As I recall, he said, “When we were Adam and Eve, we were all one. Is there any need for us now to be divided into segments with hatred for one another?”

      He told a very interesting story that he said he had heard from a Muslim. The Muslim told of a Jewish rabbi who was conversing with two of his friends. The rabbi asked one of the men, “How do you know when the night is over and a new day has begun?”

      His friend replied, “When you look into the east and can distinguish a sheep from a goat, then you know the night is over and the day has begun.”

      The second was asked the same question. He replied, “When you look into the distance and can distinguish an olive tree from a fig tree, then you know morning has come.”

      They then asked the rabbi how he could tell when the night is over and the day has begun. He thought for a time and then said, “When you look into the east and see the face of a woman and you can say, ‘She is my sister.’ And when you look into the east and see the face of a man and can say, ‘He is my brother.’ Then you know the light of a new day has come.”

      Think of that for a few moments, my dear friends. How eloquently it speaks of the true meaning of brotherhood.

      1. I bet you are. A black person can understand the pain of Martin being murdered by a pigskin and the painful memories this convey. Why dont you go preach piece and love to your fellow whites who has millions of websites online dedicated to hating black. How come pigskin shits like you do not appear with your message of goodwill when other pigskins like you come to this forum with their hatred and intolerance. Pigskins are liars and highly delusional and will ignore the vile, violent racism of their own kind but will intervene against any black person who reacts to this type of terrorism. Go to hell yo eatmongering uncivilized beast. You have no civilization but you are a race of degenerate, deranged psychopaths. Civilization can only be achieved once there is peace

      2. D, you have no friends here. I bet that you are a pigskin – fathers and mothers of lies, deception, hypocracy and lunacy. Only black person can know and understand the pain of Zimmerman getting away with murdering Martin. Because pigskins have been murdering black people and has been using them as target practice for hundreds of years. I am sure this has come as a shock to all the black people who thought the playing firld with pigskins were levelled. If the races were in reverse, you and all the pigskin hypicrits who are preaching a message of piece would be shooting every black man in sight.but whenever black people react to their victimization by pigskins, hypocriticsl pigskins want peace. I see it on this forum all the time. Pigskins ignore the blatant racism of fellow pigskins while asking the black who gives the racist a dose of hismeficine to calm.down. you are truly a race of degenerate hypocrits.

      3. Go to a BYU website? Lmao!!! They were teaching their students that having dark skin was a sin up until the 1970’s. I played against BYU up in Provo and they called us “nigger” and any other racial slur they could think of. So why would I go to there website?

        I’m done with pinks. I have started my class for my concealed weapons license and once my child turns 18 he will get one as well. The next time one of these pinks pull a gun on me and call me “nigger” again I will stand my ground with a .45 caliber!! Since we must take the law in our own hands.

        Tell me how can u relate to Martin and feel the pain that we feel? I live in orange city and I am afraid to let my child play outside now cause there are dumb shits like that pink bastard running around. When has a black man just randomly pulled a gun on u and called you, “craker” or called you “cornbread.” You cam relate and u can’t feel the pain and disgust that we do down here in fla.

        Have you even listened to one of the jurors talk about trayvon? This whore stated that this is the lifestyle “THEY” choose. When they spoke of shit brains though they referred to him as georgie and George. There was a complete disconnect from us Africans. How is that a justified jury selection? It’s not in the least. If a African man or woman spoke that way you pinks would flip out and the case would have been reviewed again.

        I’m so sick of you all coming and preaching peace when it just gets us killed. GET THE F@%#K off our site and go to there forums that are strictly made to talk trash and degrade our culture and people.

        1. @Nyack,

          They are still degrading African people in their school systems. In Health Science studies, you will learn that people of African descent are the sickest and most diseased people on the planet. Coincidentally, they use lifestyle related diseases such as diabetes and heart diseases to bolster their claim of black people’s genetic inferiority. The diseases that mainly afflict black people are based on improper nutrition and environment but whites will not tell you this. I have tons of books on health and disease and not one will tell you that whites are prone to genetic defects, malfunctions and disorders such as osteoporosis, tay sachs (Jews are still white), cystic fibrosis, multiple, schelorosis, celiac, autism, Tourette’s syndrome, down syndrome, skin cancer (melanoma), rosacea, Parkinson’s disease (Mohammed Ali is not the entire African race). and etc.

          I personally believe that whites are more prone to substance abuse. Whites are stabbing and killing to get access to pharmaceutical drugs and there punishment are light compared to black people who are addicted to crack cocaine. Whites are more than likely to take pure cocaine than black people, yet the punishment for cocaine addiction is far lighter than for crack which possess a lesser amount of the drug. If people of African descent were addicted to pharmaceutical toxins as much as whites, the prison sentences would more stiff and there would be no rehab centres.

          While I was in school, I came across a journal article which stated African American women are more prone to vaginal odour than white women. I kid you not. If any of you have access to CINAHL, please search for the article yourself.

          In Anthropology, History and Philosophy I was taught that black people are never contributed anything to humanity. In law and philosophy, I was taught that black people are more prone to criminal activities due to their genetics.

          Whites are still preaching the lie that black people are than likely to be afflicted with HIV. Whites fuck dogs, cats, rats, horses, cows, pigs, chicken, snakes , whales (he wrote a book about it) and all kinds of beasts. They even fuck their children, aunts, uncles, parents, grandparents yet we are to believe that black people are prone to diseases and are less human.

          I am just providing you with some examples of the ways in which whites degrade and dehumanize black people. Since they have mostly moved away from using the bible to degrade people of African descent, they have turned to statistics and other forms of learning to carry on this tradition of theirs. These whites will do and say anything to make themselves look and feel good.

          I wish people like D would F@%#K off and go teach his fellow whites how to be peaceful and loving. I am not sure why these creatures come here if they don’t like the message.

  2. Zimmerman was told not to pursue Trayvon Martin, he disobeyed a police order. He went after Trayvon, a 17 year old AFAM youth in a car, with a loaded hand gun ! This was a crime of racial hate against this young man for not good reason.. Walking to hsi fathers house and not bothering anyone, doesn’t give good cause to be approached. If the police orders were folllowed, Trayvon Martin would still be living today.. This guy called the police to complain, why did he talk to the father about Trayvon making trouble in the neighborhood? Zimmerman asks comes from the elite white ruling class society of America.

  3. Mike,

    You are holding the unity of man back with your lack of grace and intelligent conversation. You are NOT allowing mankind to heal and get past the atrocities of the past. I realize that some people have done “bad” things in the past. However some people have done “good” in the past as well. It is time to be brothers and get over the hurts of the past and treat each other with love and kindness.. Good and bad decisions are made by people regardless of race. The media should not be allowed to have a trial in the court of public opinion without the true facts being present. The TRUTH should be allowed to be presented in each and every trail. Also mike, you assume someone is “white” because they are for peace and love.. so if that is what you believe whites are about.. what are YOU about if NOT peace and love ? Mike do you believe their will ever be a day when whites have suffered or paid enough for the misdeeds of the past ? What do you say about the blacks that sold other blacks into slavery ? What do you say about the blacks in africa that are STILL TO THIS DAY selling other blacks into slavery ? Facts are some people do good things some people do bad things.. its not confined to race..

    1. D,

      Of course you are a pigskin. No one cares enough to uphold pigskins’ lies but pigskins. As if black people selling each other into slavery make any sense or absolve pigskins of moral and ethical responsibility of just saying NO. Or it means that pigskins did not sail to the coast of the Africa looking to purchase slaves. Every time pigskins tell that nonsensical lie of African selling each other into slavery, I wonder if pigskins realize how far Africa is from Europe and the fact pigskins went to Africa to purchase slaves. If that is the case, I am going to head on down to Columbia to buy some drugs then transport it back to the USA and if I am caught, I will tell the judge that the Columbians sold the drugs to me. Who else would preach and believe that nonsense excuse about black people selling other black people into slavery but pigskins? If there are black people in Africa selling slaves, it is because there is a white demand for it. Just like there is a white demand for white prostitution of white Eastern European women.. Anything that is evil, vile and degusting pigskins manage to create a market for it.

      Now, back to your black people selling black people into slavery. If what you pigskins claim is true that Africans sold other Africans into slavery this means pigskins have no moral compass. It was pigskins who sailed to the coast of Africa looking for slaves. Black people didn’t sail to Europe to sell slaves. Liken the lie that you pigskins keep telling that black people sold other black people into slavery unto drug dealing. Isn’t the buyer and the transporter of the drugs just as guilty as the seller? Or does pink skin absolves you of this moral and ethical responsibility, after all, killing and murdering people for land and resources is part of your religion – Christianity.

      Pigskins, do you honestly believe the hurt that black people have suffered at your hands is truly in the past. No one ever tells the Jews to forget the holocaust and that it is the past but black people are suppose to forget their sons being murdered by pigskins in 2013. My cousin is suppose to forget the white man who turned his dog on her. I am suppose to forget being called a nigger, a sheboon, a nitch, a monkey and an ape. I am suppose to forget every time I watch a video that is about black people, pigskins are calling the people niggers, monkeys, apes, subhumans and any other ridiculous names their demented minds can conceive. Me and my family members are suppose to forget being tormented and put down by white teachers. D, you see , having pigskin causes you to suffer delusions and even cause you to tell others how to feel and think. Pigskins have about a million websites online preaching racial hatred, “all niggers should die,” and that “niggers are subhuman” and we are the ones who need a message of peace. Despite the millions or racist sites in existence, I am to believe that racism is in the past. Why don’t you hop on over to some of the more popular racist site to go preach your message of peace.

      D, please drop dead and do not direct any of your hypocritical messages to me. Go back to your racist brotherhood, I am sure that will be more comforting to you.

      1. First and foremost,

        I would like to have a conversation with you. I find this most interesting, are their still some racest people sure. Truth be told their are black racists, white racist and racist in every shape, form and color. Do you not believe in the words of Martin Luther King. to judge someone based upon the content of their character and NOT THEIR SKIN COLOR ? I have not judged you or anyone based on their color. I will like or dislike an INDIVIDUAL based upon their INDIVIDUAL behavior and the way we get along,… I have no direct problem with you.. Your going to believe whatever you want to believe. For me it is a truth that good people and bad people have always come in any shape, size or color.. Unfortunately some bad people have had a great degree of power and wealth at different times, but that is not a reason to classify a whole race of people based upon the action of a few… As for my other comments I can provide evidence and supporting information for all of them… Why would you want to keep racial tensions alive ? Why would you not want to be about brotherhood ? If you want to watch something of information in regard to slavery… watch this, get back to me and lets discuss this.

  4. that account comes from way before patriarchal religion existed an color from europe ,it now is adopted by the l;ast ma raised who has practiced the oppsite to give birth to what call race hustlers,,that smooth how you slipped tht in andidnt include who created race .now if you came with that knowledge thatgave light to the action that cause the reaction ,the cause that made created the effect . we gona tell you one moor time ,cause u brigg ham young dudes brigg=army jail ham young [cca private prison investments] know you come from us ham young hamites u claim to be moor mon estary esoteric ether consciousness race hustle locking us into all being from ham an u bein adam , lockiig up all our young moors c for non violent crimes , we are the atom u adam mada a block to dtop the flow a dam ,the cause cannot hide itself attacking the effec ANY MOOR t like catholic pedofile priests against gay marriage of people molested an raped as children thats why how they got gay like lhow latinum was turned to spain it was turned out.the, religion takes our sovereignty an turns us over to the state to be slaves in the name of thr phallus , relgion has the human family living as the dead with corpus/corpse accounts /what kind of jew ,the fakle chosen 8th centurt on from europe or the sephardic from spain ,lat ones o get knowledge claim to be chosen by god ,they choe by baphomet baal moloch ,,what god is it with the penis hthat that sory iss about cauuse its from the matriarchy before thhree kingss religiion takeover .what is the cause of the race husttler as u cal him ,thr hate that hate created,,what was your republican party that stole the whiggammor position an got rutherford b hayes to pull unio troops from the south ,,what were the black codes an wha were the names of those race hustlers like willie lynch ,, you got huslters an rustlers of cattle in america he chattel people ,,we also have as the caue cuulture ruustlers an hustlers ,,withh all the pa;le men with fezzes as shriners an masons ,when moors werestrippedof there titles the hustling rustling began not tpoday with aman making a comment o the race hustle of trayvon martin ,,zimmerma n is the race hustle ,,german warr criminnal general zimmerman blood line,what did we always get away with the holocaust ,50,000 -1000,000 of us died there tto ,,they didnt keep us around in camps , get away from plantation ,we here albion jews say the jewish race ..then wehere them say they chosen ,,moormonsay he chosen to ,,got el ders d is for DALETH/DEVIL D HERS D HIERS RACE HUSTLE RACE CARD,,HOW MMANY LYNCHINGS HAVE WE CONDUCTED TO ESTABLISH OUR BLAACK NEESS ..HOW MANY TO US TO ESTABLISH FAKE WHITENEES WITH CONE HEAD HOOD,,KILL US EVEN FEZ IS CONE HEAD ALBION WEARS TOHUSSTLE OUR SCIENCE INTO HIS RACE HUSTLE AN FAKE WHTE STATUS ,U NOT WHITE D FOR U TO HAVE TO HUSTLE NO RACE ANY MOOR .LIFE IS A CHES BOARD AN HOW THE WHITE SIDE OF THE CHESS BOARD WAs HUSTLED INTO THE FAKE WHITE RACE KKEPING THE ORIGINAL MAN ON DEFENSE MOVING SECOND ON HER HIS OWN LAND IS THE ONLY HUSTLE THAT CAUSES THE EFFECT ,NEVER MOVING FIRST NEVER BEING ON OFFENSE RESUULLTS IN A LOSS,,A N THE MOORS CALLED COLORS ARE PUT ON STUCK IN DEFENSE FORCED TO MOVE SECOND ALWAYS A N N FEAR TO RETREAT,to try to make it look so simple like simon to kill sea moor seymour see moor .we see the bleac hustled to back a moor then negro colored ,malcoms oaau o now african amerioican hustle ,jesse so messy wreckon swimming in sloppy seconds of the albion minister of sinister world wide born master of disaster they kill my moor with white alabaster ,,the alabaster man ,,alabaster is kryptonite to moors crypt ttonight strawman 13 14 amendment enemy of the state ,,from war powers act ,,the actors try to blame to reactors after activatingthem to react ,referee always caches retaliter ,cain ges away with the foul but able is not ab el,,abel is the so called black man cain is albion abel iis human family cain is mankind ,anit said this god raised your lower self above you ,,theres gonna be rreaction to that action to fraction action jackson until they get they power back an thats the fact b

  5. to stop the flow of primordial waters take people from their land land with aqueduct borders ,,ptah raise in primordal waters of nuun ,,this hustle is from the after nuun afternoon

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