The Afro-Asiatics (Black Arabs) of Africa and Arabia: Mummar Ghadafi’s Perspective

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This is an exercept of a speech Mummar Ghadafi made in the Nigeria city of Kano:

Your forefathers were Arabs from Yemen who settled here over five thousand years ago. The Arabs arrived in Africa, settled in Africa and gave the name of jana to what today is called Ghana. Jana, an arabic word, means a small paradise. The Arabs gave all the names you hear when they reached the atlantic Ocean. Your origins are Arab and so are your kith and kin.

You are the Yemeni tribes residing now on the equator. The hausa tribe is the hausa tribe you find in libya, in niger, and in nigeria. The hausa language is an ancient arabic language as is swahili.

The fulani is an Arab tribe and so is the yoruba, or euroba meaning arabism,the tibbu and kor’raan is an arab tribe, the zaghawa is an Arab tribe and the tuareq.

All the tribes inhabiting the sahara from the south of the Arabian peninsula to the atlantic are Arab and America knows this, the western historians knows this and that is why they wish to annihilate these people.

The war being waged at the present is not only a crusade but also a racist ethnic war against Arab ethnicity, against semites because Arabs are semitic. — Ghaddafi on Africans (Speech made in Kano Nigeria)

Ghadafi further assured the world that the so-called Arabs one sees today in the Persian Gulf (Gulf of Arabia) are all Irani Farsis and a generous helping of Turkis:

” most of the people in the peninsula are of iranian descent there are a few arabs ,but most are iranian.” See at 5:17

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4 thoughts on “The Afro-Asiatics (Black Arabs) of Africa and Arabia: Mummar Ghadafi’s Perspective”

  1. Arabs were also quilty of slavery and possibly continue this practice today. African has been robbed of diamond, gold, influenced by others to rape the land of it valuables and leave the African people in need. May God bless African people to be warrior once more, taking care of their own and not depending on those who raped and killed its people.
    Peace and Greetings

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