African Diamonds: African Economic Growth and the Kimberley Process diamond certification Project – Abudulkadir X

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African Economic Growth and the Kimberley Process diamond certification Project

Robert Mugabe has threatened to bust the illegitimate western attempts to control the flow of diamond from African sources. The western governments had set up the Kimberley Control Accord and Kimberley Process diamond certification Project, under which there is a negative presumption that all mined diamonds had been obtained via torture and murder and genocide, except those approved by the World Diamond Control Body manipulated by a confluence of WASPs, British Israelites, the Orange House, and the world’s Zionist Council.

This illegitimate assertion of control over Africa’s resources and destiny has been supported and glamourized by a manipulative movie called “Blood Diamonds”. In that movie, all independent African entreprenural initiatives to exploit their own natural wealth was tarnished as endeavours of rape, blood and unbridled despotism.

Hence when an African or South American country wishes to produce and sell its diamonds outside the supervision of this cartel, they become open season for all kinds of moral judgement and condemnation, setting the stage for economic sanctions and even military occupation.

Everything about the Kimberley Accord is about helping the De Beers family and their network of diamond speculators remain the only beneficiaries of the wealth of Africa and South America.

It is interesting to note that one of the biggest foreign exchange earners for the Israeli economy is diamond sales yet there is not even one diamond mine in Israel. The Jewish Districts of Beligum have some of the world’s most profitable diamond cutting and selling markets, same for those of America and Canada.

One hears of the Anglo-Dutch diamond minning combines, the great Canadian diamond minning prospectors, Israeli and Australian countries running wild with diamonds and gold, but not even one independent African entreprenuer can boast of any wealth-generating network he has built around diamonds.

In essence, Africans do not have any existence in the diamond economy. yet they have the most diamond in the world. Minning of diamonds is one of the easiest projects that one can set up in Africa since many such mines are open pit-mines, dug up by hand-labour.

The west is aware of the potential that western educated Africans will one day see the prospect of diamond trade as one of the fastest ways to take their economy back into their own hands. The west knows that indeed these are the days when Africans will be asking themselves, who owns Mama’s land in Africa and why are those western and Israeli companies the only beneficiaries of Mama’s wealth?

So they set up the Kimberly Accord, and created this false concept of blood diamonds. Indeed, they are just on the verge of turning African diamonds to something worse than drug-control war. African diamonds are being made to look like the equivalent of cocaine. But that is a false, wicked and evil concept.


Zimbabwe can account for one-fourth of the world’s diamond supply. Zimbabwean economy has been demolished by years of western economic sanctions and boycotts.

The Zimbabwean economists agree that their nation’s massive reserves of diamonds have ‘huge potential’ to revive the shattered economy.

However, the Kimberley Process diamond certification scheme is being used to undercut the potential of this African country to re-build and move on. It has refused to authorize international sales amid false and fake allegations of killings, human rights violations and corruption in the massive diamond fields discovered in eastern Zimbabwe in 2006.

The whole charade is about keeping the Africans down and out as the world’s second or third class citizens eventhough their mother Africa has made them the richest and most blessed of the entire world’s population.

‘No one should doubt our resolve to sell our diamonds,’ Mr Mugabe told politicians at the ceremonial opening of the Parliament in Harare.

Cynical political manipulations by Western nations and human rights groups deadlocked a Kimberly Process meeting in Israel last month that sought approval for the sales after a regional monitor of the control body reported Zimbabwe had met minimum international diamond mining standards.

Mr Mugabe said Zimbabwe’s Western adversaries wanted ‘absurd’ conditions put in place to block the diamond sales.

‘We have to remain rooted in the reality we are the sole guarantors of our economic emancipation,’ he said.

Mining experts estimate that Zimbabwe’s diamond fields, sealed off by police and troops in the districts of Marange and Chiadzwa near the eastern city of Mutare, are likely the biggest deposits found in Africa since the Kimberley fields were discovered in neighbouring South Africa a century ago.

The mines ministry said it already has about $1.7billion of diamonds in storage ready to be sold.

Zimbabwe’s total international debt is estimated at around $5.5billion.

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4 thoughts on “African Diamonds: African Economic Growth and the Kimberley Process diamond certification Project – Abudulkadir X”

  1. The body overseeing the trade in “blood diamonds” has agreed that Zimbabwe can resume limited exports from new diamond fields in the east of the country.

    It may be able to resume full exports after a review of conditions at the Marange diamond fields in September.

    The Kimberley Process suspended the diamond exports in November in response to allegations of atrocities committed by security forces at Marange.

  2. It’s all about the money. I guess if all those African diamonds would hit the market, diamond prices would drop considerably.

    Although blood diamonds are a big problem, it’s sad that people make generalizations that all African diamonds are blood diamonds, thus preventing economic growth where it’s most needed.

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