The Revelations of Ras Naphtali

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Amma Gideon Time

And I saw the devil, the dragun, the old serpent, the false and lying prophet step aside; and he appointed another in his place, a muur with a spirit of the giant rat, who became the anti-christ, the muur killer, the misleader of the saints…

He has the image of the lamb, but he belongs to the wolves;

He will work fake magic and make the image to speak;

By him many will be led astray.

Many Muurz will be misled by this man..


Anti-christ in the new century.

But Jah ova them alla them

Remember this:

The star from heaven seen all over the world in February 2013…

The two bolts of super-lightening that lick off Batigun and the night of Maltas on Feruary 11 2013…

The day Benedict resigned, and Babylon fell.

It is Amma-Gideon time, Jah time

Jah Ova alla them!

Rally round the flags Rastamans

Rally round the ites black green and gold

Rally round Rastamans for it is amma-gideon time;


Word sound and power!

Lightening, earthquake and thunder!

Run-wey the Battiguns in higher places them, run the religious mafiosos

Chase the fake-ass higher military orders;

The Knights of Malta, and Columbus…

Put them back into the nights.

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