Moors of France, Spain, and Rome

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By Oguejiofo Annu

Moor is a word most misused in the English language of today. It is understood by the superficially educated as a reference to the Muslim conquerors of Spain in the 8th century A.D.

However “Moor” is a much older word. The word was used by the Mauris of Mauritenia to designate their ethnicity. It was used by the Greeks to designate those who were dark skinned like the Mauritenians. In ancient Greek the word Maurus mean dark brown or black.

The same word found itself into latin as Moro or Moor. It was later adopted by all the Romance dialects of Europe in various forms as Maurus, Moro, Morros, Muir, Mure, Moore, More. In English and other Germanic languages it became Moore, Moor, Maurice, etc, etc.

Make no mistake when you run across this word. It does not solely refer to Muslims who conquered Spain, it was a word used to desgniate those who are today denigrated as the negro or the black race, who are today concentrated in various parts of Africa, North America and South America, South Asia, Australia.

The Moors, they were also in Europe. Long time before history and right into the annals of modern history, from Rome to Paris, before they were ethnically cleansed or forcefully interbred under a racist miscegenation policy put in place by so called white Europeans.

Read between the lines and release your Moorish consciousness.

Here we present to you some pictures of the Moors who once dominated in Southern Europe:

Roman Moor Knight

Roman Senators

Roman Generals

Melchior Barthel featuring Roman Moors as Generals and Senatorss. Male and female. Circa 1650s. Price from $400,000.

An Etruscan Moor

See Josh tubmlr moors

Marques of Hertford Arms

Moors of France 775 AD

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4 thoughts on “Moors of France, Spain, and Rome”

  1. According to the book African Origin of Classical Civilizations by GJK Campbell-Dunn black African people created the classical civilizations of Greece and Rome. The author use powerful cultural and linguistic proof to show the Mande and Yoruba created Minoan Crete, the Mande created Etruria and the Mande, Yoruba and Akan created Rome. Rome and Greece started as a black African civilization and became multiracial with white central Asian migration. Another good book showing the African origin of Rome is Les Racines Bantoues Du Latin by Melo Nzeyitu Josias that show the African Origin of the Latin language.

    1. i became aware in 1985 that the black and asian races were the founders of this world and their influences has been profound the book two babylons put me on to the right path and bible SOS.code hidden. u have to search for the evidence truth will be revealed one day.

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