‘Black Panthers’ Rise Up in Greece: Warn Racist Gangs: ‘Don’t Mess With Black People’

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A group of Black and immigrant Greeks have banded together to form a self-defense group to counter the attacks of a gang that targets citizens of color in the country. Nicknamed the “Black Panthers,” the group uses cell phones, social media, and neighborhood patrols to record any activity perceived as a threat from the far-right neo-Nazi Golden Dawn Party.

Regarding the massive economic crisis in Greece, the Golden Dawn Party has risen in power and blame immigrants for the high unemployment and crime. According to reports, more than 150 hate-fueled attacks occurred over the past year alone. Michael Chege (pictured), a 28-year-old of Kenyan descent, told Britain’s Channel 4 that he and his Black Panthers are taking on the Golden Dawn faction without fear.

“You cannot be living your life in fear because of some stupid neo-Nazi group,” said Chege to Channel 4 reporter Jamal Osman. “In WW2, they were crushed. In WW3, we will exterminate them out of the face of the earth.”

Chege added, “And me personally? I am a member of the Black Panthers and everybody knows that. And I am giving them [Golden Dawn] a straight warning – don’t mess with Black people, anyhow.”

Chege said he has warred with the Golden Dawn 10 times in a “kill or be killed” battle in his words. Osman asked if the encounters with the gangs are random, to which he replied, “They mostly target Black people.”

Even more shocking? According to Chege, the police do not intervene in hate crimes because they secretly support Golden Dawn.

Channel 4 also showed that immigrants are seized and searched far more than native Greeks — even when Greeks are seen openly using drugs.

Native Greeks feel that the 3 million immigrants who land in Greece on their way to the richer countries in Greater Europe are sucking the country dry. One Golden Dawn supporter said he’d turn the immigrants “into soap” before insultingly saying the soap would give him a rash.

The same man even threatened to make lamps of their skin shortly after.

However, Chege welcomes the challenge of stopping Golden Dawn in their tracks.

“They want to try what Hitler did, let them try it,” said a defiant Chege, a trained martial artist. “They will have the same fate and even worse.”

Black Panthers in Greece

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12 thoughts on “‘Black Panthers’ Rise Up in Greece: Warn Racist Gangs: ‘Don’t Mess With Black People’”

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    If a so called immigrant is stealing your job, than it’s obviously not being done right.

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  3. The white greeks have nobody to blame but themselves: they have been living it large and easy on debt, siestas all facilitated by their banks and governments. There is no way immigrants-leave alone Black ones can have caused their (greeks) current situation. Nobody enters Europe from Africa and milks it dry-leave alone 3 million in little Greece.

    This pattern of nazi vigilantes coming together will continue all over Europe and America which are technically bankrupt. The politicians and cops will let them carry on as this creates diversion from the real cause: financial & corporate theft whose house of sand has come crumbling. Black people should not be surprised as this is a patern the white racists always adopt when they fall into a little trouble. This however is big.

    1. Blacks & other 3rd world immigrants cause the vast majority of crime in Greece. THAT is why Golden Dawn exists. The Greeks are not going to put up with being abused by filthy shit skin 3rd worlders in their country any more.



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