The List of African Tribes who are descendants of the Hebrew Israelite Nation – By Nana Kofi

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The following is a partial list of the various tribes throughout north, south, east and west Africa who are descendants of the Hebrew Israelite

1) Beta Israel/Falasha- Ethiopia
3)Tutsi- Rwanda
4) Rusape- Zimbabwe
5)Lemba- South Africa
6) Sefwi Wiawso- Ghana
7) Ashanti- Ghana Ga- Ghana
9) Ewe- Ghana
10) B’nai Ephraim(sons of Ephraim)-
Yoruba, Nigeria
11) Lam-Lam- Timbuktu
12) Katsena- Nigeria
13)Zafin Ibrahim- Malagasy Republic
14)Ibo- Nigeria….

Yahweh Wil Surely Punish those Fake Israelites very Soon For takyn our land!!!

My people (Asanti/Ashanti and Jamaican Ashanti Maroons come from Mesopotamia city called Ashan/Asan.

Nana Kofi

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244 thoughts on “The List of African Tribes who are descendants of the Hebrew Israelite Nation – By Nana Kofi”

  1. The Atlantic Slave Trade was nothing but
    Hebrews. We were scattered to the four corners of the earth like the bible say. The blacks in America are from the tribe of Judah. The whites claiming to be Jews are the Synagogue of Satan. Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 Say that. I thank my Lord for a waking me.

        1. Honestly it doesn’t matter, they all mixed together. Many hebrews were mixed throughout scripture and still counted as hebrews (Ephraim, Manessah, Mosses 2 sons who were counted amongst the levites (their mother zipporah was a midianite). Jesus even has women in his lineage who were not hebrew (bethseba, rahab, ruth, tamar). The mixed hebrews usually mixed back in with the other hebrews so they still kept their lineage/heritage.

        1. Who were war capitives and criminals etc Marie Moore. I hope your not talking about the black Hebrew Israelites are these people

      1. All that have ancestors that were slaves are Hebrew Israelites. So it’s a whole lot of us. Blacks that were scattered across the 4 corners of earth. We can’t trace our people Past America. We are a large and mixed multitude people. But Yah is awakening his people. Sit back and watch this and don’t hate

    1. Yes thank you Lord in Jesus Name .. God lead me and my mom to this revelation, I knew it had to be something else the reason, why they hate us so , and here it is

    2. Black Jews in America come from Juda fore father Sham. Well said Debbie are you aware of the sacfice that must take place? Captivity will end Alleliula

    3. Amen! I was elated to finally know Who I truly was! I’m beginning to find fulfillment as a Hebrew Israelite of the Tribe of Judah. Praise YAHAWAH

      1. Yes. Yah we gather us and place us in our own land. Ezekiel 11:17 Therefore say, ‘Thus says the Lord GOD: I will gather you from the peoples and assemble you out of the countries where you have been scattered, and I will give you the land of Israel.

    4. The tribe of Judah migrated from Israel towards Sudan and further down to central Africa s ( the Kongo ) and most of the slaves from the Kongo went to Brazil and the islands . Levi tribe went down towards Saudi Arabia and further down to South Africa and the other 10 tribes went towards West Africa /‘d Most black America. Came West Africa ( Ghana , Nigeria ) . You can look it up from
      Good book sources .

    5. You are absolutely correct!!!”American Negroes” are the direct DECENDANTS OF the tribe of Judah. They are the only people that fit the prophecy of DEUTERONOMY 28, but yet and still this has NEVER been taught. THE MOST HIGH YAHUAH AND YAHUSHUA is coming to settle this. They are purposely trying to hide this fact, to keep US in the dark to keep US from knowing who WE really are. WAKE UP OH SLEEPERS!!!. I give thanks and praise to THE MOST HIGH YAHUAH AND YAHUSHUA, for opening my eyes . We are a blessed people, I read and study the Torah (the 5 books of the old Testament). I’m by his grace learning the laws and the ELOHIMS Feast Days to observe them and keep them. I AM HEBREW!! NOT AFRICAN . I give thanks and praise to THE MOST HIGH YAHUAH AND YAHUSHUA for opening my eyes because the time IS at hand. Shalom

      1. we need to understand all of this
        re do your searching Niger-Kongo = Negros or HEBREWS …

        Now you have to know that even other tribe of Nigeria or Niger side still living in Congo …
        for example the ngala people you found them around guinea…can you tell me why we do all have similarities within our name and cultural activities…

        in USA u will found …NIGER-KONGO NEGROS
        SO we have to change the way we see thing…








      2. I am exactly in the same shoes as you, your remarks sound like mine, praise the most High Yahua and Yahusha. BLESS be unto Yahua as Yahusha brought his words to us,. I just can’t understand how and why our ancestors could not obey the commandments and statues of Yahua in those days, as they were lucky to have seen the mighty hand of Yahuah at work to the Egyptians. PRAISE AND GLORY TO YAHUAH AND YAHUSHA. BLESS YOU ALSO.

  2. I am aware of the black Hebrews/Jews who are living in Ethiopia because the bible said they are the desendece of Ham who was one of the sons of Noah. Noah had three son Shem, Ham and Japheth. Genesis 9:18 This truth have always been available but it never was incorprated into our Europeen educational system . I wonder why? I always thought this was a part of black American history that should had been taught in our schools, but I guess it wasn’t told because those who say they are Jews would had been exposed as being imposters. Revelation 2:8 However, for those who believe in Christ Jesus the scripture saids, there is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Chirst Jesus. Galatians 3:28

    1. The Hebrews were not of Ham but were of Shem! Even Zondervan’s compact dictionary of the bible stated yhat Ham was the progenitor of the dark races except the Negroes,

      1. Your correct, but it also says that Egypt, ETHIOPIA, Libya and Canaan were from Ham. So the people in Ethiopia cpuld not be real Ethiopians or they would be Hamites!
        But we know that the Tribes hid in Africa, so they may have been one of those Tribes, because they can’t be Ethiopian and Hamites also as Zondervan Biblical Dictionary says they are and be Hebrews too.

        1. Because one is found in a country does not mean that he/she is a native of that country. The white man did not run through Africa putting people in chains. Black mercenaries did that. Now suppose that those mercenaries knew who these people were who were trying to escape Roman persecution, and hiding out in Africa? They would be a good candidate for the slave buyers. Little is said of the fact that Abraham fathered six(6) other sons after Sarah died. He raised all six until they were grown, gave each his portion (which was of the portion GOD had promised Abraham for his seed). He then sent them to Libya which later became known as Africa. Flavius Josephus, the first century historian, speaks of this in the “The Works Of Josephus”. I believe the people of America came from Africa but I am not at all convinced that we are African by seed.

          1. For those who read the reply concerning Abraham…the woman he married after Sarah died was named Kuturah. She was an Egyptian and rumor has it, she was a warrior

          2. Yes. But Yah said in Gen. 17:19-And Yah said, Sarah thy wife shall bear thee a son indeed; and thou shalt call his name Isaac: and I WILL ESTABLISH MY COVENANT WITH HIM FOR AN EVERLASTING COVENANT, AND WITH HIS SEED AFTER HIM. And Yes Father Abraham had other sons. But it’s clearly in the scripts the promise is in Isaac. thus to Jacob, Gen 25:5-6 – And Abraham gave all that he had unto Isaac. But unto the sons of the concubines, which Abraham had, Abraham gave gifts, and sent them away from Isaac his son,while he yet lived, eastward, unto the east country.

            send them away as he did to Ishmael.

      2. All of the events in the Old Testament in…….guess where…….AFRICA.

        Black were all over the world long before slavery and European biblical limitations of who and where Hebrews are. Check out the Jawara Tribes

      3. Amen. I agree, yet partially… after much studying and verification that the original hebrews were of (SHEM, however Isreal did dwell in the land of (HAM)It’s automatically assumed that all brown skin “black people” are the same, or rather desendents of “HAM” ….having BLACK skin…(To be Black) …(To be Burnt)…all brown people do not have BLACK skin..especially in North America, it’s a misconception…biggest untruth….Africa is a continent with many countries “tribes” the roots run very deep. Black was a diversion of truth, a term thrown around recklessly in North America…hiding the truth from African americans… to blind slaves of their true ancestry roots upon coming to America….

        Shem Descendants: 11:10-26
        Shem family line:
        Abraham: Issac
        Issac: Jacob & Esau
        Jacob: 12 Tribes of Isreal (Not Ham) yet Shem (SEM=Hebrew name)
        King David
        King Solomon
        Jesus (Tribe ofJudah)

        Summary: Something to meditate on….. Read Psalm 105:3, “Than Isreal also came into Egypt, And Jacob sojourned in the land of Ham.” Here we have desendents of Shem and Ham dwelling together….huuuum…this is why brown skin is so diversed! The Isrealite blood line runs deep…very deep….(skin like bronze….hair like wool) Daniel 7:9, Rev 1:14-1:15)

        Sometimes the truth is so hard to believe it escapes us! Keep praying, and studying…we all are a family, we all are God’s children!!

    2. The Africans are the ones that captured and sold Hebrew Israelites to the Europeans. I was taught in school that our own people sold us into slavery so we shouldn’t be angry with white people. I tried to understand why. I wondered if they knew what our people were going through in America. I was relieved to find out I wasn’t sold by my own people, I was sold by people that looked like me. Africans knew we weren’t their people that’s why they had no problems selling us. Wish I had learned this during the time I was in high school. We really need to teach our children who they are and stop teaching them every year during Black History Month the same things I was taught in school about the handful of black people that made a small contribution to society. The education our children are taught today is to ensure them that our people never contributed anything to society. We must teach them the truth now that we know it.

      1. Read about African culture n u will understand it’s not possible to sell ppl. N who n where did they pay that Money?? Even after West Africans were taking into slavery. West African n African tribes n countries were under colonization for 100years. Why will the oppressor tell u the truth. No they have stolen, killed n changed history to be fit the white race. Wen it’s African us black who ‘ve made the world war it is today.

        1. Islam played a big part in this. Many of the Native Africans had been forced to convert to Islam and in return started Islamic Kingdoms and tried to impose Islam on the Hebrews who had migrated into West Africa. With that being said, The British, Porteguise and Spaniards traded to them guns, and many other things that Africa didn’t have, for a people that were considered as improachers of the land. This is part of the story. I’m sure you weren’t told the entire truth either.

      2. MicWic Carnegie and Rockefellers started using their non profit tax exempt foundations to change the story of American history to suit their global agenda and dumb down America. In 1903, John D. Rockefeller founded the General Education Board, which provided major funding for schools across the country and was especially active in promoting the State-controlled public school movement. BTW their goal was to, ready for this? ” UNITE WITH RUSSIA”.

      3. Confrontation, I told my mom the same thing . They wanted our land, that our God gave us, they wanted the promise and they made us believe a lie, that we are less than, that God picked them to be superior. Matthew 18;6 punishment.Yes my mom and I trace it to Jacob to Shem. I believe we are from Judah or Benjamin tribe

      4. Who is feeding you with that? Africans conquered tribes and sold the tribes they conquered to slavery. Hate to bust the bubble but Africans sold the weaker tribes to slavery and they were not Jews. African Americans want some consolation to their demise but the truth is the White people who bought the slaves decieved those who sold the slaves. Slaves in Africa were not treated as harsh as the ones in America. The stronger tribes who sold their brothers and sisters to slavery did not know they will have their humanity taken away from them as they did when they arrived America. I am an African history teacher and a Jew , so I know the facts. Read your African history before posting in ignorance.

        1. Lol, you mean like you just did!!! And you did it with confidence too!!! However you are partially correct. They did capture weaker tribes and the form of slavery in Africa was by mo means like slavery in America. However, it was the introduction of and the establishment of Islamic Kingdoms that changed the game. You’re absolutely incorrect in saying they weren’t jews that were being sold. 75% of them were Israelites and 25% were natives of Africa. They wwre fully aware of what people they were buying. War criminals and Jews. We have documentations as well as maps to prove it!!!

      5. I do not know how to say this, but if these tribes were truly from Israel, why didn’t they keep any oral form of literature to denote their history in the similar manner of the bible.
        We all know that these tribes have been able to maintain their culture even during the trans Atlantic slave trade, till date. Why didn’t they maintain oral stories of their origin being from the tribes in the bible ? Someone please answer my question. What happened to them for them to forget their long history with God.

        1. Actually, they did not forget their history at all. As you know, much of it was destroyed by the Europeans, and beaten out of us. But to give you proof of who we are “kumbayah” my lord “kumbaYAH”. And many other sayings and songs slaves had, proved we were the people. Even most of our original names were Hebrew names, which we all know were changed. Wonder why!!

        2. Early in slave trade slaves were often freed after master died. Israel hill was founded by freed slaves they were only 100 years away and they returned to their Hebrew customs. Also in South Africa the limba tribe traces their oral tradition to Aaron. They also have DNA proof.

        3. Can research much about the E?e tribe from Volta region. Also the Ye?e(Yahweh) religion that is also being practiced today at Anloga and it sub-towns. There is nothing like the word Hebrew. It is rather E?e. Before Germany came to define the trade zone, from Nigeria down to Benin, Togo and Ghana was called Erhverh-E?e Land(Hebrew Land). Ashantis are part of the Erhverh-E?e Land and many other tribes within Africa.

    3. So the original Ethiopians are of Ham, but are not so called Jews. Only the seed of Jacob, who is of Shem, are Israelites. These are the Yahudites. Jews or Yahudites may have very well migrated to Ethiopia and are there now, but not in it’s origin.

    4. Because if they taught our history we would understand its NOT Black History its MOOR History you would know the TRUTH before colonization we were HERE in the Empire of MOROCCO!!! we didn’t all come over on a boat we were free people in OUR OWN LAND!!! READ PEOPLE its all in HISTORY read the Treaties … KNOW who YOU are people its in your FACE ever wondered WHY THE MOROCCAN Flag is in your WHITE HOUSE and the Red ,white and blue BANNER for the United States is there as a BANNER not FLAG??? WELCOME TO AFRICA… and the 13 colonies that settled here with a Friendship Treaty and tried to kill all NATIVE MOORS not NATIVE INDIANS and take the land we Welcomed them to in PEACE… Research Black Moor Kings KNOWLEDGE IS KEY

      1. The list of African tribes who are descendants of the Hebrew isrealite nation- nana kofi

        Okay black moors were in Europe and even in Ghana they built the famous mosque in Tamale. They thought Europeans everything they knew. But remember that the world keeps changing. From ice age to iron, to bronze and so forth. But the Moors forgot to teach their fellow Africans and it is the same today. We in West Africa don’t know what is going in East Africa unless, CNN, BBC reports it. Our neigbour cote d’iovre has a dream of establishing a cocoa industry in West Africa and they would want to consult Ghana which is number two in cocoa production but would rather consult France. Why is it that when Ghana needs money, it would not borrow from Nigeria and trade with something which they have to buy elsewhere especially salt but rather go to the IMF. Why is it that after all of my education I cannot mine my own gold, beauxite, oil, iron ore? It is a pity. To my fellow Blacks, think through this because if the beggar knew how to fish, it would never worry about the number of hours he or she starves, because he knows that ones, he gets to river side, he will surely be full. If internet, Television, Vehicles, Weapons, money is manufactured by a certain race to continue their survival, what are the current generations of blacks doing. Please I am tired of selling dog chains on the streets of Accra. The next time you have an idea about how to turn stone into metal, let me know. Enough of the unyielding conversation. If Africans will not help develop African because they swore allegiance to their slave masters, then slavery will continue. Because of money we are dying on the sea to get to Europe and now we are being recruited in their army to fight their wars. I rest my case.

    5. You need to Re read the Bible Descends of Ham was not Israelites it’s Shem descendants! Your adding to Yahs word ask for forgiveness!

    1. Shalom,

      I tested my dna thru my and received my results just today. My results confirmed 79% West African heritage.

      It was confirmation of what my aunt had told me concerning our ancestry as a lost tribe of Israel.

      It brings so much peace when you see your own heritage and shows how much I did not know about my ancestry.

      Cost about 100.00 and the process took 4 weeks.

      1. My DNA results says I’m 94% West African. It says my people originated in Eastern and Central Africa from a group of Bantu speaking farmers. I don’t think this would automatically make me a Hebrew right? How would I know from this if I’m not a Canaanite? I know I’m not Egyptian, Ethiopian or Libyan. I’m a little confused.

        1. Google Bantu people and you will know where they are found.South Africans,Zimbabweans,Mozambique, Malawi,Zambia,Tanzania,All Congo’s,Some Uganda etc are Bantu speaking people. Bantu mean people and all when they call people they say Bantu that is why they classify them as such.I believe they either migrated from east or central Africa to west africa.Southern Africa is still a baby from central Africa.As for Hebrew I will lie to you,I know nothing about Africans and Hebrew but what I know is Africans are religious people even those who do not go to church believe in God and their ancestors.I have never seen whites who brought the bible to us believing in God like the way African do.

          1. Not all Tanzanians are bantu some tribe along lake Victoria they speaking bantu language but actual are not bantu in origin they originate from Ethiopia and some are originated from sudan through Uganda to lake Victoria

          2. These hebrew israelites lists come different each time I’m confused and this one doesn’t have bantu others they have bantu as part of hebrew nations

        2. First of all Bantu is not a language, Bantu means people, so wherever your getting your info from is jst misleading you, the word Bantu is from my country South Africa, whites used the word Bantu to discriminate against blacks during apartheid. They would call blacks Bantu’s and we would laugh at them because it meant people people. So makes sure the facts are right

    2. will tell you what part of so called africa that you are from in %. got my report today and thank Yah that i am 85%.

        1. WOW so far I haven’t heard anyone say they’re 90% or higher African. My result says I’m I believe 94% African. That’s the highest I’ve seen so far. Has anyone seen higher?

    3. I don’t have the answer but I am looking for a place to do my DNA that will not keep the dna on file. I hope that both of our questions can be answered.

  3. Prophecy is still playing out on this earth today. White people are amazing at initiating prophecy. The Bible calls for us negros to wake up and stop being niggas. It is written that we have to return to the home land for this to happen. It is already written, so we must try to fulfill the prophecy and be the leaders, because I really think that Donald Trump Was placed in office to initiate this country into the seven year eclipse/situation. The eclipse that will happen on 9/23/2017 seemed like nothing to me at first. But another one will occur 7 years later at the same spot. It marks an X over southern Illinois. There are a few cities near the location of that X. But, the most interesting cities are Memphis TN, and Cairo, Illinois. They are alongside the Nile “Mississippi” river. We have to always watch for signs in the heavens for christs return. Because, he will come like a thief in the night still. He gave us warnings, but he still will come like a thief in the night. Why? Because his people will look at the signs, and then look at something else and totally ignore the signs. A lot of christians like to fall back on the “we won’t no the date nor the hour…” yards yada. If we weren’t supposed to keep an eye out, why would the Bible tell us to look in the heavens for his return.?

    I rambled. But I really wanted to ask about the black Hebrew tribes accepting black Americans and how to move to west Africa or Israel with no jobs.

    God Bless!
    We are “The people of the book” look into the history of that phrase!

    1. I can help you if you’d like to get more information on how to return to Africa. I work with the African Hebrews in this way. Please feel free to look for me on Facebook under:
      I have a Travel Agency called,
      Ashé Black Heritage Travel and we have a special group for Expatriate okay. Please let me know who you are as the Travel Agency is Public but the group is private.

        1. We can’t go back to Israel in our own we must wait for Yashua to send us to the desert and have the new covenant with him before than he will take us to Israel

        2. We will go home to Isreal when YAHUSHUA comes, in his second coming, and we with the other 12 tribes counting the Tribe of Judah. This is not our time to occupy Isreal, it has to be cleansed. Now is the time for us to WAKE UP!!, read, study, and apply the Laws, keep the Holy Feast Days as described in DEUTERONOMY. Read, study the Torah (The first 5 books of the old testament) YAHUSHUA, will come back to forfill the law. We need to be spiritually read, and right with THE MOST HIGH YAHUAH. America is the last Egypt for us, we must remember that!. The time us now. Shalom.

      1. The Native tribes of Africa are of the seed of Ham. But the Hebrew tribes of Israel are the seed of his brother, Shem. YAH(God) chose Shem’s seed through his descendant Jacob, to be His own people. He made a covenant with Jacob’s seed, whose name was changed to Israel. Jacob’s 12 sons fatheres the Hebrew people who became the Israelites. Ham and Shem were both dark skinned poeple but Ham was very dark and so was his seed. Only the Southern Kingdom of Israel, the Kingdom of Judah, were called Jews in english. They were the people that fled into Africa in 70 AD to hide from the Roman armies that destroyed Jerusalem and pursued their life. They began to rebuild in Africa until Islam came in and it was down hill from there. 1500 years later the rift between the 2 people came to a head and the Israelites were sold into slavery from the West parts of Africa, into the Americas, West Indies, and evey other nation.

      2. The translators change the true word Erhverh-E?e to Hebrew. There is nothing like Hebrew. Its rather Erhverh-E?e or Erhverh gbè-E?egbè.
        How can IRVI sound Hebrew?

      3. The translators change the true word Erhverh-E?e to Hebrew. There is nothing like Hebrew. Its rather Erhverh-E?e or Erhverh gbè-E?egbè.
        How can IRVI sound Hebrew? We still speak the Paleo Hebrew(E?egbè). Yahweh(Yeve) bless your understanding. Shalom.

    2. Africans are very nice and full of peace. You will find no racism in west and central Africa and you will be happy. I know an African American woman who married a man from Cameroon and refused to move back to America. They own a beautiful house and live in peace. Save up, the Africans love African Americans very much and are helpful, so you can always move back home. Pray for Hid to help you and he will.

      1. If they loved us so much why did they sell us into slavery. They were jeaslous of us because they knew who we were. Some of the Africans that come to America hate us because they know who we are. Some so love us because of who we are. We want to live in our home land in peace with Yeshua not in Africa. But thanks for your hospitality thou.

  4. We are the people of the book and there is no question and the world knows that but continue to hide it from us, but THE MOST HIGH YAHAWAH says he will restore us with all the attributes we lost so just be patient because patients lies is the soul.

  5. Majority of the Americans in the knowledge of the truth concerning biblical israelites make a mistake grouping all Africans as Hamites. People in the truth don’t want to humble themselves and gain knowledge. Every one wants to place themselves individualy as the chosen people thus making the truth of no effect.
    All people in the bible were black and all were negroid don’t let them fool you. White people are not edomites, many israelites camps in America error in that issue. All races outside of Africa today were genetically engineered by the fallen ones. If you establish that then your study becomes clear.
    Also the 12 tribe chart that the israelite camps in America present is false and causes many to present false information. I never here them mention about the Arab slave trade in North and east Africa which had alot of slaves shiped to the middle east and Asia. I never here from them mention the slaves taken to zanzibar and other places.
    Read Deutronomy 28: 64 which cleary shows that they(BANTUS) shall be scattered among all people. Let us stop emotional reasoning and gravitate towards factual reasoning.

    The African subdivision(sons of Noah):

    BANTUS – Shem (history hides their true origin)

    NILOTES – Ham (migration followed nile river to their current location)

    CUSHITES – Japeth (origin from south east asia)

    1. “All people in the bible were black and all were negroid…” Kenneth Wambugu

      Nebuchadnezzar II was “black”? Pontius Pilate was “black”? Paul (Saul) was “black”? What makes you think so, Kenneth? I admit these are exceptions to your rule but they are important ones.

    2. Let me first thank for you for your contribution, you know? no one will wisely say about the things he/she never seen with open eyes, or will no one say exerctly what was when we all were in scene because the trangrations of our fore fathers were much in the eyes of the creator, that provoked him to anger, that was reason why it seems that God is not in existence, far be the thaught, surely, we are the isrealites and were scarttered all over the world so that we can learn from our suffering before the coming of the lord Jesus christ, just I want to tell everyone that whether we believe it or not, it dosen`t make any sence, the hours has come, the heart that accept the holy scriptures with the fear of the Most high God, true your Christ Jesus, whom God raised within us the Hebrews, that seed of Abraham, will be back to raise you up again for a 1000 years on earth to reigns, he will heal us all this bruises and inspire us with the spirit imortal that no one will ever have the power over us, that is the hope of all that in allert for the coming of the messiah. I will be with you soon, and I will answer you if there is any question concerning all these words if Black are the real Israelites or not. Your blessed through mercy of Redeemer, JESES CHRIST. Amen

      1. Well said but please research well and use the correct names ok. Yahweh and not God, Yahshua Messiah and not Jesus Christ, Halleluyah/Praise Yahweh and not Amen. The very wicked race that wiped out most of our history also put those unholy names there in the Holy Scriptures. Remember the dark ages when Titus invaded Yerusalem. The took the Holy Scriptures and work on it. The correct congregation to serve or gather in the Sabbath is Beyit Yahweh(House of Yahweh). They took everything out. Yahweh is great! Upon all their craftiness, the truth is emanating in this last period.

  6. “Yahweh Wil Surely Punish those Fake Israelites very Soon For takyn our land!!!”

    Firstly, the author is precocious, to say the least, to proclaim what Yahweh will or will not do. Second, the descendants of Israel have been scattered to the four corners of the Earth, from China to Jamaica, from southern Africa to Alaska. Why does the author pronounce some of these descendants to be “fake” and others, presumably, to be authentic? What possible criteria can he have to make such an absurd judgement?

    1. I have a question for you why YHWH love to eat flesh so much? And do he eat humans? I am not kidding I would really like to know.

  7. The kingdom of Judah as it was formerly called is in west Africa.It was later named Dahomey and present name as Benin.The tribe of the gbe speaking people extend from the east coast of Ghana (volta region to the west coast of Nigeria( badagry).
    The then Slave coast stetches from this region.Cultural practice is same among the gbe(ewe,eve,erverh,ivri.Afri,Agro)speakers.Africa was named after the ivri(afri)erverh,ewe,gbe(agbe) speaking people.Gbe,Agbe meanss life which the Omnipotent stands for.Slaves were taken from other region’s of west Africa but was done with purpose to cover up the ivri (gbe speaking)slaves.
    The gbe culture still exist among you them but they still wonder where they coming from,Voodoo,vodou and its culture is a gbe speaking word and spiritual culture practice of the gbe speakers
    Before the colonial era,the gbe speakers (Judah)was one nation stretching along the west coast of Africa but cos of marginalization and reason best known to the colonialist,gbe speakers have been decided into therefour tries namely Ghana,Togo,Benin and Nigeria.The major language which is understood among the gbe speakers is ewe(erver)spoken in Ghaba,Togo,Benin and Nigeria(Badagry.
    All our brothers need to do is research their ancestral names period.The gbe people have the natural mystic powers

    1. Africa was named after a white roman general that conquered the land of moab name afriacappulos. Gal4.26 jurusalem is the mother not africa.

  8. Judah was the only Negroid tribe? The other 11 were “Caucasoid Blacks”? The Native Americans were a black/Hebrew people. This is why Hebrew artifacts have been found on US soil. This also confirms that the Northern tribes who migrated here were also like their brother, Judah – Negroid.

  9. Blacks scattered all over the World are Israelites, they got there different times. Whites do everything they can to isolate us from our heritage both as Israelite’s and African civilisation (advance well before others).
    The problem I have with many comments on here is why they start referring to the White man’s god and religion such as Jesus (Xtianity) and Judaism (Talmudic)?
    Europeans introduced religion at the time of Jesus at that time Israelites had already gone from the land and only a remnant remained.
    Our sole reason for being in exile is following false gods (idolatry) so denouce your false belief and go Torah only (no other scripture is truth) and watch what the G-D of Abraham does.

  10. Hebrew Israelite Links to Massive Slavery in Africa and Fulani since 1800 BC
    There is no doubt that Hebrew Israelite is totally a different group from the relatively newer Jews. It is very important to draw clear distinctions between three different groups who are commonly regarded as one group.
    First: The ancient Yemeni Semite Arab Hebrews Israelite “sons of Israel” those who entered Ethiopia staring with Patriarch Joseph then into the whole of Africa before the Ten Commandments in 1446 BC. This Semitic group created wide spread Hebrew Israelite slavery in all parts of Africa.
    Second: The ancient Yemeni Semite Arab Hebrews Israelite “sons of Israel” who went back to Yemen in the Exodus of 1446 BC then invaded, colonized, and mixed with the Canaanites since 1400 BC. Later on, they were mostly deported to North Africa by the third group since the invention of Jews and Judaism.
    And, the third group is the Turkic Mongolian “Jews” and followers of “Judaism” who were invented by Turkic Persia in 580 BC after a fraudulent Babylonian Return, replacing few hundreds of Hebrew Israelite captive rulers from the House of David by many hundreds of thousands of Turkic settlers. This created “The Jews” who invaded and colonized the Hebrew Israelite former invaders and colonizers of Canaan.
    There are plenty of evidences proving Hebrew Israelite presence in almost all parts of Africa since 1800 BC, before they got any religion. And this presence is the tip of a colossal iceberg of savage slavery and bloodshed. For more information on the ancient Hebrew Israelite presence in almost all parts of Africa read an extensive study written by modern Jewish scholar on the following links:
    There are plenty of Jewish roots in Africa, Part I
    There are plenty of Jewish roots in Africa, Part II
    There are plenty of Jewish roots in Africa, Part III
    A very important and interesting possible link to the origins of Fulani could be deducted from an article titled “The Israelite in Sudan and the Jews in the land of the Mahdi” It could suggest that earlier light-complexion Fulani were Hebrew Israelite from Yemeni ancestry who slowly moved first from Ethiopia and the Sudan then spread into East, Central, North and West Africa to raid and enslave all Africans.
    This hypothesis allows a room to suggest that the expelled Canaanites and Hebrew Israelite by Turkic Jews after 530 BC joined forces with the groups who came from Yemen via Sudan and Ethiopia starting from 1800 BC in North Africa. They were also joined by further Turkic invaders and settlers after 660 AD.
    The sudden massive waves of people fleeing their collapsed countries in 1300 BC on the Mediterranean Sea, who are known as “the Sea People” also invaded the Levant, Egypt, and the rest of North Africa. These groups could had added further pressures and complexity that faced the indigenous Amazeigh (Berber) and the Hebrew Israelite bandits of slavery in North Africa extending from Egypt to Morocco and Mauritania. The principle aim of Hebrew Israelite raids in Africa was to get gold, slaves, and livestock.
    This brutal slavery devastated African communities and their progress. It created many terrible practices like homosexuality, female genital mutilation, debts, mass migration, human marking, and prostitution.

    Just remember there are good and bad in every race. Also remember THE Ghana was slave using and trading centuries before any whites set foot on the African continent. Then remember which was the first nation to make slavery illegal despite strong opposition from the rest of the world and especially from the Arabs slave traders, Jewish slave traders and African slave traders even more than others. In fact, the last sent a delegation of African kings and Chiefs to Parliament in Westminster, London, to make the strongest protests at the UK abolition of the slave trade. What do you think of that? Those most guilty have been telling you and the world it was the sin of the least guilty ever since we abolished that trade, and they did it from pure nasty spite because we were responsible for setting the precedant that so many other European nations had to follow (or we wouldn’t trade goods with them), and thus we done immense damage to the slave traders. Maybe you are all nasty racists though who prefer to think the most evil jew would be better than the best ‘goy’!!! Or maybe you just want to continue believing lies because it gives you an excuse to self-pity, be angry and to hate. Whites were also cruelly stolen from white Europe and enslaved by the Barbary pirates. Whites were and still are(!) kidnapped in Arab lands as well apparently is(is)-ra(meses)-el(ohim), the same as negroids, asiatics and any other peoples modern slavers can get their hands on. That’s not to mention Saudi Arabia and the UAE in general.
    So if you are going to carry hate for so many centuries then carry it against those who really were most to blame – and that isn’t whites.

  12. Slaves came from the word Slav. Slavs were the WHITES from E Europe who were stolen from their homeland and enslaved in black Egypt many centuries before non jew non islamic whites BRIEFLY took part in the slave trade.

  13. Please, let the writer and his writeup not be misconstrued. Having Hebrew relationship has nothing to do with going to heaven.

    on the contrary, the writer is not sure of two nations he mentioned as having originated from Israel according to his list above. The first error in this list is the Ashanti of Ghana. Ghana descended from the Akan whose origin is traced to the South Eastern part of Nigeria (Efik/Ibibio) even the Ananse oral tradition intones this clearly. They are not Hebrew.

    The second error in the list above is the Igbo of Nigeria. The Igbo Oral Tradition relates that the Igbo descended from four sets of ancestors. The first was the Eri who descended from the sky first. We have the Awka who came later as well as the Umudiala, and much later came the fourth ancestors whom the “Nag Hammadi ” tablet excavated in the valley of Nag Hammadi, Egypt referred to as the fourth generation. This set of ancestors were the ancestors of the core indigenous Nsukka. The Igbo nation did not descend from any people, issues with recent migration into Igbo land however is not disputable but this cannot be claimed as the origin of the Igbo nation.

    what you have written here came from the claims of some rootless researchers and some Igbo disclaimers who only think along the similarity amidst the Igbo and Israel and conclude Israel or Egyp origin for the Igbo nation. I have clarified this matter in the International Conference of Global History held in Indonesia in 2016, in the paper titled: RETRACING AFRICAN HISTORICAL FOUNDATION VIA RECENT DISCOVERINGS AND AUTHORS’ NOTES: A REVISIT TO THE IGBO ORAL HISTORY.

    Yoruba oral tradition speaks of Obatala whom it reveals as the older brother of the Yoruba fathers. Read the book mentioned above and other books like “Reality as Myth”, “The Peopling of Ancient Egypt and Deciphering of Meroitic Scripts” edited by Diop Anta and the “Egyptian Book of the Dead”. Carefully understand the place called Tuat, the place where the gods of Egypt originated from; the same place the earliest Egyptians such as Lord Tera and the scorpion king (Pharaoh Namar) came from. Then ask yourself thus: since Abraham was the ancestor of Hebrew, Egypt and the Hebrew which is older? the answer you get will help you to make a better judgment over this mater.
    Beside, Late Prof. Catherine Acholonu had made this clear to many Israelites. you can look for the detailed dialogue, it is online.

    1. The Akans did not migrate from Nigeria. They are not Bantu nor Nigerian. The Akan group of Ghana came from the banks of the Nile before settlement in Egypt n Ethiopia. They had migrated again to Ancient Ghana before migrating to their current abodes. Their own ancestors point to this migration chain.

  14. I am actually not knowledgeable about my ancestral traces when it roots to its origins, like many others, but unlike so many more who just are even more than unknowledgable, more defiled they are and committing blasphemy and every other holy crime under the sky.

    However, I do know I am an American born, raised and ascended here for at least 100s of years or indefinitely. Since I am part Native American; I own this land, America, it’s part of my inheritance my God knows my roots and everyone else’s. There was no one unlynched and CRUCIFIED like Jesus Christ of Nazareth from Jerusalem, after God sent him to warn his people of their wrongdoings. God always punished according to the deeds people committed over all these years from Adam and Eve to Judgment Day. This is also why the human body dies on Earth, as a punishment, so there will be no one who can claim they were Eve or the Serpent, besides Eve and the Serpent. God knows All as He shared with Adam the truth about the deceit and his disobedience which was enticed by his wife Eve and the Serpent, punished and wretched God corrected their error. As the Serpent thought it could commit extreme blasphemy or just blasphemy against God and as it deceived Eve. After God, directly out of His own Mouth, told Eve the apple was poisonous, and to not eat it but she disbeleived in God and believed the witch, the satan, the devil, the liar, the deceiver, the adulterer.

    So I will rather the victory any Day, over the denial and punishment of my Heavenly Father. Yes, it’s a mess, it is also obvious even Today people want what belongs to others being covetors of the poor and ungullable (OPP naughty by nature) desiring even the sperm and eggs of their so called enemies; so with all that disobedience, fornication, adultery and rape the unclean will never be wealthy, more powerful, righteous, truly living nor cleaner than the clean and holy.

    The unclean must cleanse themselves; by, repenting from holy crimes, sin and blasphemy, worshipping God, supporting the community with their finances in the name of God, living righteously in the name of God as in each thought, step and breath one takes day by day and cleaning out the dirtiness of what some unclean person(s) tries to mess up in your house, family, thoughts, steps and breath. Then also by praying, loving, praising the Lord and obeying God’s Commandments and refraining from holy and capital punishment; because the law, the Lord, convicts those holy criminals, of their knowledge or not, sentences them and recompenses those who are owed in unforseen values.

    Therefore, always prostrate to God with your life, words, body, mind, spirit and as you follow others especially after receiving that grace from God, when He appeared in His Omnipresence in 2016 & 2017 and communicated to all of us through Antoine of America, anyone who tries to speak outside of that truth is a lie and liar, in other words, considered to be a Satan, punished and wretched God will worsen their punishment for worsening their lies.

    Your emotions can be felt, so hold on to them and worship and obey God. Praise the Lord, visit him, control your unrighteous emotions, thank Antoine for showing you God’s Ayats or signs and Omnipresence and for possibly saving you from Hell, Death or overall from punishment, if you refrained from committing holy sins, evil and holy crimes in repentance to the Lord God Jehovah. Because, so many righteous people and the willing have been misled, abused, neglected, lied to, deceived, murdered and then disobedient to God. Because so many people are currently convicted in holiness by those holy crimes they were deceived by starting October 2016; but also before, in hidding and holy criminal mischief, committed with their limbs, senses and organs after being confronted by God, the Holy Spirit.

    The Angel of the Lord is over us, the Holy Spirit and there will be no excuses nor a word, weapon nor shelter to smite nor defend yourself from the Wrath of God, which punishment is due in full payment by those in error spending of the budgets of their blood and the crypt. Their are charges and more against your fathers’, mothers’, family’s, origin and origin’s land non-materialistic accounts, non-materialistic meaning your mind, body, spirit and offspring; that are owed by and to the Graces of God and His Will. Hallelujah.

    1. Do your research on “Jesus Christ” handed down from slave masters to control the slaves, Romans, Latin name he is the white man’s savior not the Yahudi (Yehudi)followers of the way, Christianity is not the faith of the followers of the way of those who followed the real Messiah Yahusha , Jesus Christ is supposed to be a translation for the Messiah but he is an image of the “white man” people of color’s savior. research christianity the real origin. Much have been hidden in the catholic church. I was brought up christian but I remember my great grandmother talking about Timbuktu I found out it was a real place, she was a slave as a little girl toward the end. She told my great aunts church goers that the stuff they were telling us in the church was not true! go figure I found out that she was correct 60 years later. There is an awakening but don’t believe the whited out version our history have been whited out and revised to fit their agenda. Much of the bible’s we have today are incorrect that to was a creation of man, the scriptures and the bible differ at least what’s left of the scrolls “Dead Sea Scrolls”. I believe in the Creator who you call God with a capital “G” but I now call him by Yah and his earth form his son which I don’t call jesus christ “JC” anymore even the dictionary have him as deity hard to trace back to the truth. the letter “J” was not even in existence back then. The ones who took your land and killed your people drove you off in the name of JC Native Indians gave you their god. and black Americans our ancestors came over on the Good ship “JESUS “Think on that

      1. May Yahweh bless your understanding Carolyn. I also believe in Yahweh(Yeve) and His Son who is also our elder brother Yahshua Ben Yahseph. May Yahweh see us through the nuclear war age till the coming of our High Priest. And I hope the millennium reign will be a great occasion whereby we will sit and eat with our great great grandfather’s and mothers like Avraham, Sarah, Yliyah, Samuyl, Hawah, Riyyah, Yaaqob etc

  15. Please my brothers and sisters why do you think we are in exile? (see Deuteronomy 5 for one) in addition to this the Prophets warned of this. Our sin is idolatry and taking on the white mans slavery religion known as Xtainity (do not add to the Old as it is pure and eternal and need not be altered). Yes I said it we and the world suffer because we accept a false god in Xtainity and (Islam) it is that simple turn to the G-D of the Old testament and stop this idolatry. What has JC done for anyone?

    1. Point of correction, Yahweh is not GOD and won’t be one please for heaven sake. Yahweh is our heavenly Father. People do ask me, isn’t Yahweh the same as God? My answer for them is NO NO NO. YAHWEH IS YAHWEH period. We have to obey His Holy Laws(613) to attain perfection, since He Himself is the standard of perfection. Shalom.

  16. Yehud

    where did u get this from :

    deuteronomy 5 for one)

    and if that Jesus is fake …
    what about the prophecy of his coming?

    try to expand your thinking ways…


    1. Yehuda is 100% write. Jesus Christ is what language please? Hebrew, Latin, Greek, Aramaic etc. Kindly tell me. Thanks. Even in my dialect(Erhverh-E?e) we don’t have (J, W, V etc)

  17. The Bible period point blank is the history of the Original People(Asiatics). It has been tampered with but if you know “Etymology” you can decode the parables/allegories. The Bible originally was known as the “HeliosBiblio Book” meaning “Book of the Sun Children”. Its a book of Astrology. Jesus=”Sun” and not Son. The name Jesus is a Greek name and Greek letters have numerical value. The total sum of the word Jesus is 888. A direct indication that it is referring to the Sun. The three syllables in Sol-Om-On are all names for the sun in three languages. Sol (Latin for Sun) Om
    (Hindi for Sun) On (Coptic for Sun). Notice how the vowel O is symmetrically placed troughout the
    name Solomon 3 times. O is also the 15 letter of the english alphabet.
    O O O
    15 15 15
    1+5 1+5 1+5
    = 6 6 6
    The number “666” is the number of the Sun Square. Just as the Sun has 12 signs of the zodiac; and as
    Solomon is king of the 12 tribes of Israel, the Sun Square has 12 factors. The factors of 666 are 666,
    333, 222, 111, 74, 37, 18, 9, 6, 3, 2, and 1.
    The Sun Square contains 9 squares and rectangles whose corners total 74 ( 9 X 74 = 666 )
    In numerology/astrology, the numbers 666 and 74 were considered ‘holy’ numbers, associated with the
    Sun, which they revered. Numerology / Astrology (from now on referred to as Hermetica) also became
    a recurring phenomenon in the bible, particularly the KJV. Many of the numbers which are sacred to
    Hermetica are found to be recurring throughout the KJV, 666 being the most obvious.
    The famous reference to 666 is found in revelation, but another exists in 1 Kings 10:14 where Solomon
    takes 666 talents of gold from neighboring kingdoms. Just a few jewels to help you all realize what is really going on in “The Book” to help you reach all the answers with applied studying. Feel free to respond so we all can build. Peace

  18. By reading some of these comments all i have to say is “Qam Yasharahla “! The gig is up, we know who we are now. Now you kindom is falling esau and we got Next.

  19. The Holy Spirit, which is the words of Yahweh written in a book for we humans shouldn’t be called Bible. The right way of saying it is; The Book of Yahweh or The Holy Scriptures.

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