The Black Gods: Ethiopia and the Origin of Civilization Part 4 – By John G. Jackson (1939)

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So far we have given little or no attention to the evidence of comparative religion. The study of ancient religious history is important, for religion, like philosophy, changes but slowly. Institutional religion, being conservative and static in its outlook, has preserved much ancient lore that would have otherwise been lost to the modern student.

The Greek philosopher Xenophanes (572–480 B.C.), pointed out a profound truth when he observed that the gods men worship very closely resemble the worshippers. In the words of this ancient sage: “Each man represents the gods as he himself is. The Ethiopian as black and flat-nosed the Thracian as red-haired and blue-eyed; and if horses and oxen could paint, they would no doubt depict the gods as horses and oxen.” This being the case; when we find the great nations of the world, both past and present, worshipping black gods, then we logically conclude that these peoples are either members of the black race, or that they originally received their religion in toto or in part from black people. The proofs are abundant.

The ancient gods of India are shown with Ethiopian crowns on their heads. According to the Old Testament, Moses first met Jehovah during his sojourn among the Midianites, who were an Ethiopian tribe. We learn from Hellenic tradition that Zeus, king of the Grecian gods, so cherished the friendship of the Ethiopians that he traveled to their country twice a year to attend banquets. “All the gods and goddesses of Greece were black,” asserts Sir Godfrey Higgins, “at least this was the case with Jupiter, Baccus, Hercules, Apollo, Ammon. The goddesses Benum, Isis, Hecate, Diana, Juno, Metis, Ceres, Cybele were black.” (Anacalypsis, Vol. I, Book IV, Chap. I.)

Even the Romans, who received their religion mainly from the Greeks, admitted their debt to Egypt and Ethiopia. This may be well illustrated by the following passage from The Golden Ass or Metamorphosis, by Apuleius. The author, as an initiate of the Isis cult is represented as being addressed by that goddess: “I am present; I who am Nature, the parent of things, queen of all the elements … the primitive Phrygians called me Pressimunitica, the mother or the gods; the native Athenians, Ceropian Minerva; the floating Cyprians, Paphian Venus … the inhabitants of Eleusis, the ancient goddess Ceres. Some again have invoked me as Juno, others as Bellona, others as Hecate, and others Rhamnusia; and those who are enlightened by the emerging rays of the rising sun, the Ethiopians, Ariians and Egyptians, powerful in ancient learning, who reverence by divinity with ceremonies perfectly proper, call me by my true appellation, Queen Isis.” (Doane’s Bible Myths, Note, p. 478.)

A study of the images of ancient deities of both the Old and New Worlds reveal their Ethiopic origin. This is noted by Kenneth R. H. Mackezie in T. A. Buckley’s Cities of the Ancient World, p. 180: “From the wooly texture of the hair, I am inclined to assign to the Buddha of India, the Fuhi of China, the Sommonacom of the Siamese, the Zaha of the Japanese, and the Quetzalcoatl of the Mexicans, the same, and indeed an African, or rather Nubian, origin.” Most of these black gods were regarded as crucified saviors who died to save mankind by being nailed to a cross, or tied to a tree with arms outstretched as if on a cross, or slain violently in some other manner.

Of these crucified saviors, the most prominent were Osiris and Horus of Egypt, Krishna of India, Mithra of Persia, Quetazlcoatl of Mexico, Adonis of Babylonia and Attis of Phrygia. Nearly all of these slain savior-gods have the following stories related about them: They are born of a virgin, on or near Dec. 25th (Christmas); their births are heralded by a star; they are born either in a cave or stable; they are slain, commonly by crucifixion; they descend into hell, and rise from the dead at the beginning of Spring (Easter), and finally ascend into heaven. The parallels between the legendary lives of these pagan messiahs and the life of Jesus Christ as recorded in the Bible are so similar that progressive Bible scholars now admit that stories of these heathen Christs have been woven into the life-story of Jesus. (These remarkable parallels are discussed and interpreted in a pamphlet, Christianity Before Christ, by John G. Jackson, New York, 1938.)

The late Mr. Maynard Shipley, President of The Science League of America, made a very scholarly study of the various mythologies and religions of the world, and in the concluding passage of a brilliant essay, Christian Doctrines in Pre-Christian America, he offers a profoundly thought-provoking statement:

That the ancient pagan creeds, legends and myths—part of the universal mythos—should be found embodied in the religion of the ancient Mexicans, and that all these again are found to be but the original sources of the modern orthodox Christian religion, is by no means inexplicable, and need not be attribute to the subtlety of the Ubiquitous Devil. The explanation is that all religions and all languages of the civilized races of men had a common origin in an older seat of civilization.

Where that original center of culture was is another story.

The evidence seems to show that the “original center of culture,” referred to by Mr. Shipley, was that vast domain known to the classical geographers and historians as Ethiopia. A study of religious images throws much light on this early civilization. The tau (T-shaped) cross is thought by many Christians to be a unique emblem of their faith. The fact is that this cross is of ancient Ethiopian origin. In the words of an outstanding student of symbolism: “The Ethiopic form of the tau is an exact prototype of the conventional Christian cross; or, to state the fact in its chronological relation, the Christian cross is made in the exact image of the Ethiopian tau.” (Sex Symbolism. P. 9, by William J, Fielding, Little Blue Book No. 904.) The cross was known to all the great ancient nations, and was sometimes shown with the image of a man upon it. The Church Father, Minucius Felix, writing in the early part of the third century, severely rebukes the Pagans for their adoration of crosses: “I must tell you that we neither adore crosses nor desire them; you it is ye Pagans … for what else are your ensigns, flags and standards, but crosses gilt and beautiful. Your victorious trophies not only represent a cross, but a cross with a man upon it.” Commenting on the preceding extract, the American scholar, T. W. Doane, notes that:

It is very evident that this celebrated Christian Father alludes to some Gentle mystery, of which the prudence of his successors has deprived us. When we compare this with the fact that for centuries after the time assigned for the birth of Jesus Christ, he was not represented as a man on a cross, and that the Christians did not have such a thing as a crucifix, we are inclined to think that the effigies of a black or dark-skinned crucified man, which were to be seen in many places in Italy even during the last century, may have had something to do with it. (Bible Myths, p. 197, 7th Edition.)

The same writer also refers to “the Mexican crucified god being sometimes represented as black,” and that “crosses were also found in Yucatan, as well as Mexico, with a man upon them.” (Ibid., p. 201.)

The numerous black madonnas and infants in European cathedrals are discussed in detail by Sir Godfrey Higgins in The Anacalypsis, Vol. I, Book IV, Chap. I, to which the interested student is referred. However, the remarks of Mr. Shipley on this point are worthy of our attention:

Very suggestive is the fact that representations of the virgin mother and infant savior are often black. This is true in the case of the paintings and images of Isis and Horus, of Devaki and Krishna, and in many cases of Mary and Jesus. The most ancient pictures and statues in Italy and other parts of Europe, which are adored by the faithful as representations of the Virgin Mary and the infant Jesus, reveal the infant draped in white, but with face black and in the arms of a black mother. … How does it happen that the Virgin Mother of the Mexican Savior-God so closely resembled the Black Virgins of Egypt and Europe? Had they not all a common origin?” (Sex and The Garden of Eden Myth, pp. 50–51, by Maynard Shipley, Little Blue Book No.1188.)

Mr. A. H. Verrill, an American archaeologist, visited an Indian shrine in a small town in Guatemala a few years ago, and found that on a special festival day Indians traveled to this little church to bow down to the image of a Black Christ. From the attendant ceremonies, Verrill judged the rite to be of Mayan origin. (see Verrill’s Old Civilizations of the New World, New York, 1938.) The Mayas possessed knowledge of the arts and sciences equivalent to that of the ancients of the Old World, but upon that we cannot dwell, since limitations of space forbid it. The reader is referred to Professor Paul Radin’s fine book on the American Indians, where after surveying the marvelous scientific achievements of the Mayas of Yucatan and Central America , Dr. Radin admits that: “No excavations have ever revealed to us any civilization of a simpler nature from which this very elaborate culture could possibly have been developed.” (The Story of the American Indian, p. 77, Garden City, 1937.)

Egypt and Western Asia tell the same story. “In each case we have a standard or measuring-rod of authentic historical record,” declares Samuel Laing, “of certainly not less than 8,000 and more probably 9,000 or 10,000 years, from the present time; and in each case we find ourselves at this remote date, in the presence, not of rude beginnings, but of a civilization already ancient and far advanced. We have populous cities, celebrated temples, an organized priesthood, an advanced state of agriculture and of the industrial and fine arts; writing and books so long known that their origin is lost in myth; religions in which advanced philosophical and moral ideas are already developed; astronomical systems which imply a long course of accurate observations. How long this prehistoric age may have lasted, and how many centuries it may have taken to develop such a civilization, from the primitive beginnings of Neolithic and Paleolithic origins, is a matter of conjecture. All we can infer is, that it must have required an immense time, much longer than that embraced by the subsequent period of historical record.” (Human Origins, by Samuel Laing, p. 30, London, 1913.)

Much more could be said on this subject, but since this essay is addressed mainly to readers who have little time for the study of history, it must be made as concise as possible. The numerous citations from standard scientific and historical works, it is hoped, will be of some benefit to students who are out of reach of large public libraries, or who lack the leisure time necessary for reading and research along these lines.

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63 thoughts on “The Black Gods: Ethiopia and the Origin of Civilization Part 4 – By John G. Jackson (1939)”

  1. Parallels between Jesus and pagan gods has been discredited before, so I advise looking into that. I remember when everyone was saying that he paralleled to Horus and Osiris, and then I looked it up and realized that they were all lies. I wouldn’t be surprised if most of these “parallels” are false too. If you want to find parallels, you need to find the pre-Christian stories because some of these religions changed their tales during the rise of Christianity.

    1. That story of a ‘god’ born of a virgin, on 25th Dec. They’re crucified & resurrected in 3 days. That’s existed for thousands of years before Jesus, involving different dieties from Egypt to India, Persia etc. That’s a fact. We have evidence of humans worshipping these gods. Histrorians have concluded that it was just a popular ‘template’ that priests used to worship various gods.

  2. the pre christian is us the moors .the stories are lies
    sstory of creation.first civilization in east are albion lies

    if jesus existed then that would be acceptable ,but serapis can be paralleled to that creation , can you explain to the people what/where u looked up that was lies about the jesus from the 1600s when the J was first introduced to the alphabet which only had 22 letters until jwyz.hermetics an metu neter are publically called pagan gods that privately are worshipped by freemasons,your evidence may be another hidden missing piece the puzzle or the broken glass we must put back to gether,can u share what u found to be false about what is taught bout jesus coming from horus in kemet.egypt as taught by dr ben ashra kwesi sara suten seti .the clearest evidence of lies of hizzzzzxtory is in the library of congress aN STATE DEPT LIBRARIES .IN LATIN THAT MUST BE TRANSLATED .INCUANABALA section is where the information isv not belief or opinion from altered time, have u lookerd there ,every friday baal baphomet an others of their ilk are activated to be cast into pulll in the pit church sunday acting as jesus ,to sacrifice the con-gre-gat-ion,congo gate to zion,its a lie about jesus period.jesus is the man living today branded negro ,the sun u see in the sky ,nopt whats outside of self as taught bey religion,the name is used to make points only cause iots a false measurment of time to maqke moors/muurs forgett who they are an tell them they all come fropm ham .we begin befoe religion that we moors fell fighting over aafter we killed mjatriarchy ,the ego fight began an gosd became the best fighter in a battle .who now looked like daytime sky with blue eyes an ruddy skin ,,when creator was woman albions called us men bgod ,,till we stopped sayong our mother was creator an created re ligion an said in the beginning of the number 2 not number one,,1-woman
    4-square[standing on]
    9-finite,if there false then show n prove they are ,its always been taught that these people from bible really existed but the egyption dieties were myths like atlantis an we would forget that was us an be leave /be lie ve,movies ,that comes from the devil cominjg from the story of set ausarc auset/isis//an horus,,if u are born oct 2 1963 u are born under the sign of set ,nat turner was born oct 2,not 10th month oct=8 sept7,nov9 deci 10.if ., the existance of jesus itself outside of our inner self is discredited,,a name for our natural born innner self ,,,solar plexis,,chi from psy/sa-chi-at tricks,helena blavatski write that jesus is from horus in 1870s after dissin randolf who taught her ,then the black masonic UNIVERSITY CUM LAUDE scholors followed after drew aLI IS KILLED.THE BIBLE WAS a matriarchal book from west
    meredith quinn -time walker[library vof congress] – you tube treaty law1-9
    prince uriel bey axis grid consciousness,,you tube
    EVIDENCE NEVER BEFORE HEARD BY PUBLIC ABOUT MANY FALSE PARALLELS ,from time dimensional war fare m tehuiti an other 6th dimension ascended masters plugged directly into the earths grids to correct damage from muurs/moors time machine experments gone awry that put holes in dimensions ,real existance no myth.latin is national language in 1492 when pirates from east arrive with their bible to find we already know latin an arabic ,so they kill an eat us n force the sons of our woman they raped to learn english or die.pace quod insula deus

      1. They have called the name Indians I was taught no such thing we are Moors and now called African Americans

  3. the accounts of the east deal with the moors there finding the albion in caucus mountains after we left them there ,whats hidden is there was a medina here an moorocco in west that is also on maps now in easyt same with ethiopia ,like timbuktu was newark new jersey ,edom virginia,jerusalem-new york,pittsburg-betheleham beth el o ham/heem,minnesota algeria ,chicago-libya/mecca,north south dakota mauritania.freeman is right bout false paralleles if jesus or set auset/isis/horus ausar didnt happen in the east as they say but in the west .we were in all point of the earth before 7000 years ago when aryan appeared from grafting in yuicatan peninsula.public information stops short at the facts teaching creation from a phallus god younger then those he created .we are the god who created the aryan we call the devil who didnt exist in the matriarchy an until we moors fell in patriarchy fighting over penis god censorship non kundalini raising religion

  4. Believe me or not I, from blood of Emperor Haile Silassie I[ He is my close relative ] , claim from my heart like ancient Ethiopians , my ancestors – I am king, priest and god .
    All Egyptologists know that all world gods, religions came out from Egypt or Ethiopia but no one understands the soul of these religions. No one understands without the bennu bird, benben, and mountain of God, Eden garden which is Ethiopia. And proper respect for kings / priests of Ancient Ethiopians.

  5. In all world religious myths, ancient Oromo heroes , illustrated in their myths as deities, prophets, saints. . . Judaism,Christianity ,Islam Hinduism, etc. were created by Oromo ancient Abba Mudas(Ethiopians high priests and kings ). Oromo were builder of all ancient civilizations; Egypt , Greece, Persia, Roamn, Arabian. . . And Oromo were great engineers, scientist, astronomers . . .
    All world scriptures were encoded by Oromo priests , and rightly decode by understanding Oromo’s religion , cosmology, and their culture.
    Oromo religious sayings such as ” Oromo[man ] created from water “; “Oromo came or originated from mada walaabu ( mada talila,water )” can explain all myths and cosmology of the ancient peoples. In ancient Egyptian the god Atum created from water. In Bible Genesis chapter I , all came out from deep waters. . .

  6. What about the claims of the theory of evolution regarding the origin of species? How come that people said to be originators of religion, engineering science, etc are among the poorest in the worlds, what happened? Why does it seem that, the darker your skins is the closer you are to poverty, disease, death, etc?

    1. Because those empires have succombed to EGO. All empires rise and fall due to the male ego. The knowledge was taught and stolen. The ego destroys things. Blacks ruled the earth at one time, now the whites do. That too will come to an end do to ego/greed/power.

  7. Wow, with all this knowledge that is out here I’m surprised that we still havn’t come together under one creator.

  8. Peace and Grace, In Yeshua name. Deuteronomy 32:8 that everything started where Israel is now. God YHVH sent Abram to that area because ADAMS Sons dwelt there in past. Everything started there, that’s why many covet the land. Its is the center of creations. The first sacrifice eas done there. God made coats for them because there outer spiritual was broken by sin. This how ABEL knew how to give flesh sacrifice to God. Its was established in the garden by God YHVH. Abraham took ISSAC to be sacrificed on Mount Moriah being where the temple of King Solomon was built for God that again sacrifice would be made where the SONS OF ADAM DWELT. YESHUA being sacrificed on side the Temple Mount defeating all sins even the sin of disobedience of Adam. God establishes CHIRSTIANITY with no crosses. Luke write of Acts before Constatine was born, Luke writes in chap 28:22 about the sect ( religious denomination ) Apostle Paul stood up for. Verse 24 some believe and some didn’t. If the book is not accurate or truth WHY IS YAH BRING EVERYTHING TO PAST. Remember YAH Will inRevelation 14:9-11 If any bow before the image serapis Christus on cross, take Babylon cross on there forehead or use a catholic rosary bead will burn in HELL. Isaiah 44: 13 show man what use a idol of man for deception, verse 19 residue is made into cross, stock mean branch or tree. Galatians 3:13 show curse is he that hang on tree , Acts 10:39 Yeshua was slew on a TREE ( Cross). Jeremiah 10:5 I will ask the ? What religious symbol loojs like or shaped like a mature palm tree, no other than a crosses, one versing says its like a scare crow in a melon patch. Well that’s a man on a cross, the serapis image of EGYPT. God is a Spirit and HIS Son Yeshua sits on HIS right hand said King David in Psalm 110:1. My brethren surrender to Yah laws of worship and Yeshua death that you might have eternal life. This the only true worship. Christianity is God given sect with no crosses when you worship YHVH. It was the Telfin we wore before God, the devil wants Revelation 14:9-10 worship that includes the idol man image and the crosses of Babylon. Do not YAH show HE will destroy Babylon . Then Why do u wear Babylon of your necks and bodies( crosses). Repent to God true ways. Prophet Lorio Moten

  9. only if we understand the relationship between flesh and spirit. poverty is the friend of the spirit; materialism with the flesh. one has to be crucified for the other to live; hence, the metaphor behind the Crucifixion. the ancient Ethiopians understood this concept better than anyone else in the world, and they are people of three different colors in them

  10. Please also understand that Jesus is not a messenger of God; he was the SON who was the only one who the only one who was birthed directly from the Father God while the rest of us where created from the dust with the power of the SON breathed into our nostrils. the only one birthed came two thousand years ago. meaning, Jesus was the Christ himself. The white folks (catholics; greeks and romans and currently all the west) start to preach that Jesus had two natures, flesh and spirit and they came up with the concept of freewill as if we can use our flesh nature to bring out the spirit in us, which is the devils preaching. The Ethiopians were the only people who build a Kingdom on earth on the faith that the Father and the Son are one, and they knew the SON in their heart before he came to earth 2000 years ago. Hence, the reason why they were never colonized. and because of their faith, they still get prosecuted and crucified, but the time is soon when the will re-emerge again. life goes in Circles.

  11. I’m a tad bit late to all of this, but I would like to add my input as a black man, who is currently married to a white woman. I have done many different forms of research to find out my own history, because it’s obvious to those who pay attention. This is WHITE america, I have many facts to throw out, as an American individual to support my claims. I will label when I am speaking in an opinionated manner, then I will also do the same when I am speaking on PURE solid fact. Blacks are closer to gods? Yes it is fact that we are the original man, known to have slightly better brain activity, physique and stamina. (It is in our genes) It is also why were were chosen by the white men to be slaves#Fact. Blacks on the outside are more physically built with out even having to try very hard to work out, or develop muscle content. The divine ones or the originators to man which we call God/Gods, are the basic genetic engineers of all life on earth. Studies show that human beings have ape like DNA blended with something else that is considered untraceable, mysterious, and few believe within us this is our code to finding where exactly did human beings come from, why if we are highly evolved apes, do apes still exist? People are very naive and don’t understand the concept that EVERYTHING applies when we are talking about, “The Original Man”. The texts that have spoken of the ascended beings and flaming chariots falling from the sky, to speak within the mind of man(Psionics). It’s obvious these angels or agents of god, or even god himself can be from the heavens, and what is the physical heavens? Stars, space, planets, galaxies. Stop and think for a minute and apply actual common sense instead of believing what everyone tells you because 100% the bible warns you of those who whisper in your ear of dissuade you, in the bible god says you will not even recognize the devil at times. The MEDIA, The MEDIA The MEDIA! more commercials of white people than blacks, promoting objects of desire but no true value to the inner self. I write to all people when I say that MAN is naive, and a young race indeed. OPEN your eyes to apply our existence to everything else around us, blacks are focused to live in the ghetto’s where not a single white is present, then fluoridated plays a role to lower IQ and make people submissive, while decreasing the progress of the pineal gland. Guns and Drugs seem to find their way into the ghetto’s, then cops patrol these ghetto’s and arrest the blacks(Hispanic’s included). Then the final part, to shorten the lifespan, and destroy the image of blacks, you apply diseases within subjects, release them into the ghetto, and you know what most of the people in the ghetto say? “It’s just so hard to get out of this place.” Yes, as people, we have all been betrayed buy our own brothers and sisters, this includes both white and black. See the world with open eyes, then you will see the universe, pay attention to the sky more.

    Now what I am about to say is very deep, but do you think that if god as the ability to create life from scratch? He will only make one form of intellectual beings? Your power is considered limitless, and you are considered ageless, I have an entire galaxy to create, and then billions more, which are proven as fact to exist. We are ONE galaxy out of billions our own existence is should be a proven FACT that aliens are said to exist, and if you people really want to know who god is, god is a genetic engineer, which means who ever our god of the earth was knew a higher form of science, which humans today are just now learning to do. Genetic splicing, we are combinations of god himself and beast, EVOLUTION THIS D*CK, if the world seen the truth, things would never be the same, but I do know this, I read an article about an “alien interview.” It was able to speak within the minds of man using a psionic ability, similar in the manner of what we call angels or gods. The being was detained by WHITE men, and these men were focused on communicating with the being to grasp the concepts of the technology the wounded being arrived and crash landed, to end up detained in the 1st place, and do you know what this man said in the interview which shocked me about this ALIEN subject? “The Alien seemed to be more focused on spiritual conversations, rather than technology based conversations. In my eyes this says something to me, when I patch 2 things together, Search the truth of the world and the universe, and then you will know yourself. I am one of the chosen, and my eyes are open, I will not argue with you or bash you, but I will do my best to educate you, when I say chosen, I feel as if something deep within talks to me everyday, and yes it’s crazy, it’s scary. I may be crazy, but you will admit after you apply all of these FACTS, that what I speak in extreme and genius, and in my eyes I call this common sense.

  12. Ethiopianism is a 300-year-old living movement that now enters its next era. Its based on a 3,000 year old mysticism .

    The Story gets deeper.

    In 1974, something happened in Ethiopia….

    The Greeks believed God had a special relationship with Ethiopia. Ethiopia has special meaning to Jews, Christians, and Muslims.
    Now it has become a Mecca to a religion called Evolution.

    It was in 1974 when science began to validate the claim that Ethiopia was indeed near or associated with the Garden of Eden, as written in the biblical chapter of Genesis in paragraph 2:13.

    All roads lead to Rome, all DNA leads to Addis Ababa

    In that year 1974, the three million year old (Australopithecus) fossil that became known as Lucy and Dinknesh — found in Ethiopia’s Rift valley —- linked this country as near the cradle of life, where human evolution occurred—the scientific Garden of Eden .

    It also sparked scientific and religious controversy.

    The year 1974 was when also the ruling Ethiopian monarchy and its king, the proclaimed descendants of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, were forced from power by a regime that would impose a disastrous form of Soviet-sponsored communism.

    Millions of Ethiopians would perish.

    What happened in Ethiopia 1974 has forever changed the religious, scientific, and political landscape of world history. Yet, little attention has been made to associate these two events.

    Ethiopia is the land of Moses‘ wife.

    Whether this was a mere coincidence or an act of “divine synchronicity” — what is certain, Ethiopia offers a rich and unique history that extends beyond these two events.

    It also extends the legacy of a movement recognized as Ethiopianism.
    This page was created to promote and celebrate the phenomenon .

    We suggest somewhere lies the mystery to explain that Ethiopia is the metaphysical location where the spiritual and physical bind, where original sin occurred.

  13. Caucasians should enjoy the few years left their world has been allotted. The Primeval Chaos will return soon and the Solar Dynasty will return. Once the Omega Effect culminates it will literally be impossible for Caucasians to survive on the surface of the planet. At this point their population will plummet to only a few hundred thousands. Most of them will remain underground, thinking that this even will quickly past, but this period will last 1000 years and usher in a new pantheon of immortals, thus restructuring the entire fabric of reality upon the Earth. While this may sound like fantasy and the ravings of a lunatic, it has already started. Global warming is occurring but the actual cause has nothing to do with pollution. In less than 40 years the world you know will vanish and 144,000 immortals will rule the earth as in the golden age of Atlan, Kham, Kush, and Etruria. This thousand year epoch will usher in a host of immortals then it will pass as did the end of the last golden age when Zeus Ethiops and the rest of the immortals represented the last immortals to rule until the age of man flourished.

  14. Everyone that wants proof of what the author is saying must read “The Two Babylons…” by Alexander Hislop. You will know the truth in what the author is saying and so very much more. I’m a Christian. Please read the book before attacking me and become informed. God blesses those who seek after His truth. God bless.

  15. ETHIOPIA is the origin for all the gods n goddesses,
    even the present day peoples in Ethiopia have that seed, evrn if they dont know who they were

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