Miracle of The Sun in Addis Abebe, Ethiopia

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Miracle of the Sun In Addis Abebe Ethiopia: Ring of Red Gold and Green around the Sun

By Jide Uwechia
Tuesday April 15 2008

According to newsreports, a halo of red gold and green colours hanging around the sun startled people in Ethiopia on April 13, 2008, with many seeing it as a miracle or a sign from God.

According to scientists, this unheard of ring of red, gold and green light was supposedly caused by sunlight refracted by ice crystals. It hung in the sky around the sun for almost an hour before it finally faded and disappeared.

The colours of the Ethiopian flag are red, gold and green. Rastafarians look on Ethiopia as their holy land and believe that its last King Emperor Haile Selassie I was the latest bodily incarnation of God on earth.

The colours of the Rastafarian flag is red, gold and green. Some Rastafarians believe that the God-King will appear again in Ethiopia to rule the earth for the next millenia amidst a flare of red, gold and green colours. Thus, many Rastafarians view this occurence as a very special and significant sign.

Some Ethiopians say it last appeared in 1991. Ethiopia celebrated the millenium (the year 2000) according to its ancient calendar on September 11 2007.

It is believed that this Ethiopian millenium is indeed the real millenium touch stone given that Roman Catholic Popes including Pope Gregory had changed the original Julian calendar (derived from the original Egyptian/Ethiopian calendar) by adding 6 years and 9 months to it.

Many expect that the new mellinium will change the negative system which has controlled life on earth dating from the last two millenia.

Many followers of the Ethiopian Othordox Church who had gathered to welcome the visiting Patriarch of Alexandria, Pope Shenouda, viewed the phenomenon as a miracle, or at least a sign of a blessing from God.

The highest authorities of the church itself appears to support the interpretation placed on the event by lay members. Pope Shenouda, the head/Patriarch of the Coptic Othordox Church which is closely affiliated with the Ethiopian Othordox Church believed it was a signal from above.

“We accept any sign from God to encourage us in our way,” he said, “and confirm that we are going right in our way.”

Abuna Paulos, the Patriarch of Ethiopian Othordox Church, gave thanks to God for the heavenly signs.

“If God reveals himself from the sky,” he told a press conference, “we believers do not get surprised. We only rejoice and double our efforts to thank God. Thank you, God, for revealing a sign.”

Many spiritualists in Ethiopia and abroad also consider this most unusual of astronomical events to be something significant, given the timing of the year, given the numerous prophesies of the old, and especially given the hallowed importance of Ethiopia as the birth place of humanity.


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