The Black Emperors of Rome: Emperor Philip the Arab – By Oguejiofo Annu

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Roman Emperor Philip the Arab

Marcus Julius Philippus (c. 204–249), commonly known as Philip the Arab or Philippus I Arabs, was Roman Emperor from 244 to 249.

Emperor Philip the Arab was not Persian or Turkic Arab. He was one of the glorified black Arabs of history. Born in Syria, kiths and kins with the Habashis of Abbysian, the Sabeans of Yemen and those of Saba in Meroe, the black Arabs of Arab Felix, Arabia Deserta, Arabia Petra, and Syria, lived in the Arabian Pennisula during the ascendency of the Roman empire.

The black Arabs like Philippus were the Arabs of the Roman days before the first Parthians (Farsis) and the Turks came down from central Asia into Persia and then swarmed over the population demographics of Arabia.

However, it is a little known but happy facts that the black Arabs are not all destroyed. They still exist as much as the international media tries to hide them, or distort their stories or twist their identities.

The black Arabs tribes of yore, they still live there onto this day as modern day southern black Yemenis, black Saudi Arabians, black Kuwatis, and black Omanis. The busts of Roman Emperor Philip are timeless testimonials to the physical type that was called Arabs in Roman times.

Philip was nicknamed “the Arab” because he had family who had originated in the Arabian peninsula, and who were believed to be distant descendants of the prestigious Baleed family of Aleppo. It is strongly believed by many historians that his family origins ultimately laid in Yemen among the black Ghassan tribes many of whom live and constitute a part of the local population of the present day Sudan and Eritrea Republic.

Emperor Philip, on Syrian pound note

Humble Origins

Philip was the son of Julius Marinus, a local Roman citizen, possibly of some importance. He rose from humble circumstances to become a soldier, a Praetorian Guard, one of the personal bodyguards of the emperors of Rome and then the Praetorian prefect, the equivalence of the Commander of the Praetorian Guards and the army.

In this vantage position he manouvered himself to become the new Emperor following the death of Gordian III who died in 244 during his campaign against the Parthians of Persia, those the forebearers of today’s Iran who were then making incursions into the Roman empire following their migration from Turkmenistan into Northern Persia.

Philip’s rule started with a peace treaty with the Parthians (Farsi, Iranians) and a new war against yet another Germanic incursion on the provinces of Pannonia and the Goths invaded Moesia (modern-day Serbia and Bulgaria) in the Danube frontier.

The Gothics forebearers of the present day Spaniards, Portugese, French, Germans, English, Nowerges and Swedes, and Iranians were then aliens in Europe, as well as in Iran, having migrated from Turkmenistan to the shores of River Danube. The Parthian branch of the Gothes headed down to Iran. These peoples collectively call themselves the Aryan tribes and they were the same ones that the neo-Nazis, the facists and the white supremacists of today rally to arms.

The Aryans were a plague to the peace and security of the empire and as such Philip, like many other Roman emperors before and after him was preoccupied with fighting and defeating this hungry, angry, violent hordes of Gothic invaders determined to conquer Rome and civilization.

Philip finally defeated the Goths in the year 248, but his army was restive probably due to a harsh service conditions, breakdown of discipline due to the long and intermitten wars against the Goths.

The rebellion that soon arose and which was surpressed, before it eventually went underground, was the slow and steady fire that burnt down the life of Emperor Philip. Gaius Messius Quintus Decius, the man he had nominated as governor of the province of Pannonia following the suppresion of the rebellion, was to lead another uprising later in the epoch. Emperor Philip died in this second uprising organized by his own army in September 249.

Significance of Emperor Philip

It is important that the history of men and women like Philip the Arab need be told for what it really is, so that the truth can be seen, for the truth is life.

Black people were at the heart and centre of events in Roman empire, especially given that the true cultural capital of Roman empire was in Alexandria, an African city in Egypt, people mostly then by individuals of African ancestry. All the way from Syria to Mauritania, it was a black African world, of black Jews, black Arabs, black Kushites, Mauritanias, Nigri latinis, Cartheginians or Kartha-Hadassians, Blemmys and Numidians.

Emperor Philippus Arabs is a physical specimen of those great men who ruled and owned Rome, before the success of the invasion of the Gothes, the Cagoths, and the chretins.

Emperor Philip is one of our own, a reminder that there are many stories of our achivements as a people that must be told, an inspiration to the soul of any true seeker of African ancestry. For he left from Syria, our original land, and went on to Rome, and attained the greatest eminence.

He was another proof, of how far the black ancestors, guardians and angels, would lead any amongst those willing and conscious Muurs, Ethiopians and Nigrians, to the greatest heights of human achievement.

Oguejiofo Annu
September 25th, 2010

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17 thoughts on “The Black Emperors of Rome: Emperor Philip the Arab – By Oguejiofo Annu”

  1. Oguejiofo , exactly where are you getting this information that Philip the Arab was of predominately subSaharn ancestry? To the best of my knowledge, there are no historical docuemnts to suggest this. By all accounts, he was Syrian. Every bust or image we have of him clearly shows him as having a Middle eastern/Mediterranean appearance.

    This is a real academic question. Let’s not go down the road of calling me a racist (the joke would be on you–I’m African-American!). I actually want to know your sources on this.

    1. Well my wanna-be Afro-American, the joke is on you already. A picture is worth more a thousand empty unschooled words. Above in the main article you find a picture of the bust of Philip the Arab. Does he look “mediterranean” (whatever that means) to you? Do you not see his face, and his hair, and his lips? Do you have eyes yet you are blind?

      The picture was put up for people like you!


    2. ‘subsaharan’ is not the right term to phillipe the arab.
      What do you mean with middle eastern appereance?? Like the arabs you see on your telivision with the oil money?? Off course not! That would only make this ppl mixed as they are nowerdays. Annyway if you read it good it said ‘ his father was roman citizen’ that gave him the caucasian features!! But his hair is the hair of the arab strong and black! Do you reasearch bettef my brotha else you would look like a fool!!/

      1. Subsaharan is a new deragotory term developed by whites and it is akin to referring to black people as monkeys, niggers, zulu and the endless list of insults concoted by these wanna be superiors who are obviously obsessed with people they claim to despise. According to whites subsaharan africans doesn’t look anything anything close them thus they are subman. There you have it children if you dont have thin monkey lips, pink skin like monkeys straight hair like monkeys, long arms short torsos like monkeys then you are not human. I wonder if whites realize they have more features of monkeys/apes/gorilas than black people? One pink ape even told me that primates have kinky hair. The only animal i have ever seen with woolly hair are sheeps. Someone should tell these prime pink apes that not all black people who live below the dessert have thick lips, big ass, and thig thighs- the same features their women are dying to get. The sane reason why europeans wore corsets and padding in order to have big hips and small waist like some black women. Whites have to be crazy, subhuman or inferior to want to spend their days inflicting so much mental and physical damage on people for not looking or acting like them. Wtf are they so violent their hatred. They inflict so much pain but when they get it back they cry foul. I find it ironic that they seem to take pride in their so call racial advancements and achievements but refuse to acknowledge the pain inflicted on others by them as a group. Race of devils? I don’t know but perhaps.

  2. how could he be an african?
    he is an arab , arabs are semites along with the other people whome are from arabia, iraq, syria, jordan , israel , lebanon …etc

    1. What do you think the word semite means. It means semi or half. So yes, Arabs semites. And that’s why no European convert should be referring to anyone as anti semetic because they themselves are NOT semites because they are not half of two so called races. When the Europeans went about their pillaging of people and resources, mass murdering and rape of land and people they used play on words to confuse the conquered. In Africa semites are known as coloured, in some parts of north america and Europe semites are known as mulattos and in Asia srmites are known as semites. In western canada semites are known as Metis

      1. And in south america semites are called mestizos. So in order to divide and conquer europeans give different names to the products of their rapes (people and land included). Europeans are the masters of lies and deception. More than 100 years ago, east indians were referred to as the mulatos of Asia. For more on that and the real reason for WWI refer to darkwater by WEB Dubois.

        Now europeans want to completely erase african genetic contribution to the creation of other so called races by use of their faulty system, a system that only benefit their racist point if view. Europeans are not comfortable living in a black/brown world so to rectify this, they are reclassifying some obvious africoid people as caucasians. Even the most vile racist among them refer to somalians as caucasians and the somalian smile with glee. I once met a somalian who asked me if i was from kenya. I said to him buddy, if i was from kenya i would be proud but i do not have phenotype near a kenyan nor are we the same complexion. Then i said to him you are lean, structurally built with the same black complexion i have seen in the kenyans i have met yet you tell the world you are an arab (as in not an african). I have had somalians tell me they are not africans but i who has no family members that i know of who were born in africa (500+ years in captivity) is an african. I reminded the somalian african it is only the north who mostly carry the arab genes and the south somalians look very much like kenyans. It is terrible world we live in when africans who were born in africa deny their african identity.

    2. Semites are called that name because they are the children of Shem the son of Noah. Arabs are Shemites or semites not because of their features but because they are the son of Ishmael who was also the son of Abraham by an Egyptian slave: Agar. Shem was a black man like his father Noah ( who was by the way an Albino) , his other brothers Ham( father of the Egyptiens, Ethiopians ) Japheth: father of the black Asians.
      In Times past, being White ( red, there is no such thing as so-called White men) was a sign of curse and leprosy.
      No wonder the so-called White man has been trying to eradicate black blood, history and achievements.
      Today the pandora box is broken: All lies and deceptions are out.
      Only those who want to be deceived shall dwell in darkness

  3. For Black history to be must be told by US. Not White America. They aren’t going to disclose this kind of information. The world we live in is about power. To allow the majority to be aware of Black influence throughout history, would change a lot of negative perceptions about our culture. Not only by Whites, but by Blacks as well. Maybe someone should bring this point to BET’s attention…and Black film makers. Thanks.- R. Adamo.

  4. Im from tibetan/burman tribe grand mother, iranian/ russian grandfather and irish english mother. Mixed race people are fastest growing ethnicity in australia. But lots of people only identify with the country their parents emigrated from. They think us mixed people are the enemy and white. That is why I became muslim. To take the sword to those who question my right to be here.

  5. ¨Philip was the son of Julius Marinus, a local Roman citizen, possibly of some importance.¨
    Man, this is really disappointing. This is a direct quote (from this article and worded precisely the same in wikipedia) from wikipedia, and not cited, making it plagiarism. For wikipedia to even have been used in research is just horrifying.
    Oguejiofo Annu, you should be ashamed of yourself!

    1. You are worrying about plageriasm. The whole world is plagerized. Everything we have been taught was before our civilization but presented as novelty. Everyone accept without question.
      When soneone outside of our constructed bubble tries to shed light on our collective ignorance, we feel threatened and ready to disgrace them
      The shame is on you

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