Elizabeth the First’s Forgotten Kingly Moor – IronLion!

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Cameos of queens are official and historical records. It takes a lifetime of training in art, scupture, symbolism, heraldry, before one is qualified to work on making royal cameos.

Cameos are expensive to make. Serious works of art and historical records, they were could be used as seals, as medals, or as models that are used to make currency coins.

The standard I have observed is that no cameo head is a fantasy. They always represent living monarchs. Check out the an image printed off the cameo of Elizabeth II on the back of English coins and on their pound notes.

Every hair in a cameo means something. Nothing is placed there by accident or by chance.

All royalties appearing therein were living when it was made. It is a symbol, a seal, and a medal of the living monarch.

When a queen appears accompanied by a man in a cameo, it is either her consort, her Father or her King. This is the general rule. That is the underlying assumption underpinning my interpretation of the drake jewels.

It is simple for those who have eyes.

Below, you can see samples of cameo.

Cameos of Queens and consorts:

Double cameo portrait of Queen Victoria and the Prince Consort engraved in onyx.

Elizabeth II and Philip

Victoria and George

Edward and spouse

Ptolemy and Arsenio

Gonzaga Cameo Ptolemy and Arsenio

The cameo below belonged to Elizabeth the first. It got into the possession of the Drake family reputedly as a gift from Elizabeth.

In the picture below, we see the image of a white queen dominated by the image of a Moorish King.

Cameos are not made for fun, or by accident or mistake. They represent serious endeavour of history and state record.

Who is this on the cameo, with the queen, presumably Queen Elizabeth the first. We know she never married and had many lovers.

Which one is this?

Who is this forgotten Princely Muurish lover of Elizabeth I:

We are on his tracks. Muur to come:
Italian-made Cameo 16th century A.D.

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  1. SHUT YO MOUTH LOL! i saw this cameo on a website a couple of months back and it didnt dawn on me the point you were trying to make until you started going on with the consort cameo. im shocked because now i want to know who is this man or moor is. whats even more phony is that when you present this information to a caucasian person they will come up with some random eurocentrist idea about this being a negro favorite. we all know damn well that these so called european high culture wannabes would never go out their to include a negro favorite. the jigg is up euro-beings!

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