The Global Indigenous Muurs

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DISCLAIMER: This video is not implying or suggesting that slavery never happened or the people mistakenly known as “African American” descend from the islands presented in the video. This video is not intended to cause hate or hard feelings between “Black” Americans and Central/West Africans. It’s intended to show the other side of the world most Black Americans would never research because they were taught they came from Central & W.Africa. The VAST majority of the people mistakenly known as African American did NOT come from Africa, and were living here in the Western Hemisphere (Turtle island) before anyone else. If you’re still in doubt watch Pt.2. & Pt.3. People who say “Black Americans don’t look African because they’re mixed.” Okay well I found pictures of NON-mixed people, so what’s the excuse now?

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  1. Ambassador Racine never said Americans were muurs nor moors and African Americans ain’t African doesn’t support that either_for the record

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