The Greatest Black Irish: Mohammed Ali Traces his Roots to Ireland – by Oguejiofo Annu

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The Greatest Black Irish: Mohammed Ali Traces his Roots to Ireland

There are many Irish of African background and there are many Africans and African Americans of Irish background. The Honourable Noble Ali Drew taught us that true Irish people could be considered a nation that was originally black and aboriginal, since that was indeed their true history, Asiatic-Africans of the European Continent.

There are many linkages, commonalites and joint heritage connecting the Irish people to the Black nation. Though many racists might chaff in their ignorance and damaged mentality, the history that connects Africa and Ireland flows like a river, from the central sahara, through Espania, on to the Ireland, the bloodmarks and the cultural traits live on.

In the discovery of the new world, and the following colonial subjugation of the world’s native people, Black Africans at home, and those in the diaspora throughout Europe, especially Ireland, were betrayed, then killed and the remnants were sold into slavery in the west.

Until the late 19th century, Irish people (I mean the real Irish natives not the settlers) were considered as black Africans stragglers, and were treated no better than any black African by the blood thirsty slaves of the defunct Holy Roman Empire/Church, called the Franks and the English.

Due to a common reality both groups faced in early America, Blacks and Irish found an early solidarity that they appear to have lost today. Yet, in the early days of European olonizaton of the Americas, the Irish simply went back into the existing Black community, which was their original roots anyhow, and blended in back again with the Negros.

Hundreds of thousands of Black Irish did live and still live in the United States and Canada.

In the Islands of the Carribean, in the south of the United states, and sometimes in the agrcultural heartlands such as Kentucky, one finds this seamless blend of the Bantus, the Mandes, the Muurs, and the Irish, who once worked the plantations together, though sometimes in oppositon, yet, always manipulated and fleeced by the slaving Franks, and the Angeles..the so-called west European whites or WASPs.

Rastalivewire has brought stories and articles on the many aspects of Black, and Irish relationship.

We have this interesting story about Muhammad Ali, the Greatest boxer known to man, a radical Black African American nationalist, who started out his days as a member of the fiery Black Muslims, also known as the Nation of Islam led by Elijah Muhammad.

Indeed, Muhammad Ali is also a Black Irish.

Ali goes to Ireland:

Boxing legend Muhammad Ali made a sentimental journey to discover his Irish roots in the little town of Innis, where he met with distant relatives during celebrations at the local town hall and a nearby castle.

He made this trip following the uncovering of his roots which go way to Africa, and on to Ireland, in the streets of Ennis.

Thousands of excited Irish people lined the streets of Ennis, western Ireland, to cheer the motorcade carrying Ali as the three-time world heavyweight champion visited the home of his great-grandfather Abe Grady.


Mayor Frankie Neylon presented Ali with a scroll as he proclaimed him Ennis’ first “freeman,” an honor conveying him special privileges in the County Clare town of 23,000. The mayor said the most valuable privilege would be free parking.

Free Black Woman of Kentucky (A Moorish Line of Descent):

Abe Grady settled in the U.S. state of Kentucky in the 1860s and married a free-born Black woman from the state of Kentucky. She might have been one of the descendants of the Moorish nation (so-called black Indians) of America or perhaps directly from Morocco. Moors were precluded from enslavement in slave holding America.

She might also have been the descendant of a freed African who had been previously enslaved in America. But the bottom line is that Mohammed Ali’s grandmother was living as a free citizen of the United States when she met and married immigrant Abe Grady.

One of their grandchildren, Odessa Lee Grady Clay, gave birth to Ali — then Cassius Clay — in 1942.

By 2002, genealogists had pinpointed Ali’s Irish links, but Ali was not interested initally. He never visited Ennis until now.

People traveled hundreds of miles (kilometers) from across Ireland to see Ali, among them veteran Irish boxers who sparred with Ali in New York training decades ago.

Ali was later driven through the town to Turnpike Road, where his great-grandfather lived before sailing for America. He met several representatives of the Grady clan, most of them O’Gradys — the O means “son of” in the native Irish tongue.


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36 thoughts on “The Greatest Black Irish: Mohammed Ali Traces his Roots to Ireland – by Oguejiofo Annu”

  1. Mohammed Ali traces his roots back to Ireland only because a southern Irishman named Clay raped a black slave, NOT because of the “ancestral” Afrocentric gibberish spouted above. But what about Pres. Obama, a cross between an Irish woman and an Marxist African man, or as I like to put it, a cross between Joe Kennedy and Angela Davis? The Irish just love BO, a throwback to the Tammany Boss Tweed gangster(s) that LaGuardia threw out of NYC. BO is schooled in the corrupt Chicago/Irish politics of Cooke County Bill Daley who gave us the Kennedy boys who then had their brains spilled on the cold pavement. BO and his proud Irish lackeys in the media are going to send the United States back to the stone age which is where Ireland and the Irish have been living for millennia. Aelister Crowley put it best: “I have always been nauseated by the pretentiousness; and the Celtic revival, so-called, had all the mincing, posturing qualities of the literary Plymouth Brethren. They [W.B. Yeats and George Moore] pretend to think it an unpardonable crime not to speak Irish, though they cold not speak it themselves; and they worked in their mealymouthed way toward the galvanization of the political, ethnological and literary corpse of the Irish nation. Ireland has been badly treated, we all know; but her only salvation lay in forgetting her nonsense. What is the use of setting up a scarecrow provincialism in re-establishing a barbarous and fantastic language which is as dead as Gothic and cannot boast sufficient literature to hold the attention of the mainstream of civilization?” Grow up Irish, if it’s possible.

    1. Aleister Crowley, are we talking about the English Occultist , the lunatic who saw himself as a prophet. His dislike of Yates, was centered around petty jealousy, Yates rebelled, as did most, against Crowley’s autocratic rule, Yates did not like his poetry and Crowley, as would a child, took exception to that. In truth Crowley disliked anyone more talented than he. Racism and Bigotry were elements associated with his writing, which today is known by only an obscure few, unlike Yates who has endeared international renowned. As for corruption, gangs and other labels you have used in association with the Irish, the same could be said of all groups in American, gang culture and corruption is what built America. I live in Ireland and it does not resemble a stone age culture at all, unlike America we do have a history and our stone age monuments still stand, along side our modern buildings and monuments. These ridiculous statements show the sheer breath of your ignorance. No one really cares what happens to America, the world would really be better off without it, if America goes back to the stone age you have no one but your corrupt politics, international terrorism and expensive wars to blame for it. The Irish language is alive and well, students from all over the world come to our shores to learn it, did you not know that? It is also important to remember that the post is written by Rasta Livewire, not an Irish man, so before you tell the Irish to grow up remember who your speaking to. Furthermore, what evidence do you have that Mohammed Ali’s Irish relative raped a black woman, and his Irish roots were not named Clay they were Grady, idiot and he married a black woman. As for your distinction of Southern Irish, this is a modern day geo-political pretense, in fact there was no border back then, only planters of Scottish English ancestry, a great few were subsequently thrown off the land and went back to Cromwell crying, he in turn give these so called ‘Scots-Irish’ lands in the confederate states were they held blacks in slavery. May i suggest you educate yourself a little more, that way you may grow up.

      1. Why stoop to stereotyping?? Your points are accurate yet you in engage in ignorant hate speak about America?! Hate is hate. No one heritage is superior to another. Integrity isn’t read in a book. Live it and manifest the elevated intelligence you so desperately hope to portray. Double standards are as boring as your argument.

    2. Aelister Crowley as a child felt bullied into strict narrow Protestantism, which he hated. He rebelled and became an arrogant and rude Satanist. Crowley’s contempt for the recovery of self respect among the Irish, was due to the fact that no oppressor likes to see their victim arise and look them in the eye, particularly if their victim has cultural and moral superiority and can expose them as the drivelling bullys that they are. Crowley’s opinion of the Irish is exactly what would be expected from a person who despised decency in all its forms. He undermines most of your anti-Irish comment. More reading required , Stevart.

    3. If you look at the grave yards in Iraq, you will realize that Obamas predecessor makes Tammany Hall gangsters look very mild and moderate. If you can’t respect OB but love the Bushes, guns, and lethal jingoism, your whole understanding of being “Grown up ” really needs to grow up.

      President John F Kennedy was assassinated for doing what any decent Irish-American would do – exposing a cabal of evil-doers directing American democracy, banking, and foreign policy.
      That is the work of a great president, and America can be proud of him, as can his dad, Joe Kennedy. Gun toting misinformed bigots are preventing America from enjoying its previous good reputation. The American people deserve good politicians, from either party, but some of them, such as yourself, Stevart, need to see non-Americans as people worth understanding..

    4. Rape in alot of cases and not rape in alot of cases African Americans are lighter on avg because we are 15-50% white plus Nigerian and Madagascan the lighter Africans though madagascans are just as much if not more Asian than they are black. Me personally my ancestors and I are from Virginia and North Carolina my cousins range from 23 %-57% white pending our generation and parents make up, decendent of Lumbees and Melungeons mixing going black. I myself know my mother’s side generation is like 35% white and my father the child of an AA and “Iroquois” really just a quadroon passing as indian, so I’m 35-37% white me and my full blooded brothers look like darker Dominicans the Sammy Sosa and Jerry curld looking Pedro Martinez. Our mothers side white won’t rape. Free people of color glad to hook up with the white man and my paternal gpa side just some poor white trash ready to go black won’t treated much better . Kinda like now nowadays but reverse Po white trash bitches hooking up with black men but back then po white trash men quick to hook up with black women and we all know how color or hair struck country folks can be.

  2. The whole world has its origin in Africa since it is the cradle of humanity. The Irish also share some genes with the Berbers of North Africa. They are a pretty mixed people like many due to many invasions from almost every direction.

  3. How can a man with irish,italian and English ancestry be a black man?This nonsense must be stopped!Only pure Africans can be called blacks!

      1. Mr Einstein,can you tell me why muhamad ali cant be a white man?So he is not good enough to be white but good enough to be black right?This plantation mentality must end!Muhamad ali is a mixed-race not a black man!

  4. When Mohammed Ali visited Ireland in the 1970’s almost all the population, took the time to watch him on TV, being interviewed on Ireland’s premier Late Late Show. He looked Black, and few Irish people had ever met a Black person, so when he performed a funny magic trick, was entertaining, educated, and pleasant, quick witted and intelligent, he made a great impression on the people. He was a great ambassador for Black people, not to mention the world’s finest heavyweight boxer for decades.

    I understand alanmwene’s concern about race mixing. For those who come from a small ethnic group, even a small amount or mixing can change their people’s characteristics.
    Ali was a great man who didn’t present himself as coming from any one particular group.

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