The Greek Origin of Jesus, the J-Zeus

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8 thoughts on “The Greek Origin of Jesus, the J-Zeus”

  1. This is in regard to the Irish-African connection. The book “Surviver’s of Atlantis – Their Impact on World Culture, by Frank Joseph (Bear & Company,2004) adds another layer of understanding on the ancient Irish and their roots.While the Fomors are considered to be the first inhabitents of Ireland, the Tuatha de Dannann, arriving around 1000 yrs later, brought their worship of their goddess Anu or Danu. This goddess is referred to in other ancient cultures – India included.

  2. No, this is incorrect. His name was Yeshua ben Yosef, which meant Yeshua, son of Yosef. This was translated to “Joshua, son of Joseph”, and “Jesus” is a Greek translation of “Joshua”.

  3. The Hebrew script has no “J” consonant, neither does the Greek, JB546 is correct Iesous is the Hellenic form of the Hebrew/Aramaic: Yeshua, it is the abridged form of Yehoshua “Yehovah is salvation”
    The Greek ‘IOTA’ substitutes the Hebrew ‘YUD’
    In Ancient Greek Zeus was written with the (Zeta)
    Iesous with the (sigma), (Jesus) is a modern Anglicized term which is why the “s” sounds like a “z” it was written like this after the letter ‘j’ was invented and incorporated in the English man’s Alphabet circa 1630 . The words Jesus and Zues are merely Homonyms whose Etymological roots are as different as the Messiah and the Greek diety.

    1. God cares about your relationship ti Jesus without the distraction of the translation of His name that each culture has given Him. Those distractions are folloshness in the eyes of the Lord because we loose focus & the ability to be the unity of the body of ?Christ. Stay focus on obedience, His taught principles of Love & faith in the Lord.. Fear God & know that He is Lord so you can see the Glory of the kingdom of Heaven & a fulfilled life of peace, victory, understanding & pure Love on earth.

      1. Jesus if he ever lived came to teach about the law of righteousness. He was called Rabbi, teacher of the law. He claimed that he came not to change the law but to live it, respect it, fulfil it. If you know and respect the law of righteousness, then you have fulfilled the expectation of Jesus. All that other talk about beliEving in Jesus, and feAring him and stuff, is all Greek mythologies about gods and goddesses and their wrath and what not. Away with all that negative vibration, we don’t want no devil’s philosophy.

  4. Hi friends,
    I reflected much about this point and it is very interesting to see that the words Shiva – Yehova – Jupiter (in Sanskrit language Piter means father), Giove (spelled Chove in italian) is all the same word, because oriental languages just use consonants and no a, e, i, o or u in their written language. The symbol of Shiva is the star of David and he travels in a pillar of fire or ashes and smoke, exactly like the old hebrew God! Even more clear is the feminine version of God’s name: in Sanskrit Shakti, in Hebrew Shekina and in Egyptian Shekhet! There is still much more to be discovered, but I have to stop here, if not I would still be here tomorrow in writing and remembering very interesting things!
    Greetings, have a nice day!

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