African Americans Ain’t Africans 2012

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6 thoughts on “African Americans Ain’t Africans 2012”

  1. About the Wasitaw nation -some Nigero-congolese languages form their plural with the prefixe Wa like Wakam (those of kam in wolof, sing kene si kam), Wanirabé(parents in fula sing Bandirabé), Watoto( children in swahili sing mtoto), does the word Wasitaw indicates a plural?

  2. A dark race from the tribe of SHEM was scattered all over the world by different means (slavery, fleeing and/or settling in other places). That dark race had a covenanted land, ISRAEL through ABRAHAM. Depending on how one sees it, that land is not in Africa. That race later on was driven out of ISRAEL through periods of attacks, punishments and persecutions. That is why there are ASHANTIS, ZULUS, LEMBAS, etc. in AFRICA. For example, the HEBREW word for smoke is “ASHAN”. At one time, there was smoke in the land of ISRAEL through some type of burning and war. That race of people fled with the STORY and knowledge. At times, that group intermingled with the other races (language slightly corrupted, stories and features slightly changed, etc.) So, when you see all of these different people in different continents MANIFESTING certain things, they are the scattered SHEEP of ISRAEL.

    HAM is another dark race separate from SHEM. They are like IMAN, K’NAAN, LUOs, BATUTSIs, etc.

  3. pace quod insula optimus diviinus regina genes mater ,washitaw nation is hidden knowledge of us being in west before east 1492.washington comes from this .thats how they lie an said we only came from akebulan an hide africa was in west /amexums before 204ad ,jesus invented 324ad,we came before 586 years were added on gregorian callender from julian 1789 is really 1201,we are uaxashaktun muurish empire washitaw,ancient indiginous , worlds oldest sovereigns..we are not a plural but we are family with the east but not all from the east .moors are from the west.,but its hidden in masonry to rule the planet. please watch you tube prince uriel bey axis grid consciousness changes,we put that up right after our brother crossed over

  4. Normally, currency notes depict PRODUCTS/WEALTH/ARTIFACTS/FAUNA of the country issuing it. Let us quit running away from the stark reality:

    Black Africans were dragged to the western hemisphere as PRODUCTS/WEALTH of the depraved white slavers.

    The notion that the slaver-whites were trying to persuade “dark skinned” indigineous Americans into their economic system by pasting their paintings on currency notes is a disgraceful, ignorant and silly joke. It is patronizing to the African Americans who are serious about finding about Africa and an insult to anybody’s intelligence.

    The gabbage spewed by this fake researcher is incredible.

    Here is a chap who has never seen a “light skinned African born and bred in Africa and NOT MIXED RACE! Its surreal that we still have such ignorance (peddlars?) in African American society! To sit there and show us a few slides comparing urban light skinned African Americans (because that is what they are) and a the beautiful Dark-skinned Sudanese lady as evidence that African Americans are not in fact Africans is crass stupidity and bizarre self-hatred.

    This is my take on wankers like this fellow:

    He hates his Blackeness and loathes the idea of Africa. This is a result of miseducation. However as an adult, it behoves him to search the truth and jettison the self-contempt eating at his very essence.

    I do not deny that there were dark-skinned people in America before colombus/cortez & their wicked associates came calling. No! I also do not deny that some African Americans mixed with these dark-skinned indigenes of America under many circumstances.

    I also do not deny that some black people today could very well be outright descendants of these indigenous Americans. These lot can state without prejudice that they are not “African Americans”. However, they are few, but must be still be acknowledged.If he is one of them, we wish him godspeed and all.

    Otherwise he should desist from escapist fantasy and general idiocy. His preachings divide Africans and weakens our collective purpose in the universe: To right the wrongs wreaked upon our ancestors and us. I feel sorry for people like these.

    Whereas it is true that some African leaders in the past sold their own people into slavery, it is a tragic neglect of thought for an African American (and all diaspora Africans whose ancestors were kidnapped as slaves) to just blanket hate and flatly refuse to face reality that s/he is still African. After all, even the jews had their own traitors during Hitler’s onslaught on them.However, they have a unified purpose-any diviation from that purpose is insignificant to them because they (jews) are in a position of strenghth!

    So grow up and help heal yourself Africans. Two wrongs dont make a right! WE ARE AFRICANS! Help heal Africa, America, Ingland, the world from racism instead comming up with useless myth and innuendo that only leads us to darkness.

    (African) conman you!

  5. I noticed a little after the fact of my previous comment why the creator of the video declares that African-Americans are not Africans. It is because they were yielded in America. Yet, I procrastinated to rectify it.
    However, it is still relevant that African-Americans are part of that dark race who were scattered globally from their promised land, Israel. It is still relevant that a lot of them were stolen from Africa and enslaved in America.

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