Nigeria Rejects America’s “Trojan Horse” – Re: US-Africa Command Base

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Nigerian doubts over Africom base

The Nigerian government has said it would not allow its country to be used as a base for the US-African military command, Africom.

At a meeting of the National Council of State, President Umaru Yar’Adua said that Nigeria was also opposed to any such bases in West Africa.

He said Nigeria would prefer to work towards the establishment of an African standby force under regional direction.

The decision leaves Liberia as the only country willing to host the Americans.

There has been considerable unease in many African nations about American plans to establish a new military command for the continent.

Largely to allay those fears, US deputy secretary of state John Negroponte went on an African tour last week, outlining his plans.

But Nigeria, West Africa’s regional superpower and key oil supplier to the US, remains unconvinced.

Regional influence

“The president restated the position of Nigeria not permitting a US base in our country or sub-region but to work towards the establishment of an African standby force,” said Governor Bukola Saraki after the meeting.

Nigeria is not alone in its opposition – South Africa and Libya have also voiced strong reservations.

They dislike the idea of an American military base in their own backyard, undermining their regional influence.

There is also concern that Africom is really an attempt to protect US oil and mineral interests in Africa, amid growing competition for resources from Asian economies.

Then there are fears about the continent being drawn into the US war on terror.

The US says the base is not about militarisation but consolidating existing operations under one single command, while helping Africans with military training and supporting peacekeeping and aid operations.

But for countries like Nigeria, help is one thing – a base is quite another.

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8 thoughts on “Nigeria Rejects America’s “Trojan Horse” – Re: US-Africa Command Base”

  1. This is unacettabile we as RASTA or AFRICAN people we have to stand together and make sure this dose not happen in our continent. america is getting mad finaly.

  2. American military base in Africa??!!

    Quidquid id est, timeo Danaos et dona ferentis!!!!!!!!

  3. The Devil military base in Africa??!!!!
    Nigeria, President Umaru Yar’Adua, all Nigerians, and fellow Africans, I REPEAT:
    Quidquid id est, timeo Danaos et dona ferentis!!!!!!!!

  4. I’m a Nigerian and as a youth I’m keenly in support of the us african command in nigeria thanks

    1. What an ignorrant youth you are. Please see the world and expand your mind so that yo can rid yourself of such ignorance if you are what you have pointed out you are.

  5. The Americans think Africans are stupid, and they want to use the Idea of training Africans military to steal the wealth of Africa just like the way the British came with Christianity to loot the wealth of African and used the people for slavery…………………….African Unite and we will be the greats of all Continent……….The American are coming to steal crude oil and minerals………..Africans be wise.

  6. these americans are a cancer to the world.
    the want to use AFRICOM to colonise africa. We must resist this invasion.

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