God of the Nations: The Holy Black Trinity of Ethiopia

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The face of the three Gods of Haile Selassie I – By Jide Uwechia

At the front of the St Mary of Zion Church in Axum, is painted the picture of this 3 distinguished looking, elderly dread-locked black men.

They are known as the Holy Trinity. The St. Mary of Zion Church is the holiest shrine of the Ethiopians. It was first built around 300 AD and has been destroyed and rebuilt a couple of times on the same foundation.

All the Ethiopian Emperors since Emperor Azana the first of the Christian Emperors were crowned therein. The Ark of Covenant supposedly built by Moses to house the Book of the law and the Relics of the I AM, is stored therein.

The last time this church was reconstructed, it was done at the orders of his Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I. His name means the power of the trinity, in the line of those three black Gods whose image he commissioned to be permanently imprinted on the Holies of Holies of Ethiopia.

This trinity indeed is the joyful message of Rastafari, that God the Holy Black Trinity is indeed God, the Holy Black Rastafari in Council. Go look on the walls of Zion! Look into your own soul!

Some Rastas say the images represent Haile Selassie, Marcus Garvey and Rogers Atiliyah (Marcus Garvey’s Guru). The trinity of the Rastafari ideology. They say Marcus Garvey is the Messiah, Rogers Atiliyah is the Priest (the Bobo-Shanti dreads swear that Holy Emmanuel, their guide and teacher is the Priest), and Haile Selassie I is the King. The black trinity. yet others say they signify Marcus Garvey, Selassie, and I. The black trinity!

Since the Ark of God resides in that church, I and I respect and take very seriously the image and the message of the ancient Gods of creation, the I am that I am, Jah’ovia, Selassie, the Black Trinity of Ethiopia !

Head out now to the hills of Mount Zion, to the Holy Church of Saint Mary of Zion, the Holies of Holy shrines of Africa, and go feel the mystical vibrations of the Holy Black Trinity which has been calling out in your very soul since you were born….Haile Rastafari!

Jide Uwechia

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10 thoughts on “God of the Nations: The Holy Black Trinity of Ethiopia”

  1. Mr. Uwechia Rastafari is not only a name nor only just a person, but more importantly its a govenment that actually has a livity that’s integral to it.Haile Selassie I embodies all of this,hence the reason he was given the title King of Kings,The light of this world etc.within the government of Rastafari there are offices which includes The Prophet,the Priest and the King.the Prophet is Marcus Garvey,the Priest is Prince Emmanuel(The Black Christ),and the King is Rastafari.Marcus Garvey prophesied both the comings of these two persons.hence he fulfills the office of the Prophet.Prince Emmanuel who is the lord servant,fulfill his office of the Priesthood as the The Black Christ in Flesh,as confirmed in the 1966 visit of the King of Kings to the shores of Jamaica,and officially make it known to the local government within a constitution that the E.A.B.I.C.The Ethiopia Africa Black International Congress is the church of the Ethoiopians that were scattered within the diaspora and that Prince Emmanuel who is leader of such organization as is personal ambassador.u must remember that the scriptures says that no one goeth unto the Father(Haile Selassie I)unless through the son(The Black Christ).King Emmanuel 7 is the lord of the Sabbath.the keeping of the sabbath is the foundation of the Rastafari Government.Mr Uwechia you are either misinformed or just deliberately keeping the people ignorant to the truth or fulness of Rastafari.i will end with seven words of love,God is love,so let us love.Holy Emmanuel I King Selassie I Jah Rastafari.

  2. My lord this isnt about how much u can talk nor how u look nor about how many friends u have in society,whats important is your WORKS done on behalf of the kingdom of God.Marcus told us to look to the God of Ethiopia.if my memory serves me right i know that Gad tell the people of the fake messiah Gezzas.in my book such act would lead to spritual suicide dont u think?how can Gezzas manifest himself in the personality of His Majesty thats way pass blasphemy.His Majesty has is own personality,he doesnt need to manifest no one elses,cuz he would be responsible for another would’nt he?No one by that name existed.Gezzas is a corruption created by our enslavers.And Gad perpetuate such folly in His organization.U nor i nor Gad nor whomever has ever done what Marcus Garvey has accomplish.You should now that all theses houses that sprang up in jamaica,their leaders was once Prince Emmanuel(Bongo Eddie from Back-o-wall) loyalists until they all took bribes from rome to divide the house of the true Isrealites.Hence we are now having this discussion.Do your research Jahdey.They all commited treason if u ask me.Some of us may deemed ourselves Prophets of the Kingdom of Jah Rastafari,but Marcus Garvey is the Arch-Prophet,that means he ranks higher than all others including Gad,Howell and whomever.why?thats simple his WORKS!!!

    Marcus I Jah Rastafari!!!

  3. In matthew 1 verse 23 behold the virgin shall be with child and bear a son and they shall call his name immanuel which is translated god with us bible words but verse 21 say and she will bring forth a son and you shall call him jesus for he will save his people from their sins whats wrong with this a answer i need the truth should sat u free bliss

  4. I’m the great great…son of the family.
    What I’m asking is can I meet Haile Selassie my father I know he’s around, please can I see u I father

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