The Original Meaning of the “N” Word — by Pianke Nubiyang

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The Original Meaning of the “N” Word

By: Pianke Nubiyang
27, January 02, at 12:50 p.m.


The word “nig…” used to be the most revered and sacred word in the universe. It was the “devine epithet,” and the people who began using the mother of all words that originated from this word which was sullied by the British, were the ancient Egyptians or better, the Khemites, who called their land, “Khemet” or “The Black Land,” and also used the name, “Ta-merri” or “The Beloved Land.”


The father of the “n” word was the word used by the ancient Egyptians for “God.” That word was “N-g-r” and as one can see, there are no vowels in this word. In the ancient African and even the present African languages (the Afro-Asiatic linguistic family) vowels such as “a,e,i,o,u” are not found in many translations, particularly of ancient Hebrew and Egyptian languages.

In the translation of ancient Egyptian and Hebrew (which is heavily influenced by Egyptian), one will not always find vowels, therefore, very few people will realize that the word for God, which is “N-g-r” pronounced “en-ger” was the Egyptian word for God. In fact, the Egyptian word for “nature,” is also the word used for God. That word is “ntyr,” (pronounced net-jer.” Now prounce the word “nigg..” and the word “net-jer,” and one sees the clear connection.


In many African languages particularly the Niger-Congo language family. Words that connects with people, Gods, and groups begin with “n” and that word is always the first word. For instance, the word “Nkosi” in Xhosa is “God.” The word “Ndaba,” in another South African language is “counsil” (or gathering of elders). Many common names also begin with “N”.


N-g-r (Egyptian;pronounced en-jer) = God
N-t-y-r (Egypt; pronounced net-ger) = God, Devine
Negash (Ethiopia; ne-gash) = King
Negus (Ethiopia; ne-goos) = Emperor
Nkosi (Xhosa; en-kosi) = God
Ndaba (Zulu; en-daba) = Counsil/Officials,
Naga (East Indian, Nubian = People
Nugarmarta (West African = People (See the writings of Ibn Buttata’s journey to West Africa)


The Romans are probably the first Europeans to misrepresent the word for God, which was “N-g-r”

About the early part of the First Century, Romans tried to invade Ethiopia. (see BLACK HISTORY CHART or go here for a list of Nubian Pharaohs and Queens.

The Romans who were speakers of Latin always knew of Blacks, there were Blacks in Rome, Italy had an ancient Black presence long before the Latins migrated from Central Asia and North Eastern Europe during the ‘Aryan’ migrations. In fact, the Latin ethnic groups is still in existance in the northern part of Italy even today. This part of Italy still grips about Hannibal’s invasion which happened about two thousand two hundred years ago!!!!

The Romans had a name for Blacks, it was “Niger” and it meant Black or people of African origins. Thus, Septimus Niger would have meant, Septimus the Negro. Yet, how did the Romans connect the word “Niger” to Black.

In ancient times, Blacks were worshipped as Gods. The Gods of Greece came from Egypt. The worship of the Black Madonna is connected with the worship of Isis, the Egyptian Goddes. Moreover, Blacks in Egypt called their Pharaohs “En-ger” or “N-g-r” he was literally referred to as “THE GOD.”

It is very possible that when the Romans tried to invade Nubia, they asked for the name of the God and the term “N-g-r” was probably used in place of “leader” or “king”. In Angola, the same also happened during the 1600’s when the word “N-gola” which means “King” (notice the “N” and the “g” in this word as well), came to be “Angola,’ the name of a kingdom in south western Africa.
(Read more on Nubian, Egyptian, West African and ancient American trade and commercial connections in ancient times; see the book, “Susu Economics: The History of Pan-African Trade, Commerce, Money and Wealth,” published by 1stBooks Library, also see


A Roman general invading Nubia from Egypt would probably have used the Egyptian term for Pharaoh, which was “N-g-r” (God). This term then was used to refer to all Blacks and as time went by, the word N-g-r became Niger. In Fact, the Romans also classified their Emperors as “Gods,” to follow the Egyptian style. Moreover, as the History Channel poointed out, “Rome was a collection of villages before the Egyptians built it up.”(paraphrased).
The word “em-peror” sounds very close to the word “en-jer.” That is not a coincidental connection…………

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Original: The Original Meaning of the “N” Word — by Pianke Nubiyang

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99 thoughts on “The Original Meaning of the “N” Word — by Pianke Nubiyang”

  1. In the modern day dictionary the word nigger meant a very ignorant person. It never said of any race or color just ignorant. However, history shows us the root of the word negus or further n g r meant ruler or God. Europeans throughout history seemed to always try to manipulate the true meaning of things from the African/Egyptian culture and history altering its true meaning into something that is bad or tainted. The word nigger is one of these words that came from a root word (as all words ) which was altered and used to hurt and shame people of a darker skin tone. In reality it is just a word made up by ignorant folk who for generations tried to belittle those from the original man and from royalty. The history was deliberately changed and destroyed to hide the truth, but true science tells the truth.

    1. What you just said is completely false.
      I have no idea how you came to the idea that througout time Europeans have tried to manipulate African and Egyptian culture/history or words to make them seem bad.
      1. Just saying this is extremely ignorant.
      2. Where is the proof of this? You just say “History shows us”.
      Give proof next time you comment something uselss.
      I do agree with you that the word ‘nigger’ was used to belittle people of a dark(er) skin colour, but going on to say that history was deliberately changed I don’t see that.
      History can luckily not be altered so I don’t see your point at all and also because again there is no fucking evidence of any of the things you are proclaiming to be.
      Science tells the truth? Wtf who was talking about science, if this is anything it is History combined with Social Studies, Geography and that makes Etymology together.

      Side note:

      It is possible ‘niger’ in latin came from nox, which means night, which is very obviously dark!

      1. How do you know that what she said is completely false. It isn’t, it’s absolutely true, but if you do think it’s false, prove it! Real science (not the ignorant whitewashed version, tells us that the first human was black or brown. You believe what you want, we’ll believe the truth thank you.

      2. Oh my goodness!! You must be very young. Considering your foul language, you are portraying yourself as “an ignorant person”. I know for a fact because I and all of my classmates saw it with our own eyes in black and white in the dictionary we all used so often, unlike the young people of today who only rely on the internet, that the word “nigger” was in fact defined as “an ignorant person”. Nothing else. Just those 3 words. And yes, hun, people have done and are doing some awful things to “change” history and cover up the parts they don’t like. Just so you know, if we don’t teach our children the TRUE history of our great nation, that same history you’re trying so hard to hide will in fact repeat itself sooner than later.

      3. Do some research on the word NGR… Duh! – smh.
        Before posting (ignorant “know it all”) comments… RESEARCH!!!

      4. It’s TRUE the European did manipulate things like in the Bible they created all the characters as being portrayed as white blonde hair even the angels trying to make people think I’d God is white which is not true they were people color as described Daniel 7 skin like bronze brass and hair like sheep wool. This is exactly how they tried to manipulate ppl into thinking
        It’s all about white as being the only race as good and pure look at the dictionary white meaning and black means it’s unfair

    2. Actually, Europeans have stolen everything that they can, including our ancestors. We’re a brilliant people that has INFLUENCED everyone. That you steal, you don’t keep. Our African ancestors BUILT America on their backs because Europeans didn’t know how. The majority of the inventions during slavery and afterwards were primarily by Africa’s descendants. Our ancestors taught Europeans how to build homes with a roof because their myopic vision created flat roofs. It was our ancestors that educated Europeans why in the Bayou that you only build homes from the Cypress tree because termites doesn’t like this particular wood. What about our ingenuity of building moats that Europeans didn’t know anything about? Due to their ignorance and feelings of inferior, this is the entire system of slavery BECAUSE if equality truly exists across the board, we will continue to out thrive and excel. If African descendants aren’t a threat, why create the laws for an advantage. Look at whose cheating on the tests and paying large amounts to be admitted to Ivy Leagues? Not PEOPLE OF COLOR…and we’ve proven that we RISE. No matter how many laws are established for Europeans and lighter skin, when we master the playing the field, the laws are changed. I can write a thesis on the unjust system and you have the audacity to say ALL LIVES MATTER!!! They do sir BUT you’ve always been entitled and now that people of color are excelling, now there’s a problem. NO, it’s the hand of an Almighty God exposing the dirty card dealings for 400 plus year. Colorism isn’t going anywhere and returning to its natural state, the BEGINNING of time…

  2. Google the book Black Athena. It talks about institutional racism and how our modern school system promotes the myths told by Anicent Greeks who were pionners of the Aryan World Model.

    Germany Instituted racism in their school text book and rewriting history in their favor.

    Germany is now on the push to rewrite the Out of Africa theory and rewrite history by now saying Europeans were the first modern man and not Africans and that modern man came from Europeans.

    Racism is a distraction away from genetics. The Aryan World Model was built on the philosophy that the righteous man is the pure white man and they began the first civilization and the father to mankind before they learnt about genetics. However, genetics is were European rhetoric falls apart. Greek Mythology was just that Mythology simply preaching a bunch of rhetoric.

    It’s been recently discovered that Europeans and Asian both share a common ancestor of the Neanderthals. They also discovered homo-sapiens across Eurasia and Germans are proclaiming that proof Europeans were first and modern mankind didn’t come from African. They will push this rhetoric to once again rewrite history and to remove anything associated with Africans accomplishments.

    However, Logic states that Africans do not have the Neanderthals (Europeans) nor the Denisoven (Asians) gene and genetics states that Africans are the purest homo-sapiens which modern mankind derived from. If Africans are the purest homo-sapiens and we do not share the same common ancestors of that of the Denisoven or Neanderthals and then how that it be Europeans are the first of mankind when we do not share the same lineage, but however Africans genes wipe them both out and modern mankind is the result of that.

    Genetically Neanderthals were weak and those who carries their genes are also prone their genetics defects. Europeans genes are recessive and genetically can’t reproduce as fast as Africans nor can their genes overpower African genes. Like the Neanderthals if Africans continued to mixed with Europeans their race will too slowly become extinct.

    Hence the birth of racism. I was design to turn never positive meaning of the black into a negative connotation.

    Black Magic (Chemistry),
    Black Hat (Computer Science – hacking),
    Black Market (Global World Trade – sanction nations – African countries)
    Black Cat (Witch Craft)
    Blacklist (sanction)
    Blackleg (type of cow disease)
    and many others.

    1. They say black is a “nega”tive color that’s why European scholars have denoted everything that’s not positive to black. Darkness, voids light, you can’t see in the darkness, turn the light off your in darkness, they say spirits dwell in the darkness, most crime and disfunction happens at night. So if they could give a label to people they hate, what better way than to call them black, why not call us night, they were very crafty in these labels and bywords. Think about it!

  3. Read
    2nd Kings
    Chapter – 5 vs 25 = Explains
    When our ( Caucasian Brothers )
    Came into ( Existence)
    God Said It
    I Believe IT .

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