The Wonderful Civilization of the Ancient Twas of Africa – By Mena7

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Cheikh Anta Diop and other historian stated the first inhabitant of Africa south of the Sahara were the Twa and Khoisan, the later West African and Bantu come from the Sahara, the Nile Valley and West asia.

Powerful video by British historian Basil Davidson.Sahara wall images of the green Sahara Maa confederation show horse with saddle, cattle with plow, chariot and man with tunic.Mainstream historian never credited the Saharan for domesticating the horse and inventing the plow and chariot.Basil Davidson also show African migrating from the Sahara to west Africa and the Nile valley.

The Twa people of Africa were among the first African to peopled the world.They created the first advance civilization worldwide.

Many Chinese, Japanese and Mayan are the same 5’0″ size of the Twa because they are descendant of Twa people.If you look closely you can see their Twa phenotype.Its look like outside Africa the Twa and other African ethnic group mixed with other people and their descendant who are realy the same African people look different.

Globe Trotting Twas:

The Twa aka Anu lived from the Nile Valley to Mali(called Tellen).They lived in Portugal, Germany and England(called Picts and Lapps).They lived in Scandinavia were they are called Finns(Finland name after them).

The Twa lived in Groeland, Canada(called Skraelings), North America(called mounds builders).They lived in the tip of South America where they are called the Fuegians.

Moving West to Hawaii where the Twa were called Menehune.In the Phillipine Islands they were called Negritos by the Spanish.In Indonesia on the Island of Flores skeletons of Twa were called Hobbits.In India we find the Twa in a Islands in the bay of bengals where they are called Andaman Islanders.The Twa are found all over the world.

From the book The First American were African by David Imhotep.

First Civilizaton:

The first Paleolithic man was the Twa who was evolved in Central Africa at the source of the Nile Valley and from here all originated (civilization) and was carried throughout the world.The Twa created religion. They are the first human. Connection between Twa, Khoi, Masaba connected with Nilotic black created religion. The first Nilotic Egyptian Gods were Twa(Ptah, Bes) and the Goddess were Twa.

Pygmy/Twa have an Adam story, God, Garden of Paradise, sacred tree.A noble Pygmy man made of earth and a wicked Pygmy woman who led him to sin.God ban a single fruit,the woman asking the man to eat the fruit.God punnished Pygmy sinners.The Pygmy believed in a father God who was killed.A virgin mother who gave birth to a Savior son who avenged the death of his father.These become Osiris, Isis, Horus of Egypt.

The Pygmy had developed in the distant past a highly technical and advanced type of material culture and that they built boat traveling all over the world.But civilization brought them nothing but bad luck, so prefering happiness to misery, they finaly gave up this high material civilization.Pygmy fossils have been found in all parts of the world.

Christianity before Christ by John G Jackson.

Anthropological Studies:

Jean Pierre Hallet was a Belgian born anthropologist who lived with the Twas and studied their history and culture for more than 20 years. Hallet’s Pygmy friends told him that in the distant past they developed a highly technical and advanced type of material culture and that they built boats and traveled widely around the world, but that this technical excellence bought them nothing but bad luck, so, preferring happiness to misery, they finally gave up this high material civilisation. There may be a lot of truth in these traditions, for Pygmy fossils have been found in all parts of the world.”

-John G. Jackson ‘Christianity Before Christ’

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14 thoughts on “The Wonderful Civilization of the Ancient Twas of Africa – By Mena7”

  1. Bes and Ptah are the first prescription to any scolarly inquiries into aincient minds migrations, culture and how one may speak of race i.e. classification!
    Bes and Ptah are extremely present in all pantheons and literatures associated with spiritual connection and religiosity.
    From Kali to The Assumed Mayan Calendar Throughout Kemet to Jesus Christ and all known relative informations concerning esoteric exoteric wisdom and has been the foundation ever since. Connect the dots. Im not saying they were first because the evindence says differently thus far but in fact they are the most aincient genealogy in any carbon dating or scientific inquiry to date!
    Ankh uja snb hetep

  2. I loved reading all the comments on the article all valuable.
    Many years ago I had an experience with a Twa community of spiritual master who entered my dreamscape and gave me some task which was located in the forest. They were much smaller than 5 feet. The ones I met were very ancient and they were about 3ft. The size of a three-year-old child, with very powerful powers of the mind. They used the medium of telepathy to communicate, and hold my mind gently with love. We are a repository of living ancestral information, we just have to get familiar with the history is still living knowing how to plumb those depths within us. (history books give us a shade of grey).
    There were many communities of Twa people spread out over Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, the western half of Tanzania, Kenya, and Congo each community has its own unique history. In my experience, our ancient ancestors were very powerful nature shamans and shamaness of the forrest. and still, operate within us for those who have ears to listen.

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