The international monetary conspiracy against Africa – IronLion

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Origin of modern fiat money:

The modern fiat money is originally printed in the US money printing press or the printing press of the six other countries whose currencies by virtue of the Law of International Wars have become the only convertible (acceptable) money in the world. Those countries are Britain, France, Germany, Japan, Italy, Switzerland, Canada. They are known as the seven sisters.

The money printing presses loan out the printed money to the government and other elite investor families through a bonding system. Bonds are issued in return for the printed money.

The money is deposited in banks, normally government owned bank accounts or Elite Investment Trust Funds.

The Governments and the the Trust Investment Funds loan out the money to the smaller countries and smaller banks, who then loan it out to smaller peoples.

Elite investor families are those like like the Rothschild, the Carniege, and the Rockafellas and the rest who play the financial markets.

The whole system is monitored and safeguarded by the IMF, the Bank of International Settlement, the World Bank, the FBI, the CIA, the M16, the French Intelligence, US Army, and the Roman Catholic Churches and Mosques.

It is a global system of international enslavement which bounds every nation of today.

Africa is especially hated and feared so no one ever allocates any international capital for development to Africa.

Is it beginning to make sense to you now?

That is why the cost of capital the final magic to economic activity is prohibitive and almost impossible in Africa.

That is why Africa is poor and under-managed!

In the rest of the world, capital is relatively cheap….

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2 thoughts on “The international monetary conspiracy against Africa – IronLion”

  1. True stuff. Listening to Bob Marley & The Wailers chant “…its only machine that make money…” (slave driver) one is struck by the powerful insights Rasta investigating things.

    It however looks like the game is up. All the patch work to save banks (thugs) “too big to save” by printing out over $80Billion dollars a month in the USA is not stopping the collapse. In Europe, the Germans are getting tired of propping up the (laid back) southern Europeans… Nothing built on sand can last. Its just one huge casino/pyramid scheme supported by “graduating thieves and murderers!”

    Two days ago, I check BBC and witness a spectacle that would be unimaginable to many barely 10yrs ago. Here was this long queue of jobless (allegedly highly qualified)Portuguese at the Angolan embassy in Lisbon-looking to come to Africa for work! And what has the Angolan government been doing all these years? Enriching the connected and ignoring the people (resource curse-governments don’t need the people for tax revenue so they see no need for accountability). So these suffering Portuguese youth will crawl in many with fake qualifications and begin to live a colonial lifestyle in the tropics again (servants, servile populace, nice suburbs, desperate poor men/women for sex degradations). My mind was reeling. On meditating, I came to the realization that maybe things will not pan out quite that way. African youth maybe desperate but this time around, the hypocrisies of Babylon (white allah/jesus/capitalism/socialism/rubbish education) have been seen for their worth….

    The question Africans must ponder now is: what to do?
    Look to I ancestor and the solutions are obvious. There is a reason why Kmt lasted at least 3000 years (compared to USAs 200 or so years bristling with nuclear power in the last 60yrs) :

    Natural living. You are not an envious-ridden, status-anxiety neurotic consumer. You are hueman because I and I are human. MAAT.

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