The Psalms of Jahdey

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Many consumers consuming for the sake of consumption,
many takers still taking even what they do not need;

There are many who suffer abuses, injustice and trials.
Yet even these are the gifts of life;
In suffering can also be found a healing balm,
but all pleasures are toxic.
For in sufferation there is the remembrance of the LORD,
but in much pleasures, all is forgotten in a flash.

Everything is a gift of life;
and the will of the LORD; for our own good and betterment.

Seeker, when you overstand the experience of this life;
realizing the reason for this life is love
and the reason for love is this life,
you will neither fear pain nor lust for pleasure again,
yet, you will dissolve in the bliss of love, like salt in the rain!

— Jahdey

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One thought on “The Psalms of Jahdey”

  1. This poem is so touching. Thank you for writing such simple and vibratic message. I love the line about many takers taking when they do not need. I especially love that our experiences are gifts of life.

    May the poet be blessed, and may we rejoice in vibrancy of life, and being present because our smallness is our sum.

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