Meaning of Africa – Wally

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Cutting through the nonsense…

–Because the Greeks wrote “Hekipto” – the Egyptian name for Memphis – as “Aegyptos”- all of a sudden “Egypt” becomes a “Greek” originated word!

–then there’s the gymnastics involved in giving a Greek origin to an African region “Ethosh” by inventing a word that supposedly meant “Land of the Burnt Faces”; I could never find this expression in either ancient or modern Greek. The earlier Western scholars- early 1900s – had always maintained that the etymology of Ethiopia was from the Egyptian “Ethosh”

–Now, we come to our present topic where again, a Greek or a Roman origin for the name for the African continent is always put forth…Usually, it’s something like “the Afer people(s), there were many of these groups throughout northern Africa…” or having something to do with “dust”. Never mind that there is never the culmination of the demonstration as to where did the other part of the name “ka” originate; it’s certainly neither Greek nor Latin; (People + “ka”), (Dust + “ka”)…it’s all nonsense, of course.

There is no linguistic gymnastics nor any contrived methods needed here in order to demonstrate that the Ancient Egyptian expression “Afrikah” is the etymology of the name of the Continent – Africa/Afrika…

Afer, Afre, Afri –

The most obvious approach in solving for “Ka” would be the Ancient African concept of “Ka” or genius; or the other obvious one of “kau” for highlands. Although both would seem obvious choices, and neither would be invalid, it is really the more simple “kah” for earth or soil.

kah –

Standard usage for the expression “hot earth” would be “KahAfri” or “KahAfer”, but if you wish to say “heat of the earth” it would be “Afri kah” which is absolutely more plausible than the lame effort to make “Africa” derive from the Greek “(a)phrike” – land without cold!

The etymology of the name “Africa” is from the Ancient Egyptian expression “Afrikah” – the heat of the earth! …absolutely…

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  1. “The names of Africa and Ethiopia are both Mother-symbols or Matriarchal names. Derived from the ancient Egyptian Kushitic word Afa-Ra-Ka, the original name of Afrika is an Ethiopic noun, as in the name of the pre-Axumite civilization of Yeka (YeHa/ 2600 B.C.), or the modern name of Yeka Mikael meaning God’s Angel Michael. Also the depiction of the Afrika name, as in the Amharic word Afer means Earth and soil, or as in the Oromifa word Afa, means Earth and all the plants that grow on it, and as in the Afar name in the Afar language means Sun King of Earth. Fa-Ra-An (Pharoan, Fereon) means I am the Sun King of Earth. Fa-Ra-Ka-An (Farakan) means, I am the Sun King and God of Earth, etc. In the original black Egyptian Kushitic term, Afa is the Planet Earth. Ra is the Sun King, and Ka is the name of God; therefore Afa-Ra-Ka means the Earth of Sun King and God. Ra is depicted as the male figure: Afa is depicted as the female figure, the Mother Earth. Thus in anthropological terms, both Africa and Ethiopia are very ancient, Matriarchal and Fertility Earth Mothers. “

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