The Black Washitaw Nation on America

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Blacks Also Owned Miles of US Pre-Columbian Lands
By Paul Barton, editorial, TOMRIC Agency (Dar es Salaam),

Washington D.C.—One of the saddest aspects of enslavement in the Americas, particular North America, is the fact that all forms of education was denied us and still is today. Blacks were forced to remain ignorant and told they have no history or culture.

Well, here is the problem, most African-Americans are still void of historical knowledge particularly of their ownership to lands right here in the U.S.

Blacks owned about one million square miles of land in the Louisiana Territories and the South Eastern/Florida region, as well as California. In all these areas of the U.S., there were Black African-American nations before Columbus, who were targeted for enslavement due to the Papal Edict that gave the Christian nations of Europe the go-ahead to make slaves of all descendants of Ham found in the newly discovered lands This fact cannot be denied. The essay on Black Civilizations of Ancient America, published as the great book; Susu Economics the History of Pan-African Trade, Commerce, Money and Wealth, tells a reality of this.

While many of Africans’ ancestors were kidnapped in Africa, many were Africans who came from West Africa, had a number of kingdoms and empires in the Southern parts of the U.S., and who were captured, had their lands taken and their persons sold into slavery. These Africans were direct black ancestors and their had a continuing connection with West Africa which included trade and commerce on the very eve of the invasion of the Europeans to the Americas.

In 1991, the U.S. returned about 68,000 square acres of land to the Washitaw Nation of Louisiana, one of the prehistoric Black nations of the United States (See This group of Blacks is the evidence of the Black ownership of land and the Black presence before English and Spanish/French colonization of North America.

Many Blacks living today are descended from the pre-Columbian Black nations and it is time that issue is included in the reparation discussion. They should locate who are the descendants of these pre-Columbian African nations in the U.S. (perhaps the entire mixed African-American population, since most of these Black tribes were enslaved and shipped to plantations and mixed with Blacks from Africa).

When discussing reparations, they must realize that more than the actual performance of slave labor was involved. The taking of Blacks aboriginal lands in North America was also involved in this great trade, which was part of a grand conspiracy by the European powers, in which they used biblical mythology to promote their policies.

Black researchers should do the work necessary to find the documentation proving that as recently as the 1800’s, the U.S. fought with a Black nation in California called the ’Black Californians, and that that Black nation ended up on slave plantations in the U.S., while others were sent to salt mines in Mexico.

The French and Spanish have documentation on the Black Washitaw Nation who once owned much of the annexed Louisiana Territories. In fact, the Washitaw Nation regard the states of Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Mississippi as Washitaw Proper, and as of this very moment, the Washitaw Nation is recognized by nations around the world as one of the most ancient nations in the Americas (See

According to the present leadership of the Washitaw Empire, the Wasitaw are the descendants of prehistoric African sea farers who settled in the Mississippi Valley Region and the Southern U.S., thousands of years Before Christ. They were boat builders, builders of pyramid mounds, Seafarers and practiced agriculture.

According to an article, (see also We Are The Washitaw, the Washitaw originally came from Africa and were Africans. The Washitaw are still African Negritic peoples and they, like many of the ancient Blacks who live in the Americas became victims of the Papal Edict which opened the way for the colonialization of the New World and the taking of people into slavery and occupation of their lands.

The Washitaw build hundreds of earthen pyramid mounds all over the southern and midwestern parts of the U.S. Some, such as the mound at Poverty Point in Louisiana is one of the most sacred sites of the Washitaw. Skeletons found in Washitaw gravesites from the pre-Columbian period show a tall people with characteristics similar to Africans.

It is time to get to do a thorough job on the reparation issue. What need to be done is not discussing how to parcel out the money we may receive, but how to gain lands taken from our ancestors and how to create a nation of independent minded people who will use their skills to rebuild the Black nation in America and return to the glorious renaissance Blacks had right here in the U.S., Mexico and Africa before European colonialism.

25 May 2001

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