Alicia Keys raps “Gun-sta” Rap – by The Lion!

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Alicia Keys raps “Gun-sta” Rap – by The Lion!

Alicia Keys reportedly claimed that gangsta rap was created and nutured by the Elites powers which control the music and entertainment industry to destroy the black community.

She’s quoted as telling Blender magazine recently: Gansta rap was a ploy to convince black people to kill each other.Gansta Rap didn’t exist.

She is probably right! Rap and hip-hop began as off shoot of Black cultural empowerment movements that emphasized self respect, self determination, and self empowerment. Its link with Rastafarian’s reagge music is well known. Reggea originally was a musical genre associated with Pan-Africanist Rastafarians. It remains an inspiration to all lovers of freedom and truth the world over.

In the late 1970s, the children of many Afro-Carribarians and African immigrants, born in South LA and New York, together with their African-American peers created Rap and Hip-hop as knock off Americanized version of the more sultry, accentuated music from the Carribean Islands and Africa like Reggea, Calypso, Hi-life music. Since this movement began in the United States where genres of Black insipired music were suffeit it was not long before sampling and rapping became reliant on the melodious background provided by Soul, R&B, Jazz, Disco music.

This creative blend of African originated musical genres quickly gave rise to the most potent, inspirational and positive musical form dominating the global landscape ever seen, Hip-Hop Rap music.

Groups like Zulu Nation, Run DMC, and performers like African Bambata, Lou Reed etc. quickly became household names with cultural elevating themes, and self empowerment messages. Social criticism and constructive building were all centre-piece of this new musical genre.

Roughly 30 years down the line, one can barely recognize the beautiful creation that began as Rap music. Instead, the landscape is polluted today by thugs, drug peddlers, murderers and ex-con, babbling praises to a system that enslaved and brutally oppressed their ancestors. We are indundated today, with low live anti-heros who represent the worst possible type of inspiration to our struggling youths.

How did we get to this point?

In America, nothing good is immune from violation. Sensing the growing ability of Sugar Brown African youths to identify their adversity and their power to constructively control their lives, the power Elites scrammbled to re-write their book of mental manipulations.

Sooner than one realized it, this shadowy elite group that also controls the music and entertainment industry began discouraging positive musical messages, and went off the beaten track to encourage and glamourize slackness, prostitution, murders, stealing and theiving, drug peddling and the like. There has never been a stronger case made for self-hate, cultural destruction and decadence as has been made in the last 10 years thorugh the instrumentality of the sub-genre of rap music known as “gangsta rap”.

Gangsta Rap was promoted to sub-urban pale skin children as a sort of fantasy excursion trip to the ghetto drug-land warfares. It was promoted to sugar brown children as the only way out of a criminally imposed state sponsored poverty…in other words, either do the drug peddling, do the thieving, do the shooting and become famous like 2live crew, 50cents, and the rest of the pack.

Then throw in the feuds, the mindless rap music wars of the 1990s, the unsolved killing of Tupac Shakur, Biggie Smalls, and many other unresolved murders and attempted murders. Who profits?

The Black community has always seen the hand of the shadowy elites behind these events. Who profits from the de-railment of a potential civil rights movement that flowered with the positive rap and hip-hop? Who profits when black children murder one another, spend time in prison and live with an ex-con record all their lives? Who profits when positive empowering music is killed off by disempowering slackness unfit even for the sewage gutters?

The answer one must seek lies behind the cowardly masks of the KKK and their ilks. Thus, the words of Alicia Keys a young music star, business insider and enterpreneur, and black empowerment activist resonate with the wise who have studied and observed those events. According to Alicia Keys, the bicoastal feud between the likes of Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G was fuelled by the government and the media, to stop another great black leader from existing.

A word for all Sugar Brown African children, European and Asian kids rich, middle class or lower class: observe, learn and advance. It has been a very desolate world created by human transgression over the last two millenia. We must all join together to change the future. It is imperative that you give voice to positivity and kill off negativity if you are to have a future worthwhile living in. The mistakes of the past should be well understood, but building a brighter, happier, more equitable future is the key to future survival.

Be like the strong Black Woman Alicia Keys…that one who sees with her eyes and hears with her ears.

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4 thoughts on “Alicia Keys raps “Gun-sta” Rap – by The Lion!”

  1. Alicia Keys now denies and rechanted her statements and states that her words were taken out of context.

  2. Alicia Keys should not have retracted the truth she had already uttered if thats what happened.

    She was brave to do so because of the arm-twisting our sistren and bredren in the entertainment industry face.

    Nesta Marley se “give me a session, not another version….!”

    It is sad that all efforts by I and I at self improvement will always be trivialized, vandalized and sabotaged and/or stolen by the enemy.

    In my humble opinion, alot of the music released by my Black brothers and sisters in America in the last 10-15 years or so must be categorized as pure trash-message-wise.They should remember that our African youth look up to them too-and imitate them…..

    Lacking in any values for the youth to follow, this gangsta crap and ragamuffin promoting swinish behaviours has in my mind resulted in a poignant loss to the youth of this generation.

    So what else is new my People? Our genius from way back when has been be stolen and manipulated against us.

    Let our children know these things!

    One Love

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