They came before the Moors of Spain

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… there was a great drought which caused many deaths in Spain. According to Ibn Al Khattid al Makkary (Arab historian) there was an invasion from Africa that followed shortly after.

After a revolt in North Africa, the king banished from his kingdom those who had rebelled against him. “He caused the few who remain to be embarked on board some vessel and giving them for commander an officer of the name Batrikus, he allowed them to go whither they pleased.”

“The leader of the Africans is recorded as Batrikus. What his original name is we do not know but it survives as Batrikus in the Latin of the Romans…”

They entered Spain and took control of the country. They first cast anchor at a place on the western shore of Spain and settled at Cadiz. Advancing into the interior of the country, they spread themselves about, extended their settlements, built cities and towns and increased their numbers by marriage.

“Having…advanced into the interior of the country, they found that owning to the fall of the rain, the land had recovered its former aspect, the fields were adorned with verdure, the rivers flowed, the fountain ran and the trees were covered with leaves. Encouraged by what they saw they proceeded still further…”

They settled in that part of the country between the place of their landing in the west and the country of the Franks in the east and appointed kings to rule over them and administer their affair. They fixed their capital at Talikah (Italica) a city now in ruins, which once belonged to the the district of Isbilah, which is the modern Seville.

But after a period of one hundred and fifty seven years, during which eleven kings of the African race reigned over Andalus they were annihilated by the “barbarians of Rome” who invaded and conquered the country.

The Africans fought back and their capital being very strong meant that they were able to hold out for a considerable time.

Ishban, the leader of the Romans built the city Seville opposite to Italica before storming the city. He ordered the demolition of Italica and took its marbles and effects to his new city.

Two years later, Ishban attacked Ilia (Jerusalem), plundered and demolished it, killing one hundred thousand Jews, and took away its marbles and effects to Andalus.

Golden Age of the Moor by Ivan Van Sertima

They came before the Moors

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