Meteors Light Up the Skies of England and Wales – Oguejiofo Annu

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The York rite masonic knights of England caught a fright last night when the shinning stones from heavens the earthlings call meteors entered into the airspace and territories of England and Wales.

Last night reports reaching us indicate that bright lights lit up the skies of England and Wales inexplicable.

Meteors similar to the ones that entered Russia in February, entered into England from the heavens.

Witnesses reported sightings of the celestial body in areas such as Cornwall, Hampshire, Lancashire, south Wales and Worcestershire.

According to Ms Suzy Buttress, who was driving home on the M3 when she saw the light: “It was amazing, so big, bigger than a shooting star. It had a strange greenish tinge to it, with a definite tail behind it.

“This was definitely a ball with a tail. It took its time going across the sky. It went behind a cloud, then came out the other end.

“At first I hoped it wasn’t an aircraft crashing. It’s a once in a lifetime thing.”

Baffling the Wizards

This event blew out the astronomical and astrological chartings mapped out by the wizards and witches of England and Wales.

The Royal treasury had been promised another bountiful year of loot, in this age of deception.

Then all of a sudden, celestial beings of lights, which the wizards had not foreseen nor fore-warned of, showed up. Those messengers of the heavens, those harbingers of the change of time and era, they suddenly showed up and changed the game. It is not business as usual, and it ain’t Christmas either.

Debts, decay, and despair.

Each comet that cometh from now is a power house of energy that will blast the wicked ones into debts, decay and despodence. Each meteor that meets them will blast at the foundation of mystery Babylon and shatter her feet.

The idol with a gold head, silver body, and iron and clay feet shall be brought down with a celestial stone not carved by any human hands.

Those that have eyes see and know.

The age of deception is over, and the Aquarian Age had commenced. Light and mystic shall fill the skies again and human kind shall see the Great Ones face to face.

The mysteries and mystics have just begun. The celestial show of power is rolled out for all to see. There will be more, and Muurs.

Rastafari I is taking over power.

Meanwhile the wizards and astrologers of Babnylon are trying their very best to keep a bold face on their fears. But those that have ears can hear Babylon quaking and shivering with fear. Read between the lines.

According to Professor Alan Fitzsimmons, an astronomer at Queen’s University Belfast Astrophysics Research Centre, said the light was probably a “random fireball”.

Though meteors from Halley’s Comet can be seen at this time of year, he said it did not come from the comet.

He knoweth not where it cometh from.

He said: “When we see meteors coming from Halley’s Comet, they come from a particular point in the sky – only above the horizon. Therefore we only see them in the very early hours of the morning, in the hours before dawn.

“It was probably a random fireball – a small piece of rock from an asteroid belt.”

Read between the lines. Be a knower not a follower.

Rastafari I Liveth

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  1. Nibiru its on its way. North America ( great whore) gives Apostle John in Revelation 19:1-5 shall burn forever. Its sitts in space warning of the judgement againt America, not seen by man. God hides it. That when it shows up it will be to late. Prophet Lorio Moten you tube Nibiru to destroy North America. Posted 6 or 7 days before Hurricane Sandy hit north east coast to confirm all things said in part 1 and 2. Rome will suffer it after it turns around with great wrath from YHVH. Yeshua is Lord. Isaiah 60:8, 9 Many shall leave America to go back yo Israel. The brown Israelites will return. Deut. 28:68, 49. Taken to many islands and America to be slaves. God is calling the 144, 000 chosen do glorify HIM. Revelation 7 & 14. Yah is KING of Kings and LORD of Lords.

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