The Rhythms of the True Black Arabs of Arabia – Ogu Ejiofo Annu

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Many persons never realize that the Arabian pennisula is just an extension of the African mainland as testified by its flora and fauna which are the same as Africa’s.

But even more, the true people of Arabia are black Africans who had crossed over to the Arabian pennisula in the earliest of time. Since then, Arabia and Africa developed in tandem, until the intrusion of the Turkis and the so-called white Persians who brought a demographic change in the ethnic make-up of the pennisula.

Yet, the true blood and culture of Africa continues to thrive among the black Arabians, who are rarely seen in the tubes and screens of international media.

But they remain alive, and thriving, and growing and relishing in the power of their ancient rhythm which sustained them from the dawn of creation and which will be with them to the time when they shall rise in ascendancy and take over their land and destiny.

Rasta Live wire presents the rhythm of the true Arab takens from a You Tube video posting: Enjoy…!v=ovcI8l22498&feature=related

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