Moorish Queen

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One thought on “Moorish Queen”

  1. ISLAM. I SELF LAW AM MASTER. One thing for sure no one can dispute she is of Afrikan origin. Nappy hair, Negroid features on Moorish jewlery. That gives secret homage to the creator of them the colored wombman.All PRAISES TO THE CREATOR OF ALL ON EARTH…THE CREATRESS OF HEAVEN.MUTANT ALBINOS DO THIS BECAUSE THEY HADN’T TAUGHT YOU WHO YOU ARE. But they worship you in every way. Even want to wear you,but they hate you for the very thing they wear you as jewlery for. They weren’t blessed with color. Straight and to the point. IT’S ALL ABOUT COLOR ALWAYS HAS BEEN PEOPLE.That’s the problem if you hadn’t figured it out yet.

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