The Nigerian Immuno-Deficiency Doctor – AIDS cure à L’Afrique

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The Nigerian Doctor who cures Immuno-deficiency diseases like AIDS

How the West deceives Nigeria – Jacob Abdulahi
Monday, November 26, 2007

Since 1998, Dr Jacob Abdulahi has been singing he has a cure for HIV/AIDS, but he is a sad man. He is in despair because there is a grand conspiracy behind the so-called search for HIV/AIDS cure. He contends that the Nigerian government is being led by the nose by Western powers and the United States of America (USA) in believing that the dreaded disease cannot be cured.

If not, why has the government refused to accept my claims that I have a cure? He asks. He spoke extensively with Daily Sun about his HIV/AIDS cure and the controversy on whether the disease is curable or not.

Abdulahi, a holder of M.Sc Immunology was unequivocal in his assertion that cure for HIV/AIDS is possible.

“But is the US interested?”, he asks sadly. In 1998, we had 25 patients, who were treated between August and November with Winniecure. The people concerned were close friends and relations with known locations. In November 2005, we did the viral load for the 25 persons, and 20 were viral negative, two had viral rebound, one was 250, the other was 230 copies of the virus, three had invalid results.

In the USA, if viral load is not more than 100,000, there will be no ARV administration. Indifference really, It is true that the former governments were not interested in what we are saying about the treatment or cure for HIV/AIDS. It is as if the Federal Government was being controlled and being lured by the Western powers, especially the USA government. All the Anti-Retroviral (ARV) drugs are manufactured by the USA, and they visually control the issues on HIV/AIDS, including distribution of condoms and other campaigns on HIV/AIDS. And most of the non-governmental agencies (NGOs) are initiated and controlled by the Americans, talk of USAID, GHAIN, and the rest of them. And the money they are pushing here is to sustain the campaign by the NGOs that there is no known cure.

They make sure the campaign gets down to the grassroots, and the NGOs in collaboration with government agencies control the campaign. The past government of President Olusegun Obasanjo was not interested in the cure. In July, 2000 after the National Assembly Public Hearing on HIV/AIDS, only myself and Dr Abalaka were recommended, our drugs were recommended for verification. The US government sent a five-man delegation led by Hon. Jim McDemott, from the Congressional Task-force on HIV/AIDS to the public hearing and they also met with me and Dr Abalaka.

When we showed them what we were doing, they expressed satisfaction. But we parted ways when I refused their offer that I emigrate to the US. Even the money that was released for clinical trials by the National Assembly was not extended to us. After the National Assembly Public Hearing they said they have set up a Presidential Committee, and when we met with the Committee, members said that there was no financial backing for out project and since then, nothing has happened. What do we mean by the cure that we have been heralding since 1998?

To me, there is no disease that has no cure and to many Nigerians, especially those who read the holy books such as the Bible and Holy Koran know there is no disease without a cure. And before that disease comes out, God must have revealed the cure to somebody. That is what we are saying that HIV is curable. We have shown some people who had tested positive to HIV and after our medication, they become negative. The people have come out to testify in the media, but nobody takes us serious. I say, the past government was not interested in seeking the cure for HIV/AIDS because here at the Winners Medical Diagnostic and Research Institute, Garki II Abuja, its about four kilometers to the office of the Minister of Health, so there is no information that they want about what we are doing that they cannot access.

Winniecure Dr Jacob Abdulahi since 1998 has maintained that he has discovered the cure for HIV/AIDS. He explains that HIV is an immunological disease which targets immune cells. According to him, there is a principle we drafted eight years ago which is used in treating some virus induced incurable disease and it is called: immuno-therapy. We looked at the architecture of the body. The body is meant to cure itself, drugs do not cure per see, but only reduces bacterial, parasitic, fungal or viral load within the system after which the body takes over the healing process. When a person is infected by HIV, the immune cells are attacked, but the infected cells appear normal as it does not die immediately. It begins to replicate within the infected cells preparatory to taking over other cells on liberation from that infected cell. This continues until more cells are attacked.

At infection, a proteinous material known as histo-compatibility complex appears on the surface of the cell, to indicate or serve as a marker to the cyto-toxic cells or natural killer cells known as CD8 for it to be destroyed. The destroyed infected cells are mopped out of the body system through a process called phagocytosis. What Winniecure does, is to empower the natural killer or cyto-toxic cells to recognize and kill the infected cells which contain HIV virus and then remove them from the body. Winniecure has cytokines and chemokines. Cytokines help the natural killer cells to recognize infected cells. Chemokines help to mobilize the natural killer cells to the infected sites. The body needs additional help to act in this manner and Winniecure provides that help.

This is a workable principle to cure HIV. The body must recognize which is part of itself and which is not. Auto immunity will set in when the body cannot recognize self. When drugs cause this to set in, we call it drug reaction. Winniecure is a drug of nature.

We have 80% cure rate, ordinarily, we have about 95% success rate. We have 80% cure rate and 95% success rate, and that is why critics, government, nobody can stop us based on fallacy, we have records, we can be proved right or wrong. Its a big deception to infer that the Western powers and the US fund our local NGOs to sustain the campaign against HIV/AIDS. Its our government that imports the ARV. What the West does is to give with the left hand and take back with the right. All they are doing is to keep their economy buoyant. The NGOs campaign that people should go on ARV because it is the only hope for people with HIV. I do not know in monetary terms the amount involved, but it is one big business.

In those days, they were buying generic ARV from India until they discovered that it is not comparable to the one made by the parent company, Pfizer in the USA . It is a business in its entirety, all over the world. I was recently in France to meet with some companies that were interested in obtaining exclusive right to distribute our drug in Europe or buy the patent for the drug. Winnicure has a cure rate of over 80%, and there is not even a cure rate of one per cent anywhere in the world. For the past eight years, we have been saying that we have a cure for HIV/AIDS, but our government has not taken interest to put the claims to test or prove whether it is true or not. Killer drug really, ARV is a killer drug, it is highly toxic.

About two months ago, South Africa outright rejected ARV and they gave Pfizer three months to defend what they claim that the drug is doing vis-a-vis what they have seen from the test they did on those taking ARV. It is either the liver is almost completely damaged by the drugs whereas they were not having any liver problem before they started taking ARV or the kidney is almost gone whereas from the baseline tests they did, they had no kidney problem before they started taking the drug. ARV is just like ogogoro, or kai-kai, the person taking it feels he is very strong, whereas if you look at the lung and liver, the liver is degenerating, they are emanciating, but they still feel they are normal.

Looking at the other internal parameters, it is usually abnormal. It is only Nigeria that is not ready to say or accept the truth. If you take ARV for 20 years, it cannot reverse a person’s HIV status, and the ARV cannot be administered on people still having their immunity intact. If the immune system is still functioning, ARV can not be administered. The minimum immune level is 460, it can be up to 1,450, so between 460 to 1,400, ARV will not be administered, even at the minimum CD4 count of about 250 cells/ul, it will not be given. ARV is given when the CD4 is less than 200. The reason is that the person must get to the level of having AIDS before the drug is administered.

About 75% of People Living With HIV (PLWH) are not qualified to take ARV, some until five years later. Only about 25% could be qualified to take ARV. But in their campaign, as if anybody with HIV can take ARV, but it is not automatic. The reason is because of the side effects. Not every PLWH can take it. ARV is a drug taken for life, when you start, you do not stop, and if you begin taking it by 6p.m, subsequently, you must take it at 6p.m not 6.30p.m. The drug is given almost at the point of death, when someone’s immunity is battered and the person is beginning to manifest symptoms of AIDS. Therefore, if it kills that person because of the side effects, the toxicity level, they have not done anything bad. But if it prolongs the person’s life, fine.

They have achieved their aims. That is the reason they give at low CD4 count, and majority of PLWH are not on ARV. The essence of what we are saying is that we have a solution, ARV is not a solution, it is only to help those who are about to die. The PLWH who are not put on ARV are simply told to go and live positively, or to go and take a good diet. They are only campaigning that it is advantageous to know your HIV status so that you will not infect others. But about 80 % of PLWH will not be qualified to take ARV till four-five years later. Those who testify that they have been taking ARV and are okay are those who have eaten deep into the money given by the foreign NGOs, they have access to these funds.

Some of them have no jobs, no means of livelihood, I know some of them. Concluding, Abdulahi, who did a stint at the National Institute for Pharmaceutical Research and Development (NIPRD) said that he had already begun talks with the Umaru Yarâdua’s administration through the health ministry and expressed hope that Mr President’s scientific background, his preference for rule of law and sincerity will help advance his scientific quest and pursuits and possibly ensure that Nigeria emerges as the nation which discovered the cure for HIV/AIDS.

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  1. I strongly believe in African Intelligentsia, indeed there’s no disease that is incurable. Africa must unite & deal with their own affairs on their own. Africa is Lacking leadership. Is this medicine available in South Africa, im interested. People are dying like flies here & there is no leadership, South Africa is controlled by the West.

  2. I strongly believe in African Intelligentsia, indeed there’s no disease that is incurable. Africa must unite & deal with their own affairs on their own. Africa is Lacking leadership. Is this medicine available in South Africa, im interested. People are dying like flies here & there is no leadership, South Africa is controlled by the West. please send info to the below contact details:
    Te: (h) 0213645544/Cell: 0732414676
    Fax no: 0862180761

  3. There is always a very difficult question on Aids.Is it that there is no cure or that there should be no cure? He who invented AK 47 is a Hero just the same way with the Belgium who invented AIDS and infected people in the Congo basin in the 1950’s. Aids is just another war on wiping the black man.It makes sense to say that More Africans and i mean black are infected with the Virus in Africa.True since people of African heritage are almost 90% of the total population.But How can the HIV statistics in America be explained while black minority [almost 10%] have almost 75% when it comes to HIV.Time to see the big picture.Say No to Vaccination, Modern family planning and stay well.

  4. You are a blessing from God for Nigerians. If the Federal Government of Nigeria is not willing to recognise you, Nigerians should not hesitate to key into your winiecure project enmass.

  5. This is a giant leap for mankind. However, some people are condeming the use of herbs for HIV treatment as they say its ineffective. How i wish the cure is real, it can be best describe as what i wrote earlier:—-A GIANT LEAP FOR MANKIND.

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