Oprah claims she was a victim of racism in Switzerland – Reflections of Jahdey

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Oprah has to be frigging insecure to still claim that she is/was a victim of the ignorance of a so-called white under-class boy.

Imagine the world class billonairess noticing the snobbery of a common shop keeper boy or girl beca she is so-called white or pink or whatever. Gee! Oprah must be frigging insecure to the bone. May be that explains her weight.

What next is Babylon planning against InI? Why this unneeded drama and no news? What next? Is Bro Obama gonna claim that some lowly working class white bar-tender boy victimized him too?

Time to get rid of this victim nonsense. InI nah victim! I am the overcomer, the up-setter, seed of the conquering lion of Judah! You are what you affirm!

A so mi sight it dread!


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2 thoughts on “Oprah claims she was a victim of racism in Switzerland – Reflections of Jahdey”

  1. should a black w(h)ealthy person lose her time in such matters? May Ancestors came to the rescue of this Sis, Black(rich and poors) are champions of life of authenticity and maturity.

  2. So because she isn’t completely contemptuous about someone based on class grounds, she’s insecure? or maybe you’re just a dismissive prick, Mr. Overcomer

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