Racist Israelis: African migrants hurt in suspected arson in Jerusalem

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Four African migrants have been hurt in a suspected arson attack on their home in Jerusalem, Israeli police say.

The fire was started at the entrance to the two-storey building on Jaffa Street in the city centre after 03:00 (00:00 GMT), trapping the 10 Eritreans inside.

Graffiti found at the scene read: “We want the foreigners out.”

There is increasing argument and dissent in Israel over what to do with the 60,000 Africans who have entered the country illegally in recent years.

‘Targeted specifically’

The four Eritreans injured in Monday’s attack were taken to hospital with burns on their hands and suffering from smoke inhalation.

Israeli police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld told the BBC’s Focus on Africa programme: “We believe that those individuals from the African foreign community were targeted specifically.”

He said the building had graffiti sprayed on its walls saying: “We want the foreigners out.”

In recent weeks there have been violent scenes in Israeli towns and cities where many migrants live and work, reports the BBC’s Wyre Davies in Jerusalem.

In south Tel Aviv, in particular, African-run businesses have been attacked and many migrants have been abused in the streets, our correspondent adds.

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7 thoughts on “Racist Israelis: African migrants hurt in suspected arson in Jerusalem”

  1. The amount of shame that awaits the ungodly is… well lets just say it is painful for many of us just to hear about this devilry. I pray that all us who have suffered use our compassion to strike down evil any way we can.

  2. These same racist Israelis took in tens of thousands of Ethiopians and tens of thousands of Yemenites, many of whom are very dark skinned.

    Yes, there are racists among Israelis, as there are among any people.

    I know the feeble minded wish to reduce this issue to a simplistic one of race. But the reality is more complex than that. I opposed these acts of violence and racism. I am a Jew living in Israel married to a black Jewish woman, whose family hails from Haiti.

    Israel simply cannot take in these refugees. Even less so given that we’re not talking about educated, industrious people on the whole. Some of the refugees have already begun to rape and molest our women and cause other problems.

    According to international law, Israel in under no obligation to take in these refugees. No other country would have taken in as many as Israel has already.

    Again, this issue does blend into issues of racism, but only the simple-minded think that at its this is what it’s about.

    1. Your feeble techniques of trying to make your people look good is pitiful. You are not the true Hebrew people, and you are all far from it. Israel is the nastiest place in the world because it has been filled by the misguided khazars who call themselves the true Hebrew. The same “true Hebrew” is in fact responsible for owning the African slave ships and running the slave trades in the New World. It was actually the European Christians who ended the slave trade in their countries in account for all the immoral and inhuman treatment. We also know about how the “true Hebrew” has killed many Palestinians and disrupted the peaceful land where Jews, Christians, and Muslims lived in harmony in Palestine. You see how the “true Hebrew” calls everyone else a gentile while they deface the once great land where man and god were one. Now you understand who formed the Synagogue of Satan that the bible mentions. I guess god had his people now Satan has his.

  3. @ ohrbahir
    ” I am a Jew living in Israel married to a black Jewish woman, whose family hails from Haiti”

    Keep that bullshit for yourself. Don’t come here and pollute this space with that kind of rhetoric. We are too intelligent to let ourselves be fooled by those nonsenses as ” i am married to a Black women” “i am married to an Haitian woman” and bla bla bla…. I can tell by your comment that you are just a fucking racist Jew trying to play on our emotion to get away with your racism. What you said is typically what racist people say when they get corned: :”my best friend is Black”, “my girlfriend is Black” etc….

    No Africans are raping your women who are whores by default. The only reason you dont want Africans in your so-called country is that you have always been racist against Black people.

    You bastards are the worst criminals in the world, committing rape, mass murder and fuelling wars around the world. Yet you got enough balls to come here on this website owned by Africans to spew your hatred for our race.

    Africans who are living your so-called country fled their countries because of the same reasons that pushed your people to scatter around the four corners of the globe. Why are you bastards still living in all countries around the world when you already have your own “country”?

  4. @baal you are a false Jew just like those in your country. If you were married to a black woman you wouldn’t be on here running your mouth.

    The land of Israel is not yours in the first place. That state was made in 1948. You cagots tried to make it in Uganda, but Idi Amin wasn’t having that.

    Now you pale translucent skin having albinoids want to tell the original habitants of the land they cannot come there. Us Africans are the true Israelites not some pale skin. Pale skin was always a curse in your holy book. Your pale skin can’t even survive there in the first place. If it was not for our African ancestors your religion and beliefs would not exist

  5. The Black African Phenotype of Modern Man , Homo sapiens sapiens , has lived roughly 200,000 years , and whose fossilized remains were first discovered in the Rift Valley area of Ethiopia … The Book of the Coming Forth By Day , The great civilizations of the Black Nubian Empire , that PRE-dated Egypt … What IS a Jew ? What IS a Hebrew ??
    What IS the global system of white supremacy ?

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