The List of African Tribes who are descendants of the Hebrew Israelite Nation – By Nana Kofi

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The following is a partial list of the various tribes throughout north, south, east and west Africa who are descendants of the Hebrew Israelite

1) Beta Israel/Falasha- Ethiopia
3)Tutsi- Rwanda
4) Rusape- Zimbabwe
5)Lemba- South Africa
6) Sefwi Wiawso- Ghana
7) Ashanti- Ghana Ga- Ghana
9) Ewe- Ghana
10) B’nai Ephraim(sons of Ephraim)-
Yoruba, Nigeria
11) Lam-Lam- Timbuktu
12) Katsena- Nigeria
13)Zafin Ibrahim- Malagasy Republic
14)Ibo- Nigeria….

Yahweh Wil Surely Punish those Fake Israelites very Soon For takyn our land!!!

My people (Asanti/Ashanti and Jamaican Ashanti Maroons come from Mesopotamia city called Ashan/Asan.

Nana Kofi

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390 thoughts on “The List of African Tribes who are descendants of the Hebrew Israelite Nation – By Nana Kofi”

    1. Y’all saying that Africans are the true Mazrahim Asian negros? North Africa to China I can see. Prove it with your DNA and not the Bible. I’m a believer and I a confirmed Mizrahi but other talk with no proof.

      1. Hello, it is funny that you would say this. Some years ago my son was told by a team of specialists that he had Asian blood, his blood was fighting the sickled cell and keeping his son alive. He brought this to my attention, I couldn’t comment either way. I recently had my DNA performed and to my surprise the results showed that Asian bloodline along with African, Italian, Irish, Native American. Did that DNA shine light to my identity. The evidence of who we are, beautiful.

          1. Yes. I totally agree….that you can’t totally rely on those DNA tests to show your descent.
            Simply because of the way certain blood lines are regulated by the authors of these tests, when it comes to ” Moors” or ” Africans” or “blacks”, etc….as ” subsaharia” .
            There were true names of the people, tribes, nations of the people who inhabited the land before the invasion of the European nations, and they’re “off-spring children” by African women, left behind by the European men of war; who’s modern names are referred to as “Arab’s”. Whom were left to rule the Northern and Eastern shores of what’s called Africa today ! They have solidified themselves in these modern times as a ” race” of people now known as “Arabs”, through continued amalgamation ( producing the “mulatoes”, and breeding between themselves….speaking the corrupt language of Aramaic , now known as ” Arabic”.
            Black people, searching their blood heritage through DNA, are just gathered under one historical identity : “Sub-sahraian Africa” !!
            When the true faces is , there is no place where civilization existed, that the so-called “black man” did not inhabite . They were driving out by the powers and Armies in that era of time !
            So. A better historical map, of the people, clans, tribes, and nations territories must be re-drawn from more truer records that the invaders have in they’re archives of historical records and maps. What they truely knew of the people names in that era, and not just what they decided to “call them” or refer to them as.
            This “color scheme” created by the European conquering nations, to rename the people by what they looked like to them, descriptions : white, black, brown, red, yellow, etc…..has really confused and “confooled” the world as to their true origin !!
            It is time for our men and women of genius to restore the true identities of the worlds people, if we are to save this world and humanity itself !! Peace.

        1. You’re right, we blacks are the ancient Israelites ,even the bible envisions an African religion and not the other way round… Unity is all we need…

        1. I recently had my DNA tested by and I was 85% African, a combination of Nigerian, Ghana, Camaroon, and Mali with 10 % Asian which is a combination of Melanasia and Middle Eastern-Isralite and 5% other….I do believe that Black people are the original and true Isralites that the holy bible speaks of, because if you read and study the Old Testament it will reveal the truth of why the Black Nation suffers more than others because we have fell out of relationship with the one, true God almighty, Yahweh…we are a lost nation but I believe in my heart that we can get it right and once again be the true descendants of God.

          1. That is why I am researching this. Most people are saying don’t read to much into it or don’t get caught up in that. But Why Not?????? is my question.

          2. I agree. I would love to see what my DNA tests as. I’m pretty sure I have Irish and Indian. My grandmother was full blooded Cherokee Indian.

          3. This is true. Adam and Eve. We all decended from them. But sin divided the children. Cursed, changed the race color looks. The Israelites mixed with those Nations which yahveh commanded them not to do. Isaiah:3-16-26 describe how the women dressed. vs.22 crisping pins for the hair.(curling iron)

          4. Belinda Gardner, all you have to do is read Deuteronomy chapter 28. It will be quite obvious who the chosen people…with curses are. There’s no other race that has ever come close to fitting the curses. Then read Revelations 2:9, 3:9 and see what our heavenly father says about the fake Jews.

          5. You should retake your test this time using They do a more thorough job. I just got my resutls along with a Certificate of Ancestry.

          6. Yes they are believe me I study the Bible for 12 and read 12hours a day and believe me brother they are.

          7. You are absolutely correct….. After receiving my DNA results from 23 and me, I learned that I have Nigerian, Congolese and Ghananian
            Gene Pool, in me.. I have Over 80% Subsaharian African genes in me..

            I used to think… what did black people do to the world, that we are the most hated and mistreated people, in The world? I began to study 1st and 2nd Kings, and learned a lot.. Did some research, with my African roots…

            And am learning, I’m connected to Ancestors who were and still are: the people, of the Bible.. 1st and 2nd Kings, and 1st and 2nd Chronicles, has given me a brief, historical understanding: of what happened to us, and why we are still suffering today..

            Idol worshipping, I. E. Hip Hop Music, Lavish Cars, Money Worship, Fornication,
            etc. Worshipping false Gods… which is any God, besides that God of The Holy Bible. We have partaken in Abomination type behaviors and don’t believe in or pray to our beloved God, through Christ Jesus.. .

            This, has woken me up to a better understanding of myself, as a decendant of slaves, who I am, and why I go through the hardships of life, as an African American..

      2. Torah/Old Testament is the word of G-D whereas dna only proves semitic blood line. What is more the marker used for this does not come from an ancient Israelite. DNA is used to justify the white mans claim to Israel.

        1. Exactly! DNA testing is run by white people. They have for so many years hid the trut. Why would they tell the truth now. This is why their DNA testing is based to further perpetuated the lies of my hebrews ancestors true identity. White people, Europans, and spanish, brought slaves to Amerikkka and the Islands then stripped or stole their identity and forbid them to practice their religion further seperating my people from God. They will be punished for all the sins done in the past and whats still being done today to my people Africam Americans/ Aka Hebrew Israelites.

          1. 660,000 white Ameri”kkk”ans killed other white Ameri”kkk”ans to loft the oopression of the 330,000 slaves brought to North America.. Smh

          2. Keep up the good work but talking to them is like talking to water why should you try to lead the blind as the Bible says Manny are called but few are chosen only one-third shall be saved stop wasting your time on the lost and focus on the most high Yahawah bless love you peace ?

        2. Unfortunately for him, it has proven that the priestly class of the Levi from the House of Israel resides within the Lemba in Africa. There are more DNA priestly markers within that tribe than in Israel.

      3. Nope…Mizram is a heathen tribe that falls under Edomites. We are NOT of Esau. We ARE JUDAH. You can look up the 12 Tribes of Judah. We are here to prove anything to YOU. The Bible is for us. A negro thing you wouldn’t understand. Look up the quote from Gamal Nasser about there being no peace in the Middle East.

      4. Actuall fact read babylon to timbuktu and dna only proves what region you come from. Read hebrewism of west africa.

        1. I was recently given the 1st book you mentioned as a gift; getting ready to dive in for some knowledge TRUTH. Thanks for sharing another book or article to explore.

          Peace & Shalom

      5. You a believer, but yet you don’t believe in the bible, hmmm! Strange, yet you believe science. So your a Christian scientist make since!

        I will take it a step further and use Eoupean, historians and writers along with Egyptians 2nd president to prove my

        The Fact is, your provethe ancient Egyptians were black then you should have no problem showing the Hebrews were black also.

        That’s why you have so many lies surrounding Egypt today. The people that call themselves Jews to day own about 85% of the words wealth, with The Rothschild family alone owns 70% of all wealth.

        You want to find the people that can rewrite history, just follow the money. But yet your telling to prove this by DNA, Come on! Im not saying DNA lies, but Im a 100% that people that own DNA companies lie all the time.

        I weather use history to prove these facts! Which I have, and the Bible. But since your a believer that don’t believe in the bible, I will just stick with the Historians and people that live in these areas

        George Friedman and Egypt’s late Gamal Abdul Passers makes such powerful statement as written below, makes you have to pay close attention.
        George Friedmann in his book, The End of the Jewish People, pointedly states that the Europeans claiming to be Jews, are nothing more then Hebrew speaking Gentiles.”The late president of Egypt, Gamal Abdel Nasser, stated on television, “you (the Jews) will never be able to live here in peace, because you left here black but came back white. We cannot except you. So if President Nasser knew the color of the anancient Hebrews Im pretty sure he can tell you the true color of his ancient people.

        The Greek historian Herodotus, who wrote extensively about Egypt around 450 BC, was among the first to indirectly shed some light on the appearance of the ancient Egyptians. Writing over 100 years before Alexander the Great conquered Egypt, Herodotus argued that the inhabitants of Colchis (an area on the east coast of the Black Sea) were of Egyptian descent because, like the Egyptians, they had dark skin and woolly hair. Both groups also practiced circumcision and apparently wove linen in a similar

        I decided to take it a step further in my research and not get discourage on the lies that some put out concerning Herodotus findings. When these lies are created they rely off of Americans laziness to do their own research.
        So as I was reading a few Harvard studies concerning the Anciant Colchians I came across V.P Vradii, an Russian naturalist regarding the Ancient Colchians.

        1912, a Russian natualist by the name of V.P. Vradii found a small colony of Black people in the area of Batumi, which is on the southwestern coast of Georgia in Southern Russia. Vraddi noticed that they were quite black in skin color and had very African features, while others were mixed with black and Russian. Vradii published a book about the Black tribe called, Kavkaz. After the publishing of his book, reports of other Black populations around the Black Sea began to flood local media. As other scholars began to travel the land, here in modern times, they too began reporting tribes of Black populations.
        There are more account of Black Colchians. In 522-443, a Greek poet named Pindar described the Colchians, whom Jason and the Argonauts fought, as being “dark skinned”. Then around 350 to 400 AD, Church father St. Jerome and Sophronius refered to Colchis as the “second Ethiopia” because of its black population.
        [ This information taken from: Patrick T. English, Cushites, Colchians, and Khazars, Journal of Near Eastern Studies, vol 18, Jaunuary – October 1959, p. 53. ]
        Moreover, a black Colchian writer, historian, and ethnographer, Dmitri Gulia (1874-1960) asserted that his peoples heritage stemed from Sesostris. He published a book called, History of Abkhazia, which shows that the black Colchian people of Southern Russia were really an Abyssinaian people of Egypt. he proves this by putting together a vast array of Abkhazian words that matched that of ancient Egypts. He also chronicles “family names, names of rivers and mountains, anems of pre-Christian deities, and much more.” (Poe, 58)
        his Histories, II, 103-105 bin/text?lookup=hdt.+2.103.1>, Herodotus
        suggests that Colchis was conquered by an Egyptian Pharao named
        Sesostris (either Sesostris I or Sesostris III

        Aristotle (384-322 BCE), spent some twenty years advancing his education in Egypt until the invasion of Alexander the Great in 332 BCE, when Aristotle got

        Quotes for Aristotle (commonly known as Greece’s greatest philosopher):”…those who are too black are cowards, like for instance the Egyptians and Ethiopians. But those who are excessively white are also cowards as we can see from the example of women, the complexion of courage lies between the two.”
        Quote from Lucian (Greek writer) when describing an Egyptian:”This boy is not merely black; he has thick lips and his legs are too thin…”
        Quote from Aeschylus (when describing the Egyptians): “I can see the crew with their black limbs and white tunics.” This is not to say there were never any rulers of a different race in Egypt, the conquest of Egypt by Hyskos,Persians,Greeks, Arabs,Assyrians and Romans is well documented .Their subsequent migration ,occupation and intermarrying of the native black peoples resulting in the current more Arabic appearance of Egyptians.Though it must be understood that the original inhabitants and founders of this vastly important civilization were its native black people.

        Egyptians were black. He saw Egyptians as having black skin and woolly hair (Herodotus, 2.104). He visited Egypt 75 years after the Persians had taken over but before the Greeks, Romans and Arabs had. He travelled the whole length of the country from north to south.

      6. Lol. DNA is the white man’s invention and tells us nothing. We can retrace our history, will at least I can…. We have nothing to prove!

      7. Ultimately, we are all Africans. Studies of mitochondrial DNA have proven that all human beings are descended from a small population (less than a hundred individuals) that emerged from Africa about 60,000 years ago.
        Israel invented the word Mizrahim to strip Arab Jews of their histories as they tried to do with Palestinians.
        Seems to be the in thing stripping people of whom they really are.

      8. De bijbel is het levens boek en tegelijkertijd de historische boek van de herbreeeuwse mensen die waren allemaal zwart.zoals ook bijna de hele gebied wat ze later in de middle east hebben omgetoverd.lees alleen maar deutornomy 28 in de bijbel dat vertel meer over de werkelijke gods mensen op deze aardbol.geen ander nation pas in de bijbel dan de mensen die als slaven waren verspreid op deze aardbol.zoals de negers in usa, suriname.haiti, jamaica.brasil enz komen allemaal uit judah West africa de plaats waar deze gods mensen vertoefden als vluchtelingen na de verwoesting van jeruzalem door de Romeinen,.en van daaruit (West africa) zijn ze tot slaven gemaakt en verscheept naar alle delen van de wereld.omdat ze hun vader (Elohim)wetten niet naleevden en daardoor gestraft zijn.

      9. My ancestry DNA says I have Asian blood to it also has Africa Benin Togo Ghana Nigeria Liberia Senegal South Africa but it has North South and East Asian

      10. Only one who is of the devil discards proof of Biblical true.
        DNA can only prove there was blood mixing among the peoples of different regions. It can not prove anything else.You seem to be a lukewarm believer and nothing else for man’s wisdom is not know better than that of TMH.

    2. I’m stuck checking out what tribe my farther blood line is,and all that searching for me puts me back to the same place and that is the start again and all I’ve asked google for is ,the island of st,Kitts and Nevis was colonised by west Africans but does not tell you the tribe of people they came from which is very important to me and my twin to see if we are descendants of Hebrew blood because I know the history of the real people of god and gods chosen children and the 12 tribes of very proud of the position we are in at the end times but would love to know the truth about where my great farther blood line my farther belongs to and not hidden like they have made it so hard like other things that they have hid in history,and even going right back to where it started ,”AFRICA and not forgetting ISRAEL that they have stolen from our people’s.

      1. So, true about things being covered up and destroyed regarding the true history of Blacks exported to the America’s. provided me with the region, tribes and way of life regarding my DNA results.

    3. Your mind isn’t right maybe they have some Jewish blood ,but to suggest they are Israelites is hogwash

    4. Akan Asanti
      Ket?bi (he hold some)
      Xor/Sor (to catch with mouth, eat)
      kodrow/kodow (canoe, a moving thing or craft on water)
      Seema baako (observable grain)
      Khordeh (excite, increase fire, make it burn hard)
      Dabereh (position, a place to sleep)

      Bosom, Sombo (Great)
      Krudugh (lie)
      F?? (take it, give it)
      ?p?t? (house, abode, protection)
      ?p?t? (house, abode)
      bhafan (cripple, not elegant)
      p?t?d?n, sid?n (to build, to protect )

      Ket?b-i (some)
      Xor (to eat)
      Khodrow (car, a moving thing)
      Television, Sadah vi seema

      Khordeh Avesta (prayer book to convert)

      Din Dabereh (contain alphabets, position of alphabets)
      Bozorg (Great)
      Dorugh (dr? (g) to lie
      d?? (to give)
      ?p?t? (populous, thriving, to protect)
      ?v?s? (sankrit) abode, residence, dwelling
      khafan (beautiful, nice)
      p?yidan (to protect)


  1. This is true and the bible the Christian use prove that its true but they are in denial because the keep reading the bible from a Eurocentric perspective.

    Deuteronomy 28
    Joel 3:1-3 (Describes what happen in the Caribbean when the Europeans sold and exchange black boys and girls for Sugar, Rum and Prostitutes).

    Acts 21:38 Apostle Paul was mistaken for an Egyptian (The Egyptians are the Black sons of Mizrahim) Ethiopians and Egyptians are all descendants of Ham.

    Exodus 2:19 – Moses mistaken for an Egyptian.

    How could this happen if the Hebrew Israelites where white..?

    The white man has stolen black heritage and replace all the great black men and women of history with their white image.

    1. Yes, you are right! I have been reading and researching the bible and other books about the original Hebrew tribes. The Tribe of Judah, was the only tribe that was sold into slavery and shipped as slaves around the world read Deuteronomy 28. The only group of people I can think of that was shipped around the world and sold as slaves were the negroes (descendants of the tribe of Judah) . The bible says at the end of the world, at Christ’s return, that the Messiah will gather the scattered tribe of Judah from around the world and bring them back to their original homeland along with the rest of the Tribes of Israel (most of them in Africa). In Zechariah, It says that Judah will “spoil” – that means takes from their oppressors, slave masters children, who have robbed them. So Judah will not go empty-handed because Judah has not been PAID for 350 yrs of slavery! Black people are the only group of people in the world that has not been given any reparations for being enslaved and for all the violence, hatred, racial discrimination, miscarragies, lynchings, etc. that has been committed against them. Not only that, but in Isaiah it says, that Judah will turn around and sell their slave masters children into slavery in end times. Esau (the white race) is the end of the world – that’s when their world dominance will end, then comes Jacob afterwards. God be the glory!

      1. Your statement is incorrect according to Genesis 49; 2 Kings 17:17-22, and 2 Esdras 13:39-45. These passages show how the Most High lead the Northern Kingdom to the America’s and to the Carebbian Islands. Now, not all of our ppl were sold into slavery, but did stay within the areas where they lived since the exiling, back in 70 A.D…

        1. In the 1700 there is a map showing in west Africa the Kingdom of Judah. This is the West Coast of Africa which was taken to America, which is Judah

        2. 4And thou, even thyself, shalt discontinue from thine heritage that I gave thee; and I will cause thee to serve thine enemies in the land which thou knowest not: This passage of scripture is addressed to Judah. Everyone knows that the so-called negro in America is the race that lost their Heritage. Jeremiah 17th chapter.

          1. Sigh! It didn’t stop you taking in that typical ‘American’ attitude all the same.
            How about correctly expanding your scope the whole Americas including South America and also the Carribean Islands.
            Not just the land mass known as the USA!
            Slaves from all the above mentioned areas were taken to these places as well end mass. Not just North America!!
            Black african slavery was often quite entrenched in these others areas, slightly before it was even in the North American land mass.

          2. Remember not all the 12 sons of Jacob, that formed the 12 tribes of Israel are blacks. There is significant evidence to proof that, the pashtun tribes of Afghanistan and Kashmir are also isrealites. Jews are from Judah, the fourth son (tribe), and they are not blacks either, the Sudanese and the Somalis, also descendants of Israel.

          3. Staff,,,stop your lies.Sudanese and Somalis are hamites.hamites are not israelites.the bible is can’t be ham and shem (jacob) at the same time.somalis/ethiopians-kush,Egyptians,canaanite,put are hamites.they can never be israelites at the same time.remember hamites sold shemites (hebrews) to slavery.hamites dont get along with shemites till date.hamites just want to claim the shemite identity of israel and yet they are the same people who enslaved & sold hebrews to Indian, arabs & white slave masters.stick to your hamitic routes.forget about being part of the house of israel you hamites

        3. Not true if u read all esdras u will see they stayed in the new land for a while then left crossed back over the Euphrates a second time.the new land was Asia manor not America.look they never stayed in the new land!!!!

          1. Pamela,I would like to say that something I have seen and witnessed is and I don’t know if you will believe me or not ,but let me say this a baby of 19 month who as no meaning of talk when they are that young but you must believe me that this baby as just woken up and saying to her mother that yahshua is coming yahshua is coming and pointing up with her finger in the air and I find that from when I seen and heard that I know in my heart that yahshua loves us and he is going to come on the second coming ,and if I may add furthermore that when I had my first farther hood as being a farther and this is going to sound strange but I have to and from when they were born I was there at the birth of both of them ,2 strong boys and I didn’t need to pick the names they came to me and what shocked me is that when I started to read the bible because I wanted to turn to the light ,those names were there in the bible ,Luke & Jeremiah and I fought that I had a gift and what enlightened me the most about seeing that 19 month baby is that the baby had a camera in the bedroom where she slept in her cot ,she woke up and pointed up to the ceiling and started speaking those words that I first told you about and shocking again what the baby did is that she bowed three times and this was Court on camera and what that did to me is truth and a camera never lies and they say if you have not heard this before is that we all possess a gift when we are baby’s but lose it when we get older and that is what I believe is this baby is showing this gift that we all have had as babies but we just don’t know our to harness it ,but that as human beings shows me there is something there and that’s why I believe in our saviour yahshua.

          2. Can you please note all verses where this is because I have read Esdras and 2 Esdras and would like to have your opinion with verses <3

          3. First of all Pamela, you are hypothesizing rather than being factual!; when Judah was delivered from slavery, they expedited down to Egypt, but the hamites did not want them therefore, the Bantu Expansion led these Jews to West Africa and South Eastern Africa where they were sold into slavery by Muslim Hamitic Ishmaelites and white European slave traders!, who then sold them to the Western Hemisphere! as slaves to the West Indies, South, Central & North America!; ALL! of the Judeo-Christian biblical prophecies confirm! our still being persecuted all over the world!; LOOK AROUND YOU!, Jewish persecution prophecies do not apply to so-called Orthodoxed / fake Jews.

        4. That’s not true…study your bible very well…the remaining tribes are in Africa …only Judah and Benjamin are scattered far off…the other tribes did not go far from the mother land….btw the 12tribes are all negroes….

          1. Well I’ve read and understand from when Moses lead the ,well I’ll call them EBA and I’m black and very proud,but let me get back to my point is that lead out Egypt straight down or around the Red Sea to escape from the Egyptians and he part thou great sea and crossed and there is even proof of all that from where they rested and made markings in rocks and this as been fought and other things have of there passage out of Egypt and also fought across the Red Sea and on the other side a pillar that the Hebrews built and left as a marking with Hebrew writing in it which proves the bible is not wrong and it is our history book not there’s and we the black race of Hebrew blood line are gods children but from my point that I would like to point out is the path as I’ve read and believe is they went into Africa and Rome had no durrist diction in Africa to get the Hebrews back and then on from history where I see it from and understand that they sent another race of people in and I won’t say which race but if you look it up you all will find the answer,so I’ll carry on and say that the race of people could not find the Hebrews because of the colour of skin because Africa is black and I’m very proud,so they could not find the Hebrews because of this,and so our ancestors were safe for the time being up until many century’s had passed that as I’ve read from doctor john Berkeley studied at Yale,and I must say a lot and a very lot of history as been hidden from us and our brothers that and I’m talking I’ve read a lot of books and studied to find out where my farther where he came from as he is no longer with us and a man who never forgot where he came from but did not know where he really came from because our identity had been taken from us and I’m for filling something for my farther so he will know the next time we meet and are together again ,but let me get back to what I was saying”hallayluya”brothers,is from when the white man came and the Portuguese and French to do there wrong doings I read that the Hebrews and I don’t want people to take this the wrong way or be offended by this is the Hebrews who came into the land were sold into bondage and that’s when the Atlantic slave trade all began and after the Hebrews the African leaders took it upon themselves to start with there own people .and I must rectify a point I’ve missed and I’ll never forget is Hebrews were African and apart if Africa but looking at it on a map doesn’t seem to appear so but is in the far right east corner from a geographical look at it next to Palestine the next country to it.but after all I have said in this writing is a lot of Hebrews were taken from west Africa as I’ve studied the goings on of the slave trade from Africa and a lot of trade went from the central and west side of Africa where a lot of our Hebrew brothers and sisters and mothers and farthest were sold into bondage.the west side and central regions west is where the Hebrews settled coming into Africa and also other parts of Africa but find they try to confuse where the Hebrews settled and the bigger picture if it is our people escaped from the romans because they was going to slaughter and wipe us out if we did not leave Egypt and then our people would have been boomed,gods children,the chosen ones and the word of our lord who is nearly upon us in the second coming,”Hallaylouya”and that’s my outlook on where it began of our suffer and pain bondage and the truth shall set us free and I’m waiting because the world as turned funny upon me again but soon it shall be done.

          2. I would just like to make one more comment that I came across,which is that have you ever heard the saying quote “if you hide it in a book ,blacks will never find it and I know what that ment when I heard it but we are not that stupid if Hebrews wrote the bible.

          3. The other tribes left right after the slavery in asyria. They even found anxient hebrew tabs and weitings with the native americans when columbus came to the americas.

          4. Emmanuel you are 100% correct Juda and Benjamin was send back to Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar to rebuild the tempel but they did not do it and got lost. While the other 11 Tribes (note at this time there was 13 tribes) went into Africa. Moses was black that is proofed so was the whole of Israel even Jesus and his disciples was black. The Jews that occupied Israel now are not even related to Israel and are a fraud and belong nowhere. Yes Israel belong to the black people of Africa, they are Gods people.

          5. People forget that the 70+ souls went down into Egypt, and out came over several hundred thousand people. A small seed in intermixed with the Egyptians/Ethiopians to create a distinctive population called Israelites. Even then Abraham was Shemite on his father’s side and Hamite in his mother’s side. How else could Abram have gained inheritance in the land of Ham.

      2. Yes they did that because we are the decedents of Christ. He was born in the linage of Judah. They had to separate and sell us we were to strong smarter and intuitive. We had a small army but no one could defeat us we were fearsome warriors and we had the most high on our side. That was the only way to destroy us and separate us from our Elohim. The broke us down in sin which mad us weak. We must come back together and take our place back on the thrown.

        1. You know when hes talking about judah
          He’s not just talking about the tribe
          There’s Benjamin and Levi that were sold on slave ships beside Judah.

          Joel 3:16
          The remanets of judah and the children of jerusalem that would be Benjamin and Levi.

          1. He is talking about even the ones they never drove out too. some of the northern kingdom came over too. So you have a portion of Ephraim and Mannessah too. that’s scripture.

        2. Judah was curse for sleeping with his father concubine so he did not receive his full inheritance if. I remember correctly, Benjamin another son of Jacob settled in Africa I’m thinking Africans/ Hebrew came out of that tribe. Please correct me if I am wrong… desperately seeking truth I know I am a child of God the original child of God we are his people I love my heavenly father my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit think God for me I am not muslim but so many of black people are falling victim to this false teaching please help me however you can with this clarification Judah versus Benjamin

          1. Judah was blessed!
            Now the sons of Reuben the firstborn of Israel, (for he was the firstborn; but, forasmuch as he defiled his father’s bed, his birthright was given unto the sons of Joseph the son of Israel: and the genealogy is not to be reckoned after the birthright. For Judah prevailed above his brethren, and of him came the chief ruler; but the birthright was Joseph’s:)
            1 Chronicles 5:1?-?2 KJV

        3. Amen! This is exactly why they seperated families by sellimg them off in slavery. Karma will find all our oppessors and lead them to death!!!

        1. Slaveryto those not killed when Yahweh/ God returns to bring his chosen children Hebrews back to our rightful land of Israel. The current occupants of Israel are the Jews are imposters and will all be destroyed in our lifetime. The crimes done against my people have co sequences. The wages of sin is death.

          1. That part. All versions of the bible redeem the saints, the slave. None of these other nations have been enslaved and built empires like Israel.

          2. Our land cannot possibly be the fake Israel that was given to the fake Jews by the British. Do you honestly think that all Hebrews can fit in that little space called Israel? Smh…..

      3. You are way off the mark and have no understanding……. The house of Judah ( which is Benjamin, Judah and a portion of levi) were taken as slaves, get it right

    2. It was not Portugese slave ships, it was Jewish slave ships. And don’t mistake the Jews for white people, they are not white.

  2. The people of the ancient bini empire trace their ancestral line back to the black Hebrews. Note, the Ibo’s came from bini.

    1. As an Igbo man, I know that your assertion about Igbos coming from Benin is very erroneous.

      If you know anything about the cultures, traditions, and languages of these two groups of people despite being the closest neighbors within the South/Eastern part of Nigeria, you would know that the only thing they have in common, apart from being amalgamated into one nation called Nigeria is their color. Without that, the two people have absolutely nothing in common.

      Benin Empire is possibly the most advanced people before the Europeans came to Nigeria, yet, they could not influence Igbo culture which is deep rooted in the Old Testament. The only thing that eventually diluted the Igbo culture is Christianity based on the New Testament.

      1. Thank you bros. I was asking my self when we started having kings in Igbo land, when we started practicing cannibalism, or killing people to use their head to bury our departed kings, when we stopped our 8th day circumcision, stopped our monotheism (Chukwu Abhiama), when we abandoned our representative government (and entrusted our lives and faith in the hands of a powerful king), when we stopped ostracizing idol worshipers as “osu,” (or abominators, who are idol worshipers), when we stopped isolating our menstruating women, when we stopped marrying the wives of our departed brothers, when we started allowing our younger ones to marry before us, and when we stopped calling on Our Almighty Chukwu Okike Abhiama? If we came from Bini, wouldn’t some of these cultures and traditions be part of the rich Edo culture? But they are not, therefore, no connection, Q.E.D

    2. I am Bini, we are either descendants of Egypt or of Esau. Find out. We have got nothing to do with the Israelites. But that does not stop us from being joined to Israel!

      1. You need simple follow your origins it was all apart of the Juda Empire. As the author is trying to explain. You are Hebrew.

      2. ummm if you are from Esau than you are the twin of the israelites. Jacobs name was changed to Israel. benjamin or benyamin is a son of Israel aka Jacob.

      3. When he said our land he meant the house of Israel therefore it do not include Edom. In the book of Obadiah it said you will be servants and handmaids

      4. Guy esau was white and even the zondervan bible dictionary tell you. The 4 families that make up africa or sons of ham were Egyptian, Canaanite, Libiyan and Ethiopian. If you aint one of them you aint african. And if you ant caucasian or decendent of esau you aint esau. And negros are Shemites not hamites. So bro you know who you are.

    3. This is very interesting. Just when did Bini (Edo) start tracing its ancestry to black Hebrews (which is a stupid name by the way, because all Hebrews were black), and when did core Ibo’s come from Bini? Edo people have been telling the world that they are descendants of Yoruba, who they share common cultures with. Now that everyone knows that Ibo (heeboes) are truly Hebrews (Not Jeweish, not Israelites) you all have to pivot and claim Ibo lineage or connection. But there is only one nationality that can substantiate its claims with cultural and religious heritage – the Ibos. It will be a welcome change when some of you stop deceiving yourselves and acknowledge what is obvious – that the Iboes are mean more to you than your door mat. Please follow the revelations on YouTube by watching the excellent videos “Igbos are the only true Hebrews” by “the_real_hebrews. They may open your eyes. Falsifying the teachings of the great book will not change the truth and will not get anybody to Our God’s Kingdom.

    1. Hello, i would like to know the source of your research im of kikuyu bloodline and also studying true hebrew lineage

  3. In addition to my recent post, I failed to mention that both the Igbo’s and Yoruba’s came out of the great Bini Empire. The Bini are the founding father of present day Nigeria, and again trace their ancestral roots to the migration of the black Hebrews from the Nile Valley. The Bini Empire covered a vast territory: Republic of Benin (named after it’s founding father the Bini empire), the Ga tribe in present day Ghana, Togo, and parts of Cameroon. Might I add that the aforementioned countries and/or tribes claim Hebrew ancestral links. “It ain’t rocket science, just add the dots?”

    1. You are speaking fact not opinion!!!Thats what I have found and continue to find in my almost daily study.Absolutely fascinating to find ones African history & heritage.Thank you.

    2. Replica of Benin ruled and named by Benin kingdom is also part of the house of Judah. At a time the kingdom of Judah in west Africa where the territory of Benin kingdom with the sit of power in ancient Benin kingdom. The Benin’s are descendants of the house of David, that is why their monarchical kingship system they brought with them when they flee from Israel; though with some twist and turn to it can prevail to this day. The Benins had a well established system of ruling, they were very good in economic and commerce, great conquerors before the coming of the white…… Today they are reduced almost to know existence because they lust after other gods and forsake their one true God Yah. Even their king was taken as captive to Calabar where he was bearhearded and hanged by the white fulfilling also the prophecy in the bible.

  4. Yoruba are not Ephraim.
    They are Gilead
    Check: nimrod- lamurudu
    Yoruba(eng)- Joruba(French)- Jerubbaal(biblical)

    1. I think the Ephraim are in Afghanistan, Afridi tribe of the pashtun. It looks like the majority of the lost Israelite Hebrew are Muslims. Wow!

      1. Yes sad, but true most black people will believe and claim Muslin a false religion and stick God than to read the Bible, look at the maps and as someone said connect the dots. White people and others don’t hate us because of our skin color, it is because we a the truth and they know it .. that’s why they hate us.. We where unfaithful to God and God scattered us … Moses sister spoke so badly about Moses wife skin color because she was darker than they were that God took away her pigmentation making her white a curse

        1. They were not speaking of her skin color, they were talking about her bloodline. Her skin color had nothing to do with it as they were all black

  5. I’m not a descendant of Hebrew. I’m Asante not Ashanti u retarded. I’m PROUDLY AFRICAN, go do something to help build Africa.

    1. Fuck Africa, not like that, but yea, like that… African means a conquered and my people, We are Ame-ricans and Hebrew Israelites, we ain’t Africans, u can have Africa . Only a small number of my kin came here, on ships, the majority of us have been here for more than 2000 years African dude asanti. I’m Chickasaw Cherokee a YaHaWadite

      1. Little that you know my bro. AFRICA is the holy land and the first world. Civilization, resources, arts and crafts, engineering etc. Started in Africa. It’s the mother of ALL countries little that you know. The reason AFRICA is in this situation cause we all left Yah and his commandments and started worshiping idols

        1. Scipio Africanus was a Roman Emperor for whom the continent was named. Would be interesting to know if the continent was ever in fact called by any other name.

          1. It’s always best to find it for yourself. Yes it had a different name. just remember a place always has more than one name; that which the locals call it and that which outsiders call it. the more you ask the more u will find and learn

      2. Do not use the word you start with, I’m concern about your soul, God hears, We are one race, started in Africa. And will be
        one When Jesus comes, so stop that nasty word!!! God want’s
        You in His Kingdom, He love You so much, even more than your Mum and Dad, so come on, lets go to heaven, hand in hand,

  6. Hi oooh!
    A lot of mistake in this post!
    We don’t need to claim that hebrews and blablas…
    The fact is : Israël belongs to Africa!
    Hoping they will understand it and come in A.U.

    1. The so called african american are the tribe of juda(the real jews of Deuteronomy 28:68) the rest of jeruselem were isrealites they formed the other 11tribes of isreal the decendants of jacob who god changed his name to isreal he had 12 sons the twelve tribes of isreal.

      1. No they are not! only 3%of slaves came to America, and then were transported to Europe. There majority of Hebrews are in the Caribbean, Brazil, Haiti… There were black indigenous Americans already here.

    2. No no no yall was on the ship like say yall all from ham …….yall your slaves to for what done to us

  7. You would think that PanAfricanist people would have a better handle on such things as the concept of a Diaspora, something literally invented for and because of the Jews. You would also think, given this was written only months ago, that the author would do some research on the DNA studies. Including such studies that show that whether Indian, Chinese, Beta Israel, Sephardic, Mizrahi, and yes, even Ashkenazi and Zimbabwean Lemba, the patrilineal DNA is literally indistinguishable from Modern Palestinians (Biblical Hebrews as well). One would also think you’d have read the revelation of the genome studies that, even the fairest Ashkenazi Jew has on average 3-6% subsaharan African DNA, which translates to approx 2000 years, or 27 generations ago.

    One would also hope that the author would be interested in knowing that only 35% of the population of Israel was from the European part of the Diaspora. That 25% of Israelis aren’t even Jewish. And that Israel even gave the BHI ALIYAH, and so, even BLACK AFRICAN AMERICAN BHI have found a home in that new nation.

    If you are from, ancestrally, a land where Judaism has a long Tribal history… And this includes even the Caribbean, to where the Jews fled in 1492 at the fall of Moorish Spain and Portugal, as their children were stolen and shipped into slavery in Angola and São Tomé (yes really. Sephardic Jewish children sold into African slavery before the advent of the TAST), and of course nor those two African countries in addition to Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, and so. All these Jews have been welcomed as part of our rich and varied diaspora. Wanna be a Hebrew? Get a DNA test. Then we can talk.

    Finally. Please look at a map. Note that the border of ancient Israel is shared by Egypt. That there’s no ocean between the Middle East and Africa. Hebrews weren’t white. Neither are they now. Half? Yes. Fully? Pfffftt

    1. Idk bro try putting your emotion aside when expressing deep thoughts cuz your all over the place you mention sao tome but what happened to cabin Verde?

    2. Here is a interesting FACT that you may not be aware of. They have never sequenced the DNA of the ancient Judaeans/ Israelites. All studies done are on modern peoples claiming ancient Israelite ancestry. Until the ancient DNA of the Judaeans/Israelites are actually sequenced the so-called DNA studies used are just theories.

      Genetics and the Archaeology of Ancient Israel (2013)
      Letter to the Editor
      Aaron J. Brody, Badè Museum of Biblical Archaeology, Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley, CA
      Roy J. King, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Stanford

      This letter is a call for DNA testing on ancient skeletal materials from the southern Levant to begin a database of genetic information of the inhabitants of this crossroads region. In this region, during the Iron I period traditionally dated to circa 1200–1000 BCE, archaeologists and biblical historians view the earliest presence of a group that called itself Israel. They lived in villages in the varied hill countries of the region, contemporary with urban settlements in the coastal plains, inland valleys, and central hill country attributed to varied indigenous groups collectively called Canaanite. The remnants of Egyptian imperial presence in the region lasted until around 1150 BCE, postdating the arrival of an immigrant group from the Aegean called the Philistines circa 1175 BCE. The period that follows in the southern Levant is marked by the development of territorial states throughout the region, circa 1000–800 BCE. These patrimonial kingdoms, including the United Kingdom of Israel and the divided kingdoms of northern Israel and Judah, coalesced varied peoples under central leadership and newly founded administrative and religious bureaucracies. Ancient DNA testing will give us a further refined understanding of the individuals who peopled the region of the southern Levant throughout its varied archaeological and historic periods and provide scientific data that will support, refute, or nuance our sociohistoric reconstruction of ancient group identities. These social identities may or may not map onto genetic data, but without sampling of ancient DNA we may never know. A database of ancient DNA will also allow for comparisons with modern DNA samples collected throughout the greater region and the Mediterranean littoral, giving a more robust understanding of the long historical trajectories of regional human genetics and the genetics of varied ancestral groups of today’s Jewish populations and other cultural groups in the modern Middle East and Mediterranean.
      This is a call for the need for DNA sampling on human skeletal materials from the region. Our hope is that testing ancient DNA will give us greater understanding of the peoples of the southern Levant, and scientific data regarding ancient groups and identities. A database of ancient DNA will also allow for comparisons with modern DNA samples collected throughout the greater region and the Mediterranean littoral, giving a better understanding of the long historical development of regional populations. But without sampling of ancient DNA we may never know.
      The need to sample ancient human DNA also comes with a caveat regarding ancient human identities and fractious modern political and social situations throughout the region. We wish to stress that our reconstruction of ancient group identities through archaeology says nothing about modern political claims in the Middle East.
      Today there remain legal and political impediments to gathering DNA samples from ancient skeletal materials uncovered in the modern state of Israel. In general, excavating or disturbing Jewish graves is considered immoral by ultra-Orthodox groups, who exert political pressure to ensure that state-funded construction projects, such as roadways and other public works, do not impact Jewish burials. Graves that cannot be avoided are typically excavated in a rushed manner, and skeletal materials are re-buried as quickly as possible with no time for analysis or sampling.
      This is one reason there have been so few studies of ancient human DNA in the southern Levant. But obstructions within modern Israel do not negate the possibility of sampling remains housed in collections located outside of the region, or those of the Departments of Antiquities of the Palestinian Authority and the Kingdom of Jordan.

      Map of the Southern Levant. Photograph courtesy of A. Brody.
      Modern DNA analyses give an indication of what might be learned from ancient studies. They also reflect the outcome of population movements that began in during the Iron Age and earlier. Although many modern DNA studies using Y chromosome (which among other things determines sex) and autosomal genome markers (the 22 numbered pairs of chromosomes) have been published for Levantine, Arabian, Turkish and Jewish populations, DNA frequencies from existing groups may not necessarily reflect the ancient population structure of these regions. Multiple migrations and population movements, such as the Assyrian and Babylonian exiles, Phoenician and Greek colonization, Persian, Hellenistic, and Roman hegemony, immigration of Arabian populations during the initial stages of Islamic conquests, and the Crusades, may have had a profound effect on the distribution of both Y chromosome and autosomal markers.
      “Why the DNA of the ancient Judaeans has not being sequenced and settle the question of relatedness once and for all is a question that should be directed to Israeli archeologists. It is most unfortunate that the members of the general public have been mislead to believe (no doubt after paying a lot of money to DTC companies) that they are related to ancient figures without any shred of evidence.”

      1. Exactly…something that goes over too many peoples heads. Modern Jewish people are not related to any ancient Judean…and any DNA postulation linking them to said peoples is unvalidated….its hogwash

  8. Addendum. The subsaharan African DNA is elucidating because the Hebrew and subsequently known as Jewish, diaspora is the result of the expulsion of the Hebrews from Judea in 70ce by the Romans. After they killed 1.5 MILLION in the first mass holocaust of Hebrews on record.

  9. Not all African jews were born that way although I do believe the Ashanti are authentic. I do believe your view is narrow and racist. The people of Asan or the people of smoke referring to the town being burn up by Rome, but does it not say in Torah that Yahweh loves all who observe Torah . You are doing exactly what Yahweh hates, jews turning on jews. Converts or not, that’s what Yahweh wants,people to follow his laws.

    You are colorblind and even if you are 100% right,it still doesn’t matter.

    And you don’t mention a word about mizrahi,most likely to also have origins going back to biblical times. They are arab and last I checked,israel also borders arab lands. So my question is,why can’t there be arab jews at all and 2, why do you get so mad that people converted to worship your God too. Are you blind to the call for thd world to follow Torah which us we all jewish people Andre waiting for when messiah finally comes.

    (I personally think that the messiah could very well be black and of african,especially Jamaican (modern jamaica) considering g many there are from those who were connected to Sheba whom solomon (most likely mizrahi) had children with thus keeping David’s blood lines going who is the only blood line accepted as messiah.)

    Just my 2 cents I’m no expert ,I just came to my own thoughts and beliefs.

    What’s it matter to you what xolor jewish people are anyway?

    1. ES- you got some good points for instance yes, Yahweh wants all people to follow his laws. And to answer your question why does it matter what color Jews are?

      Now, I have a question for you ES,
      If the xolor of the Jews like u said doesn’t matter then explain to me WHY THE IMAGE OF THE REAL NEGROID BLACK JESÚS CHRIST WAS CHANGED TO THAT OF A WHITE MEN????


      People like you and your fucking denial about race doesn’t matter will no longer affect us Negroid Blacks,  every fucking day you apply your God dam racism to us and like you, you want us to deny it,  well fuck you

      Color, race,  does matter, it matters because whites have not been honest about history,  about historical records.  It matters because whites tried to erase Negroid Blacks from history,  it matters because THE TRUTH MATTERS.

      Yes anyone can take the faith and follow Yahweh laws but you must acknowledge the TRUTH and the Truth is that the descendents of the Kingdom of Judah are the Negroid Blacks Not the Ashkénaze Jews who falsely claim to be the Chosen people of God and are committing genocide against the Palestinians.


    2. For Thousand  of years whites have been hiding the Truth,  That JESÚS CHRIST WAS A NEGROID BLACK and historically they even made him a white man. So now that  the Truth comes out in the end times now suddenly color,  race doesn’t matter?  Yeah right…keep trying to feed us the same bullshit…
      We know color,  race does matter. EVERYTHING IN THIS FUCKING WORLD, I MEAN EVERYTHING IS ABOUT RACE PERIOD.  IT ALWAYS HAVE BEEN THEY JUST WANT US TO DENY IT; DENY, DENY , DENY, DENY THE TRUTH. That’s  their strategy.  Oh the Negroid Blacks are the real Jews, DENY that shit, the Negroid Blacks were the ones who spread civilization?  Deny that shit, the Negroid Blacks were the ones who created the fish modern city in Spain?  Deny that shit; what? The Negroid Blacks were the ones who ruled Europe,  The Middle East and Asia (Mongolia? Deny that shit;
      Say what?  King James was a Negroid Black Jew who Established the United Kingdom?  Deny that shit; DENY,  DENY,  DENY. 
      Well, denial is only a short temporary solution   but when reality bites you in the ass you won’t be able to handle it.  You won’t be able to handle the Truth and you will just go cucu.


  11. Greetings,

    My name is Patt Abraham, I am searching for information regarding the migration of Hebrews throughout their existence, is it possible that someone has a working document that lists the names of tribes and their current locations.

    This would be greatly appreciated.


  12. Israel is north east Africa, it borders Egypt. Egypt continues by land into israel with no body of water dividing it though, the identity thieves, great deceiver and impostors tried to cut off Africa from Israel with the suez canal so that they could claim it was not part of Africa . When this failed and they couldn’t physically carve up north east Africa, they named it middle east and drew the map of Africa showing Egypt as the outer fringe on the north east side when Israel is actually linked to Africa. israel has always been a hotly contested land because of its unique position. geographically, isreal is the gateway between Africa and Asia. In real estate terms, it is a prime location, the link between Africa and the rest of the world. The indigenous people of the area are black africans. The great deceiver and their clan occupied Israel. You had the roman army occupy Israel at around the birth of Jesus. The native black hebrews were no match for the roman army and it was basically an occupied country in the way south African is forcefully occupied by Europeans against the will and wishes of the native black south African. The reason jesus was born in a manger was because of the colour of their skin. They were occupied by Romans their land was forcefully taken and they were encouraged to vacate the land (israel) and go back to Africa. This is why even at the point of delivery with a frantic Joseph seeking help from a room full of people in an inn, they were not accepted in because they were ostracised and outcast and jesus had to be born in an animal shelter, no crib for a bed and instead hay for donkey and horse feed for his baby cot. Even at that, when the occupying king Herod heard of the birth of Jesus and his significance, he ordered the murder of all male Hebrew black children around the age of child jesus and under. This was genocide, ethnic cleansing and the original holocaust. When you devoid a race of all its male, they loose their identity and character and are easier to manipulate. This is why baby jesus fled from Israel to Egypt on donkey and foot with Mary and Joseph. They did not cross a body of water. Egypy is west of Israel and Israel is east of Egypt. They are neighbouring countries like any other African state. Egypt was a black Country until the blacks were conquered and driven out and replaced by the Mordern day Egyptian, in the same way you have white Europeans claiming to be south africans when they were mostly from Dutch holland, Belgium etc. In the case of the modern day impostor Egyptian, they broke off the noses of the pharaohs because the were built with the distinctive wide umbrella African nose, the commissioned the building of new ones and even as we speak, they are painting the colours of the pictorial images on the tombs and wall art in their skin colour to give the false impression that it was their land. Going back to baby jesus. It was easy for jesus and parents to live and hide in Egypt because they were of the same colour. If jesus had been white, he would have stood out in Egypt but the family blended in and the roman army could not find and kill child jesus. They only left Israel because he stood out because of his skin colour. Moses and Apostle Paul amongst many others were black because they were mistaken for black Egyptian by appearance. Afterall, the bible is an African book set primarily in Egypt, Ethiopia, israel, Palestine, Libya, basically the north east African region with no mention of countries like England, Russia, Switzerland etc. It was stolen and translated and edited by the Conquerors to potray their version hence why you have the King James Version of England translating a book , editing it, adding and removing at will and forcing it down the world via missionaries and crudders in its adulterated version. It is no wonder why the old testament advocates an eye for an eye and the new addition testament advocated obeying your master and offering the other cheek after being slapped once already and not to take vengeance and instead pray for your assaulter.
    Approximately 70 years after jesus was framed and murdered, sensing demoralisation and low spirits amongst the black Hebrew of Israel, the roman army sent a small contigent to eject the black hebrews from Israel, surprising they held their ground and defeated the roman army despite the disadvantage in skill and weaponry but this was to be a temporary and piric victory for the black Jews because upon return, the roman army were set to exterminate isreal and burn and demolish it completly to the ground. Many black Jews fled back to Egypt and further afield and many remained optimistic and remained in Israel, as the roman army approached, more and more black hebrews left and when the roman army arrived, the killed over a million remaining black Hebrews and destrogen their cities. The ones already in Egypt were hunted and pursued by the roman army as they were bent on wiping the black Jews off the face of the earth, this time women, girls and elderly included. These black Jews scattered all over Africa many to west Africa. As if that was not enough they hunted them by circling over the long way round oceans and seas to capture them for slave labour trade.

  13. Old maps of Africa after the murder of Jesus show a string of 4 African countries as described on those old maps as the kingdom of judah. These countries are ghana, Togo, Nigeria and Republic of Benin. The Europeans believed that the remnants of the fleeing black Hebrew jews of that area had settled in those area described. The upper part of the Sahara was described as the desert of seth.

  14. According to a Y-DNA study by Wood et al. (2005), indigenous Ghanaians in Ghana carry 61% E1b1a.(Akan)
    [48][nb 1]Indigenous Ghanaians in Ghana also belong to paternal lineages: 2.2% E1a and.
    [48]Indigenous Ghanaians in Ghana are 1.1% E1b1bclade bearers, a
    haplogroup which is most common in
    North Africa and the Horn of Africa finally, 1.1% carry West EurasianhaplogroupR1b (E1b1a the ancient israelite bloodline)

    1. I just recently received the results from my paternal DNA test it tells me that I am from the EWE and AKAN people living in GHANA today.

  15. you di know that the jews can take you back in ancestry to the bible days.
    for them to be a jew is a privilege, and you should work hard if you want to become one.
    and also in judaism there are different streams of culture, the Ashkenazi being the most hardcore.
    there are also a small minority of KARAIM which follow the first testament as it is without any addons or explanations of any sort which mainly means without the Torah by tounge (which used to pass by each generation until it was written so it wont get lost).

    Israelite or not in order to accept the god of the first testament you have to follow his rules, which says you have to pay tenth of all the money you earn to the poor and keep shabbath, wear tzizit and pray 3 times a day facing jerusalem as he asked for.

    you can all consider yourself as you wish but STUDY from the ancient literature, religion is much more than labeling yourself as an israelite, its not your skin color or anything else that does, its your mother’s origin (by the torah),
    want to be a real follower of israel’s god? keep the mitzvot and always take care of your people as you would treat yourself. Peace on israel and may the third temple built quickly (someone should get rid of that thing sitting in it’s spot).

  16. You trippin if you think anybody can be saved ? stop it. Everyone is going to follow the law no doubt. But they won’t inherit the kingdom. Yahweh?? Lol It’s Yahawah first thing. And second the laws was only given to one set of people the israelites. So when we break them we get sent into captivity. Those jews in Israel calling themselves the jews are not. And Jew is just short for Judah as most of us know. It’s not a religion to follow (Judaism ?). Judah is just the leading tribe but we are not more important only Yahawah and his son is worth praising. And the tribe of Judah has been spread through out ALL of the continents not just america not just the few tribes in africa (yall can have africa ?? but shout out to the judah family over there) but there are some in Asia Australia the middle East all places around the world (of wooly hair decent) and no the edomites won’t be saved (sorry not sorry if you have a white daddy) not any moabites (sorry not sorry if you have a father of asian decent) not any canaanites (tribal africans not judah africans) and not any ishmaelites (Arabian Muslims etc.) Y’all will be in the kingdom… but as slaves and handmades. Y’all really think yall can sale beat rape whore around on the true people of Yah and just come into the kingdom and inherit it….. ??? naw bruh ?. Yahawah is gonna make sure yall bow. Look up Obadiah look up look up 2 Esdras and look up Joel. Those prophecies will come to past yo. Plus you can’t just convert.. stop with this doctrine its through the SEED its through lineage. The true israelites would not know who they were through being destroyed and taken into captivity. Like he said his people wouldn’t even consider it not until the book is unsealed and learned and in Isaiah chapter 29 verse 22 it said the REAL JEWS face would NEVER wax pale. So even if you believe in conversion…. it still wouldn’t be. In 2 esdras he compared other nations to less then nothing…. better hope your father is an israelite.. or its a wrap. It’s the SEED of the father regardless. Shout out to my israelites all over and in this message board our captivity is soon at a end shalom

    1. You spoke a blunt truth ,but have opened my mind even more. I want to thank this page and its people whom have left amazing comments that had me thinking. We know the truth and the real Israelites shall rise above all whom have done them wrong. I seriously can’t wait to learn more about who I am and not be brainwashed by white people and their lies; like I used to be. I was more misguided and lost than brainwashed ,but still I know the truth and want to tell others so we can all learn more about the REAL us! I know some won’t believe ,but some will- at least I hope. I am glad to have found such an educated group of people. Thank you all ,for you have given me significant insight on my heritage.

  17. I too have been awakened to more truth. Studying, searching, seeking, knocking on doors, and am awaiting my DNA testing results. My biological Father had wooly hair was dark skinned, his ancestors were slaves… arrived in America on ships from Africa (my mother the same but too has mixture of Native American Indian and other. I have read that it is quite difficult to pinpoint African-American’s original lineage due to the forced interracial of the Caucasian (white) slave owners for reason of breeding slaves. I serve Yahawah, my savior is His Son, Yahashua. Truth has slapped me in the face these last few months, but my heart is freed of the torment of why my people have been and are so down-trodden in America. I’ve seen and experience much in my days when comes to racism and am seeing the rise of it since our last election is even more disheartening. I want to say thanks to the many of you who have made such amazing comments on this string of conversation. Facts & Truth are swept under the rug far too much during these days. I recently wrote that “It is a very diabolical thing to hate facts… facts are truth; and truth cannot be hidden, perceived, spurious or defeated.” Anyway, I am seeking Him with my whole heart… that is the only way I will find Him… truth.
    I just want to be counted in that number … if anyone can understand. Blessings to all of you! Shalom!!

  18. Even though science has proved that there were multiple different races in Egypt during that time. You do not stick to their tradition, you give no fucks about your people. And the only reason why you claim the people you do is because of who they are. You have no proof to back anything up considering God made only 1 race and that’s the human race. Nowhere does it say a human with a specific color of skin is any more special than any other man. We are all Israelites etc. You only claim this because black supremacy claimed it in the 17th century and you believe things you see online and don’t actually do any reading. Just like black people wanna be mad at whites for slavery but Africans invented it in the first place you’d be mad if I wanted reparations from you because your ancestors enslaved mine . What about all the white Jew’s who were enslaved by African Muslim merchants in Africa for hundreds of years. You claim to be Egyptian and a slave from Egypt but you don’t know who you are related to. And you claim all true Egyptians were black but yet your own people enslaved your own people according to you then, in Egypt if that is the case. It’s literally like somebody stealing something from you and you find it online , wait for someone to buy it, find out who bought it and kill them instead of the thief. You need to get a grip on reality. We are all true children of Israel. Your skin color doesn’t matter. A double standard isn’t a standard at all. You only claim things when they are convenient to what you want to believe in other than that nobody is equal in your eyes. You can try to say I’m a white supremacist all you want but that’s not the case. We all need to stop bickering over our races and shut the fuck up with the false claims with no proof and grow the fuck up with your racist asses. Just saying at least I’m not claiming something that I know nothing about and spreading false words because I wanna use my skin color as a scapegoat for problems .

    1. You absolutely wrong my friend ! I’m sorry to say but if you study threw the whole Bible you will understand? that we all are not the children of Israel! Even Adolf Hitler stated the negros in America are God’s precious Jewel ! The Bible states that those born of Esau are cursed! Men and women who will never earn the Kingdom! Now I ask who are those born of Esau! They where the Edomite! What is a Edomite????? A Edomite is a modern day Caucasian! God in the Bible showed Moses may peace and blessings be upon him cusres/ proof of God to show to pharoah to let his people go ! One of the sign where when he put his hand in his bussom it turned that off white that of Esau! Then it turned back when he did t again! He also state in the Bible he hates Esau and those brn of him! But it also state Esau is the brother still and treat him with love and care! And t state they can convert!!! But they will be the ones to bow down to those who are born of Judah!

  19. Matter of fact go to Israel right now and claim these things you will be laughed at and beaten through the streets

    1. And carrying on in this manner wouldn’t make them dwelling in the land anymore israelite than they already aren’t. Who cares what they will do? When its time to clear the imposters out…. The most high will

    2. Israel is not our land, Israel was a name given to Jacob and his children. You can keep your filthy Israel is going to be destroyed anyway

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