The ‘N’ Words — by Eze Amma

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The ‘N’ Words

I am that I am
Negus Negusta
The King of Kings

I am
The Great Negus
Cardinals sin cardinal sins
With lies still dripping from their quivering lips
And vampiric hands clasping cups filled
To the brim
With the blood of the innocents
Waiting to be drunk dry
And with even more blood on their heads
Pooled in a round red puddles
And pouring off their shoulders on down to their feet
In sanguinous cascading folds that color their
Processional paths a river of bright scar-littered red

I am the King of Kings
Negus Negusta
The Lion of the Dawn
Present at the very first sunrise that ever there was

I am
I have always been
I always will be
Negus Negusta
The King of Kings

No wonder
Do not seem willing to stop
Calling each other Nagas
Much to the horror of many other Negroes
Who do not know or maybe even care
That the serpent people of old were called

So it would seem
That the sons and daughters
Of the serpent God Nga
Have yet been quite unable
To forget their true names
Or their once-worn Uraeus crowns
And so still unwittingly call each other Nagas
Perhaps without ever realizing
They are all not really
The ‘hood-winked, ‘hood-loomed
Ghett-ho Bitches and Whatsup Dogs
They have been told they are
But children of the real Negus
The Re-al, Ra-El, Ray-all, Roi-all,
Royal Nagas

Just like I am

Negus Negusta
The King of Kings
Standing on the banks of the Niger River
That great Ngr flow on by
As a serpentine aquatic highway
On which to hustle onward
The produce-filled barques of
The Sahelian children of the Naga
Who ride upon the currents
Wherein dwell their first ancestors
The Mother and Father of all waters

And I am Negus Negusta
Impatiently pacing
The mineral rich shores of the Kongo River
Also watching that great Nka snake by
Stained blood lust red with the run off
From the mining pits and killing forests of Kingu
Where mission school and mercenary
Bamboozled sleep walkers perform suicidal sambas
To the tune of the vampires’ genocidal reel
All part of the grand Sethian plan
To cleanse the giant lakes
Now and for ever
Of the children of the Nga
Begotten of the seventh ancestor
The great serpent n-Ka that lies
Coiled in wait under the mirrored lacustrine surfaces
That will blindingly reflect the first glimmer
Of that long expected daybreak.

So let cardinals continue
To sin on their cardinal sins
For their time is yet short
And their sacrificial altars are burning
And the blood of the innocents
Is now boiling hard and hot
As Vulcan’s fires roar high
To remind all and all
That they have been
Told the most grevious of lies
And so must now live
Scattered amongst the bum dazzled
And back broken still unaware of the
Twin tooth marks on their punctured necks
But in the end they too must finally awaken
To the truth
That None other than Ethiopia
Is the true child of the Titan God Vulcan

For I am still Negus Negusta
The King of Kings
Sitting in an immobile papyrus reed boat
Beclamed on a stilled and bloated Nile
Now blocked into a lake by a damned dam
Dammed by damned Scythia
As part of the grandiose scheme
To drown the body of the great God King Osir-is once and for all
In a silted Nilotic underworld beneath the fathomless currents of mud
That flow down yearly past Aswan
Running with the rains from the mountains of the Moon
And the lofty cloud covered peaks of Ethiopia
Rising into a flood
At the time when the constellation of Ausar
Followed by his consort the bright star of Ast
Rolls above the horizon
One hour before the Sun of the Fox
To shine at dawn upon their Hero child
Who bears that most ancient face of Ethiopia:
That oh so Ethiopian face
Of the Lion King of Giza
That Abu Hol
That Father of Dread

For they did vainly try to smash the face of Ethiopia
And bury it in sand
But maybe they should have stayed their jealous hands
A spell longer
For their hardened hearts were no match for
The gilded shining rock hard face of Kush
That stared deep into the underground silos
In which were stored the giant granite ben-ben missiles
That were waiting to fly and explode
Into the firey showers of brimstone
That will rain down
To vaporize the veils of time that have hidden the ancient shrines
From all but those who dream the ancient dream

For Kush is Ethiopia
And Ethiopians are burnt faces
And burnt faces are black faces
And black faces are nigger faces
and Niggers are Nagas
and Nagas are Negusta
And Negusta are Kings

And I am that
I am Negus Negusta
The King of Kings
The King of Kush
The Apademek Lion of the Dawn horizon
Roaring loudly so all will know fully well
That once again Ethiopia shall rise her hands onto God
And princes shall come out of Egypt
For the long foretold day
Is now already a golden dawn
And the songs of redemption are being chanted worldwide
And Kushites are raising their hands onto Amma
And princes are coming out of Khamit
No longer afraid and ashamed
Of Ethiopia their expectation
And Egypt their glory
No longer afraid and ashamed
Of Ksh their hope and Khm their glory.

© Copyright Eze Amma
May 2006

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5 thoughts on “The ‘N’ Words — by Eze Amma”

    1. Just what all this got to do with the word nigger i don”t know?………1 word from another language sounding simular to another language does not mean that they are derevertives just because….nigger,negus, sounds the same does not mean that one is derive from the other………nigger is from LATIN…….take note NERO=BLACK in italian…….NEGRO=BLACK in spanish……NEGUS=LEADER,KING is an AFRO-ASIATIC language ……..TAKE NOTE> AFRO-ASIATIC LANGUAGE does not equal a ROMANCE LANGUAGE(latin) is it not so…….you tell me?

  1. Lil Wayne, why not just shut up and get lost… Are you dumb, or is it that you just cannot read? What is the root of the latin language? Were the Ertruscans the first latins related to the Greeks or not? Does classical Greek consist of at least 25% Kemitic language words? Were the latins ever in Africa? Have you ever heard of language borrowing? As an example, is Okra a present day English word of African origin?

    Boy better go study your school works properly before coming here to run off your mouth.


  2. my dear jahdey it seems to me that you cannot converse without resorting to an abusive form of language……like telling me to shut up and get lost……..did i touch a nerve……..i don”t see the conection ……you see that is the problem …….i guess if i was to meet you personally ……you probably want to beat the day lights out of me… that attitude you are probably a black person……are you alinguist?……TRY NOT TO GET TO WORKED UP OVER THIS REPLY……it seems to me that you find it hard to explain your self clearly without giving weight to your argument by resorting to words like DUMB

  3. I really love this site and it makes me laugh because the site owner is on point. I’m not sure why Whites insist Scythians were white, they were Coloureds (Farbige).
    Scythians were Negas, Negus, Magas (Hebrews), Blokumenn, Maur, Mor…
    They lived around the Black Sea (Mar Negro) and were related to Egyptians, Abyssinians(Ethiopians, Yemenites, Somalians), Canaanites and Israelites. Known today as Black Sea Russo Germans.
    Many current day African Americans are Afro-Russo-Germans (Scythians) in whole.
    Virgin Mary was a Maur(en) and Baby Jesus was a Mor. Although East Germans are white today they are in the exact same pedigree as African Americans. They are one in the same multi-racial tribe.

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