Santa Claus was an European Moor – By Oguejiofo Annu

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Muurish St Nicholas

Santa Claus is a shortened form of San/Saint Nicholas. He is supposed to be this easy-go happy fat Nordic fellow (Pale skin man) from the North pole yelling ho..ho..ho.. and as he merrily brings the cheer of the Christmas season to all and sundry.

Who is the real Saint Nicholas?

Nicholas, was probably born during the third century in the village of Patara, in what is now the southern coast of Turkey. He was born of very wealthy ethnic black Anatolians of the ancient Roman Empire. He was one of those ancient and dominant black Muurs of Europe that you only fleetingly come across in today’s western history, because the Gothic Europeans would hide the true Muurish history in Europe.

St Nicholas

Nicholas’ wealthy parents, died in an epidemic while Nicholas was still young. Being a devout Christian, he followed the words of Jesus to “sell what you own and give the money to the poor.”

Nicholas used his whole inheritance to assist the needy, the sick, and the suffering. He was made the Bishop of Myra while still a young man.

The high office of Nicholas at such a young age speaks to dominant role played by Muurish black Anatolians and Africans in creating the church as we know it today.

St Nicholas

It is a historical fact that most of the early and very famous bishops of the church, who lived and gave their lives for the church were either Muurish Africans or Muurish diaspora.

The Icon of Muurish Apostle of Christ St Peter
Saint Peter
The icon of Peter the first apostle depicted as a Muurish black man in Rome

Archbishop John Chrysostom, Pope Leo the Great 400-469 AD, Pope Mithilades, Bishops of Rome, Saint Peter the Bishop of Alexandria 300 – 311 AD and innumerable Saints and Matrys were all Muurish people of African descent.

John Chrysostom
John Chrysostom

Generosity of San Niclaus

Bishop Nicholas was known throughout the land for his generosity to the those in need, his love for children, and his concern for sailors and ships.

Under the Roman Emperor Diocletian, Bishop Nicholas suffered for his faith, was exiled and imprisoned.

After his release, Nicholas attended the Council of Nicaea in AD 325, where he worked with other early fathers of the church to establish the standardized christian doctrine of today.

The passing of the real Santa Claus

He died December 6, AD 343 in Myra and was buried in his cathedral church, where a unique relic, called manna, formed in his grave.

In the picture here that follows, one sees the funeral of St Nicholas.

Funeral of Saint Nicholas

The discovery of this liquid substance, which was said to have healing powers, fostered the growth of devotion to Nicholas. The anniversary of his death became a day of celebration, St. Nicholas Day, December 6th (December 19 on the Julian Calendar).

The fake snow-flakes they call Santa Claus

Today, the western pagans descendants of Gothic and Slavic conquerors of Rome and Christianity have built up an idolatorous image of Odin, the god of the Goths and the Norsemen, and have passed it off as the real Saint Nicholas.

The real St Nicholas

Modern joke of a Saint Nicholas or Santa Claus:

This image of the Gothic idol Odin, is what is passed off around the world as Santa Claus. But for those who have ears and eyes, Odin the pagan god of the Goths, had nothing to do with and nothing in common with the pious and devouted life of Saint Nicholas, the young, Muurish Bishop of Myra, one of the early fathers of the church.

Muurish St Nicholas

To know your history is to know thyself

Oguejiofo Annu

Dec 26th 2010

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52 thoughts on “Santa Claus was an European Moor – By Oguejiofo Annu”

  1. Are you serious? Levantines, such as St. Nicholas, aren’t black. They’re certainly not pasty white dudes like Santa Claus, either. They are ‘olive-skinned’, like Arabs, Lebanese people, Cypriots, Turks, and Egyptians.

      1. Are you serious!!?? First of all that is an Ethiopian Orthodox icon above. Every Ethiopian Orthodox icon depicts saints and angles and everything as black african whether or not they really were. I am highly offended by this page because firstly, I am Greek from an island close to Turkey. I am olive-skinned and dark haired. Last time I checked, I aint black. Wait wait wait…. lemme check in the mirror again im not sure… NOPE. Im not im still Greek. Oh and by the way, all of this bullshit above about the early bishops of the church being black Africans!!??? WHAT. John Chrysostom, was a Greek from Antioch. St Peter was a Jew from Judaea. None of them were from Africa or had anything to do with Africa, they were olive skinned and dark haired, levantine and semitic. Your claim is absolute bullshit. Not to mention, Anatolia before the arrival of the Turkish sultanate was thoroughly Greek. It had been that way since mainland Greece became overpopulated and then more so with Alexander the Great’s conquest, Macedonian Greek colonization, and destruction of the Persian empire. St Nicholas of Myra was a descendent of those Anatolian Greeks. He was indisputably a Greek from Asia minor, with olive skin and dark eyes and dark hair. This is not up for debate, it is indisputable fact, as genetic tests have shown through assessment of his relics by scientists. He was not a black african moor. He was a Greek from Asia minor. Secondly, Moors, are from Mauritania. This is modern day morocco. The word Moor comes from Maur which is from the latin denonym form the province of Mauritania. I know this because Mauro or Mavro in Greek refers to a person from this area. Moors are not even necessarily black they could have been Spanish Moors, Arab moors, or sub saharan moors. The term moor has no ethnological value, but rather refers to a person from the province of Mauritania, and is made up of primarily an arabic speaking diaspora of berbers. The term really had more to do with religion: Islam. To sum up, the idea that none of these people were Moors, and even not from Africa, in addition to that I know my own ethnicity, St Nicholas was absolutely of Mediterranean stock, just like me, because I happen to be from the same part of the world and of the same stock as him, the Christian Greeks of Anatolia. He was not black.

        1. One: You are arguing against archeological artefacts with your fantasy theories. A picture is more than 10,000 empty boasts. The icons presented on this page mock your desperation. LoL, those icons are not from the Ethiopian Church. They are from Greece, Turkey and Russia. Sorry you fail.

          Two: The people living in Greece today were brought there in the late 19th and 20th century by the British from Serbia and Kosovo areas. The other branch are straggler Turks from the Ottoman Empire. You don’t know who you are then. Have you not read about the treaty of lausanne? Here, learn something:

          Three: the true colour of a ripe olive is black.

          Four: The Romans and the Greeks who brought the word Moor into their language existed before the Muslims, so Muur does not refer to a Muslim. Moor in ancient Greek meant black coloured man. Perhaps you are not Greek enough to know this…

        2. You sure don’t seem to get upset when white Europeans with English accents portray themselves as the ancient Greeks who by the way still do not look white. Lol. Since you are Greek, you should know that Ci-Kam or so called Egypt influenced you so much, that the Greeks wanted to claim Egypt. The rest is history. Have you gotten a DNA test yet?

        3. You dumb as shit check your back ground cause all nationality originally started wit black ppl trust I study this shit the first Jews japs Chinese Russians etc all started black watch the three HIDDEN COLORS DVD

          1. To a degree, I would do some DNA and genetic research, a majority of asian and Europeans were more closley related to eachother and interbred with eachother do to our neanderthal genes at the time. Yes africans might have been our predecessors and some of our ancient ancestors but they have genes a majority of white and asians do not and vice versa.

        4. First off research Moorish history and African history and where they traveled to to create cities and civilizations. Secondly I’m sorry bro but you are a product of African descent like it or not don’t believe me have a DNA test and if I’m wrong I will pay for it. It’s time you stop being offended and be informed. I’m sorry there has been a negative connotation attached to black/African descent but it is what it is. See the Moors came from some where before they got to Morrocco and Spain and so on. So you can do all the denouncing you want but facts are facts. Like I said I will pay for your DNA test if you aren’t in anyway of African descent with olive or brown skin it doesn’t happen bro I’m sorry ? but it doesn’t.

        5. You need to do research ASAP. Everything comes from black idiot. There’s no “olive ” or “dark hair” without Africa…remember this, Black can make anything. White can only make White.

        6. And all of you have decedent’s of “Egyptians” who mixed with Romans and Greeks, back and forth throughout history..who taught them civilization, those from the land of Kemet before the Greeks dubbed it Egypt, which means land of the blacks, whose original inhabitants that they were. That is why you all are so dark in the first place, you all have a deeply imbedded past as mulatto’s.. A beautiful mixed breed of people, afro/euro decent such as myself, why does this past of “olive” “tanned” etc. whatever you want to call it, to continue to mask in foolish shame who we all “technically” evolve from.

    1. I don’t think you understand egyptians were originally called KEMET which means black land. Aristotle couldn’t tell the difference between ethiopians and egyptians because they looked so much alike. And remember THERE ARE BLACK OLIVES BOSS.

    2. How can you sit there and say Santa Claus wasn’t when once upon of time on earth there only the black race that lived on earth until the falling angels came in and invaded our land and tried to rewrite history,just like How Colombus discovered America right!!!
      Learn your history and do research befor you make a comment ?

    3. Sir, there is more than one shade of “olive”, the people that you refer to as so called Blacks, also have “olive skin”, we just have the most. Where do you think the so called Arabs (who are a mixed people, by the way), Lebanese, Cypriots, Turks, and Egyptians got their olive skin from, huh ? For your information, there was an Arab invasion of Egypt, and “Egypt” is not even the original name of that land, it is rightfully called “Khemet”. Why do you think the Italians refer to the Arabs/Middle Eastern people as “sand-niggers”, huh ? Any shade of skin that is not pale, is olive. If you don’t burn up and peel in the sun, then you have olive skin. If you have dark eyes and dark hair, then 9 times out of 10, you have olive skin. If you have freckles, then that’s a bit of olive, in your genes. St. Nickolas was a Moor, this webiste, and the guy who wrote this was correct ! The Moors are in the Bible, as in the ancient Moabites. Read the book of Ruth, she was a Moabitess. She was the great grandmother of Jesus, so it can be said that Jesus was a Moor as well. Anyone with so called swarthy skin, copper, bronze, brass skin, that’s olive. You’re welcome. Peace.

      1. SEEMS TO ME THAT, EVERYTIME the word “Black” is mention, whites and non whites immediately think africa, we may be dark skinned, but not all black people are Africans, WE ARE NOT AFRICANS!!!! rather; a True Israelite from the tribe of Juda, our father is Jacob, who’s name was change to Israel by Yahweh his self. Why is this so hard to conceive, do your research and you will quickly start to see the cover-up and lies told by non blacks all across the globe by the Roman Catholic Church Britain, England, starting with the Kazarians (Vikings, Poland and the Northern Kingdom) for centuries and now (Obviously you can’t believe the truth right in front of your face) you’ve obviously been brain-washed by your society school Jewish scholars and the church. into believing the opposite of what you see. Just do the research for yourself, look beyond your own understanding about things, you will find the truth. God Bless You Fool!

  2. MJ

    You look at the picture of a Maurish black man named St Nicholas and you see a Turk? Are you myopic?

    Turks and like races are not the original levantines. Those are recent invaders. The Turks, Mongols, Slavs, Turk-Arabs, Turk-Lebanese, are all invaders that arrived between 500 Ad and present. The Cypriots, the Turko-Egyptians all included. You should read up on the Turkic invasions of the Levantines especially the Seljulk and the Ottoman turks. This same group consist the present majority population in the levantine.

    But the original people were Maurs. You see the picture of St Nicholas so dark, and yet he is not Moorish to you nor is he dark in complexion. That is what I call selective vision, or the “see no evil” complex. People with this kind of problems are unaffected by any learning or knowledge that goes contrary to their agendas.

    May your eyes judge as you look at the picture of St Nicholas and declare that his “olive black skin” is like the pale pink skin of a Turk. By the way, olive skins are black and dark brown when last I checked.

    Know your self.


    1. Where in the world are you getting some of your information…..first Moor Mohr Maur Muur is just a designated title for the dark peoples of the world…however we were also referred as other titles…if arabs are not original …so called black…or invaders …you need to read about the nabatean culture …look at their features…one of my friends appears to look like what is deemed African American but her tirbe has been and are from Saudia Arabia…Secondly Turks come from Turian people and Scythians which are so called black people as well….update your knowledge….its beyond honorable dr. Clarke…Lebenese people are gentically related to the same Canaanites aka Phoenicians which means red brown people ….they are related to philitstines of the Agean sea people…they too are so called black….Phoenicians in Greek mythology was the children of Phoenix the brother of Europa whose father named Agnor was from the land of Egyptus…hmmm what country is that….EGYPT!….mongols are decendants of scythians …so called dravidians and and the manding peoples of africa…. I guess you think the original man or so called black man originally looked like the brother Nelson mandela…well if you check 99% of peoples of the world are born with 7-8 soft loose aether hair similar to what generally people commonly called “Indian” hair ….aquiline noses appear on the brothers who lived in the mountains due to the climate….like most Ethiopians JAHDEY…. furthermore you need to study preadamic man we looked very different and came as different species of so called blacks…remember the mighty earth polar shift about 3times …we were more water ..and climate was humid moist …when nappy hair is in that environment …hair gets frizzy like jerry curls….we once had gills a tail our skin scale like reptiles if not supplied with enough moisture… We were in water for roughly 9months ….we build our cultures near water….this is we are people of the water and Sun….you have lots to learn….So please rasta/Moor brother do your research….before you blasphemy people…the so called white man who I dont hate….are not related to any indigineous peoples of the world …not anglos..not saxons…which means sons of Issac…goths …irish…hindus…welsh…Egyptians…but through intermixing with these said nations….

  3. who cares he can be pink with pokerdots for all i care and so too should you not see the colour of a mans skin it is of no signifigance whatsoever until you overstand this you are lost

      1. you just show pictures that his skin color is pigmented nothing is changed who are you accusing? I’ve being to asia and europe and actually a lot of places in the world. If have seen saints they did not change any image of saints. There are allot of Europeans who are pigmented and allot of Asians too.
        That doesn’t make them African. African means that you are a citizen of Africa.

        In some far East parts of the world the depicted Jesus as Asian looking with epicanthic fold,nobody has a problem with that and nobody should be. You can depict jesus or santa claus how you wish, everybody has the right to do so.

        Black and White doesn’t exist we are all of the same humans. To call one an other black or white only stratify people make divisions instead of uniting them.

        If you skin color is pigmented in colder areas overdue time and generations it change into more pigment deficient.
        If you skin color is pigment deficient in warmer ereas overdue time and generations it change into pigmentend.

        This is natural it is called biology.

        she how wonderful nature is in order to protect ourselves from the sun humans develop pigment to protect them selfs from UV vitamin D they get more than enough. In order to get vitamin D in ereas were the sun is scare we create les pigment so the low sun radiation penetrates more easily and more quickly so vitamin D can get created quicker.

        If you say he is of African decent or ancestral decent from Africa.
        First of al all of ancestors came from Africa are we going to label Albert Einstein an Isaac Newton as African or black then?

        Stop stratify people uniting them.

    1. However it is cant you see everything that been change over the years effects how you perceive things uknowingly. I want you to picture jesus christ now whats the fitst image that pops in your head. Smh physiological warfare

    1. It is people like you who are beneficiaries of an already stratified society based on false narratives and presumptions who get worried when the status quo is challenged.

      If his colour was not important, then why did your melanin deficient ancestors change the Saint Nicolas’ colour from brown to pink? From a melanin rich brown, to a bleached pink?

      I await your response, although I suspect you will have none to give!

      1. ….

        You dont know my ancestors nor my roots whether they were melanin deficient or melanin rich (lets say the skin hue) and of which part of the world my ancestors came from of course of all mankind ancestors came out of Africa and migrated to the rest of the world.

        I consider all of humans my roots my ancestors to the melanin deficient to the melanin rich all are my family they are all my brothers in sister (metaphoricaly) I consider you related and a part of my family :).

        In Europe there are many saint who are melanin rich and they have never changed.

        However you can depict santa claus however you want.

        That means everybody in the world can depict santa claus how they want.
        From Asian looking with epicanthic fold with a red beard, freckled, black beard or only mustache, melanin deficient to melanin rich. Can do that in statues, and in icons and other depictions.

        I’m really good at drawing maybe I should do that, depict santa claus with the biological makeup I wish to give him.

        And no one is obliged to depict Santa Claus in just one biological makeup.

    2. Yes he was, why would all these things be hidden if the world wasn’t all black at one time. No one wants to be black until they want to go to the tropical islands, stupid ass hue hate , retrace your roots worse case scenario “YOU MIGHT BE BLACK”now you don’t want to live anymore do you ? Fools made black out to be a bad thing because the whole hueless world has a hand in black slavery and oppression. Guilty lies the truth is coming to light

  4. Yes. All of ancient civilization were black people. The Hellens, the Romans, The Monguls, The Turks, and of course the less known group of Germans all tried to take over black civilization world wide in ancient times but could not. They took control of the land but could not learn thousands of years of knowledge needed to maintain a civilization that did not belong to them. It was only when the whites developed guns and cannons of their own that they finally took over the worldwide peaceful empire of the blacks. Including the Americas. This is why White governments world wide do not want blacks to know the truth. And this truth is that the civilization that we know today does not belong to the whites. It was stollen from black people. And white people world wide are in great fear that if black people knew the truth they will rise up and take back what belongs to them and the whites will have to go back to the caves where they are meant to be. And the only place they can exist without killing everything in path. Including the planet.

  5. satans claws muur in the west the title of the nobles from europe the emperor a empresses qqueens n kings of del marva peninsula whose subjects was misnomered indians ,,the quisa queya chiefs ike anacaona female but not having to be called chieftess ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,the berbers who are not all dark ..WE HAVE WITH US BERBERS FROM MOROCCO ONE AMAZZIGH WITH BLUE EYES SPEAKS 7 LAANGUAGES BUT ARABIC FIRST an albanians aRe muurs, , WE ARE the olive skinned people of all shades ,,patagonian blonds were not dark but had achieved elevation in the order of i.s.l.a.m before being subjugatted to wars from peru to alaska,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,muurs cant use mr or missed her or mrs so there is no mr bey in any affadavit of truth or fact for the readers information im not allowed to answer to anyting named mr nor is any othe muur mr is for 13 14 amendmen THE WORD MENT MEANS MIND APARTMEN DEPARTMENT COMPARTMENT NEW/OLD TESTA MENT =TESTICLES MIND strawman ,,instead of criticizng explaiN why these turks an lebonese of today look so paLE AN HOW THEY CAME IN POWER FROM US IN EUROPE .CAUCUS OF THE ASIAN CAUCUS MOUNTAINS ARE IN TUKEY AN THEY ARENT INDIGINOUS TO EEUROPE BUT WERE BOUGHT TO CAUCUS MOU NTAINS BY MUURS FROM WEST BEFORE COLUBMUS,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. ,,, WE DIDNT HAVE TO CCALL OURSELF BLACK CAUUSE NO ONE WAS HANGING US CALLNG THE SELF WHITE IN ANCIENT WHICH DOESNT HELP CALLING OUR PEOPLE FROM ANCIENT TIMES WHAT THEY DIDNT CALL SELF AN ADJECTIVE AS A NOUN IN ENGLISH ,AN IF ENGLISH WASSNT SPOKEN UNTIL 1828 IN AMERICA HOW LONG WE BEEN BLACK FROM MIDDLE ENGLISH BLEAC =PALE CLEAR THEY ARE THE NEGRO JAVAA HE GRAFTED BLUE EYED FROM HOLY QURAN JACOBS OLIVE BRANCH IN THE INJEEL THE BLEAC HEY THEY PUT 11TH LETTER K FOR BLACK A MOOR BRINGNG IN OO FROM UU THE O IS THE RING OF SATURN RIGHT AFTER 1492 FOR OTHELO TO BE BLACK A MOOR WITH ALBION WOMAN AN NO RACISM THN NECRO NEGRO = DEAD THE FIRST STRAWMAN BEFORE THE STRAWMAN ,,THE CALLING OF PEOPLE WHITE BY SKIN GRANTS THEM YOUR LAND BY ABANDONMENT IN ADMIRALY MARITIME LAW ,WHEN YOU TAKE THEIR NAME AS YOURS YOU ARE DEAD CIVILITTER MORTUES REDUCE TO NAVY LIBERTIES PRIVILEDGES LIKE DRIVERS LICENSE

  6. this knowledge is impeccable an unknown by most ,we should be greatful ,many have died not knowing this after only seein bleac satans claws ,that is what is being chanted in the guise of santa ,,inmagic to make illusions exist you must invoke them y chants so tey get the pulic to chant subliminal spell to pu pn them self , like the bail out let baal out ,,sayy ot three times an is charm like dorothi the wizard of oz i wish i were home 3x stopped the illusion ,,,,can we wish we were home an be muurs an stop the illusion of after middle english color of with always in mind what jah dey is saying ,,if it didnt matter what color caus its no color why do albions kill the matter an ask the matter whats the matter when all are born from their muthers matter which is what constructs us or what we are constructed within to be our own living matter breathing matter………………..from the dark to the light the color begins an ends there from the womb to the birth ,,you c dark 9 months then light being born ,,,light not whight or white ,is the sun light white no a cloud is ,is natural light white , no but the light bulb light beezelbulb is painted white to give the illusion that light is white , u c that code ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,does the speed of light have color or clarity

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