The Black Egyptians: 10,000 BC to 2007 AD

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The Black Egyptians: 10,000 BC to 21st Century AD 

About a year ago,
one of my uncles wrote to
me from Egypt, quite bitterly.
He said:

People are so busy discussing
and fighting over whether or not
the ancient Egyptians were “black”
—that they forgot we’re still here.

We still exist.

The Arabs who claim to be Egyptians
have not exterminated ALL of
us yet.

Kola, you live in America, you’re somebody
over there. Why don’t you say something?

You’re only claiming SUDAN. But that’s not right.

Your father was an Egyptian.

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19 thoughts on “The Black Egyptians: 10,000 BC to 2007 AD”

  1. almost all european countries have fought each other, germany attacked austria, russia attacked germany, which inturn war poland, england attacked normandy.these are all in the last fivety years plus, many more at the same time they attacked the middle east for oil, colonailised and stired up trouble all over africa. no african country has ever done that or evan attack a neibour african country..thancient romans attacked the germans many times, raped, killed and murded white germania women and kids.killed gauls, fought white people in panonia .and were horrible to woman and pratice pederfilia with in marriage wife and nero killed his mum and first had his male servents penis cut of and shaped like a virgina so he can have sex with him..the greeks were in war with other white people of greece and remained in war throughout its history.. today the white man is in the middle east killing women, children and men for oil.the so called rich robbing the poor.europe is still fed by the thrid world-fruits and veg grown aboartd.barbariuns playing humans is the caurse of african and world history on the other hand is full of humans and humanity and civilisation. the white man has to try to change history cause like his ancestors he still loves of little boys which he go to find in tailand , he hates himself and tries to mirror himself in our b lack image-look at his music and. resesssive man

  2. It is heartening to hear that in Egypt and Israel the original people of lands are still there although hidden from the broader humanity. It is good to always hear from you brothers and sisters and although I am in south africa, the last african country to get independence in 1994, you are not forgotten and it warms us greatly when we know that one day african lands and spirituality will be reclaimed and restored to its rightful owners. The truth about african history and its greatness can no longer be hidden from humanity.

  3. It is a sad state when the culture of a race is defined by skin color.
    I wish that all humans were born with the same skin pigments.
    But then it would come down to eye color or body mas.
    What ever your faith or color is,it will not matter in the end.Death is the great equalizer.

  4. White Arabs invaded Egypt around 700 BC and has yet to leave. It is absurd to think that people in places today, outside of Africa, are indigenous to those locations. At the dawn of great African civilizations, including Egypt, Europe, Greece and Rome did not exist. Albinos, Whites and non-blacks, came into existence around 6,000 years ago (via grafting process on the island of Pelan (Patmos), according to science. The stormed out of the caves in Caucus around 2,000 BC attacking black nations throughout the world. Black is the indigenous race on earth and only race of hue-mans. All others are genetic mutations of the Black gene, due to a lack of Carbon (melanin) the building blocks of life.
    Do the research: anyone who is not black is a hybrid! Get some melanin (Carbon) and stop the madness.

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